I Know More Than You Think


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Scene Title I Know More Than You Think
Synopsis Devon gets a bit more information than he had before.
Date June 16, 2011

Endgame Safehouse, Skinny Brickfront

He hasn't slept, leaving the run of the room shared with Graeme to another houseguest, but his time awake has been somewhat productive. Devon had first joined the night's watch on the roof to add a second set of eyes. Blessedly uneventful and without being pressed for conversation, it left the teen with time to himself, though he still needed to let certain people know about Melissa's presence. So now, a few hours later, weary steps mark his descent and progress toward the kitchen area in search of a bottle of water and the eventual encounter with the leader types. Still in the same t-shirt and jeans as the evening before, hands riding in his pockets. The ski cap had been lost somewhere on returning to the safehouse.

Elisabeth's sleep is far better in the past few days than it has been, though she's still an early riser. Slipping out of the bedroom she shares with Ygraine — at least some of the time — she pads on bare feet toward the common areas. She's not entirely awake as yet, but there will be coffee. Soon, dammit. She yawns as she comes in and then smiles faintly. The ever-present night lights scattered throughout the safehouse mean that she can see him perfectly fine. "Hey," she murmurs. "Little early for you, isn't it?" Shoving some of her tousled blonde hair back she heads for the counter to make the life-giving fluid in the pot.

"Little bit," Devon agrees before lifting his gaze toward the voice. He musters a half grin then helps himself to a bottle of water. "Or a little late, haven't slept yet." He toys with the cap briefly, then removes it for a drink. "Melissa Pierce is here," he goes on to say, replacing the lid, eyes tracking down to stare at the clear liquid. "She's sleeping right now. Kincaid found her and asked me to keep her safe."

Elisabeth glnaces at him, her expression …. not really relieved, but certainly pleased. "That's good news," she says softly. "I'd hate for her to get picked up, especially in the state she must be in." There's no telling what a pain manipulator in that much emotional pain could do — hell, Elisabeth does enough damage when she's hurting. There is genuine sympathy in her expression. "Kincaid is the one you said works for Russo?" she asks, leaning on the counter.

"She's…" Devon shrugs slightly, unsure of how to explain where Melissa's at. He's not even sure himself. "Kincaid's concerns are the same. Wants her hidden since there's people looking for her. And.. sort of. He's the assistant producer. I… didn't get a chance to mention much about…" Another shrug. He'd said as much as he was comfortable with, considering the terms the meeting was on. "He's… Junie was really important to him… And Melissa."

Blue eyes study Devon for a long moment. And then she says quietly, "There are fourteen time-traveled children of Ferry members and allies on the loose in this time. I have a son out there in the city, so does Jaiden. So I'm thinking at this point that no matter what this Kincaid's full story is, he's not going to shock me much." Her tone is a bit flat. Liz pushes off the counter and pours some coffee into a mug fished from the drainboard next to the sink and sips it before looking back at him. "I'm sorry for their loss." Children of the Ferry as yet unborn would certainly know those already born.

Fourteen? A brow ticking upward marks Devon's surprise, having assumed there were more than just one or two but the number is a bit more than he was expecting. He looks at her in real surprise when she admits to both herself and Jaiden having children from a different time. "Kincaid is Melissa's son," he says quietly, pushing a hand into a pocket, the other falls to his side with the water still held. "She asked me not to tell, but I think it's kind of irrelevant now. He… won't have been born when he would have. Things changed…"

There's a bit of a nod. "Yeah," Elisabeth says. "Some things are definitely shifting. And … from what I understand, they knew that risk when they came. Although I'm reasonably sure something like Junie's death wasn't an expected risk." She shakes her head. "Time travel sucks," she observes darkly. "Given who Kincaid is, I assume that when you talk to him, he'll have an idea of who I am. If you can text him or just get him a message, I'll bring him up to speed on the plan we're working. And maybe he can talk to me a little about whether this is something that's already been tried. I …" She trails off a moment and then rallies. "If it has, perhaps he'll have some insight into a way to make it work out better," she finishes.

"He has some idea of who you are." Devon pulls his hand from his pocket to rub at his neck. "I kind of already told him you might want to meet him, it's about all I could get while…" Trying to pretend he wasn't intruding on the pain shared between a mother and her son, withdrawing as he's wont to do. "I'll contact him in a few days and arrange a meeting if you want. I'd told him you were working on something." But again, details were left out for various reasons.

Elisabeth nods again, sipping her coffee. And then she grins just a little. "They all remind me of you," she tells the teen. "They've lived… in a horrible time. They've seen things, I'm sure, that would rival all that you've lived. And when given the possibility of changing it all, they took it." There's affection in her tone, even a rueful amusement. "I suppose we taught them well — they're doing the best they can," most of them anyway, "to change things for everyone no matter the cost to themselves." There's … pride in her expression. Sadness, but … she's proud of all of them, even without knowing them yet.

Devon's head shakes slowly, a single shoulder lifting. "They're better people than I am," he says quietly. "I don't know that I'd go back to the past to change things, or stop things from happening." How many times has he played that game, asking himself what he'd change if he could? "Just hope we, those who should be here, are doing enough that most of them, whoever they are, can have an actual life when they're supposed to, and not be doomed to repeat coming back here to try and fix it."

"No matter what happens, the children that will be born …. most of them won't be these same children," Elisabeth says quietly. "Some may. But…" She shrugs a little. "I used to think 'wow, if I could just go back and do one thing, I'd save my mother.' But I wouldn't," she admits softly. "Because my mother's death was one tiny event, but … it changed everything in my life. And without her dying, I wouldn't be where I am now. And I believe that things happen in the here and now for a reason. That we are where we're supposed to be — maybe because we're supposed to do something, maybe because we're supposed to learn something. Whatever the purpose, I believe there is one." She sets her coffee cup down, crossing her arms. "I already have one son who won't exist. He would have been born about 8 months from now. And his father traveled into the future, saw what was to come, and believed that it had to be changed. And so Cameron doens't exist. Josh… there's still hope for him to be mine. He's not due to be born for eight years yet." She shrugs a little. "But a lot has to happen between then and now to allow for it." She shrugs a little.

"We can't live in the what-ifs. Richard believed that we could use what we know of the future as a kind of road map," Elisabeth finally sighs. "And in some ways he's right, but in others… he's not. Because everything we do has consequences. Fixing one thing breaks things somewhere else because we're all interconnected. We have to pick and choose what things need breaking." She smiles a little. "Humanis First is one of the things that needs breaking. And that's where I'm focusing right now. It's the more immediate and dangerous threat now."

"What if is a dangerous game." Devon's comment comes after a pause, considering all that Liz has said. "I admit, I wonder what kind of people my parents were. Kind of jealous of those who came back, who get to see… what made them who they are." He dismisses the idea with a sigh, head hanging a little while his gaze directs to an undefined point. "I agree, though, Humanis First needs to go down, before they get their hands into anything else. Before they become too powerful."

"What's got you still awake at this hour?" Elisabeth asks the boy quietly, shifting topics slightly.

"Didn't feel like sleeping," Devon answers. "Stayed up to help with watch. Put Melissa in the room that Graeme and I share and just…" He shrugs. "Decided to stay up."

"That's fine," Elisabeth says quietly. "I can keep an eye out for her if you'd like to get a little sleep." The offer is gentle. She's concerned about him probably as much as some of the people around here are concerned about her.

Devon shakes his head a little. "I'm fine." Yes, that answer again, and seems he realizes he's said it by the sigh that follows. "I can't go in there right now. Maybe later. I don't think I could sleep even if I wanted to try."

There's a quirk of her lips at the 'fine'. Elisabeth knows exactly what it means. But she nods. "You're welcome to crash in mine and Ygraine's room if you don't want to go in yours. But I understand not wanting to sleep. Finally managed to get some myself."

"That's good," Devon says in sincerity. "You need to sleep more. And thank you. Think… I might. Or stick myself on the roof or… I don't know. I'll be alright though."

"Ffft," Elisabeth offers with a smile. "Don't sleep on the roof," she tells him mildly. "Just use my sleeping bag. I'm done with it for the day." She reaches out and ruffles him. "I'll keep an ear open for Melissa while I'm working on a few things, okay?"

"Yeah, fine." Devon grins faintly, adolescently rolling his eyes. "Maybe, after Ygraine's up and out." Or he'll take to the roof anyway. It's quiet-ish up there. Slanting a look at Liz again, he smiles briefly and shrugs. "Thanks."

"For what? Just listening?" Elisabeth smiles. "Anytime," she says sincerely. "Have you eaten? I can throw together something for breakfast if you're hungry." That's definitely one of the oddities of this particular group — they're probably the best fed group of homeless people ever.

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