I Want To See You Happy


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Scene Title I Want To See You Happy
Synopsis Ryans and his oldest sit down to dinner and talk about Lucille's career choice and his retirement.
Date February 25, 2010

The Ryans Home

It's the same neighborhood that Lucille and her sister grew up in, peddling around on their bikes, making snow angels in the front yard. The same house she lived in for those stressful teenage years, even down to the fact that except for a few electronic upgrades, it's the same dcor her mother chose for it. Ryans has kept so much of his wife around him, there is a comfort to it all. Despite her being ten years younger then him and how often he was gone, he had loved Mary dearly.

Anyone approaching the house would catch a whiff of charring beef carrying on the chilly breeze. Following that scent, one would find Ryans huddled in his long brown trench coat, he's in the process of turning over one of two steaks.

"Lulu!" The old ex-Company Agent calls, "I need plate, looks like the steaks are done." Ryans blue eyes glance over to the sliding glass door, watching the hint of movement beyond the reflective surface. A hand clad in leather gloves, moves to turn the heat off.

"Ok dad.. honestly I'm not ten anymore. Okay?" a young woman calls out as she grabs a plate from the kitchen and walks outside. 'Lulu' is dressed in a pair of fitted jeans along with a dark blue sweater that occasionally rides up to show some midriff. She shivers as she walks outside and puts a hand on her hip, holding the plate out for her father.

She tries not to think about how everything in the house is virtually the same, it hurts too much actually. Lucille's hand ruffles her blonde hair, the pink streak peeking out. "Gonna be time for a new dye job soon." She states as she scratches her dark brown roots.

Exhaling a frosty breath, Lu fixes her dad with a stare. "Come on old man, let's eat." She teases lightly.

There is a flat look given to his eldest girl, only eased by the small bit of smile on his thin lips, deeping the lines around his mouth. "You may be twenty one, Lu, but you are still my little girl." Brows lift slightly as he takes the plate and transfers the slabs of beef to the plate.

"Speaking of little, your sister gave her apologies for not joining us tonight." His lips pull to one side in a something a mix between a grimace and a smirk. "Hot date."

"I meant to ask." When the dye job is mentioned, "What is with the pink hair? " A finger wiggles a bit in the direction of the lock in question. "Is that a new thing you young kids are doing?" Eyes narrow slightly in a critical way. "And why blonde? Your hair was lovely just as it was." Fingers brush though his own thinning hair. "Nothing wrong with brunette."

"Alright, alright. Still daddy's girl gotcha." She nods and then she's folding her arms and looking at her dad as she prepares to walk back into the house. "Do I have to kill him? Just say the word." Lucille wiggles her fingers with a chuckle.

"I don't know," she shrugs a takes a look of a lock of her hair. Then she ties it all into a high ponytail, letting a few strands fall into her eyes. "Dr. Reeves thought it was a good idea. Something to breath new life into my.. well life." Her dad does remember the name of her therapist right?

"I'll go back to brunette soon, don't worry. Especially with Mark James calling and wanting to book me." She says the last bit softly, she didn't want to make it a big deal about her potentially modeling again.

"Mmm… No. I may be old," Ryans rumbles in that soft spoken voices of his as she opens the sliding glass door, letting Lucille proceed him in, ".. but I am fairly certain I can take on your sister's newest… fling." There is distaste when he says that word, being the rather old fashioned type himself.

There is a grunt at the mention of her therapist, he's never really been a fan of them. "Yes, well… I imagine if she feels it's the best thing." Brows drop slightly as he shoves the door behind him shut, happy to be out of that cold. Sometimes it's aggravates him knee, which is apparent as he seems to walk a bit stiffly to the kitchen for plating.

The mention of modeling gets a sharp look from the old man, but he doesn't say anything at first. Taking the time to slip his jacket off and hang it up. "Are you really certain that is what you want to be doing Lulu?" He has to work hard to keep the disappointment out of his voice. Hands lean on the counter, some fingers don't quite lay flat on the surface, years of broken bones and injuries with the Company. "I mean… this this what you really want?"

Here we go.

"Dad.. I don't know what I really want." Lucille admits and she leans against the counter. "Money is good and it's fun for now." She shrugs lightly, though whether she's ready or not to be out in the spotlight again is a question she asks herself everyday.

"I'm just thinking about it, not saying yes." Yet. The faux blonde sighs and puts her face in her hands. Shaking her head and looking back up at her father she goes over to the table and sits, taking out some pills from her purse and taking them with a glass of water. "Need my meds." She says softly and then she's not looking at her father. To her, those pills are a sign of failure.

"I can understand the money." Ryans admits, his voice a little rough, turning to plating the steaks, with mash potatoes, and a green beans cooked with bacon. "But, you know me." He says with a soft sigh, not really looking at his daughter, even when he hears the distinct sound of the pill bottle. If his wife had still been alive would that sound still be a presence in their life? The sound gets a small flash of a pained grimace before it takes on it's normal neutral. "I just want to see you…. "

The words fail him as they always do. There is a soft drawn out sigh, his head shaking slowly. "I want you happy, Lucille." Both plates are scooped up from the counter. "It… just… did not seem healthy when you were living that life." There is nothing judgmental in his tone, just genuine parental concern.

A plate is settled in front of her, his hand moving to rest on her head, as he's done a thousand times before when since she can remember. Only then does he set his own plate down and settle into his chair.

"I know you want me happy daddy." Lucille says and she smiles faintly at her father. She loves her dad so much, she doesn't think she needs to tell him. Picking up a knife and fork, she starts to dig in. "It's not the most healthy occupation I guess, but I don't know. Maybe my modeling days are over. Who knows?"

Lucille places a big piece of steak into her mouth. Unlike her fellow models, she likes to eat! "How are things? Retired life getting boring? I think you need a hobby honestly." Lucille takes a drink of water and then looks at her father, "Knitting?" she winks at her father. "Kidding! Kidding!"

Working at cutting his own food, his head nods slowly listening to her. The mention of him and knitting, he pauses mid cut, arching a brow at her. But then his mouth, pulls to the side with a smirk. "I have my garden. Granted, it's the wrong time of the year." Gaze falls back to his steak, sawing through it and taking a bit. He works through a few bites, before he continues.

"Truth be told, I really am not enjoying retirement. I think your father is too much a work-a-holic." He motions at her with a knife. "Maybe I should ask your new boss, Abigail, for a bouncer job.. Hmm?" There is a flash of teeth, proof that he's merely joking. He had been working of the books, but it's nothing his daughter would know about. His life with the Company was a secret to both his girls.

"Oh hell no." Lucille says with a chuckle, eating a bit more of her food. "I don't want you within one hundred feet of Lucy's." she jokes with her father and then takes another swallow of water. "Look dad, you worked a long time. Time to relax, or sis and I will make you relax."

Pointing her fork in his direction as a threat. "Just try me." She grins at her dad.

A soft rumble of a chuckle escapes Ryans, "Alright, so I won't ask for a job, but no guarantees that I will not step foot in that establishment." A pointed look goes to is daughter, before another bit of steak is forked into his mouth. "I met your new boss, delightful young woman. Good head on her shoulders." His fork works at his vegetables some.

There is so much he could say to the threat to make him relax, it amuses him, but they are kept to himself. He does however, give his daughter a bit of a scowl. "Yes, well…. we will have to see. I've been feeling restless, since winter seems to be taking it's time. I'd like to get my garden going."

Course, he's also hoping to hear from his old employer again. Again, that stays safe in his head.

"Aw come on!" Lucille pleads with her dad and then shakes her head. "Yeah yeah yeah, she's nice." Luci says to her father as she eats more. Then she's nodding at her father. "Don't worry, you'll find something." She says softly and then looks out the window, "Winter doesn't last forever right?"

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