Icarus Abides


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Scene Title Icarus Abides
Synopsis After a conversation with Alison, Zimmerman comes to the only other man on the inside he still can trust.
Date July 17, 2009

Pinehearst Headquarters, Laboratory level 3

Nearing midnight, Pinehearst Headquarters is as silent as a morgue. In the halls of the lower laboratory levels, no scientists remain in work, save for residents of the Pinehearst building. Those people go by a different name — prisoners. One such prisoner in particular, rolls his wheelchair across the tile floor towards the network room. Stopping by the door, Peter Petrelli raises his key card and swipes it through the magnetic lock, turning the lights from red to green.

Pushing the door open with the front of his chair, Peter wheels himself inside towards the humming white noise of server clusters and network towers. The door falls shut of its own accord with a soft click, just before peter begins wheeling between the tall racks of servers.

"Lewis?" Too quiet, the sound of the server clusters swallows Peter's words. "Lew— " A hand settling on Peter's shoulder causes the young man to bolt up straight in his chairm jerking to look around at the smiling old man standing behind him. Exhaling a sigh of relief, Peter hunches forward in his chair and presses his hand to his chest, swallowing dryly. "Don't— don't do that."

"I apologize," Lewis murmurs with a crooked smile, his hands winding around the handles at the back of Peter's chair, gently pushing him deeper into the network room. "Some things, old training and habits, they do not go easily." Peter's smile at Zimmerman's words is an awkward one, but one of appreciation for the grandfatherly old scientist.

"I take it since you're here, that something's changed?" Peter's dark eyes scan around the noisy room, watching as Lewis brings him into the center of the server farm beneath the noisy air-conditioning vent. There's a subtle nod the old man offers in response, circling around in front of Peter's wheelchair.

"Astute, like your mother." Zimmerman affords Peter a hesitant smile, knowing the love lost there. "I had a heart to heart with Alison Meier," his brows rise as if to imply imagine that. "She has come to what little senses she has left, and is on board with us." There's a sense of gravity to that statement, weight from the duty and obligation.

"Does she know where Mason and Jennifer are?" Peter keep his voice quiet, looking over his shoulder towards the door out, and then back to Zimmerman. The old man has moved, slightly, since Peter looked away, now standing with the glow of LEDs from one of the server clusters flickering behind him.

There's a shake of Lewis' head from side to side, his arms folded across his chest. "I have a feeling they're in another part of the facility we don't have access to. There is a way we can find out, though… but you're going to have to bear with me on this one, Peter." There's a narrowing of Peter's eyes, one dark brow rising in question of Zimmerman's words.

"He killed Gillian," Peter's brows lower, eeth clenching together as his hands grip the arm-rests of his chair tightly. "He tried to kill me, and he's been manipulating everyone around him. He's just as bad as my mother." The venom in Peter's words comes with a sharpness and anger that is unusual, a bitterness that serves as an edge to his usually soft-spoken demeanor.

"Your mother is not the monster you think she is, Peter. If you understood the half of what she's been through…" Swallowing quietly, Zimmerman lowers his head and closes his eyes. "I need you to trust me, Peter. If your friends are coming here, on some quest to murder Arthur and bring Pinehearst down… we have to be able to act quickly. There's only one persn who can help us get to the lower levels of the facility, I'm afraid."

Dark brows furrow together, and Peter tilts his head to the side, eyes narrowed at Zimmerman. "Who?" At the question, a shadow moves into the shaft of light from the air-conditioner vent, a broad and darkfigure that ambles up behind Zimmerman, and when the light catches his face at such a high angle, it only takes Peter a moment to recognize the sad eyes and downturned lips of the man who now stands at Zimmerman's flank. His name is whispered in disbelief.

"Maury Parkman?"

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