I'm Not Bicurious


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Scene Title I'm Not Bicurious
Synopsis Brian may not be bicurious, but he kissed a dude.
Date January 3, 2010

The Garden

It's early…

Sproing sproing sproing

It's real early. The sun has yet to rise.

Sproing sproing

Samara will wake up to unfortunate conditions. Not too unfortunate, but just unfortunate enough to be mildly bothersome. The first point being that she will find an open palm resting directly on her face. Brian's palm to be exact. With his chest and face buried into his extra pillows his arm rests on Samara's chest, his hand laying comfortably on her face. He is facing her, eyes shut and mouth slightly open. A small piece of drool dripping down from his lower lip to the pillow.

Sproing sproing sproing

The other unfortunate condition being that there is a persistent annoying noise coming from outside. It sounds a lot like… bouncing. The act of someone bouncing.. Right outside.

It isn't the palm that disturbs sleeping beauty, in fact its presence had been established some time ago, but that noise. That very odd, sproingy noise, has her twitching and then, "Ehn." It's somewhere between a groan and a yawn as she rolls out from under the hand… and onto the floor, except not.

There's a rather loud THUD as she hits the floor one floor below although she lands with a slight groan and roll like the dancer she is with muscle memory taking over. There's a slightly louder groan, "Ugggh." Her hazel eyes tighten slightly as she curls into a little ball momentarily. After a few beats and more of the bouncing noise nearly above her head, she peels herself from the floor. It's only now that she realizes, she's still wearing her night shirt, which almost makes her forget that little aching pain down her leg (which will likely have a nasty bruise tomorrow).

With a deep breath, and a slightly shaky way about her, she slides up an adjacent wall, and hobbles back to the stairs to inspect this bouncing noise, and, hopefully head to bed again.

"Ss.." Brian's hand searches the pillow in vain in attempt to find Samara's face. Which suggests he was vaguely aware that his hand had made its home on her front head. "Sam?" He asks quietly, no one answers and so.. He goes back to sleep. Eyes had fluttered open momentarily, but close back up as he nestles his head back into his pillow comfortably.

sproing sproing spro—

And then there's a clatter, and a thump against the wall. Outside, Brian is gathering himself, pushing up to his feet. Looking up at Samara through the window, the young awake copy is quickly making his way in. "Sam?" Brian asks as he penetrates into the dark. In his hands he holds a… Pogo stick. A big red one. Finally adjusting to the indoor darkness, Brian frowns lightly. "Sam? You okay? You?" He glances up at the ceiling then back at her.

"You're not naked." He's shocked.

The sound of her name draws Sami away from the task at hand and she turns, quicker than she ought causing another dull ache from her side, to face its source. Like Brian, she glances up at the ceiling and then back at him, "I fell out of bed." Like that explains everything.

Her eyes narrow at the pogo stick, "What are you doing with that? Just like… jumping around? Randomly? Or is there a reason for it?" Finally she addresses the last with a broadened grin as she tugs on the grey nightshirt, displaying it in a way, pretending like she doesn't understand the meaning of the statement, "I do wear clothes sometimes."

"I found it. Just out there." He sounds kind of proud of himself. Or extremely proud of himself. "Like. Perfect condition. And I just found it. Isn't that crazy? And. I'm really not tired. I was coming to like make breakfast and stuff because." He points upstairs, presumably to his body up there. "Kind of sleepy still. Figured we'd let the poor guy sleep. All tuckered out."

He sets the pogo stick against the wall. "Isn't that crazy though? Someone just left a pogo stick out on the street. It's just.. crazy." Anyways. Wasn't there something else going on..

Oh yeah. "Not after you go through shit. And you fell.. out of bed." He looks up again. "How. How'd you do it? You can phase without becoming naked!" He says excitedly, dancing over to her. Swinging his arms around her happily.

"That's… random," Sam tilts her head as she eyes the pogo stick, "Aren't like people not supposed to take random stuff they find… or does that just apply to things that look like candy… " She hmmmms quietly to herself, "And maybe that's only for kids, I don't really think I've ever found anything as an adult. I mean that I could pick up. Other than Evil King Bob, which Koshka got before I could even like warn her that maybe the beast was vile or vicious or something— " which kittens are known to be, clearly.

Her arms easily snake around him whens he finds herself in his embrace, but she's not quite as enthusiastic thanks to the ridiculously early morning and her fall out of bed. Her eyes flick up to the ceiling and then back to Brian. "That was kind of a long fall out of bed…" she cringes a little. At least she's young. Her body can take a lot of abuse.

Her nose wrinkles as her smile turns lopsided, "I didn't really mean to phase at all, I was just trying to get your— " and then with an arch of her eyebrow she wrinkles her nose— "his(?) hand off my face. And I didn't want to wake him either so I rolled out from under it and off the bed and to the ground. I wasn't trying— "

"Don't say him. That's weird. It's me. It's all me." Brian explains rather quickly. "If it was a him.. that would mean I was sharing you with him and that's… real weird. So it's me. I think the same, everything the same. Except I happen to be sleeping and awake right now." With that out of the way, his knees bend slightly as he leans to inspect her.

"You okay baby? You need to stop hurting yourself." The admonishment is light and joking, though when his eyes go to her shirt his brows knit some. "That mine?" His chin jutting up. "Listen.. you can't be rolling around on the ground if you're going to wear my clothes. Control yourself." Straightening back up he goes to try and pick her up by her waist.

"Listen. Why don't you want my hand on your face." He leans in with an accusatory look on his face, leaning in towards her lips. "Do you not love me anymore, don't want my hand on your face. So you sleeping with my best friend too?" Which would be… Hm. He needs to get a man best friend.

"Right. All you," Sam repeats quietly with a small smile that extends at the admonishment. "I'm sorry to say this, buuuuuut I am a little clumsy." Her cheeks redden slightly as her shoulders quirk upwards. "I was born that way, I just thought I'd outgrown it when I went all invisible." Evidently not. "I mean, I spent four years with not so much as a bruise!"

Her chin drops as she inspects the shirt, eyes narrowing slightly. A slightly mischievous grin spreads over her lips, "Do you want it back? I could take it off if you're all that concerned about it— although I really like it— " She takes a deep inhale before quipping, "It smells like you."

Her lips purse as her cheeks suck into a fish face at the last. The lean towards her lips, even with the accusation has her eyes closing involuntarily, a chain reaction of sorts. She forces them open, however at the words, twisting her mouth to the side, she taps her chin, "Wellllllll— if I'm the Tramp," which was already established, "and I haven't left yet— " she pauses, " then either the best friend who I've never met is really cute ooooooor— " Her smile broadens now as her hands clasp around his neck, "I have a crazy, mad, quirky, deepening love for you." Slowly she leans forward and places a single kiss at the base of his jaw. And then another towards the end of his neck.

Smirking, Brian leans in some. "You are a little clumsy. That's okay. I'm pretty smooth, so we balance each other out." Leaning in his hands go to rest on her waist gently. Eyes going down the shirt. "Maybe you should take it off. I really do like this shirt." He smiles. He tugs at the shirt lightly, grinning broadly.

He leans forward as she starts to come forward. Pausing so when she does, his lips hang open with a slight hint of irritation. "I don't think I have a best friend. Is that sad?" If he had to choose a male that he was the closest to it would be.. Either Doyle or Cardinal… Yuck. His concern for his lack of male friends has him distracted, so when the lips go to his neck he looks back at her shocked. "Oh. I love you too." He laughs a little bit. "Did you just give a lovey speech while I was thinking about men?" Speaking of men. Leaning forward, his lips go to brush hers. Before going in deeper but, "I made out with a guy."


The initial kiss has Sam dreamily closing her eyes, but the comment, when it registers has the opposite effect. A single, rather staggered, step back has her arching both of her eyebrows high upon her forehead while a single hand is held out in a stop motion. "Like… on purpose?" There's a tilt of her head while her eyes narrow substantially at the commend. "Was it your best friend? I think it's okay to be bicurious… Because there was this one time in junior high and like Rue has been a l— " wait. No. Focus.

Her lips press together. "So. Why did you make out with him… exactly?"

He frowns lightly. He didn't want to stop the makeouts. He just had something to say. "Yes on purpose." Brian says with a little irritation in his voice. "No he wasn't my best friend." Brian explains quietly, his features distorting some at the Rue comment. "No I'm not. I'm not bicurious. I'm straight. And I love you. I just happened to kiss a guy so I could punch him in the face with his gun and kidnap him and take him to his apartment."

He leans in to kiss her softly. "That might sound bad."

The lean likely has the desired effect with the subject dropped in lieu of the a soft kiss, albeit more momentarily than Brian likely hopes. In fact, the kiss lasts a moment before the auburn haired woman takes another step back, she's not dropping this one that easily. Sam wrinkles her nose as she holds out her hand again, "Wh-whyyyyy? Like… at the apartment… what…" She can't even formulate the question, instead quizzically tilting her head again, trying to wrap her head around the circumstances surrounding said-kiss. "When?"

A pbbt sound is made when Samara pulls back again. Looking at her, his features deflate some. "Heeey~. Take off your shirt. Remember we were kissing.. and on our way to sexy times." Brian brings his hand up to tug at her sleeve gently. "We were probably going to do it." He whines before, looking at her he returns his focuse to the questioning. "Uhh.. like couple nights ago?" He gives a light shrug. "He.. well. It was weird. I've been tracking these group of friends who are suspicious as fuck. I have no idea what they're up to. This one happened to walk up on me.."

"So he started trying to intimidate me, by acting.. gay? Cause he thought he could throw me? But I'm a fucking actor. And so I didn't back down, and then he came in real close and started kissing me. And so I made out with him a little while I stole his gun and knocked him out." There. The Whole Truth.

Samara's eyebrows tick up while her features become dead serious. Her words, however… "Did he look like Brad Pitt?" After the question is out, her lopsided smile returns. With a slight shake of her head, the smile fades slightly, while she hones, "Why are they suspicious and who are they anyways? Like… where do you know them from at all?" Her nose wrinkles again, "Are they just like… randoms? Or do you know them from somewhere?"

The tug on her sleeve isn't wholly unnoticed, although there's a skeptical arch of her eyebrow, "So you kissed a guy… are there copies of you off kissing other girls too?"

"No he looked like a short little stinky butt turd with dreads." Brian murmurs, matching her dead serious gaze. "Remember Nora? From the island? She was at the gala I told you about. She knew about the bomb. She has a friend who works at HomeSec. They seem to know a lot, but they're very evasive. There's also a girl who works at Redbird now that's linked up to them, and apparently she has a friend who can tell the future. I'm sure they have other friends.. Well I know they have other friends.. They seem to be scattered around people I know. For reasons I don't know."

Brian's features give her a 'really' look. "You're the only girl I'm kissing, fool. And if I did kiss another girl for whatever reason.. I would tell you because it would be meaningless. Because… guess why?"

"Weird. Like just random stuff…? I thought the bomb was like super secret for Humanis First and all… or— is it like about other things? What if they're connected to HF? I mean, how else could they know? Unless her friend that tells the future— " Sam actually raises a hand to her forehead, "I'm so glad I can't tell the future. Never knowing if I'd caused something just because I'd seen it and what makes the future the future anyways? Like it hurts my brain to think about— " She whistles quietly, "How many of them are there?"

The 'really' look has Sami blushing slightly, likely already knowing the answer, but she manages to keep her face relatively neutral, finally asking, quietly, "Why?"

"I don't think they're Humanis First.. They were trying to stop the bomb.. But they seem to know things. Calvin.. the one I kissed tried to kill me. Before he kissed me. The night of the gala he telekinetically took the breaks off my van. Which I'm still fighting in my head over whether or not that is an attempt to kill me." He stops talking for a minute, looking down at the shirt again.

"There's just something wrong with them okay.. Maybe if you could phase again.. With your clothes on. You could help us find something." He leans in some, going to grab at the shirt again. "But maybe now we don't need the whole clothes thing… Because I'm deeply and madly quirky whatever.. I love you."

"Maybe I just need to think less," she whispers. Which might actually stand to reason. This time the lean draws Sami closer, leaving only a small space between them. Her hands tug at his shirt lightly while he grasps hers. There's a faint curl of lips as they lightly brush against his neck. "I love you too."

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