If It Makes You Happy


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Scene Title If It Makes You Happy
Synopsis Then why the hell are you so sad Magnes Varlane.
Date April 5, 2019


The Condom aisle, not an unheard of place to be in the evening, unless your name is Magnes J. Varlane. His experience: Bebe. His experience with actually buying the condoms: 0. So he finds himself with a cigarette in his mouth, staring at three boxes with exhausted confusion in the middle of the aisle. Ridged for her pleasure, extra large, and grape. "Don't they have a guide somewhere around here…" he asks in annoyance, and a low groan. All this just because of the possibility that Gillian might set him up.

This is so not the best place to run into Magnes J Varlane. The man who crushed on you, still has unrequited love for you. But it is. At the mouth of the isle that holds intimate items. She should just leave and come back another day. But she doesn't. "Magnes J Varlane. Just choose Ribbed and stop staring at the boxes" The southern twang from a while back. The creator of the casseroles that pop up on his desk and baked goods after his partners been to the blondes's house for dinner. "Give me a box while your at it"

There's a mild look of shock when he sees Abby on the aisle, releasing his boxes, which fall all the way up to the ceiling. "Shit." Magnes says as his look grows more annoyed, now at the ceiling-stuck boxes. "W-what are you doing here?" he asks, then suddenly covers his mouth. "Shit, I'm stuttering again."

"Same as everyone else Magnes. I'm buying stuff" A glance up a the boxes before she just walks past. Grab a box of what she was talking about and carries on down the isle. Not lingering, Magnes can deal with things on his own.

Magnes grabs a box of the ones she suggested, since Abby usually knows what she's talking about, then he walks after her. He apparently sucks at avoiding her, since he's following her now. "Well, I mean, shit. Did you get married again or something?" he asks, not being able to imagine her doing anything in any other situation. "And this is not what it looks like, I'm just, you know, being prepared, just in case."

"Better safe than sorry Magnes. Saves you a doctors appointment in the future" Abigail answers, heading for the diapers. She needs to stock up for Natalie. She's not bothering to hide her wedding ring, still on her finger. 'No Magnes, I didn't get remarried. I don't think I'll ever get remarried" Yes, that means Magnes, that she's having relations outside of marriage. She's a widow, those things happen. "Hows work? Any requests for casseroles?" Disney princess pull ups, into the basket, as well as some baby shampoo and Q-Tips.

"Not married…" Magnes' brain is likely breaking in so many ways right now, as evidenced by the box of condoms collapsing in on its own weight around his fingers. He just smiles though, happy, the complete opposite of bitter and/or jealous! "Oh, work, right, that's going fine. I caught an Evolved who makes mirror illusions yesterday." Gabriel might have helped, was he even there? Abby doesn't need to know! "I like anything you make. And uh, are you just completely single now or something?"

'I'm seeing someone. My children love him, I love him" Get ready for the scowl. "But it's kind of you to ask Magnes. I'll have Gabriel bring you some scalloped potatoes next time" Wet wipes and onto a different isle, letting Magnes trail behind her if he wants. "you? I guess your seeing someone?

"Oh, well, that's good." Magnes' scowl is almost automatic, but he's visibly trying to suppress it with a forced smile, continuing to trail. He takes a note of the things she buys, it's always hard to register that Abby has children, but he doesn't mind that so much anymore. "I'm not seeing anyone. Had sex a few times, with a prostitute, but she's married to Sonny now, so, guess I'm good luck." he explains with a shrug, being very casual with the subject; but boy, the bitterness, one can practically taste it. "My friend wants to set me up, I think it's kind of a stupid idea, but I thought I'd buy a box just in case."

If she was drinking coffee or any other liquid, there would be someone calling out over the loudspeakers "clean up, isle 6" Because she would have sprayed it all over the floor and the products on the shelves. "Magnes Varlane. There is such a thing as too much information" She rounds on the man, head cocked to the side, one finger poking at his chest. "Enough. The bitterness for the last few years has been just pouring off you. Everyone tip toes around you and makes sure not to upset you. I don't drop the casseroles off myself because they suggest I don't" Another poke of his chest, designed to drive the point him. "Where my carefree Magnes Magnes? Who wouldn't dare utter the word Prostitute in front of me because it might upset my sensibilities"

Magnes stares down at her finger, his expression softening to a more darkly exhausted look, then raises his head to make eye contact. "I don't like you to see me this way, the person I am, because the second you look at me, I feel like I've completely failed at being a good person. I see what you've become, it's more or less what I always expected, except I saw myself being included in there somehow." He drops the crumpled box, he'll just get another later, letting out a long exhale. "It's not just about any feelings I used to have or still do have, it's not even about being with you, but I won't deny being a bit bitter about that. It's just that, even though I lost out on any chance with you, I didn't end up with anyone, I'm not even remotely happy right now. It'd be so easier to let go if I were at least happy."

"Well Magnes, first, stop banging the hookers" The box in her basket is passed over as she stoops to pick up the crumpled one. "Second. Stop moaning. Life is what you make of it, and standing where I am, your doing a piss poor job. Maybe you'd have someone if you cleaned up a big. I love you Magnes, just not in the fashion that you wanted. I found a good man, not that you weren't, who shared my love in god. I've found another good man. But you need to find someone who loves you for you and not for your money. Do you understand? The past, is the past and the future, is just waiting for you to make of it what you will. Get back some of that Magnes charm that I loved so much. The guy who delivered pizza's on the roof, so proud that he made it. Who took me up past the clouds so I could be closer to god and who always stopped by once every few weeks to make me home mad pasta so that I'd have a friend to talk with while we ate it"

Magnes sighs, not out of annoyance or frustration, he just sounds exhausted. "I get your point, but I've only slept with one woman, even if she was a prostitute, and that was years ago." he explains, not wanting Abby to think he's some prostitute obsessed sex maniac. "A lot of time has gone by, I'm not even sure I know how to live anymore. My life is work, I wake up today thinking 'Is this the last day?', fully intending to sacrifice myself to make the world better. I just live hoping that I save someone and they go on to have a happy life, I tell myself that it's worth everything I've lost. And I don't just mean losing you, I mean everything I've lost of myself. I'm just not that person anymore, I'm… this. I smoke, I drink, all because I know Gabriel can cure me in the morning."

"Magnes…" Abby watches him. "You need to get some help. You shouldn't be waking up every morning deciding whether you want to kill yourself today or not…" Oh dear sweet lord, did Gabriel know this?.

"I think you misunderstood, when I think that, I mean on duty. Sacrificing myself out there, jumping in front of a bullet for some innocent person, flying into the sky with a bomb. I wake up knowing that there's a real possibility that this might happen, and…" Magnes looks himself over, then looks up at her. "I just really don't care. My entire life revolves around improving the world, and if it wasn't for Gillian, I might have completely lost my connection to being Human by now."

There's a soft sigh from Magnes, blue eyes watching him before she shakes her head. "I have to Magnes, my children are waiting and I have to tuck them into bed. I hope… I hope things work out for you, I really do" She didn't misunderstand him. It's the same thing either way just instead of him killing himself it's death by someone else, purposefully. "God bless Magnes" She needs to go put this crumpled package back, pay for her things and head home.

"Abby…" Magnes calls, giving her a genuinely warm smile behind the cigarette. "I really am glad you're happy, you deserve the life you have." he offers, then turns around, holding his stomach; there's a knot, he's not sure why. "Later."

"I hope Magnes, that you can find the same happiness somehow" Is her reply, looking over her shoulder. "Take care Magnes" Before she disappears around the isle, out of sight.

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