Idle Conversations


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Scene Title Idle Conversations
Synopsis Following the delivery of some of Quinn's goods to her new home, she and Elaine hang out for a little bit/
Date June 23, 2010

Gun Hill: Magnes' Apartment

A lot of work goes into moving. However, with whatever they were working on mostly done, Elaine and Quinn had headed back to Magnes' apartment for a break—plus Elaine was bribing with the offer of hot cocoa with a dash of Baileys. Opening the door and peeking around, she doesn't notice Magnes. "Mm, he's probably asleep then. I can't imagine him being out right now, so.. we'll have to be quiet." She grins.

Following behind Elaine, Quinn has one of the many things she’d brought with her from her Brooklyn in hand – a red, small, slim bass, a replica of a late 60s model Gibson EB-0. She’d taken a good care in inspecting each of her precious instruments after Colette had taken the opportunity to drop one of them – Quinn hadn’t been mad, but it had prompted her to check on her things following the rather rough trip they’d had.

“Asleep? What a loser,” Quinn remarks, giving a wry grin at Elaine. “He’s always either asleep or in costume when I come by for something that isn’t practice. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s all he does.” She plops down on the couch with a thump, pulling her bass up into her lap and plucking the strings a few times.

"I can testify that it's not /all/ he does." Elaine waggles her eyebrows suggestively as she heads into the kitchen. "There are other things he does /quite/ well." There's the sound of chinking glasses. "He does work, too, you know. You'd be surprised at the amount of stuff he does. It's.. actually quite impressive. Don't tell him, but.. he's kinda intimidating. I wish I could keep up with and do /half/ the stuff he does."

Quinn snickers at Elaine’s suggestion, shaking her head. “Well, I figured that,” though to what she means exactly, she doesn’t clarify. “Intimidating? Why?” Quinn cocks her head to the side, a curious look on her face. “Trust me, doing so much work isn’t that incredible. I may be around a lot, but I’m still working two jobs m’self. It grating.”

Elaine adds the cocoa mix to cups, filling a kettle with water to heat. She pulls the Baileys from the fridge and then moves to go sit down while she waits for the hot water. "Well, he does work for the PR lady for the President, then he has like.. well, all this secret stuff he doesn't tell me about, and he goes around playin' hero all the time, plus on top of that he makes all these costumes and cooks like no man I've ever met. It's.. I dunno. Magnes is Magnes. Kinda hard to describe him otherwise.”

“I still can’t believe Magnes works for someone under the President,” Quinn remarks, a bit of disbelief in her voice as she shakes her head. “I guess he really is a lot more then the comic geek who likes play music and dress cute girls up in skimpy costumes,” she says with a wink at Elaine. “How’s that job y’ said you got goin’, by the by?”

"It's okay. Not sure if my boss likes me yet, which is always a bad sign, but we're supposed to go to lunch and talk about worky-things, so I'm sure it'll be fine later.. I /love/ the work, though.. I'm good at it and it's totally interesting. It's just sorta lame I can't really talk about it." Elaine hears the kettle go off and scurries into the kitchen to pour the hot water in, mixing the water into the mugs and stirring before adding the Baileys and topping with a marshmallow. She brings the steamy mugs over to the couch to sit down, then offers one to Quinn.

The pot is what wakes Magnes up, and he's scratching the back of his head as he walks out only wearing a pair of blue boxers. He's still rubbing his eyes, not noticing Quinn yet. "Elaine? Come to bed, I wanna work out all this stress from moving today."

“Can’t talk about it? That is lame!” Quinn’s face scrunches, and she shakes head. “That’s rather silly. Not workin’ for some spy or somethin’, are you?” She sticks out her tongue, and then reaches up to take the mug of cocoa. She eyes for a moment, taking a long sip of the drink. “Ah, that’s fantastic.” She remarks with a smile and a nod. “So, are you looking forward to Friday?” Quinn arches an eyebrow, presenting the question with no real segue.

When she hears Magnes, Quinn perks up, an eyebrow, and when he makes his comment, she begins to snicker, before bursting into full laughter. “What, with me right here?” She asks, hand over her mouth. “I’m not sure I’d totally mind, but at least get let me get prepared.”

Elaine looks to Quinn. "Legal documents and everything. I think it's cause it's some ancient stuff and if there's some big historical discovery the guy wants to be the first to spread it. Either that or he's a spy… he seems kinda mysterious. Very spy-type." She chuckles. "Friday.. yeah, that'll be fun. I'm not really sure what to wear. I mean, we're trying to raise money, so do I go beautiful or do I go sexy?" Then Magnes comes out. Elaine /giggles/. "Magnes, Quinn and I are having some hot cocoa. Would you like some?" She swats at Quinn playfully with a free hand.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sorry." Magnes quickly covers his front, then heads back into the room. "I'm just gonna put some pants on." he calls out, then closes the door behind him.

Quinn, still laughing, waves a hand dismissively at Magnes. “Oh, like I care,” she says through giggles, shaking her head in an attempt to compose herself. Another long sip of the cocoa does the job, a contented sigh following afterwards. She just smiles and shakes her head for a few moments, before looking back to Elaine. “Is he always like that? I’d kill for a girlfriend like that.” Another giggle, and an attempt to regain herself.

“Ah, yeah. I’m looking forward to it. A mix of excitement and dread. I get t’ show off in front of everyone, but…” She furrows her brow, and shrugs. “You never know who’s going to buy you, and with how I’ll be there, I doubt it’ll be some cute woman. I can hope, but the chances are against it.”

Elaine laughs, calling to the other room. "Sorry Magnes!" She looks back to Quinn. "Yeah, kinda. We're like bunnies. Except, on birth control." She chuckles. "I don't know, I think the thing should be fun. Sides, it's like an ego boost.. or a major let down. I mean, what if no one bids on me! That'd be the worst."

Magnes opens the door, wearing a pair of blue jeans now. "Wait, you're being auctioned at the charity?" he asks, a little surprised, walking out to sit back on the couch with a bit of a tired look. "I just hope whoever wins isn't a hot guy."

“Oops. She didn’t tell you?” Quinn gives a half frown. She shrugs, and looks back at Elaine. “Guess the cat’s out of the bag. Sorry ‘bout that.” She looks up at Magnes as he sits, and nods. “So ‘m I, and I even got Sable to agree to it. Everyone’s getting involved, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. You should get Sable to dress up in somthin’ appropriate for the venue. Got any gothy comic folks for her?”

Elaine scoffs. "What, you're not bidding?" She chuckles. "Well, I'll bid on you, Quinn, for sure, if they let me." She grins. "You're hoping for a cute girl anyways!" She glances to Magnes. "It /is/ for charity. I promise to be professional and slap the guy if he tries to get fresh, Magnes."

"Well… alright. And maybe I could dress Sable up as Nico Minoru, that wouldn't be too hard… I could search the comic shops for a Staff of One and everything." Magnes agrees, then stands up to start dragging himself back to the bedroom. "I'm gonna go back to sleep. You can both come if you get bored."

“Nico who?” Again, yet another comic reference goes right over Quinn’s head, so she just shrugs in turn. “Alright, night. You’re welcome to hang if you-“ A pause and a beat. “Wait, what?” There is audible disbelief in Quinn’s voice, followed by a snicker. “You know, I might enjoy parts ‘a that, but that’s all well and good for now.” Her gaze turns to Elaine, and she gives a playful wink. “No offense meant.”

Yeah, that one vaguely might have rang a bell, but it still goes flying over Elaine's head. She sips her cocoa at the most inopportune moment, nearly choking on it as she hears the words. "Did he just—" She takes the moment of shock, then just lets out a breath before she laughs, shaking her head a bit. "None taken. Although I can't say I'd be the loser in all of this…" She laughs. "Magnes J. Varlane, I can't believe you."

At that comment, Quinn simply chuckles, and shakes her head. A few responses of various amounts of lewdness come to mind, but she’s able to hold her tongue. “I suppose that’s my required dose of shock for the day, if nothing else.” Another sip of cocoa, and suddenly she decides she shouldn’t drink too much, lest it begins to sound like a good idea. “You’re the second cute girl t’ offer to bid and make sure I get- well, a cute girl. I feel loved.” A chuckle, and a shrug. “But really, I think it’ll be fun. I’m gettin’ dressed up too.”

"Well, I'll just have to outbid her then." Elaine chuckles, giving a bit of a nod. "Yeah? I'm just hoping I look decent. I think it'l be fun, but there's that little bit of me that wonders if anyone will bid on me just out of pity cause no one else is. I bet you'll look awesome."

Quinn smirks, and nods. “I sure hope so. Between th’ band, DJin’, heading the raffle, and the auction, I’m… going to be really visible.” Most people might be nervous at that, but Quinn seems perky and confident. And then Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “Well, I appreciate the gesture. But don’t blow th’ bank on me. You might see a hot guy y’ like. Maybe you can bring him with you and Magnes,” she says with a wink.

"Mm. I dunno about that. I think if I were gonna go about doing that… I'd rather have a chick. Who's into me, though." Elaine grins. "I guess I'm kinda selfish, huh?" She sips from her mug and glances towards the bedroom. "You'll get lots of people who'll be seeing you all night, so you'll get plenty of people scoping you out first. Maybe I'll go with a little black dress or something. I think I can pull off the classy look."

Quinn raises an eyebrow, flashing a mischievous grin. She slips over on the couch a bit, an arm wrapped around Elaine’s shoulder, and a finger pointed at her. “Selfish? You really think he’d call that selfish? He’d think you’re doing him a favour.” She laughs, loudly, and leans back over.

With that said, she looks Elaine up and down appraisingly, and then nods. “I’m not, you know, a fashion person or anything, but I think you’d pull off the classy look real well. Look right good doin’ it too, in some sort of… you know, slinky black dress, with a slit. Not one of those long, slutty slits, though.” She nods in confirmation.

Elaine laughs. "I just think it'd be selfish because everyone'd be into me but not really necessarily into each other.. so, y'know, I get the best of everything." She grins. "Although yeah, I still think Magnes would probably enjoy that." She snickers. "After all, he /did/ offer." A pause. "Y'think he was serious..?" Another pause, and she's back on the dress topic. "Yeah, the ones that kinda go up to maybe just above the knee as opposed to the slutty ones up to your thigh.. I've got long legs, so I think it might just work."

“I- don’t know. I almost kinda wanna find out, but- well, awkward.” The last part is said in an exaggerated, high pitched voice. “Besides I’d… feel really weird. I kinda have, like… a thing coming up, and I’d feel weird.” She laughs again, and shrugs. “Yeah! That’s exactly the kinda thing I’m thinking. With your hair straight and long, an’ some nice shoes with short heels….” Quinn trails off a moment, and then shakes her head. Maybe she needs to move on from both thoughts.

"I'll find out later. I promise. Just cause I think this'll bug me for a while if I don't know. I'm doomed if someone won't tell me something I wanna know." Elaine chuckles, and another glance is thrown back towards the bedroom. "I'll figure it out." She looks to Quinn. "Oh.. that's a good idea. I think I'll have to find some shoes, but.. I think something might work. Maybe something like a string of pearls?"

“Well, it is a goth club. Maybe a choker?” Granted, Quinn wouldn’t even know that fir if it hadn’t been for her recent shopping excursion. “Kinda like a mixed look. Classy, but gloomy.” Quinn smiles, appreciative of the thought, and again nods in confirmation.

"You're good at this, Quinn. You're quite the classy lady." Elaine grins. "I think you've figured my whole outfit out for me. I think if they do some sorta crazy talent thing or make us do something, I might sing in French. Sable kinda gave me that idea, wanted some song to be recorded or something. I dunno. She never got back to me about it.. but either way, it's kinda a classy song."

Quinn blushes a bit, taking a long sip of her drink in the hopes of hiding it- enough to finish it. Returned to the coffee table with a clink, she shrugs. “I’m-“ And she blushes a bit more. “Honestly, I’m just sayin’ what I’d think would look good, and a little bit I learned from someone recently. I’m actually kind of no good at that sort of thing.”

Quick, change the topic. Quinn shifts, looking at Elaine with a tilted head. “A song? Sable? Huh. She never said anything to me about it. I didn’t even know you could sing.” She sits back, smiling. “I’d ask to hear, but I’m afraid Magnes would get woken up and come out and demand due penance.” She snickers at the last part.

As Elaine tells her about the song she’s been asked to sing, Quinn just looks on with surprise. “That’s… interesting. I wonder what for.” She’d have to ask Sable about it later. “Eh, I’d still like to hear sometime. I like hearin’ what other people can do with music. I found out someone I knew could play the piano the other day, and she was so shocked when I asked to hear. I don’t get that, really.”

Elaine nods. "Well, I can sorta sing, and I play the violin. But.. that's about it." She states, but gives a nod. "Well, don't ask me. Sable just mentioned it, wanted to record it and everything. Not sure why.. but I dunno. She likes the song, I guess."

Quinn lights up considerably, eyes widening in excitement. “Elaine! Why didn’t you tell me you played violin? Or- or did I forget?” A pluck or two at her bass, and then she sets it to the side. “Oh, I’d love t’ play with you sometime, just for the heck of it.” And for the moment, Quinn’s completely forgotten about any other topic they had talked about since she got there.

"Took lessons as a kid. I just haven't picked it up in a while and the whole mentioning of it kinda got glossed over by everyone cause I'm not a drummer instead." Elaine laughs. "I'd play with you.. I just dunno that I'm that good. It's been.. years. I suppose if I can find me an instrument, I could always try."

“I- I’m real short on cash now, but I think as soon as I can, I’m finally getting an electric violin.” She smirks, leaning back in her seat. “I’d let you use my old, old acoustic then, if y’ want. We’ll have t’ get together when that happens.” A thoughtful look crosses her face, tilting her head. “I’m surprised Magnes never asked. He an’ Sable jumped when I said I played violin. Maybe you can fit in the band,” Quinn remarks with a smirk. “Or we could just teach you drums.”

"I'd be willing to learn. Although, I don't wanna be the Yoko that breaks everyone up cause I'm Magnes' girlfriend. Wouldn't want it to be awkward, y'know?" Elaine nods. "But I think that'd be pretty freaking awesome.. I'd like to be part of something like that."

“That’s a good point. I’m just surprised no one ever thought of it, we need one that bad.” Quinn shrugs, head tilting to the side as she yawns. “Aaaahh… maybe I should get headin’ on soon. Get the last bit of stuff packed up.” Another yawn, and she flops over on the couch, head on Elaine’s shoulder. “Driving sucks. The things I do for you people.”

Elaine leans her head in against Quinn's. "Yeah. Seriously. We owe you. Don't pack, though, get some sleep and pack tomorrow. Lotta stuff to do." She glances towards the bedroom. "Wanna know something funny? Second I go in there, despite the fact he's probably been sleeping this entire time, he'll wake up and I won't get any sleep." She grins. "But I should get in there anyways. Don't want him thinking I'm out here seducing you without him."

“Pssh. Like that thought bothers him. The moment he heard anything goin’ on, he’d… well, I don’t know, but I doubt he’d care.” She chuckles, sitting back up with that mischievous look on her face. “I half bet the door’s cracked or something just so he can hear.” She reaches up, playfully punching Elaine in the arm. “Go get ‘em. Maybe you can slip in unnoticed. Unless you don’t want to, that’s understandable.”

"Nah, no better way to end the evening." Elaine offers a wink, getting to her feet. "Night Quinn. You know where I'm at if you need some help unpacking in the near future, if not.. I'll see you on Friday."

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