I'm Just Waiting


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Scene Title I'm Just Waiting
Synopsis Kaylee goes into Abby's head in search of a dream and finds the woman there waiting for her husband .
Date April 04, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Infirmary and Abby's Mind

There is coughing and others types of sounds of misery has Kaylee Thatcher feeling rather uncomfortable as she moves through the infirmary. She glances at some of the others in there as she moves deeper and deeper, looking for a certain individual.

Her hair is pulled up on the back of her head in a loose bun, with a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. Rather plain and practical. Not to mention comfortable. She'll need it.

It's hard for her to see Abby in such a state, lips pressed tight as he fights a sudden lump in her throat. It takes her a moment to find a chair and drag it over by the other woman's side. Settling in Kaylee watched the fire mimics steady and slow breathing for a long moment. "Well, Abby," she starts softly, "I hope you won't be too mad about what I'm going to do… but I'm banking on forgiveness."

Fingers reach out to touch a forehead hot with fever, brushing damp strands back. "Knowing you, you'll understand." A small smile touches her lips before she presses her palm on the smaller woman's forehead, letting her own eyes drift shut. Face going slack as she focuses internally, letting her ability reach out for the other woman's mind, sinking into it. Seeking.

Abigail is a sorry sight. short dark hair plastered to her skin, flush with fever, looking just a shake too much into skinny. Blue eyes closed behind her lids and no objection murmured or even absolution given. But Kaylee has the right of it. The former healer has never really had an issue or a problem with telepaths. She welcomes them with open arms.

And it's easy enough to delve into the mind of the ill woman, no resistance at all, in the search for that dream cum memory that Megan thinks Abby had that might be relevant. It's hovering, not far from present day within her mind, so recent before her descent into wherever it is that a persons mind goes when it's comatose.

There is darkness around Kaylee, except for long strips of film that stretch out every which way, emerging and then disappearing into the inkiness. Every strip is a length of memory. They way the stretch out around her… it reminds her of the string map in Hiro's hideout, but all of this is just one person.

The telepath is looking for a single moment. Something like a memory, but born of dreams. As she searches something glimmers out of the corner of her eye. Curiosity catches in her own mind and it has to looking that way, focusing. Reaching…. pulling that closer as she falls into the very depths of Abby's comatose mind.

When Kaylee brings the picture into focus she blinks at where she finds herself.

The corinthian, one can assume it's the corinthian. It's a grandiose ballroom of some sort, milling about with people in fancy dress, strings playing, the tune wafting over the room and never too loud to interrupt, to drown out people. People rustle and bump though, a little too many individuals packed into the room except for a few pockets.

One of those pockets is a blonde, a simple white sundress, peasant in style that falls to the floor and covers most of her bare feet. Thin straps over creamy shoulders, blonde hair that falls in waves is Abigail. Staring off across the room, arms at her sides, hands lax and eyes half lidded. It could be a memory, it could be something else, who knows, but it's not what Kaylee came through here looking for.

Jostled about a bit, Kaylee looks a touch overwhelmed. Here at least all these people don't hum in her head, overwhelming her senses. So the annoyance is only the way it's packed, forcing her to push her way deeper into the crowd. At least until she stumbles through into the pocket, where Abby stands.

Taking a moment to compose herself, Kaylee studies the other blonde.

"Abby?" Kaylee tilts her head a little, eyes narrowing as her ability reaches out to confirm what a part of her already knows. This wasn't a memory of the woman.

Things take a little longer to get her attention here. Maybe it's because she's alone here, maybe it's because she wasn't expecting anyone from this gala in her head to actually speak to her. So it's a minute, perhaps two before there's a graceful turn of her head, hair rustling softly as she looks over to the other blonde who's intruded into, has tread into her coma.

She doesn't talk to Kaylee, confirm that it's her. just tilts her head a fraction to the left, looking over the telepath as she seems to have a corporeal presences in this place. This not a dream but not a memory. Lips closed, not a twitch, she blinks then looks back across the room, rooted in spot, watching.

Kaylee gives a soft huff, lips pressing together. A glance goes behind her to the press of people, where she came from. She had been there for a purpose. To find that dream. Yet, she let herself be distracted.

Still, curiosity won't let her leave. Not yet. Not til it's sated.

She once spent time in the mind of another comatose woman. In that mind, Angela had been focused on a sickly child laying in bed. In fact, it was Nathan Petrelli. So Kaylee, moves up alongside Abigail, curious. Leaning closer to the other blonde, she sights down the direction she's looking. To see what has the other woman's attention so completely.

Across the room, when poeple don't surge in only to thin back out, there's a table.

Long, a banquet tables, covered with a tablecloth rich in texture and in keeping - it seems - with the decadence around them. Only Abigail doesn't quite seem to fit. At least until Kaylee sees the table.

Familiar faces line it, conversing with one another, or just sitting there, looking out. Those familiar with the last supper would find familiarity in it's layout, and those who would wish to delver deeper into Abby's psyche would even be able to surmise their meaning to Abby by the placement of individuals. But then maybe Abby's just placed them willy nilly. Likely not for all.

Eileen is there, diminutive in stature as she talks with teo, always graceful with her movement, in the spot where the Magdalene would be. So fragile next to Deckard in his gauntness, staring back at Abigail with eyes that faintly luminesce in the light. Judas, would have occupied that spot. Bella might have a few choice observations about such.

And they're mostly individuals that Kaylee is familiar with. Francois is there, at the end of the table, hair short and kempt, people looking how Abby thought that they looked their best. Joseph is there, arguing with Peter, Elisabeth, the table populated with Ferrymen and those important to her. Even Logan is there, skulking around the end.

But the center is empty, devoid of someone and it's painfully obvious.

"I'm waiting for Robert"

"Robert?" Kaylee knows who she's talking about. "Your husband." She murmurs as she looks over the tables occupants, brows lifting a bit. Peter and Joseph's arguing gets an amused look, though her gaze lingers longer over the older of the two.

It's a realization that has Kaylee turning to the woman standing next to her. Abby was holding on to see her husband. It makes her heart twist painfully with sympathy. "I'm… I'm not sure we can get Robert to you… I…" She trails off, brows furrowing a little in thought. "You're in a coma, Abby. On the island." She reaches out to touch an arm. "You got so sick…" Still am really, if the scenery says anything.

"The flu"

Abigail looks down at Kaylee's hand when it presses to her own arm, kaylee can feel the fever heat even in here. Some thing translate, permeate from the real world to here. "I can hear, sometimes. Prayers." She's so drowsy looking, studying the people who argue and talk at the table. Eileen, the little red bird on her shoulder, fingers barely grazing the table.

"You came looking for me?" No accusation in the tone, no admonishing coming from her. To Abigail, it's logical. "I'm too tired Kaylee. I just want to wait for Robert, he'll come at some point and we can go"

"Yeah, we're all worried about you and missing you." Kaylee's words ring true, her hand stays where it is, ignoring the heat of her skin. "Joseph and I are praying for you often, things are not the same without you around, girl." She gives the blonde a small smile.

The table gets a glance, that empty chair. "I came looking for you… you and your dreams." Kaylee feels almost guilty for it. She didn't really mean to be here disturbing Abby. "I heard you had another." There is a sheepishness to it. "I'm collecting those dreams… going to try and find out why people are having them."

Lips press together as she turns thoughtful, "I know your tired Abby, but you can't sleep yet. Robert needs you, Joseph… me… all of us need you." Kaylee lets her hand slide off the woman's arm. "If…If you can keep awake and wait… fight the urge to give in. I will find a way to take Robert a message."

"He won't take it from you. Anyone who comes to him, he turns them away, he's afraid" She turns in spot, the lacey hems swirling in spot, focusing on Kaylee now, music dimming a fraction, people thinning in population. "Katya. You should be able to find it right? It should be around here in my head, shouldn't be that hard to find" No comment about not sleeping yet, the encouragement to not give in. She's still here, that's something.

"I can." Kaylee nods her head slowly in affirmation. "It won't take me long. I was looking when your subconscious caught my attention." She goes silent for a moment. There is the ghosting of filmstrips behind her, one can almost hear that familiar clicking sound of an old film projector as well.

"I'm worried about leaving you." The telepath says it even as she can already feel the building pressure of pain, focused in the center of her forehead. She'll have a hell of a headache for it. She sighs softly, giving Abby a worried look. "Not that I'll be able to stay."

"If he calls me to his side Kaylee, there ain't nothing you can do. Joseph would tell you that and I'm sure that Megan and Francois are doing all they can for me" Which is to say, there's very little that they can do. She turns, looking at that film strip, turning again in spot, tilting her head as if she can see Kaylee filtering through. And she can, she could let the woman keep exherting herself, but doesn't.

It ghosts up to the front, the flimstrip jumping to the appropriate place in her memory, watching it play out.

"She's a friend. A good friend. I think… I think she marries… Logan. It feels like it's Logan. I don't know how to describe it. In as much as i just knew that little girl was Josephs"

People are picking up around them, the music returning to it's previous level, abigail swaying to it slightly. Humming.

Eyes slide shut as she takes it in, the strip sliding over her hands as she does. When it comes to an end, Kaylee's eyes snap open. "She does." She focuses on Abby, as she says, "I had a dream with her in it. Older… I was about fifty and council. I went to Logan, with Flint and Gillian, to negotiate medication. She was there." An image of an old Tania stand near them, ghostly to them both.

"They had two children…" Kaylee's eyes unfocus for a moment as the image of an older Tania fades. "He uses his ability on them," she adds in disgust, remembering Deckard's words echoing in his head, there for her to hear. "We can't let her marry Logan…" There is a touch of determination there.

More dreams. Twice for Abby, more for others. "You should go" She murmurs, slipping her attention back to the table at the other end. "You can't stay, but you know where to find me. Tell them to hang on. Tell them I'm coming home, I just need some… rest. I don't think the lord's quite ready for me. There's a spot still left at the table. I'm just waiting for Robert"

Kaylee glances at the empty spot at the table, a hand pressing to her chest as the stir of emotions that Abby's words bring. She glances at the pastor sitting at the table and knows how she'd feel.

"Alright." The telepath takes a step back from Abby, letting her ability loosen around the woman's mind. "Stay strong, Abby. For all of us." Kaylee's slowly sliding from the other woman's mind, the pain growing more intense as she pulls further out.

Teeth grit as Kaylee comes aware in her own head again. Fingers move to press at her temples as if it could help the pain. Slowly, she forces her eyes open and focuses on the woman in the bed again. Her vision blurs a little at the thought of friend standing on that dance floor alone in a sea of bodies.

I'm just waiting for Robert.

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