I Know You!


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Scene Title I Know You!
Synopsis Roxie and Nova go to pick up the newest member of the pack.
Date October 25, 2020

The sounds of various animals surround Roxie as she sits in the waiting room, with a multitude of various animal owners. Legs bounce with her anxiety as she tries not to make eye contact with the humans, but watches the various dogs. Some in pain and others excited. The loudest being a new puppy all excited he has a new pack and curious where they were.

Goober, as always, has followed her on this adventure and he might regret it. He remembers places like this and so he’s hiding under her chair giving the occasional soft woof. Places like this always smell of death and fear… and they like to poke him with things. He doesn’t like that.

“Thanks for coming with me, Nova.” Roxie turns to the young woman next to her. “I dunno why I’m so fucking nervous about this.” Rubbing her hands on her legs, she turns her attention to the doors where she knows Bonnie will be brought through.

Nova has one hand stretched low to where Goober sits, scritching what fur she can of his head to try to help soothe him, though she knows Roxie can do that better than she can with just her presence and her thoughts.

“It’s no problem. It’s nice to take my mind off the dual weirdness and utter boringness that is my life right now,” she offers to Roxie with a smile. She hasn’t been able to tell Roxie some of the so-called weirdness, but the other girl knows some of it. The boring is easier to imagine — college life, studying, not-being SLC-E, which is a sore spot from her that she tries to gloss over, but it spills out from time to time.

“Trust me, this is less boring than writing the paper I should be working on for my Psych class,” she adds with a groan and a roll of her eyes.

Roxie gives a small laugh, edged with her nervousness. It’s that anxiety that Goober is picking up on, even as her silent mental commands keep him from fleeing. What he can do is lean into the affection that Nova brings with her. “Then this isn’t too much of a convenience. Wonder what she looks like? Dogs don’t really see themselves like we do.” Then the guilt edges in and the uncertainty, throwing a shadow over her excitement.

“What- what if Bonnie doesn’t like me? I gave her to them and ran… cause as soon as…” Roxie trails off looking around her. Probably shouldn’t mention too much of that weirdness around all those ears. “Whatever they were doing, it made her panic and I-I couldn’t handle it.”

They were there, because the dog was brought in to make sure that the dog was okay.

Nova reaches up to touch Roxie’s shoulder, then drops her chin to give the shorter girl an eye-to-eye stern look.

“She’s going to like you because she knows you took care of her all that time, okay? She isn’t going to judge you based on a single moment. Dogs know better than that. They’re the best judges of character, everyone says so. Right, G-Dog?”

Nova glances down at Goober for backup. “Goober’ll tell her you’re good people if there’s any doubt, I’m 100 percent sure of it.”

She releases Roxie’s shoulder to reach for the dog under the chair again. “It must be so nice, having company in your head all the time,” she says, dropping her voice to ask, “Can you tell what all these dogs think, or just the ones who want to let you know?”

Knowing that he’s being talked about, Goober looks up at Nova and gives a wag of his tail. I have no idea what you are saying, but I like you…so yes. All Nova understands is the soft woof and sneeze he gives in response.

“For the most part,” Roxie says with a lop-sided smirk, seizing on the distraction from the growing butterflies in her stomach. The more time she sits there the bigger they get. “It’s like a constant buzz of chat, I guess. It’s kinda weird, but at least I’m not alone.” She looks down at the dog, where his head peaks out and up at the young women.

“So jealous,” Nova murmurs, a smile curving her mouth upward, but her brows dip a little just the same, and it’s clearly she actually is jealous.

She heaves a sigh, then taps Goober’s nose. “Gesundheit,” she tells him solemnly, before looking back over at Roxie, brows lifting. Roxie knows the look; Nova’s curiosity knows no bounds, and the canine empath is about to get an onslaught of questions.

“Is it easier with some breeds than others? Or puppies versus older dogs? Do they think it’s weird? Can they talk to each other?” It’s honestly a surprise Nova has any left at this point, but eventually she’ll come up with some more.

“I mean… I seem to hear them just fine?” Roxie says eyeing the rest of the dogs in the room. “A little.. Fuzzy? But I get the gist of it. Puppies are super loud cause they are excited and curious about everything.”

“Roxie Lopez,” a voice calls from the counter.

Nova can see the young woman’s face pale with a sudden twist of anxiety. “Oh shit… It’s time. Come on.” Roxie gets up to go see what they want. Just on the other side of the counter the swing door opens to let out an older woman in a lab coat. By her posture she’s got a dog on the leash.

“You ready?” The desk lady asks looking excited for the girl. It might have been the wild story Roxie nervously unwound when she checked into picking up the dog. Roxie obviously knows what’s just out of sight, there is a strong emotional look on her face, like she was fighting to keep that tough girl composure.

Where are we going? Is it a walk? I like walks. Do you have a toy? I like toys. Especially the round ones.

It’s a voice familiar to Roxie, since she’s spent weeks listening to it. What wasn’t familiar was the short legged dog that comes around the corner. As soon as she comes into view, Roxie makes a noise that might have been a happily and rather girly “Oooh! She’s beautiful!” So much for the tough girl.


It’s enough sound to get the little orange and white dog to turn towards her, with big radar-like ears perked towards the voice, little stubbed tail wiggling. Hi! Who are you? New friend? I like new friends.

Watching one of the rambunctious pups as it catches its own tail and falls in a pile at its owner’s feet, Nova giggles. “I guess that tracks,” she says with a nod. “Just like little kids. Or maybe me.” Because she is curious and asks a lot of questions.

Her brows lift when Roxie’s name is called and she reaches out to grasp Roxie’s hand when she sees the other young woman grow pale. “It’s okay. You’re her person,” she whispers as they head toward the door to wait for the reveal of what Bonnie looks like as fauna instead of flora.

“Oh, my God, she’s so cute. Hi puppy!” Nova’s voice pitches higher, but she lets go of Roxie’s hand so the other girl can retrieve the dog. She stoops down to pet Goober instead. “You’re still best boy,” she promises the little red dog.

The vet seems amused watching the interaction, the receptionist looks about ready to cry herself. “I wanted to bring her out myself, she was an unusual case,” says the vet, still holding the leash, though she lets the curious dog pull her forward to where Roxie drops down to greet her. “Everything checks out,” the vet continues watching as Roxie holds a hand out to the dog who blows right past it to climb in her lap and get a good sniff. “We were all a little worried after her ordeal, but you’d never know something like that happened.”

“Thank you.” Is offered by Roxie before the dog gets all of her attention.

“My pleasure and everything is paid for, just take good care of her,” the vet offers before making her retreat to leave the Corgi with her new family and continue her rounds.

“Hey, Bonnie,” Roxie manages to choke out. Brows furrow as the dog's head tilts slightly and lips press tight as she concentrates. «Hello Bonnie.»

What happens next is an explosion of excitement from the newly de-treed dog.

I know you!

Never has Roxie, nor Nova witnessed a faster wiggling backend then Bonnie’s, even with no tail there is no denying the excitement she shows, as she sniffs all over the canine telepath. The dog presses up against Roxie, half rolling over to show a belly, and lavishes her chin with kisses, all the while whining. I see you! I see you! It was dark and now it’s not and I can smell you! You are my new pack!

An answering, much more concerned, whine comes from Goober, who happens to be taking up the offer of Nova affection. Who is this? Roxie hears him ask, very confused, finally stretching out to sniff at this strange dog… or is she a stranger? I know you, but you are not a tree! Now you are like me?

Hearing the whine, grabs Bonnie’s attention. Seeing more to greet behind the canine telepath, Bonnie quickly scrambles off Roxie and over to Nova and Goober, having no sense of personal space. Nose bumping against Goober’s own. You know me? How can I be a tree? I am like you. You’re silly.

Then there is Nova who now has two dogs trying to find purchase on her legs, and still she gets the same treatment as Roxie. It was clear despite everything, she still liked people.

Hello. Can we play?

Roxie watches them, with a happy smile. “She’s asking to play. She also says she likes you like Goober does.” Dogs were funny like that, quick to affection for two legged companions.

While she’s not privy to their inner thoughts, Nova pets Goober and watches the excitement of the short little dog as Bonnie inspects Roxie, and her eyes well up with happy tears.

“Shit, I should have gotten it on video,” she says aloud belatedly. “All those ‘vet surprises dog’ video have nothing on this.”

But then she’s the one getting jumped on by both dogs and she laughs aloud, a merry and bright thing as she gives both dogs equal pettings as much as she can, lest Goober think he’s forgotten for the new pup, or Bonnie think she isn’t welcome.

“We can definitely play. But we should probably get out of the doctor’s office first,” Nova tells the dog solemnly as if the dog can understand her words like she can Roxie’s thoughts. “And I like you, too.”

She stands, and wipes a tear from the corner of each eye, a little dramatically like she’s acting. “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” she says loftily, before grinning at Roxie and moving ahead to go open the door for the little pack of three to follow.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, Roxie says gruffly, running the palm of her hand over her own teary eyes. “It’s just fucking dust.”

Giving a sniff, Roxie focuses on Bonnie. “Alright, girl. Being a part of his pack, means no running off.” Fingers loosen the leash around the pup’s neck while her head turns one way and then the other. “Gotta stay close like Goober, he’ll show you. He’s a smart street dog.” The corgi looks over at Goober, seeming clearly understanding.

There is a moment of silence as Roxie cradles the dog’s head in both of her hands and something seems to pass between them. Whatever is said, Boonie gives sneeze and a shake, while Roxie grins. “Good. We have an understanding.”

Roxie ruffles the top of both dogs’ heads as she stands and grins at Nova. “Detour to grab Joaquin? He should be getting done with work by time we get there. Then to the park.” She looks down at the newest member of the pack. “I know someone who could use a good run.”

Moving to exit, the dogs race out, Bonnie sticking close to Goober.

The formerly homeless woman stops just outside the doorway and looks at Nova with a crooked smile, when the woman joins her. “I gotta admit, it’s nice having friends to count on when I need a little back up.” Digging into her jacket, Roxie pulls out a bracelet made of pinks, purples, and sky blues. She nervously places with it, “It’s silly, but… “ The bracelet held out.

“Welcome to the pack, too, Nova.”

While Roxie and Bonnie have their moment, this time Nova does snap a couple of photos so she can chronicle the day for the little family of misfits.

“Sure,” she says, with a nod at the mention of Joaquin, fingers moving over the screen to send the photos to Roxie’s phone where it chimes a moment later.

Her eyes look up from her phone to find Roxie offering her the friendship bracelet, and she tips her head to the side, brows pulling together like she might cry. “Aw!” she exclaims, putting her arm out so that Roxie can tie the bracelet around her wrist. “It’s not silly. I love it.”

Once it’s tied around her slim wrist, Nova throws her arms around the shorter girl. “Roxie Lopez, secretly sentimental swearing sailor girl. You’re fucking rad.”

The hug is completely unexpected and for a moment Roxie stands there with her arms out, unsure what to do… but then she wraps her arms around the other young woman. There is a slightly nervous laugh at the compliment and her cheek color. “Th-thanks. You’re not to fucking half bad yourself.”

There is a pair of differently pitched barks, near them, demanding attention.

Hey! Play! Hey!
Yes! Play!

Disengaging herself from that hug, Roxie’s fingers scratch through the dark hair at the back of her head. “We should… uh… go… before they fucking riot.”

Roxie gives Nova a lopsided smile and motions her to follow. While calling out to the dogs “Hold your gawd damn horses!”

Then stop being slow! Hurry!
Yes hurry! Play!

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