I'll Take Care Of Everything


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Scene Title I'll Take Care Of Everything
Synopsis While packing her bags to disapear, Kaylee makes several phone calls. One is too Sabrina.
Date September 29, 2009

Via Cellphone

Sabrina has been hellaciously busy the past couple of days. The past couple of weeks really but time flies when you're running around doing other people's errands. Right now Sabrina is hustling her way through the city in her usual set of heels, a few dry cleaning bags with pristinely pressed suits inside of them as she hurries to try to catch a taxi. "Taxi!" She calls out and very nearly gets run over by the one that ignores her and speeds off. "Wonderful."

Of course, phonecalls come at the worst of times and this is one of those times.

Miles away in a crappy little apartment, a certain blonde telepath is working to tug a suitcase out of the top shelf of her closet. The medication that Dr Lynwood gave her seems to be doing the trick of staving off the pain, but she's still weak. She pulls and tugs with one hand, while the other holds her iPhone that buzzes in her ear. "Come one Sabrina.. pick up."

It takes Sabrina minute to wrestle a hand free enough to hit the button on her little bluetooth earpiece. "This is Sabrina." She greets, sounding only the slightest touch annoyed. God damn taxi.

"Oh thank god.. I'm tired of leaving phone messages.. Sabrina. It's Kaylee." The young woman finally gets her suitcase free, of course sending other things tumbling which gets a. "Shit.. Er.. Sorry. Hey, I'm calling to say I'm getting away. I'm leaving for now." Kaylee hops off the stool and carries the suitcase to her bed and drops it there. "My illness isn't getting any better… I'm.. dying actually." She doesn't sound torn up at all about it.

"…Kaylee, you must be breaking up. I thought you said you were dying." Sabrina glances up and down the street, less to see if there's a taxi and more to make sure she's not imagining this conversation. "Getting away from what? Did you go back to the hospital?"

Unzipping her bag, Kaylee shakes her head, though the other woman can't see it. "No.. not breaking up. I'm dying. I have for a couple of weeks. I went to the doctors." She pauses in what she's doing and sits on the bed. "They said that my brain was making my body shut down. I… think it might have been Susan Amman." She bites her lip for a moment before adding. "So many people have been telling me that I need to get away from Adam .. I'm finally listening, cause when I start defending him and talking about him.. I feel worse."

It's a shame Kaylee isn't there to see Sabrina's face fall, but she might be able to hear it in her voice, "Oh, Kaylee. I know that must not be easy for you. Does he know yet? Of course he doesn't know yet." She answers that herself, glancing up at the sky. Tomorrow is going to suck to work for Mister Monroe. "I'll make sure he understands what's going on in a way that won't make things worse." She hopes, anyway. "And you're not going to die. I'll figure out what she did to you and I'll…" what? Do what? Sabrina is sort of at a loss here. "It'll be okay."

"He's not going to be happy." Kaylee murmurs with a sigh, starting to stuff clothes in the bag. "He won't let me go so easily. He sent Huruma to train me. I'm an asset." She sounds sad and worried at the same time. "I've got an address that I'm going to. I can't tell you for obvious reasons. Just.. He needs to know I'm doing this for him and me. I'm no good to him dead." There is a pause as Kaylee frowns at her bag. "Maybe Dr Lynwood is right. Maybe being away from him will be enough."

"You're an intelligent, talented young lady. Not just an asset." Sabrina corrects, starting to pace on the street. "I understand but Kaylee…please be careful. You have my number if you ever need anything. If things get worse and you need some help, please let me know. I'll take care of Mister Monroe. Don't worry about it. I'll keep him from doing anything stupid. About you or about anything else." She sounds a bit resigned there. Like Adam is prone to doing stupid things.

"Yeah.. I'm leaving my phone behind. In case he can track me that way. But I have everyones phone numbers. Once I know what is going on I'll make sure to call and check in." She zips up the bag again and sighs. "Just, you be careful as well Sabrina. Okay? I have very few people I even remotely call friend within the group. and while you have your moments. You mean something." Pulling the bag off the bed, she sighs. Watch out for Grim, huh? He's another one that shouldn't be there. He was actually trying to take care of me." There is a slightly affectionate tone there. "Not sure how Adam will act with him once I'm gone. He's never trusted the man, might take my leaving out on him."

"I promise, Kaylee. I'll do my best to keep everyone safe and sane while you're gone. Maybe even more sane than they have been." Sabrina says, which gets her a weird look from a homeless guy passing on the street who thinks she's talking to herself. "And we're not going to let you die. Being away from Adam will make it better. At least give us some time. Enough time. It'll get fixed."

"I better go.." Kaylee says softly, looking around the apartment, "I'm only taking some clothes." She's not even taking the Harley. "Leaving everything else. Good luck Sabrina." Moving to the kitchen table she looks down at a spiral notebook and a pen. "I'll call as soon as I can." Tucking the phone against her ear, she take up the pen and starts to write, knowing Adam will come there. "Bye Sabrina."

"Kaylee…" Sabrina trails off, trying to think of something significant to say. "…I'll take care of everything." It's a lame fallback, but it's easy. She says it to Adam all the time.

"I know you'll try." Kaylee says before ending the call and setting the cell phone on the table. Glancing down at the hastily scrawled 'I'm Sorry' note, she sighs. "I have to do this. I //can // do this." Picking up the suitcase she heads for the door so that she can hail a cab. She has one more stop before she goes where Odessa pointed her.

Sabrina stands there for a few moments and lets the dialtone ringing her ear. Another taxi passes by but she doesn't hail it down. She reaches up and pulls out the ear piece, slings the dry cleaning over her shoulder again and starts walking. Walking is good. It'll give her time to think of how the hell to make this all better.

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