I Wish He'd Leave A Villain Monologue


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Scene Title I Wish He'd Leave A Villain Monologue
Synopsis A day after a heinous murder, Audrey, Cooper and the fresh eyes that is Jane Pak, are going over the case to figure out who dunit and are left more confused than before when some things, just don't add up.
Date March 19, 2011

Hotel Suite, Maryland Virginia

A nice hotel suite fit for three agents of the Government & law.

Tests, take time. Doesn't matter how much you ride the people doing them, call in favours or flash badges, some still take time. At least not as long as some others take.

The timeline went something like this. On the evening of the 17th or early morning of the 18th, Jeffery Nesbitt was murdered. The only registered evolved student at UNited States Naval Academy, recently in the news for being such. He was discovered in the morning, by others in the dorm and authorities were called.

That the head was tampered with or in this case, sawed open and brain removed meant that it bypassed any local authorities, or naval authorities and landed straight on the desk of Audrey Hanson and Thomas Cooper. Jane was here - her ticket paid for out of Audrey's pocket - because she was former military and could help Audrey navigate the tricky social mores that might otherwise impede the investigation between the DHS and everyone else. That and she was a fresh set of eyes. Hotel rooms checked into, checking in with the local DHS office in Richmond, everyone was off to work, get as much accomplished in a small amount of time that they had to be out here.

Cooper had immediately been sent off to talk with the roommate while Audrey and Jane went off in search of the scene, and of any immediate evidence. To see if, yes indeed, it was a sylar-esque killing and not someone trying to cover it up or someone getting information wrong. Start working the locals who had secured the scene, play nice with people and not snap off people's heads in the process.

That was the 18th, it had carried on into the 19th, working phones, pleading, begging, playing nice, talking to people in rooms and then seeking out one another..

"Cooper!" Audrey's bellow from the sitting area of the suite in the hotel they had checked into. laptops up, phones out, guns in holsters hanging out and the smell of indian freshly arrived. "Get off the phone cooper, dinner is here. get it before Pak eats it all" She's tapping away at her computer, checking her blackberry, then back to her computer.

"I take offense to that remark, Hanson," Jane says as she strips off her crime scene gloves as tosses them into the little waste basket. She does love getting to wear those gloves. "I would, at least, save some for Cooper." And after a day of chatting with the military folk and searching a Sylar-esque scene, she's all too glad to flop herself into a chair, letting out a heavy sigh.

"When we get back to New York, we should do massages again. We'll take Coop with us this time! He can have the scary Russian lady with the big hands," she adds with a smirk as she grabs some food for herself and peeeeks over Audrey's shoulder.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"No honey… Al isn't suppose to have corn chips." Cooper has been talking to his little girl for some time, having ducked into the bathroom for a touch of privacy. He's been calling her much more often since the virus crossed boundries. "He's into raw veggies and food pellets. Daddy has to go now." There is a pause, in fact he even stops walking towards the ladies.

Then he grimaces. "Okay. Just… remember what we talked about. Be careful out there. No getting sick before the summer." He nods. "Alright love you baby." Cooper snaps the phone shut with a relieved sigh. Teenage girls…

"She's into a guy at school named 'Biggie'." He looks at the phone in his hand with a 'really?' look. "I really hope he's just really tall."

He moves to drop into a chair that has his suit jacket draped over the back. "So what are we eating that I might not want to know what it's made of… and or will have me spending many unpleasant hours on the toilet regretting eating it." Cooper glances at both women expectantly.

"Last person I knew named Biggie was a fat rapper and he died. Suspiciously, I think" Audrey leans to the side to let Jane see the screenof her desktop, the link to her desk back in new York, checking in on things that have come through. "It's all tame, tailored to your stomach except for the big container, that's for Pak and I" They like their food hot, some sort of female machismo going on between them. "When we get back, Cooper can pay for them, maybe we'll invite daisy. Daisy seems like she could use some relaxing too" Which is to say no, Adurey won't drag daisy along, it's just to tease Cooper.

"You can rest assured that if they make a vaccine Cooper, you'll be one of the first to get it and I'm sure you can wrangle one for your daughter" On the screen, secured connection that it is - unless your a technopath - the trickle of test reports are coming in. Hard copies will be in the next morning, with others still to come as they're done. "You get anything from the roommate other than 'I saw nothing, I swear' and did we evo test the roommate?" She wouldn't put it past the roommate to be sylar in disguise. He'd done it too many time, many incarnations of him.

"Don't worry, Dad," Jane says with plenty of amusement, "It's probably just his gangsta name." That box of food is eyed. It's a fierce and longstanding competition, in the spirit of the great beer chugging contests of the past. Who can take the most?

But she looks back to the others, a little more serious as talk turns to the case at hand. "If the roommate saw anything, there'd be no more roommate, I'd guess."

"Fat good it would do if she got sick before they find one." Cooper comments rather blandly, peeking into containers. He steers far from their foods, a glance going to Pak. Something she says has him quickly saying, "I know his name… I'm running it." Hello paranoid daddy.

"Yeah, tested him." He selects something he isn't sure what it is, but it smells good. He takes a test bite before adding. "He's negative for the gene. He's plain ol' human. Which might be why he lived to tell the tale." He says that in an ominous manner, before digging in.

By the way… he's ignoring that Daisy bit.

"True. But I was thinking more along the lines of the bastard playing at being the roommate and not having seen anything. It is part of his repertoire" He imitated Jane, He's imitated his girlfriend before. More times than she cares to acknowledge, he's been someone else. The perils of being someone who has shapeshifting in their hand. "Pak, what was Nesbitt's power again? What exactly did it do?" She's stepping away from her computer, nothing up there that Pak can't see. "What'd they get on the little bone fragment? They get us DNA yet?" So they know whether they're dealing with daddy or son in this never ending production of cat and mouse.

"School's ending soon Thomas. Soon as it's over, send her off. Send her to like… France or some place else where she's away from the possibility of catching it, with her mother. That way you'll know she's safe. I'll help you fund it if you need to"

Jane can't help but laugh, her head shaking some. "Oh, this could be fun. We could show up at his doorstep, badges, guns, sunglasses…" They are part of the official Fed gear, after all. But, her attention turns back to Audrey and she reaches for her drink as she lifts a shoulder, "Flesh manipulation. Tier one. But still, sounds like a power we don't want Sylar running around with. Could get pretty gross. As far as the DNA, you're going to have to give the lab a little time."

The offer seems to surprise Cooper a bit, brows tick up and he seems to pause mid chew. Like he isn't sure he heard her right. Maybe his chewing had him hearing things. "I'll… think on that." It's murmured, before listening to the case info. "Flesh…" he trails off and then shakes his head.

The mental images will stick with him for awhile. "I think I can agree we don't want him playing with that power. Was it self or others…. maybe both?" Cause one would be even worse then the other, even if one is bad enough.

"No ash, so the odds of it being his dad is pretty low. Which is a good thing" there's a kitchen in this suite and with it, comes plates and forks, knives. "And they can get cracking on the DNA. I want it now, not five days from now."She won't participate in showing up on doorsteps with badges and glasses, using her influence in such ways hinges on another suspension if she did. But if Cooper did, who was she to tattle.

'Lets start with the roommate. Obviously, he's not evolved, therefore he's not a target. What was he able to tell us at all, cooper, about what happened that night." She's back to the table, claiming her seat and letting Jane dish out their food.

"We also need to think up how this could be faked up. Someone copycatting with or without an ability. And we need to talk to the ME, I think. See what impressions didn't make it into the autopsy. I imaging you have the other Sylar case reports committed to memory, huh?" It's just a little tease. Jane pauses there, because she wants to actually eat. That she can do that while talking about a Sylar murder and a flesh manipulator speaks of how iron her stomach is by now.

"Crack the whip Pak. Those lab guys would probably find it pretty hot." Cooper points out, even if he's not quite clear on which team she plays for… or if it's both… "Just a thought." It's followed with a toothy grin.

"Anyhow." He glances at Audrey and gives a little shrug. "Roommate. Knew nothing. Swears he was sleeping and didn't hear anything." Which Cooper finds a touch odd. "Not that we know everything Sylar… or whoever it is… has in their Swiss army knife of abilities. Coulda put the guy under good. Either way, he woke up, found him there and called it in." He gives a little flick of his fork. "Asked it every which way and same story."

A pad of paper is picked up, taken, dividing it down the middle, then once again. Three columns. One labeled Samuel, one sylar and one.. well, Sylar II. The Epstien redux's nickname. "It's not Daddy, can't be him, unless he's discovered a new method of travel that doesn't leave ash" And that's noted under his column. "Illusion, we know both the others have it. Pak, what'd surveillance catch, anything out of the ordinary? Any of the known faces?"

"Don't tempt me, Cooper. it would only distract them and then Hanson would get on my case and then I'd be forced to start a fight and they'd only get more distracted…" It's a hard life. And it seems Jane has no intentions of clearing up what team she bats for. It's part of her mystique!

"Nothing on the cameras. Everyone who went in or out belonged there. Which doesn't rule him out with the shapeshifting thing, but nothing looked off, anyway." Jane gives her a little shrug. It couldn't be that easy.

There is a lopsided smirk for Pak, but Thomas doesn't say anymore falling quiet for the moment, concentrating on words and the taste and texture of his food. He does have to pull a small annoying bit of cartilage out of his mouth.

"So… right now we have to wait on that DNA and hope and pray." He wipes fingers on a napkin and sits back with a sigh, tongue checking teeth for bits of food. "Like it always seems." Cooper gives Audrey an glance, giving her a bit of a smile, but there is no humor in it.

"Could have turned the kid blind, if it's our original Sylar and not our dopple. We haven't seen hide nor hair of the one who was impersonating Jennifer Childs" Disappeared into thin air and hadn't been seen yet. "His illusion was good enough to fool everyone at the gala, including me, so stands to reason that he came in appearing as someone that they knew. Did you ask the kid if they had any visitors to the dorm room earlier? Could his illusion turns him… invisible to anyone? "

She's writing down illusion under both other columns, blindness under Gabriel's. 'Though the kid can see fine, and that doens't account for not hearing anything, for anyone not hearing anything. You don't just saw off a skull and not have the person scream" Audrey lets out a frustrated huff.

"Check if there's anything back from autopsy yet will you cooper" Grabbing some food finally so that she can start chowing down with the efficiency that Jane likely hasn't seen since her days in the military dining halls. "What other abilities does he have, that can explain this? That he can get away with this under someone elses nose"

"Memory manipulation? Telepathy? Maybe the roomie did see something, but the killer erased it. Sound manipulation… how many powers can he use at once? Do we know? Is there even a limit?" Jane tilts her head some as she looks at the columns, huffing a little bit. "The real trouble is we really just don't know what he could have picked up over time."

"Pain or nerve manipulation." Cooper adds his two cents as he pushes to his feet, hand already digging out his cellphone to do as asked. "Sleep… whatever that would be called." He waves a bit of a dismissive hand and paces away while thumbing through numbers.

"Hello? Special Agent Thomas Cooper calling about the Nesbitt autopsy…" Cooper moves away a little further so that he can hear and let the girls talk.

"Memory… manipulation…." That, actually makes sense. Audrey is scribbling again, a note to check for any missing persons cases involving anyone who is a registered evolved with a memory ability, in any way. "That seems to be, frankly the most straightforward. Why he can't remember anything. Either there was nothing to remember, senses dulled or… it was simply erased."

Cooper is on the phone, a glance from Audrey who's back at her keyboard, takaing away, one forefinger at a time. "He can use… any of them, and i believe a handful at a time. He's got an extensive collection that I know of, and each time I run into him, I swear that I'm adding another and another" She's checking through her email box, circling it like a shark for any information that might come in.

"Oh yeah, that's a good one. If the roomie was put to sleep for the festivities." Jane ticks over to Audrey, to watch her write it all down. "You know, his power is just cheating. All the years I've been working with Evolved, I never dealt with anything like him. No wonder he's fucking crazy."

"The head bothers me though. Seeing it. Daddy gray, the son, they're clean, smooth. Not just the plucking out of the brain, but the cutting of the skill, slicing through the skin. What I saw of it…" Wasn't so clean. But only information from the autopsy, from the experts would tell them exactly what was used. Scalpel? Evolved ability? knife, who knows. "Christ, I wish he'd leave a 'this is how I did it' Bond villain monologue sometimes, makes my life easier. Dear audrey, You know it was me, here's how i did it, you'll never catch me, but I'll throw you a bone."

"And why all the way out here to maryland? What we know, he's been sticking to NY area. I mean, he's gone across the country before but lately…" It's just been NY. "Could have been that he was on the news"

"Which is why I say, we can't focus only on Sylar. Copycats are a possibility. If the cut was rough, we might just have a regular old murder on our hands." Jane nods toward the columns, like maybe she needs a fourth, non-Sylar one. "Hey, if he every does that? We need to get the departments together and have a screening. Popcorn, some drinks— they'll all be red, of course…"

In the background Cooper is finishing up writing and murmuring a softly spoken thank you before hanging up. "Ah… guys?" Turning back, Cooper looks a touch disturbed. "They found something rather interesting." Eyes dont' leave the notebook as he gives them the run down, starting with the juicy bit first…

He just can't draw out the suspense.

"They found a needle of bone lodged in Nesbitt's skull. Examiner said and I quote 'It doesn't resemble human or even anything animal right off the bat." He looks up giving Audrey and odd look, seeing if she's trying to think like he is. Whatever used was a part of the killer maybe. Eww.

"DNA was extracted, but they said they can't make any sort of perfect match. Something about mitochondrial DNA not being like regular DNA… he lost me when he got into those words. More time needed for that. Tho' after I told him what you'd do if he slacked…" something to do with balls and a nutcracker "…he promised that he'd make sure it was a priority." He says it so dead pan it's hard to know if he's joking or not.

"Beyond that. Death was the head injury" fingers wiggle at his head "And there is bruising on chest and arms. Like he was pinned in place for a short time…" Cooper glances at Audrey. "Doesn't Daddy have an ability for that?" He looks at his notes and sighs. "Beyond that no other injuries."

"Both. Sylar has it. I think they all have it. Telekinesis. It's been something that Sylar's had since when I first got tossed on this case"

She perks up though, at the bruising. "It doesn't leave bruises though. For all that he's done it to me, it's never left a bruise when he's pinned me" SHe can't say that it rules out Daddy Gray, but Sylar, at least the origional, would use the TK. leaves his hands open to work.

"So wait, so.. there's a piece of bone. Foreign bone, not the victims, in his skull, and he had to have been pinned down. Any particular shape to the bruises? Like, done by hands, or… Anything else? They say what cut his head open or they still need time?"

Jane frowns at that, too, her brow furrowing for a moment before she offers, "…Bone generator? I worked with one of them in Iraq. He could shoot, like, bone darts out from under his fingernails. It was pretty gross, but pretty awesome. Or else… someone's got a weird… bone thing going on. I don't know, that bit is just weird."

Flipping back a page, he pale green eyes roam over what he wrote. "Here." He points, before reading. "It was sawed through by something serrated and edged, but didn't seem to take much effort. Oh! And it was arms, chest and top of his thighs. Missed that.

"Should also be noted it was a very very small needle of bone." Cooper flips closed his note book glancing between both ladies. "I wonder if a saw of bone could do that." It's only a half joke really. "That or he goes all Wolverine. The comic book guy, not the animal."

"wolverine, but with bone" Audrey rattles it off, same time as Cooper. Great minds think alike. "Lets look for any evolveds involving bone manipulation, that might have gone missing and just haven't surfaced. So that, and memory. It may be that Sylar's just spicing things up in our relationship, trying to keep me on my toes. Revisiting the good ol days. Isn't that all the rage lately? Going retro?"

Chest, arms, thigh. "He was held down.. sawed through, didn't take much… effort. So… someone strong. Like ginsu knife strong with the blade but… something happened and a little bit got left behind. Can you ask them, after we're done here, to take a look at the bruises. I want their guess as to whether they were made by hands, or if the person was perched or laying atop them."

She's making notes of this all. "The roommate should have heard this. This guy could not have gone quietly, at all." She's digging through a non food box, looking for the folder with the pictures of the scene, paricularly the blood. "No forced entry. Killed under the nose of a roommate. Not caught on serviellence, bruising where previously, the the traditional method of securing has never left any. Foreign bone matter that is neither human nor animal, But the brain was removed the traditional way"

"Can do." Cooper settles back in his chair again and stretches out his feet after picking up food again. He's eating like he's famished. Which is hard to believe with the way he shovels in the donuts. "Maybe more then one?" He asks after a moment of thoughtful chewing. "Person I mean. If it comes out to be hands… that's five or six points of contact.

"To me that says, it might might be copycat or Sylar had help. What about…" He takes another bite as he mulls over this next thing. "What if he had this guy help him?" After a moment he waves that away. "Never got the impression he was the type to do that. Not to mention the roommate was clean."

'The neighbours… heard…." Audrey flips through notes made about the incident by those who got there before them. "Scuffling and and struggle but no screaming or anything that didn't sound out of the ordinary for a dorm room" She glances over to Cooper, for a moment, she's running her tongue across the front of her teeth. "He's worked with his dad before. Hospital. Old man with some ability regarding disease, cancer. He protected his dad, copied an ability from the man, this was just after the…" You know. Apollo. She gives Jane that look, since the other woman has been read in but cooper wasn't.

We got no blood on the roommate, but blood all over the bed, some on the wall" She's tossing out the pictures. "Some on the carpet headed for the door, no footprints… there's got to be multiple abilities in play or multiple people." Or there's…

"Or he's got yet another clone out there, that I don't know about. He's made how many of himself? There's the original, there's the one who's imitated Epstein. There's the one that was living like Jennifer Childs… what's to say he's not made more of them?"

"Absolutely nothing. There could be a baseball team of them out there and how would we know? And with the shapeshifting, he could look like anyone. And even if we find one, if may not be the one that did this. It's very complicated, Hanson. And when you're retired, you should really write a book." Jane looks over at Cooper, nodding a bit, "Basically, it could be anything at this point. We just need to narrow down the possibilities. Unfortunately, we have to wait on that until we actually have all the facts."

"Well…" Cooper sits up again, dropping the food on the table yet again… "I'm going to go to the vending machines for a coke. You ladies want me to bring you something back? If this wasn't on the government dime, I'd ask if you want me to get something stronger." Lord knows he could use one with all this overwhelming information. "I don't even want to think of there being an Army of these guys out there."

"I'll never be allowed to write a book. Can you imagine the furor over this? This'll never see the light of day. As it is, we blame everything he does on his father, and we claim he's just a copy cat because people who not be happy if they knew that the Midtown man didn't in fact, die in Midtown and was very much alive and killing"

Which almost got blown with the Gala. Almost. They might still have it written off as a copy cat. But sooner or later, it's not going to happen. 'Okay, so we wait for DNA to come back, from the bone. We have DNA from Sylar at the gala, and from his dad, so hopefully we can elminate one or the other, then we can go from there. For now, all we can do it keep pouring over this, see if we can account for the bone ability, and… try to make heads or tails."

Audrey looks up from the folders and her computer. "Dr. Pepper. I want as many flavors in my drink as he has abilities up his ass"

"Move to a different country, then write a book," Jane says with a wink. "Otherwise, that's a good plan. We wait and see, then we'll figure this shit out." There's a firm nod there before she looks at Cooper again. "Lucky for you, I don't think you could handle taking the two of us out for drinks. Hanson has a hollow leg. And get me a coke!"

"More like you can't handle me." Cooper flashes a toothy grin. "I am a sentimental drunk… and like to sing." There is a wagging of brows before he grabs his coat off the chair. No need to spook the others in the hotel. "Asks Audrey. She's been drinking with me.

"I'll be right back. Don't solve the case without me." It's all sing songy as he shuffles out the door.

Of course, he knows that won't happen anytime soon if ever.

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