I'm Always Careful


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Scene Title I'm Always Careful
Synopsis There's warnings and assurances, and promises for an ass kicking.
Date April 6, 2011

Perry's Apartment

The meeting had wrapped up shortly after developments had been revealed. Developments that weren't exactly pertaining to the events the members of Messiah were planning. But after it had been decided that Griffin and Nadira needed to discuss things, Perry, Melissa, and Devon had said quick goodbyes and filed out.

On returning home, Perry had taken off. One could guess to further define the plans to take goods from an armored vehicle. Which left Devon and Melissa to their own devices. The teenager had checked his firearm at the door, habitually clearing the chamber and removing the magazine. The gun was once more tucked away on his person while the rounds were placed inside a pocket.

After securities were made, Devon proceeded further inside, only to camp out a spot on the couch. The hide-a-bed had been folded away far earlier that morning, as it was every morning. He might not be allowed to sleep on the floor, but he can make amends and efforts to keep space available for the others living here.

Junie was picked up on the way home, making it a trio instead of a duo. When they get into the apartment and Junie is settled in for sleep, Melissa joins Devon on the couch with a sigh. "I can't believe she's pregnant, and engaged, to a guy who's wanted by I don't know how many people."

"I can't believe she'd want to risk that because she can pick locks," Devon adds with a shake of his head. He drags a hand through his hair then scrubs at his face. "Even if everything goes as planned, there's always an unknown variable. Just way too much risk for her to take." Any other time he might agree to Nadira's right to choose what she does, but this time… "It's like if you wanted to bring Junie out there."

The young man gives himself a shake and folds his arms across his chest. "Nothing I can do about that. But I do have something to talk to you about." Without turning his head, Devon's eyes flick over to Melissa. "Kind of along the same lines as helping Trevor, but with a twist."

Brows lift and Melissa gives him her full attention. "Oh yeah? Got someone else in mind?" she asks, turning slightly so she's facing him more directly. The Nadira issue is, apparently, shelved for now.

"I don't know. He doesn't… seem the type." Not that Devon entirely might either, unless one knows him well enough. "He's playing for the right team but…" A shrug supplements where words fail. His eyes go to the wall directly across from him, studying it while he gathers his thoughts. "He's kind of become a friend. And… he came to me troubled about something. Turned out to be a trap. Basically, I offered my help to him."

"Doesn't seem the type for what? Messiah?" Melissa asks, brow furrowing, gaze curious. "But start at the beginning, just tell me what's up and definitely explain this trap."

"Yeah," Devon replies to the first question. "Not that I'd brought it up. No one knows about Messiah, who shouldn't know, from me. All he knows is I offered to help." He pauses, looking at Melissa, then starts again. "I got a friend. He's had run ins with Humanis First before and we started talking about… that sort of thing. Anyway, we got to talking a few days ago and some people he's friends with, people I also know but am not connected to the way he is, got caught in a trap with the government. I haven't asked for details specifically, but I know enough of what's going on, and I offered to help him."

"So his friends are in government custody, and you want him to be in Messiah? That's the gist of it? Or does he need a place like Trevor did?" Melissa asks, rising and moving to the kitchen to grab a soda from the fridge, snagging one for him to before moving back to the couch and sitting down.

"If they're in custody, it hasn't been reported yet." Devon rubs the back of his neck, turning to watch Melissa. "I don't know that he'd agree to Messiah if I even asked him. We've just… played basketball together. Talked about the rougher side of life. He doesn't know about Messiah that I'm aware of, and definitely doesn't know I'm part of it. I've been helping him more like.. your helping Trevor. He's staying with someone right now, trying to stay under the radar."

Suddenly Melissa smiles. "Devon, just say what it is you want me to do. You should knwo by now that I'm not going to laugh in your face or tell you to fuck off or anything like that."

"I know," Devon replies, sounding just a little sheepish. "I… don't know what I want you to do. I… thought you should know about it, though. With the government doing it's thing. I wasn't going to involve Messiah in anything unless you and Perry told me to. But…" He shrugs and looks up at her. "He's one of just a few people who actually seem to get it. And he's a friend."

"Well, let's start with this. What's his name? Maybe he's someone we know, and we can clear him or cross him off the Messiah list right away, save everyone time there," Melissa suggests, offering the soda over to him. "And if there's something I can do to help, not Messiah, but me, I'll do it."

Devon takes the soda and manages a small grin. "Graeme Cormac. He's a teacher, from New Mexico." He taps the top of the can a couple of times before cracking it open. But instead of drinking right away, he looks up at Mel again. "I got a prepaid phone, in case he needed to contact me again. And last I saw him was the other day, he'd asked for some spare clothes."

Melissa thinks for a moment before she shakes her head. "The name doesn't ring a bell. I don't think I know any teachers anyway. You said he's staying with someone, so he's safe? What was the trap his friends got caught in? They Ferry? Or independants?"

"Ferry," Devon says quietly, a small frown showing briefly. He takes a drink from his can to cover the pause that follows. "That prison transport a few days ago, that's what the trap was. He wasn't there, but he's close friends with some people who're involved. Including the former FRONTLINE director."

Melissa's brow furrows. "That's not ringing a bell. The FRONTLINE director does though. I heard she got busted. Normally I'm wary of being friends with FRONTLINE at all. JJ's an exception because he was trapped with us and did help us."

"Yeah, JJ's…" Devon shrugs. "He gets it too. We've never talked about it, but I just get that impression from him." He looks down the can of soda in his hands, considering. "Maybe that director gets it too, which is why she threw her career out the window."

"Who knows. Maybe. But there are enough of the government employees who honestly believe they're doing the right thing, that one or two is hard to make a difference with," Melissa says, sighing softly. "I mean, hell, just look at me. My uncle took me in for minor charges, because he believes, absolutely and completely, that it was right. That Registration is right. That imprisonment of those who don't Register is right."

Devon lets out a breath, almost like a sigh, slow and even. "Yeah, I know. There's still some good in there, though. One stone might not build a bridge, but when tossed into the water its ripples reach far and wide. I'm not ready to count them out yet, and I told Graeme I'd help his friends too, if they needed it."

"Preaching to the choir. I said hard, not impossible," Melissa says with a smile. "Just…be careful when dealing with the Ferry, alright? Most of them are decent people, I consider some of them friends, but there are a few who would sell out their own child to support the cause, even if that child was innocent and helpless."

Devon takes his turn to smile this time, dipping his head in a nod. "I'm always careful," he says assuringly. "Slow to trust and always carrying a back up. And I'll check with you or Perry before I get in too deep."

"Good, thank you." Melissa draws in a deep breath. "I've had too many friends get hurt or killed. I even saw Kendall die once. It didn't take, but it was a horrible feeling. And I care about you like I care about him. You get yourself killed and I'll find some way to bring you back and kick your ass."

"If I get killed, I'll come back as a zombie just so you can kick my ass." Devon grins, then sobers a little. "I promise, I'll be careful. I've made sure I haven't said too much and made sure I don't know more than necessary." Mostly to keep everyone else safe, but it extends to himself as well.

"I trust you, Devon. You wouldn't be here with us if I didn't. If we didn't," Melissa assures him with another smile. "You know how seriously I take Junie's safety. If there was even a chance that you weren't trustworthy, you wouldn't have this address, much less a key."

A shadow of a grin remains, and Devon nods again. Accepting him into their family wasn't an act lost on him, and possibly why he takes pains to assure them of his own thoughts and actions. "I won't ever willingly put you guys in jeopardy."

Melissa grins and leans over, arm sliding around him, giving him a squeeze. "I know. We all know. Even Junie. Think she takes to just everyone? Earlier I swear she was trying to say your name, but the 'V' is sorta hard for her."

Devon shrugs slightly, grin coming about again. "I don't know, she's a good judge of character. Seemed kind of quiet around Trevor. But so'm I. Bad influence or —She's trying to say my name?"

"Exactly, good judge of character and she adores you," Melissa says, grinning. "And she was tired around Trevor, and curious. And yeah, it's sort of a De-un sound."

That seems to amuse the teenager, giving him a cat ate the canary look. Smugly proud. "Good job for her. She'll get it eventually." He stretches a little, then looks over at Melissa with a smile.

"Of course she will. You're one of her favorite people. But I'm gonna leave you to ponder that while I go shower and pass out," Melissa says, giving him another squeeze before she rises to her feet.

"Sounds like a plan." Devon returns the hug before settling back on the couch. A glance is given to the opened seat beside him, considering pulling out the bed tonight or crashing on the floor. He'll probably pull it out. Later. For now, he sinks back to ponder.

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