I Want You


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Scene Title I Want You
Synopsis That's what Magnes tells Claire when she mentions changes in her life.
Date February 13, 2010

Magnes' Room

Having called her earlier in the morning, it's now a little later in the morning, at around 10:AM. He told her it was important, and to just come over and he'd leave the door open. He's been preparing, which started with the night before. He got his head on straight, flexed his ability a bit, and now he's doing some last minute drills.

Wearing that buttoned up black denim jacket, some blue jeans, a pair of black sneakers, and the newest addition to his attire, a black and gold scabbard with a damascus steel saif sheathed in it. The door is just cracked enough so she could peek in and see what he's doing before entering, and he starts out standing on one end of the room. He suddenly dashes forward, pulling the sword from the scabbard and slashing it in a horizontal arc, at about the height of someone's head. He then releases the sword and keeps it spinning above him as if he were testing his reaction time to change tactics, then swings his hand out as two Company-esque guns rip through velcro seams at his ankles, fly up into his hands, then get cocked by some invisible force while he's down on one knee, holding each one out in a different direction. "I think everything's in working order…"

Watching through the door for a time, a brow arches, Claire has been there for few minutes watching. Mostly just curious. Finally, a gloved hand reaches out, fabric of her winter jacket rustling, to push the door open. "Hey…" She offers, her expression for the moment neutral, since last time they had met up had gone rather wrong.

Stepping to the side through the door, Claire uses one hand to close the door behind her. "So.. what's up?" She asks, eyes on the spinning sword. "Looks like your getting ready for something major. I…. thought you didn't want to do things like that anymore?" Her gaze drops to the man, a brow arching. There is nothing accusing in her tone, it's just a simple question.

"Ah, you're here." Magnes smiles warmly, like he used to when he saw her. There's a kind of peace behind his gaze that this new Claire wouldn't have seen before. The guns are strapped back to his ankles and his pants closed again, then the sword stops spinning and he stands up to sheathe it once more. "You were right, Claire. Everything you said to me, you were right. I've been walking around bitter because I lost you, and I wanted to throw everything away because I didn't wanna lose that much again. But I was looking at it the wrong way. I have to do this because I lost you, because I wanna keep others from feeling the same pain I felt. And yeah, I'm gonna aid in the raid of a hidden Refrain testing facility. We're supposed to save the unwilling subjects, and I'm supposed to destroy the Refrain."

"Wait… what?" Claires brows drop a bit, a hand coming up to make him stop talking. "What raid? I haven't heard of anything like that." Her head tilts a bit as she studies him "Course I've been dealing with my own stuff with Richard gone." Though she doesn't seem as broken up as she use to about it, maybe she's moved past some of the grief. " So… your going in to free some people and destroy Refrain?" Brows lift. "Sounds like something I would do." She gives him a bit of a lop-sided smile. "Welcome back to the Vigilante world."

"I don't think it was ever something I could abandon for too long. Says a lot about the power of loving a girl, if it can completely change a guy. But, I think it brought me back, too. I can't keep childishly trying to be some normal guy. I'm still gonna go to school, which by the way me and you need to talk about, if, well, I come back after tonight." Magnes goes to sit on the bed, and pats the spot next to him for her to come take a seat. "I thought I'd try to forget you, to get this empty hole in the pit of my stomach to go away, but it'll never happen like that. And to be honest, the only time I don't have this void is when I'm talking to you. I don't deny that you've changed, but, I'll always say this, you're still Claire, I still feel the same as I always have."

There is a little shake of her head at the invitation to sit, Claire seems comfortable leaning against the wall for the moment. Clearly still a bit uncomfortable. "Every time you talk about us, I feel like I should be apologizing for what happened." Nothing bitter about it, just… sad. "And I feel guilty that I don't feel the same. So obviously I have changed… if I am not feeling the same." Her head turns slightly so that she looks anywhere but him. "There is… even the possibility of someone new… I just… haven't decided if I want to even deal with a relationship… I've already seemingly ruined one."

"Claire…" Magnes takes a deep breath, trying not to let on how hard her words hit him, then he stands and heads over to her, raising a hand to touch her cheek. "If that's the case, then I have to be selfish. I can't let this end with regrets and not telling you what's on my mind." His tone grows serious, though he's still not very bitter or sad, he just suddenly sounds as if he's pouring his heart out. "Claire, I want you. I'm not saying I won't be friends with you, but I reassure you so much so it'll be easier for you. But what I keep thinking is that I want you. Emotionally, physically, any way you'll let me have you, I want you, more than anything on the freakin' planet, Claire. And even knowing you'll probably reject me right now, I couldn't let this end without being selfish and telling you. You're still you, you forgot me, but you're still you. I know you've changed a bit, you don't think I'd notice changes in a girl I've dated for five months? But even after that…"

He closes his eyes for a brief moment, then leans in for a closer gaze. "I'm sorry for being selfish, but I'm not the kind of guy who'll lose my girlfriend without a fight, y'know?"

"Not longer than me, I planned for that, even though you were against it, there's no way I'm letting you live forever, alone. And the name West is new to me. You always told me I didn't need to know about your old boyfriends." Magnes smiles, a bit amused that she let the name slip so easily, then lets out a slight sigh. "I can deal with being friends, I honestly can, Claire, despite all my feelings, raging freakin' hormones, and holding back the urge to kiss you every time I see you. I can deal with all that, but it was the idea of watching you just go to someone else, without saying anything… I couldn't do that. You understand, right? I just couldn't."

He backs up a little away from her, but he still doesn't have the bitterness in his tone, the bitterness that was laced in every word he spoke to her since the ship. "It's alright, Claire. I'm gonna be jealous, I'll probably wanna punch this guy in the face, but it's alright. If you do choose to be in a relationship, even if it's not with me, no matter how I feel about it, no matter what I say or do as a kneejerk reaction, I will be happy that you're happy. I love you Claire, and despite all my selfishness right now, I just want you to do whatever you think is best for yourself."

There's a bit of a grin as he looks back to the bed, then to her. "And, y'know, I always did suck at seducing. You always said something along the lines of 'Shut up and just do it'. But, right now I'm sure that'd result in a broken nose." He's teasing now, trying to ease some of her tension, possibly even some guilt. "Thanks for coming, Claire. I just had to… tell you that you were right, in case I didn't have a chance to after tonight."

"Damn, that rhymed…"

Her head snaps around and she gives him a searching look. "Don't seek immortality, Magnes." Claire says as a soft warning. "I doubt I'm the only one like me… In fact, I've heard rumors, but don't force it upon yourself… you might end up disappointed."

After a moment, Clare reaches for the doorknob. "I.. should get going. I'm tracking down some old friends… reading up some stuff… and well… working on what classes I want. I'm… going into genetics. I figure I've got eternity to try and get a degree." She gives him a small smile. "I'll… talk to you again once you survive."

"We'll see what happens, Claire. I've read enough Greek tragedies to know what a guy'll sacrifice for love, and all that." Magnes smiles and opens the door for her, leaning on it as he watches her leave. "But I really will at least try to stop being hung up on you, even though so far that hasn't worked. I'll see you later, Claire, and you can stop by whenever you want, I kind of miss that."

Stepping out, Claire turns back to Magnes and gives him a soft smile. "Be safe, Magnes." She almost looks like she'd say something else before she starts down the stairs.

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