I Would Rather Eat Glass


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Scene Title I Would Rather Eat Glass
Synopsis Seriously — watching Harm's hormones go nuts is not a pretty thing.
Date June 9, 2011

Excelsior Hotel

Zipping the suit case closed, Phillip runs the metal tab all the way around the mouth of the black boarder. He then grabs the handle and pulls it from the bed and will carry it across the room, into the main room and then to the open door where a arched rolly cart awaits. The cart itself already contains 5 bags (two of which are hanging).

Phillip wears dress shoes, black slacks and a pressed white woven silk shirt. No buttons, but a pull over that has a slight v to the neck which hugs his chest and upper arms.

After depositing the case on the rolly cart, he checks his left arm for the time.

If there is one thing someone should fear, it is the irrational wrath of a pregnant woman. Even worse when that 5 month pregnant woman is radioactive, with a perchance for blasting first and asking questions later. She storms her way across town, over to the place where she knows Phillip has his office set up for now. This is a rather rare moment for Harmony. Very few people have actually seen the woman fuming or even remotely annoyed, but as the elevator doors open, a bit of a bright light beams from the exit, and out stomps Harmony, her jaw tight with fury, and her body glowing with a corona of light. She turns down the corridor and heads towards where the cart sits in the hallway, and a bell hop is moving to check on Phillip and his departure.

He looks over his shoulder at the glowing girl and his eyes widen just before Harmony reaches out with a hand and shoves him right out of the way. "Move. Fuckin' beat it." she demands and then she steps over to the door, similarly taking her hand to the card of luggage and pushing it over into the wall. The glow across her body dies down, and she clears her throat, standing in the doorway, kindly reaching up to lightly knock on the door.

Elisabeth caught that Harmony was storming out, but she couldn't get the other blonde to talk to her about it until they were halfway here. And by then, Liz was terrified for Phillip's frigging life. So she kept on going and trying to talk Harmony down. "What do you care if he's here personally, if the part in the movie is secure?" she demands for the umpteenth time. "Harmony, seriously!" She stays back in the hallway, out of the way of the cart and the bellhop… and back from the door. She does not want to be in the middle of this. "You've got to calm down. This kind of stress can bring on contractions or something!" she tries. And then Harmony turns all … quiet. Oh God, that's worse.

While opening the door, Phillip is already answering, "The flight leaves in 4 hours, plenty of.." then having opened and seeing who is out there he's a little confused at first seeing the two of them together, but then he smirks with a slight scoffing of his silent chuckle, "Figures you two would know each other. What can I do for either of you, now?"

"Stress? Calm down?" Harmony arches a brow, and looks over at Liz, "No, I'm beyond calm down. I can't believe he even— Are you serious Liz? He's just gonna bail just like— Ugh!" Yeah, Harmony is not happy, and she isn't exactly explaining herself. It could just be the hormones, but then again, she's probably been through situations like what Liz is going through now. She is normally patient, but Phillip is taking perhaps just a liiiiiitle longer than Harmony would like. "You know what?" Up goes Harmony's hand and Liz can already see the accelerated particles starting to charge up at her fingers. Clearly she intends to blast the door down.

Lucky for Phillip, he opens it a second later, which has the girl standing down, setting her hand to the side. But it is Phillip's demeanor that really lights her fuse. "Do for us now? How about stop me from nuclear fusing your head directly to your ass? I'm coming in.." she says and moves to push her way directly into Phillip's room, probably bumping past him.

Elisabeth's demeanor immediately shuts down on sight of Phillip himself. Her jaw clenches and she makes a futile effort to stop Harmony from barrelling past him, and then sighs wordlessly.

Phillip doesn't deny the entry and will gladly step to the side - however Harmony moves quicker than he does and will brush against him in her heated passing.

He'll watch her pass then look back to Liz still in the threshold. "Would you like to come in, Liz?" offered in a peaceful and welcoming demeanor.

As the pregnant girl gets a few steps into the hotel room, she whips around, her blond curls flinging over her shoulders, and then she stats in, setting her gaze of daggers directly at his throat. "Where do you get off, Phillip? Seriously.. I'm sure Liz isn't telling me the whole story, but it sounds to me like you're being a fucking pussy. That wasn't the kind of man that got me the part, and whatever you said or did to her? It's got her pretty upset. I've seen that kind of upset. I've been that kind of upset." She knows that state. It is the same state she was in when she heard that Cardinal probably isn't coming back. This… could be the root of her anger. She really never had the chance to vent about it. And now.. Well.. Phillip is her target.

"I thought you were gonna stick around and help me. And then I find out you're helping her and I think.. wow, he's a real stand up guy. But you take that all back just because what? She isn't the girl of your dreams? You fucking. Dick. I should—" she tightens her lips and grits her teeth, and the glow begins to return across her body.

"Considering how we left things, I'd rather eat glass," Elisabeth admits quietly. It would hurt her stomach less. "But I don't particularly want her to melt your brains to paste either, so…. thank you." She too can be civil. Her parents raised her well. And when she steps into the hotel room, she makes a point of giving the man plenty of space from her while muting Harmony to a dull roar — one that doesn't carry beyond the common area of the suite so that any shouting can be accomplished without everyone within three floors listening.

"Harmony!" Elisabeth interjects sternly. "This is not about what's going on between me and Phillip, and I'll thank you to stay right on out of my business. This is about your part and nothing else." She's embarrassed beyond belief that Harmony fired that salvo.

Phillip does not struggle with his emotional detachment. He's already gone through the five stages of grief/death, meditated on it, and has compartmentalized the remains. Burried them. Instead of being all downtrodden that his high school sweetheart was lost one more time, he approaches the moment with a business-like attitude.

Phillip does offer an Alannis Morissette grin with the Harmonic words of it being a free ride when you've already paid, "Well, isn't that ironic. The cornerstone of her heart not coming back." Then after a pause of reflection while closing the door behind Liz's entry, Phillip adds, "But you're right Harmony, you don't know the whole story. Though you should know, I've not retracted my resources to either of you. The way I'm to understand it from my assistant, Liz no longer desires any of my offers."

"No, Liz.." she looks at the woman. "It is about what is going on between you hand him, because you fucking matter! You might not know this, or realize it but you have people who trust you. I trust you. Who do you think I planned on having watch the kids when I have to be off dealing with the movie, or recording my music or something? I'm not gonna trust anyone with my children, save for Nate maybe, and he has his career going on." Harmony normally tells what is on her mind, the first thing that comes to her mind. However, this is often a better way to keep your most inner feelings from coming to the surface. Which, in times such as this, isn't exactly something, "Even with all of the stuff going on. Being under fire as you are, I still have faith they'll be alright with you. So yeah, excuse me if I need you to have it together!"

She isn't really firing on Liz, but she is at least giving her a bit more of an explanation as to why she might be upset. "This?" she gestures her hand over Liz, "Isn't having it together. You were holding your own at first, but then this? It's shutting you down. It's shutting you down the same way—" Well.. she won't repeat it, but surely Liz will catch what she means. "We stick together, Liz. When you're hurting, I hurt. And if I can fight whatever demons or use my explosive mouth to make things better for you, I'll do it. Which is why I'm here. Chicks before dicks." She shifts her eyes to give Phillip a dirty look up and down.

As Phillip explains things, Harmony arches a brow, "Your assistant?" Uh oh. Changing targets here. "Really?" Her jaw tightens, "So then I should be talking to her then, right? Kay." she suddenly going to storm into the room where she knew Phillip's desk is, "Where's her number? Is it in here? Her address. Call her, I wanna have words with her." starts opening drawers and looking for anything resembling a phonebook.

Her personal business is her personal business. But she's taken enough shit and feels personally guilty enough that somehow the communication got botched that his snark pisses her off. Elisabeth retorts sharply to Phillip, "You know what? Fuck you. That man pulled me through having a bullet through my brain and a year's worth of panic and anxiety attacks, and then absorbed a nuclear weapon and came back from the fucking dead for me. You don't like the way I live, that's your problem. I've never lied to you — specifically told you I didn't want a serious relationship but that I wouldn't play headgames with you. You're the one who didn't take me seriously. And fuck no, I won't take your resources — you offered and I accepted WELL before I went bed with your ass, but I refuse to allow you and that stuck-up bitch call me a whore. I don't want your fucking money."

Her attention shifts. "Harmony, the kids will be fine, you can count on that. Come hell, high water, or Armageddon, the kids will be fine. I swear it on my mother's life," Elisabeth says more gently. "Just deal with the situation with the movie and if that's not in jeopardy, we'll leave Phillip to his travel plans."

There's nothing personal of Phillip's left within the office or bedroom parts of the suite. His items have been packed up and on the rolly cart outside in the hallway. The only thing that might be of interest is next to the door laid onto the small table, his suit jacket.

Disengaged (casually watching Harmony's actions through the suite), Phillip let's Liz go on about her life experiences with little interest or empathy. His only response is, "Of course, what ever you say." in a dismissive tone.


A fist slams on the desk, attached to Harmony, "She called you what? Awhh.. I knew I should have slapped that bitch when I had the chance." Harmony shakes her head, and then her eyes cut up sharply, boaring into Phillip, "Phillip, where is she? Ya might wanna call her up and make her get her ass down here before I have to hunt her down, because believe me. It'll only get worse if I walk out this door, looking to hunt her head." She firmly pokes her finger down into the desk to accent her point and show that she really means business. "Energy builds, Phillip. It grows and grows and gets stronger, more intense the longer it compiles upon itself. Then once it's released, whatever it is pointed at has to deal with alllll that stored up power and I don't think she can handle my kinda firepower. So she might wanna face me while I'm still a ray gun as opposed to a rail cannon!"

She peers at Phillip's reply to Liz, narrowing her eyes, setting her jaw, and firmly glancing her tongue across her teeth, "You know what? No…" she says, and seems to calm down a bit, at least at Phillip, "You're right, Liz. I'll just deal with whatever business I have to conclude with Phillip. After I shut that cunt down and make sure yours or my name never leaves her lips in a negative way again."

She moves back from around the desk and walks firmly over to Phillip, getting almost in his face to where her extended belly is almost poking him, pointing a finger at him, "You're not going anywhere." she states with a bit of finality, "Cause I'm not done with you yet. So you might as well just unpack your little bags, get yourself settled in for a few days, and wait till I come back a little less pissed."

Elisabeth just sighs. She's been trying to talk Harmony down since they left the safehouse. It's not going well, and she knew that would just fuel the fire. "Look…." She infuses her voice with all of the subsonic influence that she can muster to calm Harmony. "~~Harmony. My personal issues are just that. He can think what he wants about me. I don't have to prove him right. Threatening a man who has already said he had no intention of taking the part away from you is probably not the best plan. You need to calm. down. This is just going to make things worse. Please?~~" She sounds weary and just beyond annoyed.

As Harmony approaches, Phillip remains firmly planted where he stands. Her heightened state of emotion and utter discourse has him viewing her as a potential actress in a heated emotional scene. He enjoys the expressions and strength of her presence (from an industry point of view).

A slight smile brings to the corner of his lips which is followed by a focus on the topic at hand. "I've some business to attend in LA. You're welcome to make an appointment when I return - in three days." He then addresses them both in his still dismissive tone, "Now if you ladies don't mind. I've a plane to catch."

Harmony's anger comes and goes, really. It is very very infrequent, so it tends to not last for too long, or is stuffed away to be brought out later, like a battery. So Liz does actually manages to get her to calm down a bit. "Alright, alright. Fine.. For now. I'll figure out how to deal with her later." At least she isn't firing off radiation anymore at this point. "But trust, she's got it comin'." And she means it.

She then turns to Phillip, "As for you. I'm coming with you. So you best make that flight for two, or catch a later one, because you've got company. We can talk on the plane." How is that for impulsive. But she's back to sounding her usual easy going self. Taking her hands to scritch and lift her hair up, and letting it fall back into place, "I was gonna go to Cali next week, because I have a thing or two to take care of down there. But I can bump that up to right now since I'm not really doing anything else."

Elisabeth rolls her eyes and just says, "Do what you want. You have my number, Harmony." She narrows her blue eyes on the pregnant woman. "Keep your hands off Tiff. Not kidding. She's a bitch, but she's looking out for him the way I'd look out for you." And then she pivots on a heel and heads for the door to leave Phillip to deal with the crazy pregnant girl. Not her problem.

Phillip raises an eyebrow at the asserting of Harmony into his travel plans. Then seeing how Liz is washing her hands of the situation, he remains silent - waiting for her absolute departure with only a glance in regard of that action.

Hey, Harmony wants to slap her for her own reasons. Liz's cause is just the icing on the cake for her. "Fine. I won't put my hands on her.." Harmony assures. Liz will just have to trust that there isn't a hidden agenda behind what Harmony says. After all, she could kick the girl, or just blast her. It wouldn't be putting her hands on her. But then again, hidden innuendo of that nature isn't really Harmony's style normally. "I'll call you when I get back. And I'll bring you something nice back!" she waves to Liz as she is heading down the hall.

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