I'll Live With The Wigglers


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Scene Title I'll Live With The Wigglers
Synopsis Candy and Claire talk the day after their fight in the arena.
Date December 16, 2009

Antananarivo Madagascar

Sitting in the corner of the cell, Claire is for the most part quiet. Back wedges into the corner, her head resting on the surface behind her. Her eyes are closed and her expression is one of confusion and concentration. For the most part she's ignoring the sounds of the crowd in the distance, the thundering sound beating like a drum at her ears.

That's not what she's interested in…. No, Claire's thoughts are turn inward to that squirming sensation behind her eye. Reaching up a hand, she presses against the closed eyelid, lips twists into a look of disgust. "God… that… is so disgusting." She murmurs barely above a whisper. "Wonder what it is… and home many are in there."

Candy shudders, perhaps curled up in a ball in an unoccupied corner of their cells. She's been silent most of the time since she was brought in, just starting to rock back and forth as she sits there. She knows that if this keeps up for much longer, any fight that might have been in Candace Allard will be driven out. Her eyes turn to look at Claire before she says softly, "Please… don't talk about that." She's stopped complaining about the patch of skin, at the least, but for now, Candace feels as if she has been violated in the worst possible ways ever since she was brought here.

Head lowering a bit and eyes opening, Claire looks at the small Asian with a slightly amused look. "Kind of hard not to.. It's constantly moving.. Whoever it is, is probably watching what we're saying. Wonder if he hears thoughts too." Then she sighs, "Sorry." She tilts her head back again and sighs softly, eyes closing.

"How's the head?" She finally asks after a moment of silence.

"Its been better," Candace replies, after her own moment of hesitation… "I… hope you didn't hurt your wrist or anything," she adds, not sure if its the proper thing to be saying to the woman who so recently killed her. "So… bright light at the end of the tunnel for you," she asks conversationally, trying to move the topic away from the things in their heads.

"No.. didn't hurt it.. Even if I was fighting it.. Freaky ability." Claire observes, shaking her head slowly. "Bright light?" She sounds confused for a moment, then… "Oh! No.. No light at the end of the tunnel.. Just nothingness until I come back. And whoever says.. 'They never felts thing.' " Her head moves side to side slowly. "I remember the flash of pain before the darkness." An eye cracks open and her head tilts so that she can look at Candy. "That what your wondering?"

"Pretty much, yeah," Candy replies softly as she stays curled up in that bit of a ball. she shudders a little more, and then asks, "Do you think that they will come, Claire? Come and rescue us?" She shakes her head a little, feeling all the more powerless in a situation where she had thought she had finally reached the absolute low-point of, only to find Rasoul had another thing in mind.

"After seeing that arsenal… After knowing how they control us." Claire's head drops again, eyes opening again, blue eyes solemn and sad. "… but I hope not. Evolved or not. This… they are better to stay away." Her lip tugs up a bit at the corner. "Now will they stay away? I doubt it. There is…… " the blonde stops herself, frowns and goes much more vague, "…stuff they need here. Now whether they bother to rescue us. Probably not." Fingers run through her hair, stopping where she can lean her head on her hand.

Candy nods her head a little, as she manages to smile bitterly, "I never got to tell her goodbye." She looks over at Claire, and smiles a little before she adds in her soft voice, the asian embracing the fact that she'll die here in the jungle. "They scooped me up off the street. Didn't ask, nothing, and told me it was either day there, or come here do what they asked, and then go home happy. I was on my way to… well, I guess you can call her my girlfriend. We had just talked about wether or not we wanted to let our relationship become something more committed, and they took me. I just disappeared from New York City. She probably thinks I have commitment issues and ran off. Maybe that's better for her… then knowing that I died in a jungle, thousands of miles away from her, on a mission the government will never recognize." She manages to smile bittersweetly as she looks over at Claire, "My life… it wasn't supposed to be like this, ya? My ability was created… I was a /lab rat/ as an infant. And now all of this," she gestures around her, "Moab, this, all of this, is the end result… I will die here in the Jungle because they wanted to artificially create powers."

"I did at least get to say goodbye to Magnes." Claire admits softly, "We've been so constantly on the go, I've had barely anytime to really think about him. Is that a bad thing?" She frowns a bit at the thought. "I do hope he's got it easy. I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

Claire studies Candy quietly. "I think we're all produces of the abilities. I was born evolved.. My natural parents are evolved. . But adoptive parents though.. their evolved." She smiles a bit. "My adoptive dad… He worked for the Company when I was growing up. I was a baby when the Company handed me to my Dad told him to raise me." She sighs a bit. "I never expected to be in a situation like this though. I wonder if my natural dad even knows I'm here. He… uh…. works for the government. And I have a feeling he was in on all this stuff, but I can't imagine he'd willing send me into a situation like this."

Candy nods her head a little while she lays there before she shrugs her shoulders a little and then says softly, "My real parents worked for Pinehearst, or at least… that's what I have been told. Its hard, to sort out fact or fiction when I just frankly don't know. They were researched… for the evolved serum, and injected me, their own child with it. Of course, eventually, when I was still too young to really even remember them. They were all killed, by the some one who didn't like the research I guess. Then I was handed off to my own adoptive parents. I was told nothing, just that my real parents died in a car crash. Then I developed my own powers, and well, no real need to delve what popped me onto the radar, other than that it was… completely accidentally. Not that they cared, I was shuttled away, met with Pinehearst representatives who wanted to make a deal with me. I made a deal with them, and… well, that's enough of that."

She shrugs her shoulders as the two women swap life stories, and when it comes down to it, they really aren't as different as they seem.

"Do you know… there is supposedly a guy out there with my ability? Doctor Gregor mentioned him. Adam Monroe. He worked for the nazis experimenting on our kind." Claire states with a small frown. "He's over two hundred years old…. I…. just can't even imagine." Her eyes rove around their cage, "Especially, considering the chances are we're stuck here. Centuries in this place…. " Her voices trails off, bringing her knees up to rest her arms on.

Candy looks over at Claire, and she forces a smile before she says softly, "We'll figure something out. Maybe one time… is the time the injection won't work. They have to have a limited supply of it. If that happens, I'll… work on getting us out of here. Maybe… I can do to the… things… what I can do to regular humans, and then… we can escape." She manages to look hopeful for a moment while she sits there, before she looks out the cage. "Maybe… one day, we'll make it out of here alive. I'd settle with dead as well, though…"

Claire gives her a flat look and motions to her head with a wiggle of her fingers. "You forget the wigglers. Who knows how many are in there… not to mention getting them out. I can probably get to the one in my eye….But any others…" She comments blandly. "And what the mysterious person controlling them can do…. Escape.. seems almost impossible." Pessimistic… but after what happened…. hard not to be. "But yeah.. the prospect of being pieces out for the centuries to come doesn't sound too promising.

Candy looks at Claire, before she says in a soft voice, "Perhaps that walking swiss-army knife of powers can help, Claire." She knows that there are definitely issues between Claire and Gabriel, and heard rumors at the camp, but she seems to be grasping at straws for now, any hope in this darkness. "If they come," she says softly… trailing off.

"No." The word is sharp like the crack of a whip, anger flashing in Claire's eyes at the meer suggestion. "Sylar is not getting close to me like that again…. and I sure as hell won't let him use his abilities on me. Any of them…" Fingers lifts to touch her forehead, drawing a line across it as she turns thoughtful. "He's been after my ability since I was in high school… About three or four years… I had thought he changed." Her eyes shift to Candy. "Guess not."

Candy looks at Claire, before she says, "Any port in a storm, Claire." She shrugs her shoulders a little and then adds, "Sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils. Would you rather have that thing or things in your head forever? Me… if he comes, I'm getting them out as soon as I can. If he kills me to look at my brain, so be it. I will at least be free of the damn things."

"I'll live with the wigglers…." Claire states stubbornly. "I don't want him to have my ability. It would make him unstoppable. This Sylar… is mortal." She points out with serious look. "No… I'll live with it." She rubs both hands over her face and yawns, sliding along the wall, she flops down on her side, pillowing her head on her arm. A small smile curls her lips, "If we get home.. I'm going to have my mom bake one of her apple pies. She makes the best."

Candy nods her head a little. "Well, you do that. Me, on the otherhand, I'm going to go curl up and sleep. Maybe by the time I wake up, the rescue crew will be here, with a couple of brain surgeons. Or maybe… since you're on such good terms with the good doctor, you can see if he won't do it for us." A roll of her shrugs is given, before she curls away from Claire.

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