Ids And IDs


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Scene Title Ids And IDs
Synopsis A last meal with Veronica, unknowing to her. Gifts are given and plots for vacations that will never come to pass are made.
Date June 17, 2009

Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant

On the surface, there is little about the Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant that seems unusual. The two-floor and upscale restaurant is one of the finest eateries in Chinatown, serving traditional Chinese cuisine alongside the more Americanized "Chinese Food". The restaurant's ground floor is an open-concept structure, with the majority of the tables and booths visible from the entrance. Much of the decour is themed with rich browns of stained wood framework around the large doorways, deep crimson carpets, and gold trimmed curtains that give the restaurant a dimly lit and intimate quality even during the day.

The restaurant's second floor is a balcony that overlooks the ground floor dining spaces, usually reserved for large parties and functions, it is often closed off by a velvet rope.

When the call came to meet Minea for lunch in Chinatown, Veronica was out wandering the streets. The cloudy day fits her stormy mood, if one is fond of pathetic fallacy. She needed out of the office, and far from her partner for the time being. She needed to be alone with her thoughts. She almost didn't answer the phone, but seeing it was Minea, she relented.

She heads to the restaurant, wondering why the Company agents all seem to favor Chinatown for lunchtime meetings, when it's not her favorite place for a few good reasons. She might be on a couple of Triad-members' shit lists for one. Bad memories for another.

She hasn't ordered yet, but sips from the obligatory tea the restaurant's waitress brought to her as she peruses a menu.

Oh but it Veronica knew exactly what restaurant she was sitting in, she might have even more heebie jeebies. Minea's being escorted to the table by someone, her purse and handled portfolio in hand. "Vee" The other agent offers up in greeting, slipping into her side of the booth. "Starving" Even though she looks out of sorts. " Not coming in rest of the week and next. Mother's going in for a biopsy, brothers can't be with her and, you, it's a girl thing"

"Interesting choice for lunch, Min. Sorry to hear about your mom; I hope she'll be okay," Vee says, glancing up at the other agent. Veronica looks a bit like crap herself — those lavender bruises under her eyes from hitting Curt (and thus herself) on the head still visible and looking a bit more livid against skin that's a touch pale for the other agent. Veronica picks up the teapot and pours a bit into the tiny little cup for Minea.

"Dinner's on me. I'm shoving Magnes at Carrie for the next week, but can you keep an eye on him? And on Lawrence? Make sure they're both okay?" There's a grateful look for the tea, she doesn't look as much like shit at Veronica does, just tired. "Sparring with someone?" A lift of her fingers towards the bruises"

"More like bashing my head against a brick wall," Vee says with amusement, setting down her menu. "Curt decided to prove to me that sometimes you gotta hurt yourself to get away, I think. Which meant punching him in the head. Unfortunately, I'm the one with the bruise," she points out. "Sure, I'll keep an eye on them. Like I could get away from Magnes anyway." She smirks a bit.

"Curt's a piece of work isn't he? Crotchety old man stuck in a young mans body. I got a few crows feet thanks to him" Minea grins, reaching behind to scratch at her neck. "I got something for you"

"Yeah, I try to stay ten feet away from him but he has no sense of personal space," Veronica says and tilts her head. "Something for me? What's up?" She glances at the portfolio that Minea carried in curiously.

A manila envelope slides out of the portfolio, slid across the table. "Two sets of ID's. Drivers license, passports, birth certificates, two sets with different names. There's also A Swiss account and the information you need to access it. There's some money in it, but not. All in there. Keep it some place safe that, come August, if you need to, and you'll know if you need it, you can get it and follow the direction in the little sealed envelope in there. Don't open that sealed envelope unless it's come down to it. Got it?" Minea watches, serious.

Leave it to Minea to take care of business. Veronica, after listening to April's rendition of the near future, of course thought about setting up something just in case but hasn't had the time, or more likely, hasn't had the attention span for such business. "Wow, Minea. You think it's going to go down bad? Or is this … just to be safe?" she says quietly, her brow furrowing as she takes the envelope.

"Just to be safe Vee. You never know in life. Might be something else entirely, or it might be. I got a set made for Magnes, I got a set for Lawrence and a set for Len. There's enough money in the accounts to get you all to Europe and to hide. British and American sets of ID's. I'd suggest, just in case, you start moving what money you can legally and tax wise. Your all good agents, and I don't wanna see you guys in jail or executed" The portfolio is put back down, her tea cup picked back up. "Ferryman will shuffle you out, and get you to safety, or a point of safety so that you can disappear"

"The ferrymen? I … aren't they not fans of us?" Veronica says, glancing up, confusion in her dark eyes. "I appreciate it, of course," she says as she picks up her tea cup and sips a bit more. "Make sure I have a contact for you. Your phone going to be on, when you're dealing with your Mom?" she asks. "And is there a contact for you somewhere in there, in the worst case scenario, so I can be sure if it goes down while you're out of town you made it out okay?"

"There's numbers in there. I'll have my blackberry with me" There's a moments pause before Minea grabs a pen, writing down another number. "If it's an emergency, call there. It's a number down at my parents. If I don't answer right away, means i'm with her and her test and I don't want to be disturbed."

Veronica nods. The waitress comes by to take their order, sensing a lull in the conversation. Veronica orders a couple of different entrees plus steamed rice. And a soda. Screw this tea stuff. "Thanks… It means a lot, that you took the time to do all this," she says, once the waitress takes Minea's order and hustles away.

"I'm not gonna get myself prepared and sit and watch innocent people take the fall for others.If it comes down to us not being able to stop the fall of the company. Magnet doesn't deserve it. Kid shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of the ones that came before him. Shit, kid still hasn't popped his cork with a woman. Kid should at least have that happen before he goes to jail right?"

"I hope you're not suggesting I 'pop his cork,'" Vee says with a bit of a chuckle that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "That kid's too nice to be my type. But yeah. I'd feel bad, since I recruited his ass. He hasn't even done anything for the place yet; he shouldn't have to deal with any of the fallout."

'God no. There's this girl, Delilah, that he's got the hots for. Well there's two of them, but I told him to stop thinking with his dick and putting every woman on a pedestal. Stop thinking so much and just do. There are times when just standing there and stuttering and looking is not the appropriate action"

Veronica nods. "Yep, he told me about her and about Xiu and about Abby and then asked me what I'd say if he asked on a date. I don't think he knows how not to like a girl, though he came up with a list of a few he's meant and doesn't want to date." She shakes her head. "Anyway. So you get to go from babysitting him to nursing your mom back to health… when do you get some you time?"

'When I die" Minea snorts. "I'm thinking I might ask for a week or so off next month. Maybe fly back out to France. Mind wipe.. Left me missing it, of all things. You think it would give me an aversion yes? But no. What about you hmm? You're due for a vacation too. You haven't taken time since… Kat"

"I don't know. Normally, it's easier not to, you know? Keeping busy keeps my mind off things that I shouldn't be thinking about. But maybe soon. If only to get away from Curt and save myself a few wrinkles, right?" Veronica says with a bit of a smirk. Their food arrives, so that takes their attention for a few moments, spooning out sticky rice and sharing the entrees. "I should visit my mother, but I haven't got the energy to deal with that. Easier to deal with chasing …" she waves her fingers to fill in the blank — time travelers, puppet men, whatever.

"Go to a spa. They have retreats you know. Not like we can't afford it. Just go and spend a weekend having like.. a carrot Juice colonic or something like that" Food, Even in her strange mood, Minea's diving into it, dishing out some for herself and getting a plate read to start nibbling.

"Um. No thanks on the colonic," Veronica says, wrinkling her nose at the thought. "Spa might be nice. I just feel so freaking fake at those places, with all the society wenches. I think maybe going surfing in Costa Rica or something's more my style." She begins to eat, though without a whole lot of enthusiasm. "Actually that sounds like a plan. Mom can deal without seeing me for another six months." She smirks.

"Surfing, in Costa Rica. God, that sounds great" Minea murmurs. "Here's to vacations and unwinding from all the stress of a homeland security job" Minea snerks at that, silently, inside, as she lifts her tea cup up to the other woman.

The younger agent lifts her glass of diet Coke and clinks it against the tea cup. "Hear, hear," she says with a smirk and takes a swallow of the sweet effervescent liquid. "Anyway, I hope all works out for you while you're away, Min. I'll miss you. You help keep me sane."

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