I Remember Your Chocolate Cake


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Scene Title I Remember Your Chocolate Cake
Synopsis Abby approaches Delilah with a job offer and a request to stay the night, some nights.
Date September 15, 2010

Octagon : Else and Delilah's Apartment

The apartments of the Octagon are among some of the most prime pieces of rental real-estate in New York City. Bright, open, and clean, these apartments are all painted an eggshell white and feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a sweeping, unobstructed view of the East River and Manhattan skyline. Hardwood floors spread from wall to wall and through the spacious bedrooms and private laundry rooms complete with washer/dryer utilities.

The open-concept kitchen in the apartment features stainless steel appliances, polished granite countertops, cherry finished cabinets and ceramic floor tile with all the convenience of a modern kitchen. The bathrooms are finished with classic subway wall tile and porcelain floor tile in bathrooms with elegantly designed corner-set curved showers providing more spacious shower area along with porcelain pedestal sinks.

Each apartment comes in two or three bedroom designs, each with spacious walk-in closets with individually controlled heating and cooling. The apartment is also set up with free Cable TV and Internet hook-ups in multiple locations.

"I remember your chocolate cake. When I first moved into Cat's place" The chocolate cake, with the apricot filling and all glistening and big and under a cake cover. Abigail sits across from Delilah on a chair at a table, a pink box of donut between them and hot tea, her fingers crouched around the glass. The requisite oohing and aaahhhing over Delilah's belly had been done, Abigail grinning like a mad woman at the life curled around inside her friend and just a smidge jealous. They had hugged, how are you's exchanged, and eventually sitting

"What other things do you make Dee? Like what others desserts and stuff do you bake?"

If anything, Delilah tries to remind the ones that coo a bit too longingly, that they'll be around for when he's out, too. Potentially. While she doesn't say those words, Dee does try to make the impression. She has had perhaps enough of the donuts Abby had brought, sitting back and nursing her tea. There nay have been some using herself as a perch- it has been happening far more often than usual. As if she just realized.

"Oh, goodness. Cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, cobbler, crumbles, I have goodness knows how many recipes for snacks. I like to think that I know what I'm doing, in a kitchen." And she does, really. "I've got some vintage recipe books that just kill people. Maybe it's cause they're not so full of the facts and figures of baking.

"Do you think Dee, that you might want to do some of that on a more professional money making basis? I mean, Walters gonna be coming in a few months and He'll take up a good chunk of your time, but a flexible job, and one where you can bring Walter with you, you think you might be interested in such a thing?" She inches the offer out there, picking apart a plain donut, no sprinkles glaze or anything.

Delilah lets out a short laugh, one palm finding a cheek. "Oh, goodness. That would be amazing- I wouldn't have to find a sitter if I didn't want to, even if most people I know would offer it." The idea that most people she knows would possibly babysit for her is a scary thought in itself. _ + Baby = Chaos.

"I suppose that I could do it like that, if I wanted. If I could find something like that."
"Then I want to hire you Dee. I've tasted your stuff, I know it's good, and I know that you'll have no problem making new stuff up. I want to get a few others I have in mind for it, short of sitting outside some culinary school and saying 'Hey, you want a job' to some students. Though I might still do that. Maybe if I end up opening up mornings for like pastries and such" Abigail grins at Delilah.

"Bar.. bar isn't gonna cut it if the curfew stays the way it is and I don't see that happening, the lifting of it. So I'm gonna.. go with what folks like most. Dessert, and drinking. I got the drinking part down, I got the girls to make the drinks, it's the dessert part. I promised Robert that i wouldn't run myself ragged with the new place when it opened and it's just sitting there, ready and waiting to be opened right?"

Abby's derailing herself. 'Oh so sweet. Dessert bar. It's like.. you walk into the cheesecake factory and you see all the desserts right? Well, i'm gonna do something like that, only desserts. Cakes, cookies, tarts, piece, souffles. And you can get coffee's of all kinds and tea and drinks. Only open from like, lunch on to like eight in the evening"

Oh. Oh. Delilah is derailed a bit on her end as well, though only because Abby seems to have blindsided her with something extremely promising. She listens as Abby explains, nodding a couple times out of confirmation that it's clear. "That's such a great idea-"

"I knew you were waiting to open the bar, but this sounds like something a bit down your alley, don't it?" Not that Abby is bad at running a bar, just that Isabelle happened to drop it in her lap. "So you would want me in on it? Seriously?" The redhead chuckles, softly. "Sounds right up my alley too."

You say, "bit more" Abigail nods. Isabelle had thrust the bar on her and if she'd had been given the choice, it most certainly wasn't something she would have willingly owned and managed. It had been done so, because she didn't want to offend the memory, and the people who relied on her for the job. She could have sold it too but in the end, Abby had become attached to it and the excitement that it brought her. A place to go and work when she needed something different.

"It'll still be a bar, just not in the dancing on the tables type, and maybe there will be live music, I hope so. They're installing counters in the back room glass ones, so that the desserts can be showcased and refrigerated, and Brenda will be there to man the actual bar, and a few of the others who I told about it. I'm gonna call it oh so sweet, instead of the Abbey. I just… I want a place where even the younger ones we know can come in, and just.. be… and there's not a lot of places open late that will allow like teenagers to come in"

"I see. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense." Delilah nods once, somewhat sharply. "I think it sounds fantastic, Abby, and if you want to hire me, consider it done. Just tell me when to start, I swear." Wasn't there a movie about this, once? A pregnant lady baking pies? Hm. Samson stirs in his nap beside the couch, and Dee lifts a toe to poke him awake.

"It'd be nice to have a less age-ist venue. Especially if you get a little stage put in, that could be interesting. I know the live act bug is going around lately." She has it too! A sickness for which there is no cure.

"I'm pretty sure that a corner of the front could be put aside for folks to get up and sing" Abby murmurs. "Two weeks. That sounds good? Barring anything happening, two weeks. I should have all the permits in my hands and all the people I'll need. I already got the equipment on order. I'll get y'all in there, the others too and you can all choose what will be offered, learn each others recipe's and maybe.. maybe we'll survive the first year in New York yeah?"

"The trick, I think, is exactly that- rely on one another. Someone might call me a communist, but to hell with that. If it works for small business, it works. That's all." Delilah grins, the expression wide and her eyes twinkling. "Fucking hell, I can't wait to see that kitchen. I hope you can find some fitting people to hire. If you want me to help look, I can, but I don't really know many others because it seems like half the people I know rather that I do it for them."

"No, I think I know who all I'll hire. If Else wants in on it too, a little bit of money, she's welcome to come on in and do it too. Maybe she can sing too, when she gets the bug biting her to do something" Abby grins still, happy that something for once is sinking into place without a fuss. 'Speaking of such. I'm heading back into school, it's three days a week, but the evening class runs a little tight to curfew. Is it possible, on a night when it runs a bit over, that I could come and take up the couch? It's only for a few months, for this semester, that's all. I used to stay at Hokuto's but…" She's dead and she doesn't want to impose on Lydia.

Samson stirs again at a second toeing, lifting his head to peer at Dee. She seems more excited than she was a few minutes ago, dwelling on the prospect of the new job.

"Ah. You'd think they'd change things up for classes, but I guess maybe most students are on campus or nearby, right? It's perfectly fine if you want to crash here. We've got extra bedding and pillows stashed away too. Else and I both know you well enough to know you're not going to make a ruckus or a mess. And it's really the least I can do for you."

"It used to be after curfew but, they adjusted, but it's still hard to adjust a curriculum. It ends before curfew, and I could make it home, I just don't want to chance it sometimes" Abigail fills her in, picking and eating a piece of the donut and then sneaking a little to Samson. "I'll give you fair warning, a few hours I think, if I need to. It's just for a few months is all"

"Yeah, sure. That would be fine. I know Else would like seeing you every so often- she needs people to come around, I think." Delilah folds her hands in front of her stomach, peering down to Samson, who looks like he now wants the rest of Abby's food, big pink tongue licking over his muzzle, brown eyes watching the blonde's hands move. "Maybe if you call ahead I can see about a late dinner."

"Hmm, late dinner. I will never begrudge a hot meal after a long day at biology class. Come on, give me your feet, pregnant women's feet are oft neglected. Or so I've heard. I can paint your toes for you, I got a bit. Maybe even massage them. It helps promote circulation, and they won't swell so much" Now that business was taken care of and dealt with, it's time to get to the relaxing before she does have to go.

"Alright. Late dinners it is. Hah, feet- I got Else to do it just the once so far." Delilah laughs and shifts up in her seat, and does appreciate Abby's gesture, it seems. She stands up, brushing down the hem of her skirt. "The other day I ached so much after a walk, I just sort of conked right out on the bed in there. Not much I coulda done. Getting them up is a blessing now."

"Well, let me be your blessing. You can put something on the TV. I got an hour to spare and can help. Anything to help you feel better and make it easier" If only because she doesn't know whether the birth - in only a few months - might or might not, be so easier.

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