I Have A Few Things


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Scene Title I Have A Few Things
Synopsis Abigail comes bearing muffins and a few favors to ask of Elisabeth.
Date April 13, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

As always, Elisabeth's been busy this week with the cases on her desk. In addition, she's beginning to stress over taking the detectives' exam. It's coming up faster than she'd like, especially with half her attention on Wireless and whether or not some of our people are scattered around the world, through time, or possibly still sitting in Moab with us not able to determine their location. That's not stressful or anything. She's sitting at her desk in front of her laptop at the moment, peering intently at the screen in front of her.

So when a redhead is given access to head on back to the scout room, Elisabeth is far too engrossed to notice Abigail as she comes to stand in front of Liz's desk. After calling from the door had yielded nothing from the woman, She's actually stepped foot inside the room, head pushed forward and down, waving her hand not right in the woman's face, but across the front of the computer screen. Earth to Lizzy, come in Lizzy.

Elisabeth jumps visibly. "Holy shit!" Because that's not really ever happened. She apparently tuned completely out and muted the surroundings for herself. NOT a good plan. "Hey, Abby. Sorry about that. What's up?" she asks with a smile.

"They'll be found" Lets hear it for blind faith. Cat surfaced. Everyone else can't be that far behind. Then again Abby didn't ask for details. "I need some help" Lets get to the point, even as she's setting down a Tupperware container of blueberry muffins. "And I have a question. Have a minute?"

Looking surprised, Elisabeth merely gestures to a seat. "Sure… shoot."

"There's thirty two grand in my back account" Abigail offers up. "That's one question. It's most decidedly not mine. Second" Even as the redhead is taking a seat, popping the lid of the containers and offering a blueberry muffin over. "Can I.. get you to look up someone for me?"

Both of Elisabeth's eyes shoot upward. "There's…. what?" Oh lord…. Abby got hit with the apparently worldwide money issue. "Well, shit. Okay… I'll report it to the cybercrimes division." And Wireless. "Who am I looking up?"

"Not that, I couldn't use that money, but it's most decidedly not mine" The redhead smiles at that. "As for the other" The healer digs into her purse, bringing out a piece of paper with the written name. "Canaan Brock. He goes to the university I think. he's from Arizona. He uhh.. we think he might have been… WE think he might have made me break someones ribs"

Elisabeth reaches to take the paper, and then she raises her eyebrows. "How exactly did that come about?" she asks.

"Xiulan Song thinks maybe that.. someone was messing with us. She was trying to teach me the basics of defending myself in Central park and I .." The next few words are mumbled quietly. "Groped myself. And then I threw my fist out like she demonstrated Elisabeth and she dodged but I hit her ribs and I broke them. I mean seriously broke them. But it wasn't me. It was like my hand and arm had a mind of it's own"

There's a blink. Several blinks. "You…. what?" Liz stares at Abby. "All right. I'll look into it. Though… hell, if you were in the Park, it could have been anyone in any range of you."

You say, "I might have hurt Canaan, when I did a move too aggressively. He took off afterward, saying he had classes to get to, and didn't look happy" But yeah, could have been anyone. "There was a big guy, on a bench eating a hot dog who spent a lot of time staring at us and some little girl on a picnic blanket but. That guy was the one we think might have done it. But it wasn't me who did it Liz. I don't… grope myself"

"No," Elisabeth says. "No, you don't." She smiles at Abby. "I'll do my best to search out your friend and see if he needs healing."

"Doesn't need healing Liz. I took care of it before he left. he never knew. Just.. if it's him, whatever he did.. " In other words, someone with malicious ability was using it. "Might have been him"

Elisabeth nods slowly. "I won't let it go. I'll check out the park, Abby. Maybe it's a regular hangout for your guy. We might get lucky."

"Can probably get better luck finding him at the School" Abigail answers. "But, better safe than sorry. Just cause, Sometimes, I'm starting to not believe in chance and co-incidence" The redhead rises from the chair. "I won't touch the money in the account just, don't let them freeze it cause, yeah. It's not mine."

There's an immediate nod. "If cybercrimes wants to freeze the account, I'll let you know ahead of time and have them move your own money somewhere else for you, okay? I won't let them just do it with no warning. They may merely flag your account. I'm not sure how they're handling this. It's happened all over. A lot of people are effected." Elisabeth grimaces. "My investment account turned up shy a good chunk of money too — my mother's life insurance money was all in there. They didn't take all of it, but it's not pleasant."

abby nods, getting up from her seat. "Can I ask you another favor?"

Elisabeth looks up at the blonde-turned-redhead. "Anything," she says instantly.

"Can you.. keep an eye out for Det.. Doctor Shelby? He's been into the bar, he.. I don't think he's doing so good since he took my case on" The look in her eye isn't just passing concern, it's worry. "He's not been drinking and driving, he got a taxi, but just… If he needs some help, or what have you" aka, there's something going on, the man needs to talk to someone."

There's a look of surprise. "All right," Elisabeth replies. "I'll check on him. I promise." She doesn't want the man hauled into the insanity any more than Abby does.

"That's all. Just, yeah, that's all. The money, Canaan Brock. Doctor Shelby. I have class I should go" Tightening her hand on the bag, Abby offers a small smile. "Call me, if anything comes up and you need me"

"Absolutely, Abby," Elisabeth assures her. "I'll look into all of the above. Get going now… and you know I'll call you." She smiles. "It'll all be okay."

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