I Love You More


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Scene Title I Love You More
Synopsis In the wee hours of the morning after Melissa's party fades, three ladies have themselves a drunk misadventure trying to get to the roof of the Little Green House, where Magnes makes an unexpected proclamation.
Date June 13, 2010

Little Green House: Exterior

It is way, way too late. Early, actually, at this point. The sun will be rising soon, and most honest heads have already set themselves among pillows, sleeping the sleep of the just. But people like that are boring squares, a redundancy necessary for emphasis. True heroes, guitar or otherwise, keep the long vigil. It's… someone's birthday right? Well, not anymore actually. But why stop a party when it's still swinging.

Though someone may want to stop Sable, who is currently swinging from the top edge of a window. The outside of the window. With yet more beers in her belly, a somewhat bleary-eyed young rocker is trying to make her way to the rooftop of Melissa's little green house. Some may recall how well her last roof-bound ascent went. Live and never, ever learn. Her attempt to scale the house's walls are impeded not just by her blood alcohol content, but by her hand alcohol content - she's carrying a beer. This is how necks get broken, and teenaged tragedies written. It's also how teen films end, when these feats are successful… but she may need a hand to achieve this latter.

The night, the night is still young! Or at least it's not old, so it must be young. Elaine herself is up in a tree, peering over to the window where Sable is swinging. "Don't leave me behind, I can get up there too, I swear. D'ya know how stars look from a roof? They're awesome. The stars… and the roofs." Indeed, either she, too, has had a little too much, or maybe Elaine's just drunk off the energy of the party and the people around her, but it seems she's still planning on getting up on that roof.

“You- You know Melissa’s gonna be right pissed if she sees this, right?” She waggles a finger in a wobbly manner at Elaine and Sable, her feet still planted firmly on the ground. Despite her fairly consistent speech, Quinn was far from sober herself – one of the perks of being Irish, one might joke. Having long ago retrieved her beloved Guinness from her scooter, one of which she now held in hand, she has hands over her eyes as if there was actually enough light to blind her as she watches Sable. A finger pointed at her, and a mischievous grin forms. “At least let m’ take the drink, dear.” She certainly didn’t disagree with Elaine’s sentiment, however, and it only takes a moment before she suddenly finds herself climbing as well, much to her own surprise.

"Y'think I don't fuckin' know that? Iiiii fuckin' know that!" Sable slurs. As to what she's talking about - the stars, Melissa's anger, the drink - is open to interpretation. Just assume she knows. Dammit. If only that height had lasted, and weren't illusory. That would make things a fair sight easier. Sable drops from the window, taking a swig of beer as she reconsiders her means of ascent. She lets out a snicker as she sees the two redheads attempting their own rooftop approach. Best of luck to them. Last one up is a rotten, drunken egg. Sable spots the roof gutter's drain pipe and immediately stumbles over to it. Gripping the white aluminium, she starts to climb again. This is more like it! The metal groans under her weight but, now thanks to her stature, it supports her as she rises, foot after laborious foot. The beer is shoved into one of her pants pockets. Give it up to Quinn? Fat chance. Irish bastard would probably down it in half a second. Wait, was that racist?

"I'm gonna freakin' make it up there. No one can tell me otherwise, aight?" Elaine peers around, suspiciously. After all, no one had better /dare/ to tell her she can't! She proceeds to climb higher into the tree, leaves rustling around her as she finds footholds on different branches. "Melissa won't mind if she doesn't know. We'll be up and down right quick, and as long as we don't make a mess we're okay." Rustlerustle. She's climbing higher.

“Pssh, where’s your worthless boyfriend when we need ‘im?” It’s said with a mirthful tone, not meant to be insulting. “Feckin’ men, never good f’ anything when you need ‘em!” Quinn laughs perhaps a bit too loud, but no lights come on from within so she’s probably fine. She’s right behind the other redhead, a view she doesn’t mind, but she’s not quite inebriated to voice. “An’ no lookin up m’ skirt, S-Sable!” Another cackle.

"I… that's… yer…" Sable stammers at Quinn's imperative, then, with renewed strength, "What there fer the eye t' see is fair game, y'here? Don't show what y' don't want seen, much less what I'd like t' see! Ain't no rule 'gainst lookin'." Meaning no rule in her particular mental book of rules (mental both as in her mind, and as in crazy). She's making good progress, and managed not to totally trash the gutter quite yet, though it'll show signs of her passage. Finally she gets an arm up onto the gutter proper, and thus gets a handful of grime. "Fuck!" she exclaims, almost letting go, then gripping on tight as she realizes what letting go would mean. She haaaaauls herself up and rolls over onto the roof shingles, gasping for breath. That last pull was killer. But from here… she can see some stars, those not drowned out by the city lights. "Geeeet the fuck up here, you two! I need m' entou-fucking-rage of lovely ladies," she growls up at the night sky, smiling as her eyes wander from bright point to bright point.

"It's not my fault 'e went home to bed!" Elaine protests. "But he sure as hell shoulda given us a lift to the roof first. All this bloody trouble." Meanwhile, she's making good progress up the tree and is nearing the top of it, carefully selecting branches that reach out close towards the roof. "I'm almost there. Easy as pie." She proceeds to select a branch that now reaches towards the rooftop, crawling along it carefully, arms and legs wrapped around the larger branch. "Shoulda.. done this as a kid.. mighta been better at it." Of course, the branch thins out, so the redhead makes an attempt from going from the crawling to stand up so she can reach right over to the roof and pull herself up. Shouldn't be /too/ hard.

Quinn’s climbing is the least graceful of the bunch. While she never quite manages to fall, but her climb is riddled with near slips, flailing, and a lot of holding on as tight as she can – sandals and a skirt were far from the optimal dress for such an occasion, and it was probably a smart move that she didn’t have her phone and headphones for once, otherwise she’d have likely wrapped them around something and choked herself by now. But now, she’s perched, wobbly and drunk at the base of a limb, waiting for Elaine, and her eyes are closed to prevent any accidental vertigo as she waits. “If slowbie ‘ere can get… a move on, I’ll be right the fuck up!” She reaches out and attempts to poke the other girl, and hits something, but with eyes closed and senses dulled she’s not exactly sure what.

Sable slowly pulls herself upright, and gets a look at the progress of her compatriots. She doesn't stand - she's not drunk enough not to realize how drunk she is - so instead she crawls on hands and knees over to the tree, drawing closer and closer until she can reach down and try and lend Elaine a hand. Her helpfulness is limited by her regular bursts of giggles, causing her to clutch her stomach. "Aw hell, you two look a sight, y'know that? I don't even know what t' feel. 'cept wantin' you both up here post-fuckin'-haste."

"Sod off, I'm tryin', I'm a /lady/ not meant for tree-climbing, meant for gentle escortin' up by gravity-wielding boys and the like!" Elaine mutters, though she nearly jumps at the poke from Quinn. "You got my ass! Hey!" The imbalance, though, is just enough to get her at the right angle to grab ahold of the roof, and she scrambles to pull herself onto it. "Look, see, 'm here and stuff! SEE?"

Direct hit! Something something about sinking a battleship, Quinn can’t form the complete thought as she giggles at the perilous situation Elaine temporarily finds herself in. “Right sorry about that,” she says between fits. But now that Elaine’s on the roof, she can’t really tarry any longer. “I’m’a gettin’ over as fast as I can Sable, I don’t exactly fancy straddlin’ a tree branch, ya’ know.” Slowly, she pulls herself up as best as she can and as she inches forward, she takes a decidedly different, and more dangerous approach than Elaine as she first crouches, and then springs forward, hoping to cover the gap between limb and roof.

Which, in what has to be an absolute fluke, she not only manages to do, but she manages to do without bowling anyone over. “T…Ta-da!” Arms out and grinning wide after she plants both feet, like she just performed a magic trick. That is, before both gravity and drunkenness kick in, and suddenly she finds herself tilting, falling with a thud to her knees. “Whew! Safe n’ sound! I think.”

Sable usually has remarkable reaction time. But her ability is currently no match for simple ethanol. She arrives moments too late, blearily crying out, "Iiii gotcha!" as she swings her arms clumsily around a safely landed Elaine. She blinks, realizing too late that she's too late. "Uhhh… glad y' made it," she says, grinning sheepishly and edging back.

"Some of us /like/ tree branches, you know." Elaine mumbles at Quinn's comment, but Sable causes her to burst into a fit of giggles. "It was a nice try. I bet you woulda got me if I hadn't already got myself, y'know?" She peers across the roof. "Right! Now we've got the best seats in the house, ladies!"

Flying back to Melissa's a few hours later, Magnes lands on the roof, still partially drunk himself. He's in rare form tonight, not wearing a shirt at all, just a pair of blue jeans and black sneakers, with his BC RIch Vortex Warlock Bass strapped around his neck, with a mini amp on the side of his waist. He suddenly starts playing a quick bass solo he's been practicing. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can… "Hey! Elaine, why aren't we home doing it right now? You're late!"

Plopping herself down on her butt, Quinn tilts her head and stares at Elaine for a moment. “Wha… what?” She seems just positively dumbfounded. Blinking, she turns her gaze upwards, scooting over towards the other two women. “Thank God it’s warm enough for this now, I’d hate to be tryin’ to do this a month ag-“ A sudden pause, and she turns looks at Elaine with a cocked eyebrow. “Hey now, wait a G’ddamn moment…” She reaches out and playfully pushes the other girl, laughing.

Sable stares at Magnes like she can't quite believe what she's seeing right now. And she can't. She can't believe it in the slightest. God knows how much she must have drank to be seeing this impossible thing that she's seeing. She's silent for a long, long time, and then scowls with overblown grimness. "What the fuuuuuck is this?" she says, "Did I f'rget to use the Dick-B-Gone t'day? You are utterly wastin' my flavor, boy."

Elaine is pushed and bursts into a fit of giggles. "C'mon, c'mon, am I right or am I right?" She sticks her tongue out at Quinn, then beholds all that is Magnes and his bass. She blinks. Then blinks again. How drunk /was/ she? Oh, right, he'd said something. "/Late/?" Elaine protests. "I can be as late as I damn well wish, because tonight, I'm hangin' out with the laaaadies! Ain't that right, ladies?!" Now she's sticking her tongue out at Magnes. "So whatcha think of that, huh?!"

Magnes stumbles from the roof, which would kill most people, but he just ends up twisting and straightening on his feet like a cat, then swings an arm for a bass riff. Tadaaaa. "Hey, you're like, my brother, I should be allowed to come!" he slurs to Sable, then drunkenly wobbles over to Elaine and wraps an arm around her waist. "I think you won't be saying that when I take you behind that tree."

Quinn doesn’t even have a chance to be speechless, she’s pretty much reduced to a nondescript mass of giggles as she fall backwards, cackling upon seeing Magnes. “Oh, you poor soddin’ bastard!” she proclaims, finding enough restraint not to pound on the roof as she laughs. Halfway composing herself, she pulls herself back to her knees, glances to Elaine and Sable. She snickers and holds up a hand, a glow emanating as light forms into a red stop sign shape in front of her. “Do… do not pass Go, Magnes. It’s Ladies Night!” She places a hand on each woman’s shoulder. After a moment, her expression dips, and her head swoops over to Sable. “He might be on t’ somethin’.” There is just the biggest grin on her face.

Sable gives Quinn a serious, pleading look. "Comon', we gotta make this a win f'r the home team," she says, emphatically, before taking Elaine firmly by the arm, crowding in protectively, and glaring defiance at Magnes, "She's with us, chum. Y'gotta mind y'r goddamn business. This is chick territory. We'll fuck you up. And in no way you'd care for, neither." She lifts her free hand to point at him. "Yer toned fuckin' chest ain't got no power here, boy!"

Elaine's jaw drops at Magnes, offering him a glare. "Magnes J. Varlane, I am a /lady/. And these here, are /ladies/. And this is fuckin' ladies night, aight?" She holds her head proudly and clings onto Sable's arm, gesturing with her free hand for Quinn to stay on their side. Ladies stick together. "Y'can't just swoop on in with your nekkid chest and your fancy instrument and act like I'll just go and do you behind a tree, just like that. I'm a /laaaady/. Y'know what that means? Huh?"

"Hey, you weren't being very lady-like last night when you wer—" Magnes' low alcohol tolerance suddenly hits him like a brick, and he falls back into the grass, bouncing up slightly so he's lightly floating about a foot above the ground. Now Quinn gets to see what happens when he loses consciousness; no gravity.

“Oh, shit.” Quinn scrambles to the edge of the roof, peering over. “Someone should… help him, right?” A beat. “I mean, besides me. I’m not out of my mind enough t’ climb back up here again.” She scoots back, and then giggles. “And by the way, J? Does… does it stand for Jerkarse?” Oh, if only he were awake. It’s pointless to jab at someone when they can’t feel it. Or hear it, as the case may be.

Sable leans ooover and stares at Magnes' prostrate, floating, unharmed form. And then she bursts into sniggers, rocking back and forth with Mirth, clinging to Elaine, and reaching out to thwack Quinn on the back - no one may escape her laughter! Tears start to well at the corners of her eyes, and she struggles to regain herself. She is druuunk.

"You're lucky you're out cold or I'd /knock/ you there. Wanker." Elaine glares down at Magnes' body, then… promptly starts laughing. Well, it was contagious. When she finally catches a breath, she shakes her head at Quinn. "No idea. But middle names are stupid, no one should have 'em, they get in the way and just bungle things up." Then she snickers and buries her face into Sable's shoulder, laughing.

After a few moments, it's as if Magnes has resurrected, suddenly opening his eyes and floating up to his feet like some boss who's just entered his second mode. "Elaine!" he calls out, turning to her and dropping to one knee. "I love you!" followed by a bass riff.

Quinn leans back, blinking. “Hey, wait a tick, my middle initial is J! An’ I love my middle name, thank ‘ya very much!” She sits up, and indignant look on her face. “But no, I don’ think Robyn J. Quinn has a very good ring to it, no it doesn’t.” As Magnes remerges into view, its Quinn’s turn to start snickering, turning into full on laughter as he makes his proclamation. “Sod off, Magnes!” She teases, scooting up over to the other two girls. “It’s not like we’re gonna convert your girlfriend or anythin’!” She blinks, and looks past Elaine to Sable, smiling. “Are we?” She laughs, and of course she’s joking.

Sable tilts her head, ever so curious as Ms. Robyn J. Quinn relates her full name. She cracks a grin. She's not the only person to have sported her last name as her first. And not the only with a bird first name they don't seem to care for. In her drunken state, this feels portentous (though, honestly, she'd think like that sober). "Y' use yer last name, hon? Why not just give yerself a new name, make a clean fuckin' break?" She doesn't get to answer Quinn on the matter of the seriousness of a Sapphic conversion. Magnes has just declared his love. Sable gives him a ferocious look. "Y' really fuckin' mean it? This ain't no shit to be usin' as a tactic, boy! Is this fuckin' it? You willin' this t' be, or just fuckin' around?" This is a matter of utmost seriousness for her, it seems.

"Well, my middle name…" Elaine trails off, quickly shaking her head. "S'not important." She peers between the two. "Oh, c'mon. Not like I'd need much convertin'. You're both pretty cute." Then there's a pause. "What the fuck did he just say?" She stands straight up. "What. Did. You. Just. Say?!"

Magnes starts playing a slow bard-type melody, except in bass, then yells again, "I love you more than Abby, Claire, Batman, Superman, Starfire, Superman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and all the Green Lanterns combined!" he sounds downright serious, despite his drunkeness. "I've been wanting to say it, but I've been too afraid! I love you!"

"Stephanie Brown Batgirl!"

And now things have taken a turn Quinn didn’t expect, and even as everyone else seems to suddenly get a bit more serious, she’s still laughing just a bit, letting it slowly peter off and work itself out of her system. A sharp exhalation and she’s shifting so she can sit cross legged beside Elaine. She has an answer for Sable, but what seems to be going on now trumps her idle conversation – she’s nt drunk enough to not notice and acknowledge the shift in tone.

“Aaaah… well, that’s a right bit sweet. I guess.” She didn’t really recognize most of the people list, even though one of them shared part of her name. And wait, weren’t some of them men? That caused her to giggle again.

Sable rises with Elaine, keeping ahold of her until Magnes is done explaining himself, making himself clear. That yellow gaze is penetrating. She glares at Magnes with an intensity that is downright uncomfortable. But in the end, she gives a nod. But she doesn't not relinquish Elaine yet. She turns to the girl, and plants a kiss on her cheek. It's more than a peck, uninhibited by alcohol as she is, but it's not sloppy. "Always remember, hon. There's a place f'r y' with us. You've always got that." And then she lets Elaine go, stepping back, "Go to him, if y' think he's worth the goddamn trouble." With Elaine's attention occupied, she flashes Magnes a big thumb's up - not that he'll be looking at her for an instant.

Peering off the rooftop at Magnes, Elaine is a lot more focused on what she's doing. "All of them?" She gives a nod after a moment, of approval. "Well, if that's how it is, then I have to tell you my middle name. It's Adie, and I don't tell /anyone/ my middle name because my mum used to call me that and it was a nickname that people who cared about me used and so I didn't want anyone to use it unless they meant it. Y'don't have to call me it or anything, I just think you need to know because I love you too."

Magnes slides his bass behind his back, then leaps up to the roof and wraps both arms around her, looking down directly into her eyes, ignoring everyone else around them. "My middle name is Jay, I don't tell people because they don't ask." His explanation is much simpler, and he suddenly leans in to dip kiss her for at //least/ a minute.

“Jay? Boring!” Quinn gives a dismissive wave of her hand, even blowing a raspberry as she does. “Janestine, now that’s a right interestin’ middle name.” She grows silent, however, as Magnes pulls Elaine in for the kiss, a genuine smile spreading across her face. Sighing, she leans back on her hands. A quick glance at Sable, and then a shake of her head. “Now, you two, don’ make a show of it. …Or maybe do. I can’ decide.” She snickers, nudging Sable with her elbow, and then slidin’ over. “So much for Ladies Night, eh?”

Sable slips an arm about Quinn's waist, and scoots over, bumping hips against her as she does. "Ah, well. That'll happen. It's a pain in the fuckin' ass, but love always fuckin' conquers all."

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