I Never Told You It Was Over


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Scene Title I Never Told You It Was Over
Synopsis A relationship, which never got a chance to begin after the havoc brought to it by the Institute, ends.
Date October 25, 2010

University Woods

When Elle calls Warren to meet, he's certainly not expecting it. He thought she'd be avoiding him. So mixed with a confusing blend of relief and guilt, he chooses the University Woods park to meet her in. This park is definitely a surreal part of New York right now, with various groups going home after taking kids around to teach them about gardening. It's an incredibly colorful park, and he's sitting on a wooden bench that has roots into the ground. It's something right out of a fairytale.

He's got his elbows resting on the back of the bench, relaxing in his black suit while he waits for the woman. He's not even sure what he'll say, or what she'll say.

Elle is still not looking like herself, still that willowy redhead with the angelic face. She wears a gray sweater dress, black leggings, and a pair of gray and black heels today, finally having a few articles of clothing that are hers, which should fit even better once she's back to being herself. She wears a thoughtful look on her face, as she slowly makes her way through the gardens.

Spotting Warren, she approaches him with a somewhat unreadable look on her face. A small wave is cast his way. "Warren." Elle fidgets.

"What's wrong?" Warren asks, patting the seat next to him as he watches her with clear concern, and more than a hint of uncertainty. "I thought you might want to meet somewhere… colorful. I hope you like it."

"I'm…really not sure, these days." Elle tilts her head to one side, before settling down in the booth to peer at Warren. "I can't quite stop thinking about you. At one point in my life, I cared about you enough to get a tattoo. Something that will never fade." She peers thoughtfully at Warren. "I know I shouldn't…but I keep wondering what it would be like. What you're like."

"I wonder too, but, I'm nothing special." Warren looks down over himself, moving a hand in to grab his tie. "I just need to outright say it. I didn't think you were coming back, I thought it was just over. And, well, I slept with another girl, one time. I wouldn't have if I knew we weren't over…"

And with that confession, Elle's face turns from a thoughtful one to a frown, the girl averting her dark green eyes from Warren's, down to the ground. Part of her really does want to get angry. He didn't wait for her. Yet at the same time, logic tells her that it is unreasonable to expect that much of him. Emotion wins out over logic, in this case. "I never told you it was over." This is said through gritted teeth.

"Wait!" Warren is quick to stop her, reaching over to gently rest a hand on her's. "This was before I saw you the other day, before you told me not to give up on you, when I thought I'd never see you again." he tries to explain, then sighs and hangs his head a bit. "I know it's no real excuse, but I honestly, truly, thought it was over. And even then, even when I didn't think I'd see you again, I still wanted to show that I'm a new person." He looks up at a tree, spotting the apples hanging down. "That's why I orchestrated this park."

Elle's teeth are gritted, even as Warren puts his hand on hers. The more she thinks about it, the more angry she feels. She kept trying to get him to wait, to not give up on her, even when she was hiding her identity from him. And he went and betrayed the hope she had. She's quiet for a good long moment, not answering him at first. The silence is almost painful.

Then, she turns her eyes toward him, frowning. "You didn't wait. I kept trying to tell you to hang on…I didn't come to see you because I'm like this." She gestures to herself. "I— I've really, really been trying to like you, Warren. Then this comes up, and…I'm not quite sure how to take it."

"I messed up, Elle. I don't expect you to forgive me. I told you, when I didn't know you were… you, that my relationships usually end tragically. Maybe me making this mistake…" Warren trails off, moving his hand back so he can lock his gloved fingers together. "Maybe it was some sort of sign. So much has already happened to you because of me, you lost more memories because of me, the things we consider most precious. You should leave, Elle, before you get hurt even worse. I'd rather you be happy without me, than happy for a while, until something horrible happens again."

Elle turns her eyes back to the ground, clasping her own hands together as she grits her teeth. Then, slowly, she raises to her feet, turning to peer quietly at Warren for a long moment. "Maybe you're right. I— I don't know how I could forgive you for that. I waited for you, you know. I waited, to see if you and I could have a chance in hell." She frowns at the man.

Then, her anger gets the best of her. Elle lets out a frustrated noise, suddenly sending a bolt of electricity his way from an outstretched hand. "Fuck, I have your name tattooed on my hip, and you couldn't fucking wait for me?! You had your name tattooed on my chest, and you didn't even wait a month before going and fucking some other girl?!" She sneers. "You bastard."

He quickly holds up his metallic hand, his leather glove melting on to his hand, which just causes him to grunt in his own frustration. "Do you think I just went out looking for a woman to screw? I've spent this entire month doing nothing but trying to save this city, build these stupid jammers, and keep my insane gang from murdering people, if I can even find them." Warren stands, placing two fingers against his forehead as he releases a heavy sigh. "So, I was walking down the street, after semi bluffing Sylar into not killing me. I met a woman who was out too late, I drove her home, it was too late for me to leave because of curfew. I was stressed, I have lives on my shoulders, and one thing lead to another."

He drops back down on to the bench, closing his eyes again, just hunching over to lay his head completely into his human hand. "I screwed up, I can't take it back. I wish I could, out of everything I wish I could fix in the world, I wish I could fix this, but I can't. No matter what I do, no matter what choice I make, I'll always be someone who causes pain for someone else." He sits up, then spreads his arms out, eyes still closed. "If you want to get revenge, or take your anger out on me, do it. Just do it, I don't care anymore. I'm sick of being a monster."

Elle frowns, shaking her head. "You didn't even stop to think— I mean, it's hardly even been a month." The little redhead shakes her head, turning her back on Warren to stare at the scenery. "I've been trying to get to know you, and learn about you, and decide if I want to be with you. Cardinal's told me not to go near you, Liz has told me not to go near you, and my room mate, Lola, has given me the choice of you or her!" Elle grits her teeth, her hands clenched into fists at her sides.

Then, she whirls around, glaring at Warren. "You're right, you can't take it back. I don't even know if I can forgive you for this. You played with my heart. For the longest time, I was the only thing you ever talked about. I was just starting to care about you. And then you go and— and fuck some other girl like that didn't mean anything!"

Another shock is issued to the man's chest, the girl letting out another shout of anger as she unleashes the electricity, regardless of who is around. The intent is to cause enough damage to put him in the hospital, taking into account that metal arm of his. She wants him out of her sight.

Warren shakes violently, starting to slump over on to the bench. He looks up at her briefly, straining to stay conscious. "I really, really cared. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry…" But before he can continue, he simply drops on to the bench completely.

Elle leaves only a note pinned on Warren's jacket, stating that he is not to come near her if he can help it, and that if she wants to talk to him, she'll call him. Not likely, but she'll leave him with that tiny hope, at the very least. He's left on the park bench, otherwise, with the electric redhead storming off angrily. Thank god there weren't any witnesses. He won't die, certainly, but he'll need to get some medical treatment. It surely won't take long for someone to find him.

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