I Wasn't Gonna Hurt You


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Scene Title I Wasn't Gonna Hurt You.
Synopsis After hearing that Mortimer has been caught, she can't help but to go see if what she heard was true. What she discovers is a totally different man, scared and confused, and her gut feeling tells her it isn't an act.
Date May 16, 2009

Mortimer's Room - A Hospital Somewhere

It's morning, and at least two police officers stand guard at Mortimer's hospital door. Anyone entering is informed by a doctor that he's suffered moderate head trauma and is having a minor undiagnosed mental issue as a result. They're warned to proceed with caution and not to get too close in case he snaps. Upon moving into the room, the most apparent thing is the nub attached to Mortimer's elbow, wrapped up in bandages all the way up to the shoulder, and a large bandage against his left cheek and wrapped around his head. He's wearing a typical hospital gown, and one could say that if not for the missing half of his arm, he's a bit less beaten up than Dutch, and awake, staring off at the TV with a distant look in his eyes. He's watching a random movie that he's not really paying attention to, volume turned mostly down.

His good arm is strapped to the bed, as well as his feet; for some reason they didn't use cuffs.

When she found out out about what happened the night before Cassidy had been furious. Furious at Coren going over to the Island without her… and Dutch for being an idiot and taking the challenge and getting hurt. As soon as she was able she had rushed to the hospital, headache and upset stomach aside. Nothing like being hung over.

She knew she should of gone to see Dutch first, but she also knew Coren wouldn't let her see Mortimer. So, she arrives at the madman's room first. Flashing her badge at the officers and telling the doctors that she's going in anyhow, she finds herself standing just inside the door. Her expression is neutral as she studies him noting his arm. There is a part of her that is mad at her partner and the ATF agent cause Mort was still breathing. However, at the same time she can't help but feel bad for the poor bastard. She doesn't move from the in front of the door. "Well, I see your still alive." Her tone holds no emotion.

"You're…" Mortimer looks over at her, his face softer, no longer holding the edge or cockiness that he normally has. "Gwen?" he asks, eyes hazy as if she were someone else, but lighting up the way they did when he first saw her. "Everything's so hazy, I keep remembering these horrible killings, my arm's gone. Oh god, it's so horrible, and they won't let me out. Gwen, please tell me my mom is gonna get here and straighten this out…"

Cassidy's brows shoot up high on her head. "Gwen?" She says in surprise. "Boy, you did hit your head hard." She finally decides to move away from the door, grabbing a chair and pulling it to where she can sit. But she sits out of his reach. She sighs softly, considering him. "Sorry to tell you, Mortimer. I'm not your Gwen. I'm Detective Cassidy. You told me I looked like some girl.." She decides to leave out the part for now that he broke into her place.. "… must be her." She gives a small shrug.

"Oh god, where's Gwen, where's my family?" Mortimer asks, sounding more like some prep school guy than a violent criminal, and the crazy thing is, he's sincere. "This isn't fair, and I feel so sick to my stomach with these images in my head. Wait, I remember, you're a cop, yeah. You look like Gwen, beautiful…" He sighs, trying to relax, laying his head back with his eyes closed. "I did something horrible, didn't I? I felt myself changing, losing myself, while my father was using me to write his book. I finally changed, didn't I?"

Eyes narrow at the man in the bed, Cassidy's gut is telling her he's honest. "Well… yes. You did, Mr….." She pauses thoughtful. "I don't think I ever got your last name when we met." Dropping back into her seat, she rubs a hand across her mouth thoughtfully. "Okay look.. I won't beat around the bush. I know nothing of what happened to you in the past, but I am more then willing to listen." Fingernails tap softly on the arm of the chair. "You've done a lot of bad things, yes.. Killed people.. hurt people.. Broke into my apartment…" Scared the living daylights out of her. "..And did something funky with my locks. So if that wasn't you before, then yes…. you finally changed."

"Mortimer Jack." He looks away in apparent shame, closing his eyes. "I think I'm gonna be sick. Just, don't look at me; if I hurt you I just, god, I'm sorry…" His hand tightens into a pained fist, apparently not taking the news very well. "I don't know, I just, I started seeing things, harmless things at first, and my father noticed. He said he wanted to write some kind of book about it, he'd tell me things using his psychology skill I guess, and the things I saw just got worse and worse. I was scared sometimes, and I don't know, I guess, after a while, it just got hazy, I was lost by the time he finished his book. Oh god, I scared Gwen, she ran away…" He looks up at the ceiling, eyes tight as tears stream down his cheeks. "Gwen's gone, she left…"

No damn it.. Don't feel sorry for him. Cassidy silently curses herself, as she can't help but feel some sympathy. She pulls her handy dandy note book, to write a few notes in. While she tries to keep her face neutral, her tone softens a bit. "Lucky for you, you didn't hurt me.. though I've seen much more of you then I ever wanted too." Her pen moving across the paper. "Don't know if it was because of this Gwen person, but you didn't." Why the hell is she trying to reassure this madman.

Mortimer finally opens his eyes and looks at her, his expression almost exhausted, so many things running through his mind at the moment. "If I did all this stuff, I'm going to jail for the rest of my life, I might get the chair. I feel like I just woke up into a nightmare." He takes a deep breath, locking eyes with her. "What do I do?"

Cassidy's expression is one of total shock. How does one answer such a question. "I…." Her mouth snaps shut and she has to look away. "I'm not sure, Mr. Jack." She finally says softly, eyes dropping to the notebook in her hands. A hand lifts to rub against her forehead, her headache worsening, her stomach wanting to protest as well. She looks turns her gaze back to him. "Best I can recommend is get a shrink to declare temporary insanity…" She voice trails off and she rises to her feet. "Not sure what will happen beyond that, to be honest. I want to tell you, everything will be alright." And she does, honestly. "But… " She spreads her hands a bit in a hopeless gesture.

"What about you?" Mortimer asks, with a look that's just begging her to stay. "You're," He swallows hard, taking a deep breath as his fingers wiggle, almost wanting to reach out. "You're not coming back, are you?" he asks with a helplessness to his tone.

Cassidy closes her eyes and tilts her head back towards the ceiling, her expression almost pained. Say no… you should say no…. Instead she says. "I… " She pauses sighing and looking back down at him again. Say NO… "… don't know." She knows she's an idiot for not saying No.. but… Something is telling her something has changed and she's curious about it. "You can't blame me Mortimer." She suddenly feels a flash of anger. He should remember what he did.. "You broke into my Apartment. You showered in my tub…. You were NAKED in my shower. You had a pretty nasty weapon leveled at me. Do you know all of what I thought you were going to do?" She struggles to keep her tone quiet and level. Her vision blurs a little as the tears she hasn't shed threaten to fall. Before she thinks she says in a fierce whisper. "How dare you get to forget."

Mortimer groans when she starts describing everything he's done, eyes closing tightly in a pained wince. Memories flooding again. "Oh god, I remember, I, I had a gun. I, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, I didn't think I would scare you. What was wrong wtih me…" He sighs, taking a deep breath, then says, "I can't expect you to stay. Maybe jail is where I belong. I'm sorry, I just, I don't know how to apologize, I don't know how to make up for it, I'm confused…""

Cassidy stands at the foot of the bed and watches him, feeling a touch guilty about what she just said, but also a cruel part of her is glad to see him suffer. "Well… you did." Her tone coming across as cruel as her thoughts. She shakes her head slowly, pressing fingers of one hand to her forehead. "I don't know what to think about all this." She takes a step back, suddenly looking ill. "I need to go. I need to think… " I need to go throw up. She turns away making haste to the door of the room.

"I'm sorry. Please, if you decide to come back, just, I'll do anything to make up for what I did to you." Mortimer insists, before finally relaxing and closing his eyes again, not making an effort to stop her this time. "Just remember that I wasn't gonna hurt you…"

No words are spoken this time, Cassidy hurries out the door letting it shut behind her. She heard what he said. Leaning back against the door, ignoring the looks from the guarding officers, she takes a few breaths to try to calm her nerves and her stomach. She's confused, she's angry… she just deep down knows he means it. "Dammit Cassidy." She whispers softly to herself as she turns to head down the hall. She wipes at the tear that slides down her cheek. Will she be back?

Yes, Dammit.. She will.

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