I Shot Him Between The Eyes


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Scene Title I Shot Him Between The Eyes
Synopsis Lawrence comes bearing the customary perfect tulip to welcome Minea back to the job. Sorta. He also asks her if she's the sorta girl who likes to know that the person who hurt her is dead. She goes either way. As they decide to go have some coffee, the new agent, Knight, enters in and eventually Lawrence and Minea part ways from him.
Date May 21, 2009

Primatech Research - Minea's Office

It's an office.

Back at work. Somewhat. Taking it easy he'd said. Offer up support to Cassie if she wanted it. Minea is taking a couple days to get her stuff moved to a new place. A pit stop at the office was meant to grab a letter of employment as proof that she wasn't some dead beat renter. So she's in her office, killing time, waiting. The door to it wide open, lights on. plunking away at her laptop there. Looking none the worse for wear having been mindwiped a week and change ago.

Lawrence hears things. Well, he hears things, but he also hears things, so he's heard that Agent Dahl has reappeared. So he shows up at her office door with a single white tulip in hand, looking pleased with himself. Perhaps even smug. He hustles into her office. "Welcome back."

"How pissed was the florist now Cook?" At the sight of the Tulip in his hand. "Don't tell me you missed me that much" There's a motion for him to come in, if he wants. "close the door or leave it open would you when you come in?" a gesture to a seat. "Denton told me he was with you when you found me"

Lawrence turns to close the door smoothly behind him, gliding to the desk to offer the tulip to her. "Not very pleased. Is this too much? I thought it was appropriate. Maybe even traditional, if two times counts as traditional." He folds his frame into the chair. "I was with Denton, yes. They wouldn't let me visit you."

"I'm starting to think it's the gold standard with you cook. White this time. Next time I suppose it'll be a black tulip or an orange one" The flower is taken from her partner. Her regular partner. "You couldn't' visit me where I was Cook. You'd probably have screamed and ran because of the sand. Besides, I was a turnip. Not much fun watching a turnip in bed with wires coming off her head." She's got a bottle of water on the corner of her desk and it's summarily appropriated to keep the Tulip alive now, instead of drinking. She looks at it, before adjusting it a few more times. "Was on a beach in southern France. life was perfect" There's a thin press of her lips. "They fixed what they could, Denton's giving me a few days of half work, I'm finding a new place to live since my current one is.." Well, he'd seen her. "Compromised. How you been holding up?"

"Sand is alright if I'm not tactile," Lawrence says with a sniff. "Nor is visiting someone… ill… fun. That's not the point of visiting. The point is to show support." He clasps his hands and rests them on his lap. "They used a telepath on you? That was the second person in the apartment?"

"I don't remember" Outright lie, but Denton gave her orders. Not that he could tell she was lying. Minea's not bad at doing it. "I don't remember some things. Bits and pieces are fuzzy. Whomever put me back together did a good job just.. there's things" Like, she's adjusted that damned tulip a few more times now. "But thanks, for the thought. Of wanting to visit. Maybe they'll partner us back up together soon"

"Once you're feeling better," Lawrence says, nodding. "I worked with Agent Sawyer for a time. Are you the sort that's comforted by the death of people who hurt you?"

Whoah. That's got her attention. Hand stilled on the stem of the flower, Minea looks over at him. "Yes and No. I'm one who's comforted when a person gets what they deserve. Not necessarily death, but. What they deserve" She opines.

"I shot him between the eyes. Was that what he deserved?" Lawrence asks, quite earnestly.

"Shot who Cook?" That hand is now coming back from the flower, eyes full of caution.

Lawrence peers across the desk at Minea. Wait. What? He blinks a few times. "…No one," he replies, knowing that's a shitty coverup. Dammit!

Minea can put two and two together. Cook was there at her apartment. Len was there. IN she sucks her breath and the look on her face pretty much gives it away now, that she knows who he was talking about. "Between his eyes?" She lifts a hand, running it through her hair a few times, a light sigh. "Would rather him have answered for what he did, but, I suppose"

Brown eyes lift to Lawrence again. "He spared me. Could have killed me outright, but he didn't. Could have had me locked up in some never ending nightmare, but instead he told the other person make it a good dream"

"Then that's not what you think he deserved," Lawrence says after a moment. He cocks his head to the left. "Mmn. Agent Denton doesn't just like keeping the left hand from knowing what the right hand's been doing, he'd prefer it if the left index finger didn't know where the left thumb even was."

"I think, Cook. He did get what he deserved. Mercy shown, doesn't negate the act that the mercy is meant to soften. I'll have to buy you dinner sometime when this is all done and over with and our lives are back to normal." She straightens in her chair, hitting a button and letting something print out across the room, near silent except for the rollers that issue the paper through it's process. "Sometimes, it's better that way. When it's something sensitive. Loose lips sink ships"

Lawrence leans back in his seat. "Is it? When the metaphor is confined to hands, yes, I'd agree. But we're all fingers and thumbs here." He shakes his head ruefully. "Or at least he needs to come up with better excuses. Oh, well. Orders are orders, aren't they? I suppose I should report I slipped up. That's a form 180B, isn't it?"

"I think, in this instance, telling him might be better than a paper trail Cook" Since she knows that wireless is probably sniffing around. "You have OCD's right?" There's a question, right out of left field.

"I prefer to think I have justified reasons," Lawrence says after a pregnant pause. "I've never been diagnosed as such, but the term has been bandied about. As has 'crazy'. On a similar note, I prefer 'eccentric'."

"Can I ask what these justified reasons are?" The tulip seems to be fine now in it's water bottle holder.

"Well. People seem to feel I'm a germaphobe," Lawrence says slowly. "I'm not. Not really. If I was, I would be reduced to a whimpering pile of goo on the floor somewhere, mad as a hatter, because bacteria is everywhere. Everywhere. I've seen it. I have microscopic sight. I can see it wiggling around if I look. Because I know it's there, I simply don't like reminders that it's there or signs people don't take precautions. I suppose I could take a more laissez-faire approach given there's so much of it lying around…. wiggling… and just snack on dirt, but I'd prefer not. I feel that's justified."

"That's justified" Minea agree's. She by no means a germaphobe, but she can see what he means. "I'm sitting here, right now, trying very hard not to touch you. Like just your sleeve, or your shoulder. It's ridiculous really. I need to touch, but.." Minea purses her lips. "I keep throwing my locks on the doors, each time I pass them and the doors need to be open, or closed. I think, they think, it's from the.. repair job"

Lawrence purses his lips together thoughtfully. "That would make sense," he says. "Justified, even. Are there reasons it's locks and touching people?" He raises a hand, inches it toward her hesitantly, pauses.

"Need to make sure you're.. real" She's not been an OCD afflicted person. She never has been. So it's somewhat embarrassing when she reaches out with her hand, one finger poking at him, gently. Yup. real. All real. Doesn't make sense since Roberto felt real in her mental time out. "Don't know about the locks"

Lawrence extends his hand further. "Then feel free to touch me whenever you need to. I understand, I think. Maybe it's locks because your apartment was broken into, though I'm no psychologist. You're good enough to put up with my eccentricities, I can hardly not return the favour. I do appreciate it."

"Maybe. I'm surprised Denton hasn't shoved me in front of one yet. But then, I don't think he knows. Well no, he knows about the touching thing" She reaches over again. Grasping his hand, giving it a squeeze. "Yup, you're real. Your not Roberto, but you're real. Come on, I want coffee, something, anything. I just printed off some listings. There's an opening at the Dorchester it seems. I'm gonna go check it out later"

"Let's go get coffee, then," Lawrence says, after a hesitant little squeeze back on her hand. "This job has somewhat flexible hours. I appreciate that." He stands up, digging into his pocket for his little bottle o' pills.

Primatech Research: Lobby

Kailin has arrived.

"I appreciate the hours too" Minea answers. "Sometimes I get night owlish. Night hours are good for working on documents. I can get so much done without any loud noises or thumps or construction to bother me" The door is opened, letting Lawrence out of her office, followed by her. There's no lock to do on this door, so she doesn't bother, just making sure that it's closed tight.

Lawrence and Minea move out of her office, Minea in her leather jacket and hair back, jeans, boots. "There's a few other lofts, but i don't know if i'm wanting to go with less security. I like the lofts, more open. Not that many of them thanks to the bomb though. Wonder if there's any without windows"

Lawrence is in a suit. He's a suit guy; he bobs his head in Minea's direction, a large bobble-headed crane, and points out, "No windows sort of defeats the purpose of having a loft, I think."

Walking into the lobby of the research facility, Kailin is buried in his iPhone with his finger flicking back and forth over it lightly. While also a suit guy, Kailin is still rocking the casual look. He looks up and gives a single nod to them both. "I'm looking through a couple lofts myself. Still trying to find somelace decent to live. Since those really don't exist, I'm looking for a place that will be easy to redesign." He slides his phone away and faces towards Lawrence and Minea. "I'm Kailin Knight. New around here. Not really sure much of what is going on. The bosses haven't really filled me in."

"I'm moving out, you can probably look at it and see if you want it, before it actually goes up for lease" Minea offers to the dark skinned man. "Agents Dahl" Pointing to herself and then to Lawrence. "Agent Cook. Decent places are few and far between but Soho shouldn't be too bad" Maybe she'd just move, like one floor up, or down. Surely there was something else. The places were ridiculously priced anyways. Welcoem to new York Agent Knight" There's a pause. "Agent Prince and Agent Knight" She finds that a little amusing.

"Oh, hullo," Lawrence says with a friendly smile that looks oddly unnatural on his round face. He leans forward to offer his hand to Kailin. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm sure someone will brief you shortly. Agent Denton is good about meeting with people."

Kailin gives a nod to Minea and grins, "Well, I like nice things. I figure in this line of work I should probably enjoy the finer things while I can. So I'll be stretching the expense account as far as it will go." He brushes back his jacket and sets his hands on his hips. "Nice to meet you. So they've given me the basic training and the job description, but not much direction. I've been put on active agent status, but they keep telling me that they've got a special project for me without actually saying what it is or when I'll be added to it."

He reaches out and shakes Lawrence's hand with a firm grip. "Agent Denton? Senior field agent, right? Yeah, I'll be sure to look for him." He nods at that, putting the information away. "So what are your specialties - if you're free to say? I'm told everyone has their own niche. I specialize in bringing in Evolved - shutting down their powers and handling the rest with good old fashioned hard work."

"Can't miss him. Look for the dark skinned cowboy" Minea offers up with a smile. Negation. God. How many times could they have used him. "You'll come in handy if we ever get the chance to go after Adam Monroe. See if that bastard can heal some bullet wounds when your dealing with him. I specialize in sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong and … Documents. This and that. Nothing really special" There's a glance to Lawrence. "And I think, Agent Knight, you just got a new best friend"

"I do?" Lawrence asks, blinking rapidly. "Oh. Well." The smile seems a little easier. "I'm a sharpshooter. I have heightened senses. I'm extremely grateful to people like you; the Company had someone who negated my abilities when they were in overdrive and taught me how to control them."

"Adam Monroe." Kailin nods to Minea and says, "I've read about him a little in the few files I had access to. I'm wary of him - mostly because he doesn't seem all that dangerous on paper. So there's definitely surprises to be expected for all the trouble he's been." He looks from Minea to Lawrence. "Hmm. A few years back, the Company started working with me on modulating my own power. I can lessen other people's powers rather than negating them completely. I never really understood what use that would have, but I guess this might be one of those things." He shrugs lightly. "Well, if you ever need me, just give me a call."

"Three weeks past Agent Knight, unarmed, he killed an agent and severely injured a second, and it was all out of a catty need to play with them and pass on a message. Don't let what you see on paper fool you" That comes off a bit snappish than intended, and there's a reaching out to brush a hand on Lawrence's sleeve. "We were heading out for coffee, and to look over a few places, get Cook's opinion"

Lawrence inclines his head to Kailin. "Just so. Without someone to modulate me, I'd be… well. I don't particularly like to think about that." He wears the odd smile still. "Someone who can't be killed is very dangerous indeed. Would you care to join us for coffee?" He glances sidelong at Minea, as if to check if he did the right thing there.

Kailin nods to Minea and Lawrence in agreement. "That's about what I meant. There's something to him." He gives a shake of his head and says, "I'm okay right now. You two go ahead. I'm going to look around this place a little more. I haven't been around much as I've been keeping a pretty low cover. I figured it would be best for me to make contacts and get information before my association with the Company becomes public knowledge. But I do appreciate the offer."

"You won't be publicly known as COmpany Agent Knight. They'll issue you a homesec badge and that's what you'll be known as" She's fine with the guy coming for coffee but as he declines, there's a nod of her head. "Take care now Agent Knight, welcome to the company" An offer of her hand to him.

"Right. Welcome aboard," Lawrence says cheerfully, even raising a hand to offer a little wave.

Kailin shakes Minea's hand firmly. "Right. That's what I meant. I've gotten that cover already. But being known as HomeSec won't do much for getting info on terrorists either. So I stay away from that as much as possible." He releases her hand and says, "Hope to see you guys around soon." He gives a brief wave and reaches for his phone again, going back to his internet research.

And Minea turns away to look at Lawrence with raised brows and a gesture towards the lobby doors. "Isn't he interesting. Bet Denton's going to have a hoot"

Lawrence peers owlishly down at Minea. "Oh? He seems like a pleasant enough fellow."

"Maybe i'm still screwed in the head" Minea shrugs, purse hauled up on her shoulder to get her keys out. "Maybe they missed something putting my eggshells back together" A glance over her shoulder towards Kailin followed by another shrug.

Lawrence blinks again. "…You didn't think he seemed pleasant?" He doesn't sound incredulous - just curious.

"Too pleasant Cook. He sounded too pleasant. At least, to me. Like I said, maybe I'm still finding my place.. mentally. Denton was right, I need to take it easy" her hand pushes forward on the door, opening it to let herself out into the sunshine outside.

Kailin has left.

Lawrence trails after her, leaning a hand on the door to take it's weight from her. "Oh. What does being too pleasant mean?"

"Means your trying to hard. usually because you desperately want to please someone, or your trying to cover something up" He's informed as she lets him take over his chivalrous duty. Or polite, Depends on how you see it. There's a fine line between being pleasant and sincere in it and sometimes, being in sincere about it"

"Oh," says Lawrence again. He says that a lot. 'Oh.' "I'll keep an eye on him, then. Or an ear. Or both, but not at once."

"Come on, we'll take a company car instead of my Malibu. Spare your senses" It's old, it's in good condition, but it's old and not exactly the most comfortable of textures and sounds likely for the other agent. "Coffee on me. For being my knight in shining armor and finding me"

"…I think you owe Denton a coffee," Lawrence says with a hint of a smile. Yay, praise!

"Denton and you a coffee. Your my partner. He's just my boss. You're the one who's going to have to endure what.. side effects there are." but with that, they're heading for the SUV, big and black and within five minutes, they're pulling out of the parking lot at a sensible speed.

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