I Think I Killed Him


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Scene Title I Think I Killed Him
Synopsis Adam and Abby try to heal Felix with Adams blood. Only something happens that neither expected and one of them should have realized would.
Date September 30, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

It's quiet, as one would expect of a hospital at night. Fel's been moved from the ICU to a plain room. His condition's as stable as it's going to be. In a word, fragile but not in immediate danger. The Fed's comatose in the bed, oxygen tube by his nose, IV bound to his arm. To Abby, he'll look better than he did when they cut him down, but that isn't saying much, really. There are still the slowly fading bruises at wrist and throat visible, though most of the bandaging is invisible under the hospital gown and covers. Even with sheet and blanket, the truncated outline of his amputated leg is clearly apparent. There's no one there, at the moment - no guards, no nurse in immediate attendance. Down the hall, a little ways, both his parents and Leland are sleeping, in rooms little larger than closets designed to accomodate the relatives of patients.

Adam peeks out from the stairway and glances to make sure that the rest of the hallway is clear, or at least, mostly clear. He steps into the hallway, gives half a glance towards the corners to try and pick out if there's any cameras. He holds up his hand to block his face and makes his way along towards the room that he's been directed to.

Abigail's not far behind, messenger bag, skirt, shirt, sweater. The epitome of innocent abigail. Nope, nothing clandestine going on here, nope, not gonna try and heal up the fed, give him back his foot and make him healthy enough to get pummeled by Leland for getting caught. There's a gesture from Abby to the appropriate door and she presses it open, peering in before quickly ushering Adam into the hospital room and to the sleeping comatose federal agent.

It'd take something a lot more drastic than the pitterpatter of little feet to disturb Fel now - not a flicker on the various lines the equipment scribes on the monitors. He's gaunt, bones of his wrists clearly visible, nothing but the faint rise and fall of his ribs to betray that he's still alive.

Adam arches a brow for a moment as he looks over Felix in the bed. "This seems a tad more than just a cut off foot." he says with a bit of a frown. He considers the man quietly and shakes his head, "How.." he looks forward and points, "Oh wait, I know him." he says off handedly. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a metal container. He begins to unscrew it quietly before sliding out a needle. He's already sliding it into his arm when he says, "He looks dead."

"He almost was. Wouldn't be the first time he was either" Dead that is. Abigail looks over to the syringe and then to Felix. There's a tic of her left eye for a few moments before she slips to his side to slide her hand into his. "Hey Felix. I have someone here who can help you, he'll fix you right up. You'll be right as rain and speeding back into trouble" The red headed woman whispers, keeping her voice down.

Well, cats are reputed to have nine lives. This is only his second, right? No response, his fingers utterly limp in Abby's.

Adam hmms a bit and moves towards the IV bag and slides his finger along to the joint in which people tend to inject morphines. He slides the needle into the stopper and then begins to depress the plunger, pushing the blood into the drip, filling the tube with his blood and moving it into Felix's body.

"How soon does it work Adam? It fixes everything yes? It's not like my gift, could only heal things not involving the blood.." SHe watches the red liquid pour into the milipore chamber and start to course it's way through the tubing and into his arm. A glance goes to the slack face of the agent and then his monitors.

Adam hmms, "Depends." he says, "On what's wrong with him exactly…the smaller, less serious the injury, the faster it'll work…he's…" he motions towards the man in the bed, "In bad shape." his lips purse a moment as he considers the man.

The blood of an immortal has to do some good, right? It takes a few moments, but the first sign there's something happening is that the last green and purple traces of bruising at throat and at wrists begin to fade. It's followed by the slow disappearance of the flush of fever on his face. He still looks awful, but no longer quite so much like a waxen sculpture of himself.

WHat adam says is true, and for a moment, for a few brief moments it looks like Adams blood will be just exactly what the doctor ordered, what Abigail prayed for and what Adam knows happens.

But internally, it's a different matters. Infection is tackled by the immortal's blood, two armies fighting and the infection is loosing ground, loosing hold. Till a third factor comes into play. Something no one thought to take into consideration. The healed flesh of another that replaced Felix's.

What was doing good, stops suddenly. There's no regrowing of a foot that Abigail had looked down to for evidence that it was working, the slightest hint of fever that is much lower remains in place, the more present injuries don't obey the commands that Adams genetic instructions coursing through his body lay out.

And there's a protesting body mere moments after that as it becomes Adam vs Mu-Qian in the fed's body and being played out on the screen that monitors vitals with erratic vitals, protesting heart at what's happening.

Adam looks up at the monitor, then back to Felix as he starts…convulsing or something. His eyes narrow a moment as he studies him, then glances at Abby, "What did they give him…did they inject him with something?" it's the only logical explanation he can think of for the blood not working. Then it seems like nurses might be called. He shakes his head, "I have to leave. You probably should too." and with that, he makes his way for the door to get out of dodge.

Indeed, they had better. There's already the sound of feet from the other end of the hall, as the night nurse summons the doctor on duty. Fel's too weak to really convulse, but there are faint, spastic twitches as something is obviously going very, very wrong.

"I don't know, I would assume the regular.. regula-" Abigail's confusion turns to abject horror. "Lord on high, I didn't know… I dind't know, I didn't think about… that…" She's on Adams heels, heading out with him, pulling her baseball cap down low so that her face can't be seen either as the agent on the bed endures whatever it is that's happening.

Out the door they go, slipping out and away, gesturing quickly for Adam to follow her. She knows this hospital, and where to go to get out.

In the fed's room though, beyond the sight and hearing of the two who just left, the battle in his body is calming, adam blood loosing out to the foreign flesh that composes a vast amount of the agents body and though the vitals still are erratic, they're calming down, going back down slowly. Likely somewhere out in the wilds of New York there is a asian woman likely paying close attention to something.

Once they get to a door leading out, Adam heaves with some force and makes it slam open and back. Outside, he turns and says, "What was that?" he questions, "That has never happened before." he seems to be blaming Abby for it in some way.

"Someone else healed him!" When adam rounds on her, abigail's flushed, terrified, guilt crossing her features. "I forgot! I didn't know! How was I to know it would do that! That your healing would… would.. kill him. Heavenly father… ANother healer brought him back to life, his heart, his .. b..b..body, but it does something funny when I healed him, like, like what she repaired, the flesh could never get enough healing. Oh god, I killed him"

Adam frowns, "What healer?" he questions, "What you're saying doesn't make any sense. Why would more healing hurt him?" he frowns, "It's just not logical."

"Her name was Mu-Qian. She's.. she puts stuff in you. It's how she heals!" abby shows her tongue which frankly looks normal. "She replaced my tongue. It as to be that, you said nothing like that has ever happened… but it was working up there and then.." Fuck. Mentally she swears, her hand covering her mouth and looking up the side of the building towards the appropriate floor. "I killed him"

Adam glances up and hmms to himself. There's not much he can say, he doesn't actually know what's going on. But he hmms for a moment, "I don't think you did." he steps back a few so the he can get a view. He points, "There's not a lot of movements in the shadow, look." he says. "If he was dead…that room would be full, yeah?"

Lights are on but… Abigail's blue eyes follow the line of Adam's arm, looking up, up, up at the window. Its not enough to quell her heart from doing it's own choking dance, but there's somewhere, in the back of her mind a portion of her that believes him. The rest of her is realizing that she just agreed to what adam asked, in exchange for something that hasn't panned out. Won't and didn't. Because she was stupid and didn't think to ask him to test it out on her first.

"We should go, before they think to.. think to come out and follow us if they saw us. You… you know where to find me"

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