I Love The Smell Of Manure


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Scene Title I love the smell of Manure.
Synopsis Shannon is unhappy with her current lodgings and makes it very well known when decorating cookies at the lighthouse.
Date October 10, 2010

The Lighthouse

Sunday at the Lighthouse is mostly a normal sort of day. Things are going about as they generall do. With one exception. Some of the kids have been gathered in the kitchen, which smells of baking cookies. More dough has been rolled out on the table, and the kids have been given Halloween shaped cookie cutters, so they can cut out all different shapes and put them on cookie sheets, ready to be baked. On the counter, waiting to be used, are icings and sprinkles and all manner of things to decorate said cookies with.

The person who seems to be leading all of this is a brunette whose unfamiliar to Abby, but one who seems to be enjoying the task, smiling as she helps one little boy press out a bat in the dough, then transfer it. "There you go. You be thinking about how you want to decorate it when you're done. I think we have some black icing over there, so you can paint it black if you want," she tells him, which has him looking delighted.

"Noooooo Kasha, nooooo" The orange icing is saved from the infant who's taken to exploring in Abby's lap as she has a small bowl of the icing with her at one corner of the table, helping to decorate. Already though, she's got orange on her nose and Abby's trying to wipe it off the baby, smiling at how actively she is participating in something that she can't comprehend.

In the end, Kasha abandons any attempt for icing and settles to instead make the cookie her own. You lick it, you own it right? The need to chew really is what drives the cookie into her mouth to slobber and gum it. "I haven't seen you here before" She'd already been introduced to Shannon when she arrived, but that was the extent. She's dressed in sunday best, rings on her fingers and hair back, here to spend her sunday with Kasha while Caliban does business. Oh So Sweet is closed on sundays.

The conversation with the baby has Shannon looking over and smiles. "Cute girl. And nope, haven't been here before. Just heard about the kids, got bored, and figured I'd come over to teach them how to make cookies and then make it Halloweeny. It's one of my favorite holidays, and kids love it, so…" She trails off, shrugging, and turns away when the timer buzzes.

Cookies are taken out of the oven, a new sheet slipped in to take their place, and the timer reset. "Someone I met said that teaching them how to cook would be a good thing, and it's my favorite thing, and it does come in handy. Besides, if you know how to cook you'll never have to settle for…I don't know. Tuna fish casserole or hot dogs or ramen or whatever."

"It's never settling, when it's tunafish casserole. It's just settling when you don't make a salad to go with it and a nice dessert. Isn't it Kasha" She's making sure to get every bit of orange icing off the baby, looking at Shannon. 'Which house are you from?" Because the only random strangers that she knows shows up here are Ferry ones in need of getting out, or have a track record with kids that are positive.

Abby may know that this is essentially Ferry only, but Shannon doesn't, and it's never a good thing to rat out the people who are hiding you. "House? None of them right around here. Not a neighbor or anything," she says, bringing some cooled cookies to the table to keep things cycling, and letting the kids go nuts. It means that there'll be a lot of icing and such to clean up, but they have so much fun she can only smile. "You a neighbor or something?" she asks, glancing to Abby.

"I meant what safehouse" Abby points out to the other woman.

Shannon arches a brow. "That normally something that gets discussed around the kids? But I'm stuck at the one that has no electricity. Only one I know about, for that matter." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, taking a cookie to decorate herself. Skull shaped. "Some Gillian chick acted like I had no right to know about the others. Which sucks because I'm missing my shows. I need my shows."

"Gillian" The kids look up at the name of their former runner of the place. "Sometimes, depends on what kids, if you want to go discuss why Gillian only let you know about the one, we can get one of the Brians to take over and go to another room and you can tell me" Abby offers.

"Can't. Baking. And the why doesn't really matter, does it, precious?" Shannon asks, shrugging and continuing to decorate her cookie. "If the facts point to she can't tell me, then knowing why she can't tell me is moot. Now if you wanna tell me another address where I can go that actually has power, that's another story."

"It's abigail. Please, or Abby, not Precious. She can't tell you because it's not her purview Shannon. Garden has power, just they don't use it for television. I'm a member of the council, if you want to go to another house, then you and I have to talk and I can bring it up to the ones in charge of the various residences and find a place to put you. You got sent to a go to point is what happened until someone could hear you out and figure out where to put you. I'm very sorry that you're missing your favourite television shows, really I am. I can understand not getting to see them"

"Seriously? Why did no one tell me that?" Shannon grumbles. "Would've been nice to know that all I had to do was find someone who actually knew what the hell was going on. Instead of shoving me there and making me sit there near the horses for a few weeks without a word from anyone." Nope, not happy. "Though hey, I love the smell of manure. Really."

"Did you think to … ask the person running the safehouse?" Now perhaps this is getting too much to talk about around the children and the tone that the woman is taking. "I can't visit a safehouse right now, but I can see that someone comes to visit you and see about where you'd best fit in with the network, if you're planning on staying. The garden is a lovely place, but I can understand how those who are more inclined to their electrical run needs might not take joy there. It's quite peaceful really. But, that's just how it is" She points out.

"Considering I was under the impression that Gillian was, yes, I did," Shannon answers, the sarcasm more than obvious in her voice. "And I'm sure it is lovely, but I am so not a country bumpkin. I don't do gardening and livestock and pretending that I live in the eighteen hundreds. I'm a total twenty-first century gal."

"There are many who would be grateful for any port in a storm from the tempest that blows outside the front doors of this place" Abigail says quietly. Pointedly. "But regardless, I will see what I can do, to help you and your situation. For now though, you are there, and I really hope that you can continue to make the best of your circumstance"

"I'm sure there are. Me? I'm here because a friend was worried and decided this would be the safest place for me. Doesn't mean I have to like it," Shannon says, shrugging then leaning back to bite the jaw off her newly decorated skull. "Besides, they let me cook. Sucks with no electricity, but better than shoveling piles of crap like philosophy boy."

"You realize right, that getting to a house with power, won't have a television, right?" Surprise. "Welcome to the network shannon. It's a big adjustment, and i'm sorry that you're not handling it well. But we will do the best we can do to accommodate you with what we have. I'm going to take Kasha for a walk, get some air" Abigail shuffles the chair back, making sure to have a good grip on the baby, one of the other kids perking up at the mention of a walk. "Enjoy the baking, it smells delicious in here. I'm sure the kids are enjoying it"

"Of course it won't," Shannon says, shaking her head and chomping another bite from the cookie. Poor skull. "Have fun with the baby. I'm gonna relax with more cookies. Cookies make everything better."

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