I'll See You Around To Collect


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Scene Title I'll See You Around To Collect
Synopsis Dutch and Carrie stumble upon a double murder, both tracking the same individual for different reasons, and along comes Kailin. His attitude makes him a suspect and also gets him tranqed by Carrie. Little does she know she just tranqed a fellow Agent.
Date June 08, 2009

The Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is 2800 acres of mixed urban parkland and natural preserves, winding around and between several major communities. The more natural areas are primarily a succession of ridges and boulder-littered moraines beneath the canopy of a hardwood forest - beech, hickory, maples, and oaks in the main, with a variety of less common trees mixed in. At the lower points of the parkland, this forest gives way to wetland, overgrown with ferns, skunk cabbage, lady slipper, and trout lilies. The park's boundaries include a golf course, a cemetery, a friary, a boy scout camp, and a carousel, as well as the more stereotypical nature center and a native plant demonstration garden.

The last two weeks of Dutch's hard work, ended right here.

Anthony Mason had been a damned fine informant for years, tipping the ATF to the goings on inside some of America's most dangerous white supremacist arms traders. Three weeks ago, he'd gone missing. Two weeks ago Dutch had been sent to the island to try and find him, and now he'd finally made contact. Yesterday, he'd watched Mr.Mason read a book to his son not much further down the footpath from where his dead body now lay crumpled.

The torture was apparent, they'd apparently shot him before putting flame to the body. Who knows if he was still alive by then, Dutch hoped the poor fuck had passed on before then. Gabriel mason, Anthony's son was only fifteen yards down the path. Shot in the back, and then apparently stomped to death. It was as grizzly and horrific a scene as Dutch had been to, and he needed a little time before he was ready to give some cursory attempt to process it.

So Dutch knelt off to one side, concealed easily in the shadows as he watched the bodies. He was dressed for a fight, camoflague, body armor, his M14. He had expected a fight, he had expected a million other things but never quite this.

Casually, Dutch eases the helmet from his head as he sinks down into a seated half sprawl. Running a gloved hand through his short hair. "Jesus, I hope the did the kid first."

She knew it was probably a false lead, but when the name Anthony Mason and the fact that he was a gravity manipulator, was dropped on her desk she had to follow it. It might be the man from years back…. He was tagged so it wasn't hard to find him, but this… Stepping slowly out onto the path, Carrie looks at the seen with a grim expression. "Fuck…" She murmurs and looks skyward. "That's not him." Her eyes travel past the prone body of Anthony Mason to the body of his son.

Breathing slowly through her mouth she has to snap her eyes and then twist around so her back is to the bodies. Normally it doesn't bother her… but this time there was a kid… Her daughter had been a victim. She bends over, resting hands on her thighs. Don't throw up. She repeats over and over in her head.

The Greenbelt happens to be the training trail of choice for Kailin as he hustles through the greenery, bouncing back and forth as his feet narrowly avoid stones, branches, roots, and debris. Dressed in athletic gear with a small nylon backpack strapped tightly to him around his shoulders, the tall man breathes heavily as he crosses across the terrain. The only thing going through his mind is pushing himself. Everything else is forgotten now as he thinks only about keeping himself moving forward, finding each perfect, quiet step.

His own breathing is quiet and contained, keeping rhythm as he moves along, but that rhythm is broken by the sound of voices and Kailin pulls up quickly, slowing to a stop. Kailin takes a moment to catch his breath as he drops to a crouch. Raising his head he looks out towards the sounds that he heard he sees the boy's body first. Standing, he wanders forward seeing others in th darkness. "Oh, shit… Are they dead?" Its a perfectly honest question, though not necessarily one he needs an answer to.

"This is a crime seen pal."Dutch's voice sort've drifts from the very darkest of the shadows, tucked comfortbly into the darkness for a moment or two longer, before he finally emerges. "Carrie, can you contain that end of the scene until I can get some pictures?"His tone is cool, but hollow. His gaze instead fixed on Kailin. Just the same, he casually slings his M14 and unzips a little chest pouch to produce his camera.

A finger comes up asking for another moment from Dutch as Carrie swallows the bile at the back of her throat. "Yeah." She manages to finally say, straightening again. Think of them as something else. Only an object, not a body. "Only an object. " She whispers as she moves to block the way to the bodies. Jacket unbuttoned to so that her Home Sec badge shows. "I'll have to ask you to turn around and go back the way you went." She says directly to Kailin. She doesn't turn towards the bodies, but raises her voice for Dutch to hear her ask. "You want me to call it in?"

The tall man freezes right where he is and gives an agreeable nod. "So it is… But then again, so is half of New York City from what I've seen." Kailin turns casually towards the male voice and motions behind him. "You guys care if I retrace my steps or not? I didn't do this. Promise." His personal assurance that he was not involved in the murder would certainly all that was needed to clear him if they thought he had anything to do with this. He tilts his head slightly towards Carrie and he stares at her in the darkness for just a little too long. "Yeah. Sure. I'll be on my way."

"I dont care, as long as your headed in the other direction."Dutch stands stock still where he is for the moment, waiting for Carrie to get into position before Dutch gets to business. Clicking off pictures,careful to close his eyes for the flash each time. "Why bother calling it in, my people arent going to come out here. Dead body or not, this is still Staten island. Are yours, Carrie?'

"I appreciate your co-operation." Carrie says to Kailin, her eyes scrutinizing him. Suddenly, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out something. "Know what.. on second thought." A cellphone comes up and there is a simulated clicking noise from it. She gives Kailin a stiff smile. "Now to can go." The joy of technology is the ability to run faces through a database. She glances over her shoulder and instantly regrets it. She turns away quickly and her voice sounds strained. "Your right Dutch.. Sorry. Not thinking. Kinda hard to think right at this moment."

Kailin takes his time, finding the very last step he took and putting his foot back into its place. "I'll alert the media. Dead body on Staten. But damn, a kid… that's rough. People that do that…" He shakes his head and gives a shrug. "Well, they should end up like this." He takes another careful step backwards. "So who are you guys? Besides a guy with a rifle and and a lovely lady…" He tilts his head slightly towards Dutch and asks, "You didn't do this did you? I won't tell anyone if you did." He holds up three fingers. "Scout's honor."

"Carrie, arrest him."Dutch eases back, slipping Camera away and tugging on one sling end to deftly flip the rifle into his gloved hands. "You dont wanna go, thats fine pal. Your gonna stay, and if you dont behave I'm going to go out of my way to drop your name in my crime scene report. You know, being a duly appointed officer of the law that report would be public domain. I bet you'd make the crime report, sure this guy's buddies would just -love- to talk to you."

The look that Carrie gives Kailin is a combination of confusion and an edge of irritation. She reaches down to pluck the badge from her waistband. "This right here.. says I am more then a /lovely/ lady. And I can tell you straight up.. He's more then a guy with a rifle." Her eyes narrow some and she reaches behind her with a free hand, a mall amused smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth. "My pleasure Dutch. I'd show this idiot that I'm more then looks." With a flick of her thumb opens up one side of the handcuffs, while the other replaces her badge.

"Arrest? Damn. You law men sure do throw out the law pretty quickly, huh? Well, that's okay too." Kailin continues stepping back carefully, another footfall in retracing his steps. He pauses when Carrie whips out her badge and puts his hands up. "Oh, snap a badge? So then you might identify yourselves? That's all I… oh shit." He sighs when the badge goes away and the handcuffs come out. "Well, nevermind. Just make sure you get my name right then." He waits where he is, his hands held in surrender. "Shit, you know for a second I thought all of New York had been changed by the bomb, but apparently you can still get arrested for being black. Some things never change."

"No, we just wanna make sure your not evolved right?"Dutch frowns "or like, from another country. I mean chrissakes if you have a funny name too then well thats strike three your obviously a terrorist."See, sense of humor. Dutch has one, right? "Now, if you shut the fuck up and dont say another fucking word until I'm done we'll turn you lose and send you on your way. Your impeding a murder investigation, so I one more word out of you and I name you as a suspect in the death of this fucking skinhead."

"Please tell me you are fucking kidding." Carrie's voice is edged with ice as she closes the distance between her and Kailin. She maybe short, but that doesn't stop her from trying to get in his face. "Please.. tell me your fucking kidding. Cause that right there is not unlike asking me if I'm with the Crips or the Bloods." She points at a rock sitting next to the trail and practically growls. "Sit your ass down before I have to try and put it there myself."

Kailin tilts his head slightly, pondering the offer. Both sides had their advantages. But in the end he doesn't really want to impede the investigation, especially of some kid - even if his father was a skinhead. There were any of other ways to get arrested or charged or made a suspect in someone's personal problem. He gives a nod to Dutch and keeps his hands up, giving a raise of his right eyebrow in Carrie's direction. He looks her up and down for a moment and the edges his mouth turns upwards in a smirk as he steps careful over towards the rock and he sits down. Putting down his hands, they flick through a quick message of "That's a date. It will be fun," in American Sign Language.

Over his shoulder goes the M14 once more, and out comes the camera. "So, Carrie. What did you want dear Anthony for?"and Dutch begins clicking away, careful to document the scene. He collects a series of shell casings discarded amongst the leaves he'd spotted earlier, though he doesnt even bother to read the headstamp. "Ranger SXTS in fourty, smells like a P plus load."a cop round, like the sort the NYPD issues.

Looking all the work unamused as the man on the rock flicks his hands in some weird way, eyes narrowing. /Probably mentally deficient./ Carrie gives a shrug of her shoulder to Dutch's question. "Cold case file. I got a tip this guy might have been involved. But I seriously doubt it, not with him having a kid." Plus it really didn't look like the man she saw walk out into the highway…. She gives a shake of her head. "What about you?"

Kailin leans backwards, resting his upper body weight on outstretched hands behind him. He keeps his shoes planted on the ground just in front of the rock he is sitting on with his knees bent. He looks up into the sky as the two of them talk, waiting patiently - and silently - at his appointed place. He looks over towards Dutch for just a moment when he mentions the type of casing that he found and smirks again, shaking his head. His gaze turns towards Carrie and he studies her for a moment, taking in the lines of her body - measuring it for strength, speed, and ability - not for anything else. Still, he makes it look like the latter despite being the former.

"CI, not mine. Somone eleses, but they sent me looking for him."he sighs, rising to walk towards the kid. Dutch isnt really sure what he wants to do here, though he makes sure to click off photos of the bloody footprints leading back to his father. "I didnt know dude had a kid until yesterday, wonder where the mother is."

Looks ignored Carrie rolls her eyes skyward. /Why me/. She seems to be saying to herself. On a more serious note she turns slightly to look Dutch's way. "I didn't either. Personally, I say let CI find the mother." She knows she wouldn't be able to face the mother.. and that body was going to haunt her sleep for weeks to come. "Their case anyhow."

Kailin sits up and brushes off his gloved hands to the right side of him. His right hand goes to his left shoulder and he shrugs off the thin black staps keeping his backpack centered on his back. He slides his arm out of the loop and it swings to his right, hanging on just his right shoulder. From the front he pulls the bag around to his chest with his left hand. He raises his brow curiously to Dutch, but doesn't say anything.

All in all, it takes about ten minutes for Dutch to photograph the site to his satisfaction. Then he pockets the camera, and casually meanders to where Carrie's standing. "I'll call you, let you know whats up."before glancing back to peer at Kailin"Hit the road Jack, you dont need to be here right now."

Carries tenses a bit when Kailin starts removing his backpack, but doesn't say anything. She's about ready to tranq his butt. When Dutch meanders along side her, only then does she relax a touch. "I appreciate it." She glances at Dutch and gives him a smirk. "And despite the scene, it was nice seeing you again." She eyes Kailing, with a cold look before turning to leave. She points a finger at Dutch and adds. "Range soon.." Starting to head back she adds. "Not to mention those drinks you talked about."

"Oh, good. All done here?" Kailin stands and brushes off his butt from sitting on the rock. "Well, no one needs to be anywhere on Staten Island right now, but here we are. Law enforcement…" Kailin glances between the both of them, "has left this place to settle differences in whatever way is most effective." He shrugs as he slides his backpack into place again, sliding a loop back around his his left arm. Motioning to the boy and the man on the ground he asks, "Are you even sure this is his kid? Who knows why a grown man takes a child off into the woods in the middle of nowhere…" He motions around him and just shrugs as he heads off. A few steps in he pauses and turns back, giving a point of a gloved finger towards Carrie. "And I'm not done with you yet, Miss. You owe me. I'll see you around to collect…"

"Touch her and I'll cut your fucking eyes out you dumb fucking prick. Shut the fuck up, and start runnin back the way you came fore I make it my business to find you and settle my colleage's debt for her."Dutch narrows his gaze, but doesnt really move. He just eases the safety from S to F and waits, he wasnt up for games after dealing with a child that'd been stomped to death. So he just waits, for a reason.

Pausing just on the other side of Dutch Carrie looks at Kailin as if he just grew another head. "Now I know there is something mentally wrong with you." She shakes her head and touches Dutch's arm. "Not worth it, really. Come on.. Walk with me. Tell me the long story of how you ended up on that rooftop. I personally, want to put as much distance as I can between me and those bodies." A cold glare is sent Kailin's direction.

"Hey, fuck you!" Kailin stops and turns back towards Dutch, his bag coming off one arm again. "Its not enough to put up with your shit while you piss around over some corpses, but you just have to keep running your fucking mouth, right? Can't leave well enough alone, huh?" He motions towards Dutch's rifle with his left while he takes his bag in his right. "No, of course no, not while you've got your penile implant firmly in hand, huh? You've been a dick since I met you and I've been nothing but fucking compliant. So if you want to shoot me then fucking shoot, you prick. If not, do your fucking job - and do it right without swinging your dick around."

It doesnt take quite so much to provoke Dutch tonight, but something's wrong. "Carrie, Code 20."Is all he says as he lifts a hand to rub at his eyes, everything was fuzzy and out of focus. Everything looked, dim and altogether wrong. So where he might normally lift that rifle, and start hammering away at kailin He doesnt. He holds the rifle down, eases his right hand back to his thighrig and pops the snap on his holster. "Ugh, fuck."

"Fuck… That's it." Carrie reaches up under her shift, walking towards Kailin. Unlike Dutch she isn't affected. "I've tried not to get angry.. But seriously.. " Out swings a familiar sight for Kailin, a tranqgun. However he only gets to see for a moment, cause as soon as it's leveled at him, she pulls the trigger. "Say goodnight asshole." Goodnight indeed.

When Carrie reaches for her weapon, there's a quick series of thoughts that run through his head. Kailin shakes as his left hand clenches tightly, but he doesn't shoot her. When she she walks towards him, he continues to fight off his own instincts and he doesn't shoot her. And even when she shoots him with the tranq gun, he doesn't shoot her. But he does manage to say, "You people have so much to learn…" before passing out.
As Kailin passes out the bag in his right hand falls from his grip and the H&K 9mm inside clatters lightly against the rocks.

Dutch wavers some, before staggering down to one knee. "Ugh, fucker did something to my fucking eyes. Cuff him, assaulting an officer. We'll pop him for unregistered evolved too, and impeding an investigation and pissing me off."He sighs, trying to chill himself back out. "I'm a federal agent, I can charge people for pissing me off right?"

"God damn idiot." Carrie growls, restraining herself from kicking that downed man, as she shoves the gun in it's holster against the small of her back. SHe crouches down and shoves the limp body on it's stomach and starts you cuff it. "You okay Dutch?" She asks, taking a moment to glance his way as she cuffs Kailin's hands. "Mind if I take him in?" There is a touch of mischief in her voice. "I'll need some help getting him to my jeep. But seriously.. he threatened me.. let me take him to Home Sec."

Dutch blehs, irritably. "I dont know what the fuck he did to me, but I cant see shit. I'm gonna need a ride but, yeah take my rifle and lead me along."Dutch rises slowly with more than a few blinks, before casually heading back towards Carrie."Well, its getting better at least."

"As if I'd leave /the/ Dutch behind." She teases him, moving to take his rifle and swing it on her shoulder. "Get practically blown to shreds by a grenade.. only to let you be taken out by some blindness. Tsk." Reaching out to draw Dutch closer to the guy. "Take one half, I'll take the other.. though I'm half tempted to drag him by his feet to the middle of the Island.. strip him down and leave him to the wolves." She doesn't mean it, but she's in a foul mood.

"Your so mean woman, keep it up and I'm gonna fall in love."But Dutch obeys ultimately, grunting as he hoists Kailin upwards."Get me the fuck out of this place, lead on Carrie."

Found sometime later, after discovering who she tranq'd, there is a note on Agent Denton's door:

To Agent Denton,

Agent Knight can be found in a holding cell within the building. I've asked no one release the asshole until I talk to you. You'll find a copy of my briefing of the incident in you Inbox. I'd like to confront him with /you/ present.

Sorry boss… you'll understand when you read my report.

Agent Castillo

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