I Have Someone Who Wants To Know About Time Travelers


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Scene Title I Have Someone Who Wants To Know About Time Travelers.
Synopsis Cardinal picks up Abby, in her car, to chat, talk, and otherwise kill time on the way to the library. Abby tells him about Tracy and her time traveler issue.
Date October 18, 2009

Streets of Manhattan

"Ready Richard!" Most of the time after church was spent fixing the last little bits of the bathroom off the master bedroom. Alicia fed, watered and taken care of. She'd changed from church clothes to a skirt and cardigan - yes, there is a difference// - stopping by the door long enough to get her leather jacket and a sports bag with supplies. Stuff bought here and there to supplement the infirmary at Richards scooby hideout. Door locks behind her and she barrels down the stairs to the back room of the bar where presumably the shadow manipulater is waiting. Likely going to scare the bejesus out of her.

"As always…" Cardinal's leaning back against the wall of the back room, casually relaxing there; he doesn't jump out or anything! Maybe he's not feeling well. A faint smile curves to his lips at the sight of her, head tilting up, "You got everything you need?"

"Yeah, I got some fresh fruit too and stuff that'll hold for a few days if you stick it in the cold area's of the building, for folks to eat. Lets get going before you're late" Abigail reaches out, a casual gently punch to Richards shoulder. Her attitude towards casual touching having changed the last few months.

Out the back door and towards the green hybrid that's parked in the few spots reserved for the bar in the side, Abigail slides into the passenger side, tossing the keys to Richard to drive if he wants to. Sure, he's not on her insurance, but she is pretty sure that he likes to drive now and then.

At the punch to his shoulder, Cardinal exhales a low chuckle as he walks along out with her — brow lifting at the toss of the keys, he catches them anyway and slides easily into the driver's seat, pulling the belt across himself and clicking it into place. Hey, it's an odd feeling not having to hotwire the car before it starts!

"So," he asks as he pulls out of the lot, "How're you holding up, Abigail?"

"Same old. Fight with Flint, haven't seen him since. Pastor Sumter left money and bolted, said he'd explain why my bathroom needed repairs when he came to fetch his dog" She fastens her seatbelt before looking over. "I have someone, that I'm gonna send to you. She had some questions, wants some information. I don't feel safe, sending her to phoneix. I don't know whether they'd have the answers she needs, or whether they'd be inclined to help her even, if htey could

"Alright…" Cardinal glances over with a brow's lift, then back to the street, "…what's up? Who is it, and what questions's she have?"

"You heard of the woman who works within the presidents office in new York? Her name is Tracy Strauss" Abigail glances over to Cardinal.

"Strauss?" A laugh is barked out, Cardinal's lips curving in a broad grin, amusement heavy in his tone, "I know Tracy Strauss, yes… finally got in deep enough to realize she wasn't wearing water wings, did she?"

"Heavens, this makes this much easier then. Don't know why she didn't go to you first. She wants to know about the time travelers" There's another glance sent his way. "Figured, your dealing with the mastermind behind them, you'd be the person to send her to"

"She must have found out about the Nathans," Cardinal muses, still sounding amused, "Ah, Tracy. I went to her before, you know. She wouldn't play ball. Seemed to think she was on top of the world, and everyone had to come to her as a supplicant."

'Yeah.. she's… different. She came to me to ask me to endorse frontline. She wasn't happy when I had to pull out. She showed up one day when I lived at the village renaissance. Said she'd read my homeland file.. Really, Richard, how many people actually have access to that? She had questions then. She ran across me in Hokuto's bookstore a few days ago. You think it's the Nathan's? She didn't seem surprised to know that he could fly. Wait" There's a look over. "Nathan's? Plural?"

"There was a Nathan Petrelli that came back from the future with Edward," Cardinal affirms as he drives, "I'm pretty sure that he's the one in the White House - some of his position changes seem to suggest it, and fit in with Eddie's plans - but I'm not certain."

"Well, do you want me to send her to you or should I tell her to go to Phoenix?" Abigail inquires. "Or I can tell her that I found no one to help her at all. I can make her take no for an answer, not like I've done anything illegal that Homeland doesn't already know about"

"She'd be wasted with Phoenix," Cardinal gives his head a shake, "I'll stop by her penthouse, I know where it— oh, wait, it burned down. Yeah, arrange a meeting, that'll probably be better."

"Abigail, the intermediary. The messenger. I hope I never get shot again for being the messenger" She smiles though, imagining the meeting to come between the blonde and the shadow. "How are you? I meant, aside from all the.. stuff, that's been going on and being made a dead mans whipping boy"

"Busy." Cardinal exhales a sigh of breath, "Busy, busy. Things've been kind of… weird between me'n Liz lately too." He shrugs one shoulder, "And she's all stressed out from work, on top of it. I haven't even had time to tend the hydro."

'She said you and she had a fight. Over Hokuto's cards" Abigail's face is a picture perfect example of sympathy. "Will the world end if you two take a day out in a really expensive hotel for one night and just soak in a hot tub together with a big ol box of condoms?"

"You know," Cardinal says, suddenly, "I don't know that much about her? I mean, I know what she's like, and all, but nothing about her life… her family… fuck, I don't even know her birthday." He frowns at the road ahead, "I guess I suck at this relationship thing."

"What does she like to eat? What does she dream about, what does she like to drink, Richard, there's a lot of people who have been married to someone and they never know much about the other person they're with. And really, how long have you been with her. Besides, you and she have a casual thing yes? Well, then you're not expected to remember birthdays' She points out. "Just remember what she likes to do in bed"

"I know what she dreams about." Quiet, Cardinal's voice, "She dreams about Douglas."

A sigh whispers past his lips, his head shaking, "Yeah, you're probably right. Anyway. We'll see how she's doing after this IA thing blows over…"

"Lots of stress in both your lives" she points out as they go this way and that towards the ruins. "Maybe, just, take it right now, for what it is and enjoy, what you have. Don't think or read too much into it?"

"I don't have time to do anything else anyway," Cardinal admits, turning a corner towards the ruins and heading for the usual parking spot he takes before hoofing it the rest of the way— otherwise there's cordons and barricades to deal with. "Maybe after we figure out a way to deal with Munin…"

"Munin as in Eileen?" The SUV pulls in and abigails undoing her belt, gathering her things to her.

"No." Cardinal pushes the door open, "Munin as in the nuclear weapon."

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