I Owe You a Sweater


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Scene Title I Owe You a Sweater
Synopsis Veronica gets some medical attention from a certain McDreamy doctor after getting a knife wound in the park.
Date November 10, 2009

Roy Wilkens Park

The van is about three football fields' lengths away — clearly the agent inside can't tell that Veronica is in need of assistance, since he hasn't moved from his spot, where presumably he is watching with binoculars, but maybe something distracted him. A cell phone would certainly be useful in such a situation, but therein lies the rub — to meet with Hana Gitelman, Veronica stripped herself of anything involving wireless communication. So she walks, slowly, one steady foot in front of the other as gently as she can. She's not going to bleed to death from the wound that hit her right shoulder, a little under the clavicle — it's muscle and soft tissue, and it hurts like a bitch and it hurts to breathe, but she won't die. She has her bright green scarf balled up in one hand held against the wound to staunch the bleeding.

"You don't see women throwing knives much anymore" Comes a genial voice from the behind and left. Track pants, sweater, sweat at the neck from jogging and some well loved sneakers. "Generally, they're usually in the movies, and not in a park in broad daylight"

There's a hiss of breath that's part pain and surprise — she must be worse off than she thinks she is, that he was able to sneak up on her. Of course, all she can hear is the pulse of the veins in her head pounding since the same rhythm causes a sharp twinge in the wound, as it attempts to spew out more of her blood. "Life imitating art, I guess," Veronica manages, her already husky voice a touch breathier than usual.

"You need to stop walking, lemme call you am ambulance. Should be here soon enough, barring any buildings collapsing or exloding. Stab wounds are nothing to sneeze at" He's moved ahead, and slowed his pace to match hers. "Dr. Brennan" By way of introduction. "As in MD, medical Doctor. Promise, i'm not some crazy coming off the street and trying to find a way to get my hands on your chest. Wife would kill me"

She gives a short laugh at the joke, but winces at the pain it causes. "Don't need an ambulance. I can walk," she murmurs — but as the gods of Fate and Irony would have it, chooses that moment for her legs to buckle a little, though she catches herself before she falls. "There… I have a friend waiting," she says, moving to lift her right arm, and then wincing, dropping it and lifting her left hand to point at the van still two and a half football fields away.

"Tell you what, How about you sit, and… I'll grab…" Brennan reaches out to rest a hand on some random woman walking a pomeranian. "Ma'am, see that van over there? Can you tell them that their friend is hurt, might need them to drive a big closer?" Friendly New Yorker, maybe, but Brennan's flashing her a smile and then looking back to Veronica. "There, see, friends will come over. Sit, and stop moving, Doctors order, before you end up tearing open more than the knife did to you"

She may be foolish as Hana said, but she's not stupid and she was going to be a doctor herself. She knows he's not speaking just to hear himself talk. She nods and moves to the bench Brennan indicates. Her hand still clutches her shoulder, the blood beginning to seep through her scarf's fabric. "What … how much did you hear…" she whispers, since speaking moves her chest too much. She's still an agent, trying to determine if a certain Haitian needs to visit the man.

Wise man keeps his mouth shut about what or what he didn't hear. So the question is ignored because right there, that question, means that he's stumbled across something that he probably should not have. His sweater is peeled off, plain white tee underneath and he starts to press it overtop of the scarf. "You're not spraying everywhere, so good news, I don't think you hit an artery. But you nicked something. But I think you'll live. Probably a little scar"PRessure is placed over the sweater that now joins the scarf, more pressure than just she herself could put. "So what's your name?"

Well, if he's going to lie, she's going to lie. "Nicky," she says — her usual alias since it's a reasonable nickname (no pun intendted) for Veronica so as not to get her in trouble should the real name pop up. "Yours? Doctor McDreamy, perhaps?" Okay, she's a little lightheaded. He already said he had a wife, and it's not like she's on the market.

"No, no, i'm nothing like that Doctor from TV" Harve looks up at Veronica's eyes, free hand touching her forehead quickly. "Harve Brennan. I'd give you a business card but I have a feeling that it'd just get blood on it." He'd already introduced himself but it was on the fly. There's a glance towards Veronica's 'friends' to see if they were coming. "You sure I can't call you an ambulance? My stuff is in my car, but that's the other side of the park, and they can look you over and do better than a sweaty sweater from some doctor"

"Brennan," Veronica repeats, shaking her head. He did say that. "I'm … I'm okay." She jogs with broken ribs, dammit! She can walk a few hundred yards. The van is driving on a grassy field, toward them. "I think I'll survive a car ride. You work at a particular hospital? I owe you a sweater." Before he can protest, she smiles. "It's okay, I have to go shopping for a new coat and scarf anyway, see?" Apparently getting stabbed brings out Veronica's often hibernating sense of humor.

"Private practice. Easy enough to find since you got my last name. Suresh Center as well" He offers. The engine purring as it draw nearer and the complaints of some people make him nearly roll his eyes. "Here comes the calvary. Next time, try not to get the ire of someone who carries around knives hmm? Or at least, don't pull them out in the future. Worst thing you could have done really. Woulda saved you a whole bunch of blood" The corner of his mouth pulls up into a smile. "Doctor's orders again"

"Thanks, doctor," she murmurs, and finally they make it to where the van has stopped, unable to come closer due to a row of benches. The door opens and out pops Segerstrom, a rookie, which might explain why he didn't come in earlier. "Hey, Sean," she says, calling the man by a made-up name. The man shakes his head. "What the hell, come on, let's get you to a doctor," he says, opening the passenger door to help Veronica in.

Vee gives another wave to Brennan. "Bye, Dr. McDreamy. I'll get you a new sweater by Friday," she says, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as 'Sean' closes the door and makes to the driver's side, ready to take Veronica away to be stitched up — only at Fort Hero.

Brennan relinquishes the hold, instructions for Sean what to do, what to watch out for with regards to 'Nicky'. He doens't run off right away, just stands with hands on hips and watching as the door is closed, Veronica secured and the company agents start to pull away. There's a shake of his head and when the van has made it back to road proper, the physician rubs his hands together before he opts to turn around and start heading back to his car. "What the hell did you just walk into Brennan ol boy" he murmurs to himself as he picks up the pace.

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