I Will Find You


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Scene Title I Will Find You
Synopsis Though their relationship has run the gamut, this one thing holds true…
Date January 27, 2009

Trask's Apartment

She's been spending as much time with Norton as she can, between the bombs on the bridges and getting ready for the assault on Wednesday. Once he was healed, he was nearly as busy as she, though. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday she requested off from work, and one the first things she does is go looking for her father. Another of those first things? Locate Norton. A phone call later, she shows up at his apartment, bearing a small bag when she lets herself in. "Norton? Where are you?" she calls as she does it.

Trask comes out of the bedroom, leaning on his cane, he checks to see if she is alone, then straigtens up and smiles.

Elisabeth locks the door behind her and grins at him. "It's totally lame that you have to pretend for the next six or eight weeks, you realize." Shaking her head, setting the bag on the counter, and then removing her jacket, Liz just studies him. "Probably good. Gives you the time to help out with tomorrow without the distraction of work time or having to dodge your boss." When she looks at him, her blue eyes are clear if concerned. "You about ready for all this?" He *has* been out of commission for a bit, after all.

Trask nods, "It's lame, that I have to pretend to be Lame?" He chuckles softly, and comes over to put his arms around you tenderly.

Elisabeth slides both her arms around his waist and buries her face against his chest. "Yeah," she murmurs. She's been getting more and more stressed about it. She told him about the training session with Conrad on muffling gunshots! "Darius knows what I'm doing. I took the day off work, obviously, and Darius is going to keep his eyes open to help cover me until I can get back to the precinct after all hell breaks loose." She looks up at him. "You know I'm gonna have to duck back there — I wouldn't *not* head in immediately from a day off with the magnitude of the reports that'll probably come in. Gunfire all over town and God knows what else… earthquakes and such." She smirks slightly. "Of course, if we *lose*… I guess all those preparations are moot."

Trask smiles, "Well I at least have an excuse not to come in, I would be more in the way then anything else." He sighs softly, "Liz I want you to be careful out there."

Elisabeth grins a bit. "Oh, that's pretty much a given… except that I'm leading a team of people into a freakin' war and I've got no experience whatsoever." She blows out a breath. "I'm scared to death, you know."

Trask says, "If your not scared, thats when you should be. War is dangerous, but keep your head about you, and don't let it overwhelm you, and you will do fine."

Studying his face, Elisabeth asks quietly, "If I hadn't demanded to be brought in… if I'd gone back to the force and I was just going to be out there now… what would you do? Would you have let me go into this blind?"

Trask says, "No….I wouldn't. I would have warned you, even if it meant going to jail, even if it meant possibly compromising the whole operation."

Elisabeth reaches up and puts her hands around his face, bringing him down for a searing kiss. "For God's sake, you be careful out there," she whispers against his lips.

Trask smiles softly, "I will, I'll come back, you can count on that, no matter what it takes."

Elisabeth meets his eyes, hers now clouded with worry and the only tears that have escaped her control this week. "You promise me." Yeah… she knows he can't promise it. And maybe the words, if he does say them, will be empty. But she needs to hear it.

Trask's eyes catch hers, the words aren't empty. "I promise you, no matter what, I will come back, I will find you, and we will be together again."

There's a small nod and she slides her arms around his neck again. "So… you gonna keep playing nice-guy Norton with me, even now at the end of the world?"

Trask says, "Oh? You don't like nice guy Norton?"

With a small shrug, Liz admits softly, "He's sort of the reason I keep balking at getting involved with you as more than my best friend, you know." She doesn't flinch from his gaze. Though she's never said as much before, maybe it's time to just be straight. Maybe she should have done it long ago, like when their dating relationship started. "You're always so sweet to me, so nice, so gentle… I always feel like I'm going to steamroll right over you. You don't fight with me much, and that you're gonna let me push you around and call all the shots in our relationship." She smiles softly.

Trask smiles softly, "You think I will let you walk all over me, even if I don't want you too?" He touches her cheek, "Your afraid I can't stand up for myself, because I Don't argue with you enough?"

"Yeah… something like that," Elisabeth admits. "Sounds stupid, doesn't it?" She turns her cheek into the touch, closing her eyes. "Well, that and the fact that you stick with me even though you know I'm not anything approaching ready to commit to anything permanent." Except… hasn't she already? She's promised him forever, even if it's just as his friend.

Trask closes his own eyes and leans in, he kisses her, hard and hungry, no hesitation, no timidity, just strong, demanding and passionate.

Elisabeth returns the kiss heatedly, her hands once more sliding forward to cradle his face. He'll taste the salt any moment now, some of those fears escaping with tears.

Trask's hands explore her, tenderly, caressing, but not fearing to go anywhere in the next few moments, slowly, regretfully, he breaks the kiss and looks her in the eyes, "I don't agree with you, I will let you know. I will never let you walk all over me, unless I am ok with it. I will stand up for myself, when I think it is nessacary. Don't take being of the same mind for submission."

Elisabeth looks up when he pulls away, and then she smiles, admitting the worst of her fears to him. "Mostly, I think I'm just afraid of not being what you need. I'm not exactly good with the relationships, and I'm pretty sure I'll hurt you." But she looks at him. "So if you're so sure of me, why haven't you taken me up on those invitations I've been offering?"

Trask takes a deep breath. "Because… I sense your not as sure as I am, and because I don't want to lose you, or drive you away."

Elisabeth tilts her head and says, "Well, that's not going to happen. Even if we screw it all up." There's a faint smile. "So…. here at the end of the world, you're still going to be the nice guy and not take the chance."

Trask says, "I didn't say that." He pulls her to him again, but this time he back her against the wall and preses himself against her, kissing hungrily, needfully.


Trask holds you in his arms, stroking your hair and just lying there under the covers.

With her head resting on his shoulder and one leg thrown over his, Elisabeth is quiet. The afternoon's been something of a surprise. "I should take a personal day and hide out with you more often," she finally offers, looking up with a faint grin. The stress that's been so evident in her features is at least momentarily erased.

Trask smiles softly, and strokes your cheek, "I wouldn't mind every day. But then you have to work for a living, I don't."

Elisabeth chuckles quietly, burying her face against his throat. "Well, not right now, you don't. All wounded in the line of duty and whatnot." She leans back just enough to look up at him, grinning a bit. "And who knew you'd have a handcuff kink going on?"

Trask says, "Well…you were all afraid I was going to be too submissive, so I figured I would put on my authority face."

Trask winks.

Elisabeth chuckles at him softly. "Your authority face, that's what we're callin' it, huh?" She giggles again, and then looks at him more seriously. "Tomorrow's going to suck."

Trask nods, and looks at her, "It is. " He sighs, "I love you Liz"

Elisabeth reaches up now to touch his face and nods slowly. "Yeah…. I know you do." Her smile's a little sad. "And in spite of the excuses I gave about worrying about you not standing up for yourself? I love you too… and I worry more that I'm not what you need in your life. That I'm going to do things that you don't like or that hurt you, even though you *know* all my bad habits already… I already tried to change for you, and that didn't go so good. So…" She sighs softly. "Now I have to trust that you're grown-up enough to realize that I'm just who I am, and if you love me anyway…. then I think I'm pretty damn lucky."

Trask says, "I know you are not an angel, not a person to put on a pedestel, and I don't care….I love you, not an image of you."

Elisabeth scoots a little, rolling to kiss him tenderly. "The one thing you don't ever have to worry about is how I feel about you. No matter what else I do, I love you. I may never be ready to do the whole marriage and family thing, but never, ever doubt that."

Trask says, "I am not asking you to marry me. I am not asking you for kids. I know you are…hesistant to get close to anyone, and I know you don't want to commit. That is why I will never break my promise. I will come back for you no matter what or who I have to go through to do so."

That makes her smile at him. Maybe it's the impending sense of doom or maybe he's having a moment of deja vu there. She'll wonder about that after everything goes down — if he had some inkling of his own mortality. Right now, though, Elisabeth says softly, "I'm holding you to it."

Trask kisses her, softly, tenderly, lovingly, a long lingering kiss.

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