I Killed A Girl And I Liked It


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Scene Title I Killed A Girl And I Liked It
Synopsis Lucille meets a woman that might be able to teach her a thing or two.. if Lola doesn't kill her first.
Date November 30, 2010

Red Hook

Staten is Staten, and Red Hook is Staten's little brother. The one that never could match his big old bad brother's legacy, but which had the potential to be okay on it's own. None the less, it always seemed to take after it's brother as much as possible. Not entirely, but enough that made being a 'decent' neighborhood impossible.

If Lola could ever come to think of anyplace in this god-forsaken Yankee-drop to be home, it would be Red Hook. She's been living here for several months now, and has no intention to stop. The seedy lifestyle suites her. And of course she's hardly the only seedy character out in it tonight, but she's one enough. Black on black on black is her outfit, black cargos, black jacket and black boots. She's walking with a shit-eaters grin, one that she's had for about a day now. As she walks, she bumps into one passerby. Wallet? Sniped. Then another. Watch? Hers now. She's going crazy

Though Lucille hasn't really lived in the mansions in Hyde Park, she's not really a slum kind of girl either. You wouldn't know it by the way she just seems to fit in around here. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans that fit her well, a dark blue tank top with a long sleeved black shirt underneath and her leather jacket covering it all. Her booted feet crunch some trash on the pavement as she walks, black hair that falls to just about her shoulders as she swings her head and laughs at a group of men whistling at the woman. She's use to this, honest.

Her gloved hands play with the silver locket hanging around her neck. She's taking a stroll through Red Hook, Jaiden's garage isn't that far and she wanted to get some air. Plus.. she has her gun if things get a little wild and her ability. "Hey honey, why don't you come with me to my place? We can have some fun." A sleazy looking dude leers at Lucille, who blinks and stops. Shaking her head, she looks the man up and down.

"No thanks.. I'm celibate." She lies, because she's not celibate.. she just hasn't gotten any.. because there's been nobody to get? Um.. yeah.. well there might be someone but she's not going there. No way Jose. Thus, Lucille continues her walk, swinging her hips every so often. Just to tease the boys, she's in a pretty good mood. She's got a job.. there's a plan to save her sister.. life is looking up.

"Hey!" Someone yells sharply, tersely. At first, it could be someone yelling at Lucille. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Lola has stepped out of her normal path to yell at the bum. "What Ah done told you 'bout pickin' on girls 'round here? Eh?" The woman, smaller than the man by an inch if only a ton, jabs her finger angrily into his chest. "What Ah don told ya? Ah told ya Ah'd pop one a yer nuts if ya tried it again. Pop it like a zit, Ah would." She seems very bold, very heavy-handed with this street man. He seems to back off from her, more afraid than respectfu. But then, Lucille can't see the shit-ton of guns Lola is carrying under that coat. The thug, no doubt, knows better. "Now if ya don' wanna be celibate yer damn self, Ah 'spect you get some manners by next time Ah come 'round."

Blinking, Lucille stops and watches the exchange. Wow, looks like she met a heavy hitter around here. Someone that knows this place and the people well. "Jeez Lola," he says as he quickly walking off. "Almost busting my fucking balls." But he's around the corner as he says the last bit and Lucille laughs at that last comment. Clapping her hands and nodding towards the other woman.

"I see you know how to handle the men around here. Slimy aren't they?" she grins wickedly at the criminal. She then notices that the rest of the passerby are now giving the two dark haired women a wide berth. This Lola doesn't seem like the type of girl you fuck with.

"Well you scare the Jesus out of these folks." Lucille chuckles and ruffles the back of her hair a bit. "Name's Lucille." She nods towards Lola. "I know men that would be scared to do what you just did. Which makes you incredibly badass.. or stupid." She winks towards Lola. "I'm gonna go with badass." She shrugs lightly, gloved hands in her pocket.

Lola turns, looking over her shoulder. She hadn't thought abotu the actual woman she was…protecting, is that the word for it? Who knows. She hadn't really intended to protect Lucille per say, but it seems to have fallen down that way. "Uh-huh," Lola says, bringing a gloved hand up to inhale and exhale with her cigarette. "'Taint men around here sugar. S'just men." She looks over Lucille, from toes to eyebrows and back again. "Might well be stupid, if ya ask most folk." Lola decides. The hand? Well it gets a stare. She stares at it. Slowly, tenatively, she shakes it. "S'a girl like you doin' round here anyhow?"

Taking her hand back, Lucille shrugs lightly. "I'm staying around here. Sis's boyfriend has a garage of sorts." No names, no direct location.. Right? "Figured I needed some air. I felt like I was working in Old Lucy's again, guys there.. are a different story. Even for here." She shakes her head and chuckles thinking back to the days where you needed to bash guys over the head to get them to lay off.

"They say it's dangerous to walk around here by yourself, but I'm a big girl." She muses softly and then she's staring back at Lola. She loves her accent. "What were you doing around here?" Head tilted to the side as she studies the woman and plays with her necklace again.

"Hell it looks like Ah'm doin' round here, sugar? Ah'm smokin'." It's true. She has a cigarette between her gloved fingers, and every few moments she'll take a breath from it as though she were taking sips of water on a warm day. "Quit playin' with yer jewlery, s'a red-light ta thieves that ya got somethin' worth stealin'." She says it as though she were a teacher giving instructions, simple curt and expecting to be obeyed.

"Yer sis's boyfriend or whatever ain' wrong sayin' it ain' good fer girls ta walk 'round here alone. Bein' big ain' much when yer compared ta folks what're carryin' big knives or the like." She inhales and exhales again, cigarette burning happily.

Is she speaking from experience? Lucille's expression turns inquisitive but she doesn't say much else to Lola regarding the whole stealing fact. She does take her hand away from the locket and lowers it into her shirt. The cold metal against her chest, making her shudder for a moment.

"Noted." And she tosses the bit of her hair she has right now over her shoulder. God, she misses her hair. Desperately. "I get too restless.. bored easily." She nudges a bottle on the ground with her booted foot and it rolls away. Into a nearby alley. Her father would definitely be raising eyebrows at his daughter wandering around Red Hook. Definitely. "I guess.." she muses softly and turns to Lola, taking a cigarette out from her pocket and lighting her own. She doesn't smoke that often, but occasionally. It's a habit. All the models in Europe were doing it.

"I'm just looking for something fun to do.. you know of anything?" eyebrows are raised towards the thief as she blows her smoke up into the air, watching it trail up and then be blown behind by the wind.

Lola hefts a little chuckle. "Fun? Darlin, what in this neighborhood looks like fun?" She gestures around. "This is where people go ta live long enough ta dies is all. Ain' much fun here 'cept for stickball." And except for what Lola enjoys as her past-times. "Besides, somehow Ah doubt that what you consider fun and what Ah consider fun is two very different things. What's it matter what folks around here do anyway? Ya do like them models in Europe, now yer here and ya do like the thugs here. What's it you wanna do, sugar? Just you."

"Oh now don't start judging a book by it's cover honey." Lucille waves a finger towards Lola. She's not some cookie cutting dame. There goes that name slang again. Lu rubs her forehead as she thinks back to that dream for a moment. "It doesn't have to be fun around here, but.. seeing as I don't have many friends.. if any at all." She shrugs and stares at Lola.

"Try me, what's your idea of fun? Everyone has something, especially with this city all gone to shit.. more than usual." Thinking about her home being crazy and how it use to be crazy.. but not as dangerous and crazy as it is now, makes her frown a bit before she refocuses on her conversation with Lola. "You aren't from here are you?" she asks, that accent is not one from Staten Island. Lu has friends from there. Shudder.

She starts to walk a bit, not too much away from Lola. But staying in one place for too long is boring Lucille and she places her hands in her pockets and whistles. A brief look is passed behind her shoulder at Lola. Coming? It says.

"Bayou," Lola explains, using one cigarette to light another. She blows out the flame that results from that little action, and then…does exactly the opposite of what Lucille seems to want her to do. She doesn't walk, she just stares. Stares at the girl like Are you crazy? And, if she were to say it aloud, it would be a high thing coming from a crazy like Lola.

She sighs, and then turns to follow, reaching for Lucille's arm to tug her down another street. "Fun, me? Ah slice up little girls an dump 'em under the pier. C'mon, we need ta get ya ta a place with streetlights."

"Ahh, I was in New Orleans for a shoot once. Pretty fun, wasn't there for Mardi Gras though. Heard that's a riot, really." As she walks and then is stopped when Lola pulls her in the direction of another street she nods her head. Lola knows Red Hook better than her, meaning.. she knows which places to go and which places you really, really shouldn't go. Not that she trusts the dark haired woman all that much, she doesn't. But it's better than reading in Jaiden's right now.

"I knew you were a dangerous one, when I spotted you." She says softly, facial expression neutral as she's led around and down the street. In a nearby alley, the sounds of a man and a.. working girl can be heard. He must have saved up fifty dollars to have a good time with the woman or something.

"I can't say I've murdered little girls. But.. killed.. yes." Did she finally just admit aloud that she killed two men. To her that's a huge step and her heart pounds a little harder as she says this to Lola. She's not proud of it though. She doesn't like the feeling she just got when she said it just now, she's still not willing to come face to face with it. Nightmares will ensue tonight, she's sure.

"Yeah, an the only reason Ah ain' slit yer damn throat is kills don' transfer," Lola informs the woman with a sharp, surprising coldness. "Now if there were a law that said Ah got credit just by knockin' you off? You bet yer ass ya'd be left back somewhere upside down in a trashcan with a cardboard box full a wet kittens." She continues to pull the woman out of this neighborhood. Because she really, really doesn't belong here.

"Ya oughta know better'n ta go braggin' 'bout crimes to complete strangers, sugar. Fer all ya know Ah could be FBI, some sorta sting op. Or worse, Ah could mistake yer tone fer braggin' an figure that Ah gota one-up ya. Just fer fun.

"No bragging, just stating the truth." She says in a deadpan, her gaze fastens onto Lola's as she speaks about killing her. "Too attempt to kill me, would be a very bad thing." She said don't judge a book by it's cover..

She stops the woman from pulling her and begins to walk the other way. "Gotta get back home, dinner time right?" she shakes her head at Lola as she backs away and begins to turn the corner back to Jaiden's place. "See you around Lola, don't murder any little girls. That's bad karma. Rapists though.. those fuckers you can get." She says softly and then she's gone. Boots crunching trash and kicking things out of the way slowly No matter what Lola thinks or anyone else. Lucille belongs where she wants too. It's just as simple as that.

As Lucille turns to head off, Lola can't help it. She just can't. She reaches into her coat and removes a silenced weapon. It's a .45, it would kick like a mule and even with the silencer, it would make enough of a zip noise to attract some attention. No. Musn't. Kill. Brat. Mustn't. Kill. Brat. She lowers the

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