If We Only Had An Island Sized Vacuum


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Scene Title If We Only Had An Island Sized Vacuum
Synopsis June is cleaning up Staten, literally. Magnes wants to clean it up figuratively. Lola is just looking to cause some trouble.
Date August 23, 2009

Staten Island

Sunday morning on Staten Island could be the same as in any other place. Those who believe, or are looking for something to believe, head to a church or a chapel. June hasn't quite laid out her own beliefs other than the world around her is broken and she is going to try to help fix it. This morning, she woke up in Thalia's place, took a shower, brushed her teeth and got dressed. The things that she's lacked most morning, until she was taken in. June slipped out without disturbing her roommate and began to walk down the sidewalk. She's tends to fixate on something and then begin to count how many she passes, and this time she finds herself picking up litter and counting each piece that she passes. She walks over with her arm full of trash and drops the contents in, then is back again on the sidewalk.

"Haha, community service. I remember that," Lola says as she passes, wearing jean cutoffs and a hankerchief top. Yes, she's not one for church - she's more into killing chickens and the like. And, from all looks of things, eating WISE potato chips - which are still the best plain chips on the market, don't let anyone tell you differently. And to her, it appears as though June is doing community service! "Prison's easier," she emparts on the girl as she passes. "Seriously, yer better off just breakin' the law all the way an gettin' the rest a things taken care of for ya."

Wearing his tightly fitted black faded t-shirt with a Batman logo on it, comfortably fitting blue jeans, and his skates, Magnes is in Staten for god knows what reason, reasons only a few will probably find out. He's not flying though, he's skating, on the street going in Lola and June's direction. Something seems a bit off about his inline skates, the wheels wobbling a bit. Damned Jessica… "I'm starting to think that wasn't my imagination…" he mutters to himself, not paying much attention to where he's going.

Having deposited her trash, June turns around to see that someone has been watching her. She gives a curious tilt of her head to Lola and shrugs. "If I'm in jail, I can't do community service. I didn't break the law either. I'm cleaning." The woman looks to be in her mid-twenties, and her brunette hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She starts back towards the sidewalk and reaches down to pick up more trash. "People should put the trash in the trash can." she notes, not realizing she's bent over in Magnes' trajectory as he zooms along on his skates.

Lola notices, oh yes she does. She can see the potential collision a mile away. But she doesn't say anything, because what's the fun in that? No, she simply smirks, stepping back in case debris should fly too far. She doesn't want to get hit, because that isn't fun.

"Well if you break the law then you can 'clean' all the time," she notes to the woman who must be crazy. But crazy people can be a source of amusement. Like this collision that's about to happen.

Magnes continues in June's direction, still not paying attention. Then, bam, he collides with her, but realizing he's about to fall on to a girl, he ends up tripping over her body, flipping about ten feet into the air, then falls on the ground in front of her on his butt. "Crap…"

June turns her head to see Magnes skating towards her and manages to drop down a little more, but still not enough to avoid the collisions. She's rolled onto her back and makes a small whimpered noise. She winces as she pushes herself to her feet. "Driving is for the street, I think." She doesn't seem to know for sure, and her comment isn't a chastize for the one who was driving on the sidewalk, but more of a note. An observation. She glances at Lola. "You should have told, and no one would have gotten hurt." She walks over and offers a hand to Magnes. "I can help."

Lola is grinning a white, toothy grin - ear to ear - by this time, just standing by, watching, and munching on her chips. "Mmmhmmm," she notes dryly, her souther accent leaking through those sounds. "I coulda, it's true. But then what fun would that a been? He might need ta drive on the street, sugar, but you gotta keep your head up." She continues to munch.

"Woulda been better if wonder boy over here hadn' a jumped right before ya'll hit." Then there might have been some real carnage.

"I'm really sorry." Magnes takes her hand and pulls himself up, not putting much weight on her at all. Maybe she's stronger than she thinks? "It's these stupid skates, near the wheels, they got all bent and I can't afford to take them to a shop." Well, he could, but he's got someone on a salary now. "It's harder to control my steering."

She pulls Magnes up. She's apparantly not as frail as folks night think by looking at her. She winces as she places her hand on her back where she was hit. "It's going to bruise." she anticipates. She gives Lola another curious glare. "I don't think you're a very nice person." Again, she doesn't state it as a criticism, but more of something she's just making a random comment on. Glancing down at the wobbly skates, June tilts her head curiously. "I can fix those." she notes. She extends her hand, as if she expects him to hand them over.

Lola hmms softly, thoughtfully as she shakes the bag a bit, trying to shake all the little chips to the bottom and reach all the nice, big fat ones at the top. "I ain', I suppose, though I reckon that's more a matter of opinion than anythin' else, don' ya?" She looks at the two, biting the inside of her cheek. Now they're going to get all boring, chances are. "Here, lemme help ya with those," Lola offers, walking to Magnes to reach around him and try and help pull off a skate - bumping him in the process.

"Ah, really? sure!" Magnes starts to bend down to remove the skates, but then Lola grabs one and he starts trying to balance on one foot. "H-hey!" he exclaims, bouncing up and down so he doesn't roll on to his face. He's trying to keep ability use to a minimum here.

It doesn't take long for Lola to let go, her hands moving swiftly to loop her thumbs into the top of her cutoffs. "Well it down an take 'em off, boy. I were only tryin' ta help is all," she murmers, looking to June and giving the girl a playful wink. She was justtrying to help! Really!

Magnes groans, a bit annoyed, then reaches down to unstrap his skates, stepping from the outer shell so he's still wearing the sneakers, then offers them up for June to take a look at. Taking a deep breath, he looks back at Lola. "You sound kind've like Rogue."

Rogue? Or a rogue? Doesn't matter much to June as her attention is now fully on the skates her in hand. She looks at them one at a time, seeing that the axels that hold the wheels have been bent. She places a hand on each wheel and soon they straighten out. She goes to the rear set and does the same, then repeats the process on the other set. She gives them a spin seeing them rolls straight now and she hands the skates back to Magnes. "They should work better now."

Lola has Magnes' wallet tucked nice and pretty into her back pocket now, and she gives it a little pat, going on, eating her chips. "Sorry darlin', don' know who yer talkin' bout." She drawls in Magnes' direction, watching June with only mild curiousity. "Ah, yer one a them touched, is ya? Hear ya ought not be so open 'bout it these days. Folks be killin' over it, or…somethin. I dunno, really, don' pay too much attention. Always found bigots rather preachy, an preachy ain' no fun."

"That's a very interesting gift…" Magnes notes as he takes the pair of skates, strapping them on again, then rolls around a few times. "Thanks a lot. Y'know, I might have a few things you can do with that, lemme give you my number, and maybe I can get yours?" he asks, as he slides his hand into his pocket, feeling around. Something's missing, that much is clear on his face as he keeps digging around in confusion. "And don't worry, I'm definitely not a bigot."

June doesn't appear to even have a phone. She waits for the number that Magnes wants to give her. "It's okay to be touched. If you can help, you should help and not be afraid. Everyone can help you know. It's broken here and dirty and everyone should help make it better." If she saw Lola take Magnes wallet, she doesn't mention it as of yet. "I should get back to work. There's a lot of trash to pick up." June's blue eyes move from Magnes to Lola, then back again, as if she expects them to offer to help.

Lola smirks. "Naw, yer just gonna use her whots been touched fer yer own reasonin. Which, hey, I ain got no problem with, so long as ya pay her seems fair to me." She continues to much, smirking even wider as Magnes seems a little…confused. "Lost somethin' dear?" She asks in reference to his self-patting.

"Can't find my wallet." Magnes answers while searching virtually every pocket he can find on himself. "And I'm not going to use her, but she obviously wants to clean this place up, and I know a much better way for her to do it."

June seems to think more in the literal then in the abstract, and to her cleaning up Staten Island means going around and picking up trash and fixing the stuff that looks broken. And she doesn't obviously seem to be interested in getting paid for fixing the skates as she turns and starts to walk off down the street. She leans down to pick up a piece of torn newpaper and wads it up. "One." Then another. "Two."

Lola shrugs. "Where'd ya leave it?" Looking at June, the girl who seems happy enough, Lola tosses her rolled up empty bag of wise toward the girl, letting it roll to hit her foot while she's crouched. Hey, if she's already down there! "Thanks love."

"Damnit, I don't know, that has my IDs and a lot of important stuff. I don't need this kind of setback." Magnes reaches into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen, writing his number down. "Here," he offers to June. "Call me if you want a better way to clean the island. I need to find my wallet."

The chip bag is three, before she's stopped by Magnes. The paper is received and shoved down deep into the front pocket of her jeans along with a number from yesterday. "Bye now." June says and walks off, continuing to pick up trash along the way. At the street corner, she turns and disappears from view.

"She's a weirdo," Lola notes, dryly, as she looks back to Magnes. "So watcha doin', recruitin those that've been touched for? Ya work for that fightin' ring?" She asks, smirking. Yes, that was a fun day. Lots of interesting things happened that day, except for Ash stealing back all the wallets she took. Don't worry, he'll get his.

"God no, I was kidnapped and forced to fight there months ago, ruined the lives of a few people I know, possibly including me." Magnes corrects with clear disgust at the mere mention of the place, though when he looks at her, his warm smile makes it clear that it's not her he's mad at. "It's nothing bad, I don't live on the island. I'm helping to set something up, something good. So many of these groups just wanna blow things up and cause civil disobedience, but we're not about that. Unfortunately that's all I can tell you, since you could be anyone, including Humanis First."

Lola offers a shrug, noting that she doesn't much care either way. "Spoze I could," she admits easily. "Then again, don' sound like much fun, so it don' much sound like somethin' I'd like." She sees him smile, smirking and shaking her head. "So this wallet a yers, got anythin' interestin' in it?"

"Like I said, my IDs that I'll have to get replaced if it's lost, which is gonna be an expensive pain, my credit card that I'm gonna have to get frozen, library card, comic shop membership card, picture of the girl I'm dating…" Magnes takes a deep breath, starting to look around on the ground to see if he dropped it. "I could really use some coffee."

Lola hmms, pulling the wallet out of her pocket while he's rolling on the ground or whatever it is he is doing - Lola isn't looking - to flip through the wallet. Just in case there is anything interesting - business cards, pictures, anything out of the ordinary that might pique her interest. If she finds any of that? She'll pluck it out and pocket it before speaking. "Do you want coffee more'n ya do yer wallet back?"

There might be a few dollars in there too, though he left that part out. Magnes suddenly spins on his skates, eyes locking on to the wallet. "You found it! You're a life saver, that would have killed me if I lost it. I better get zippers or something."

Lola glances away, nodding. "Yeah, darlin. I found it." In his pocket. But hey, she'll let him beleive what he wants. It's not like she lied or anything. "Ya'd better keep a closer watch on that. Around here all a that woulda been spent and sold before ya got to the bottom of yer first glass a Starbucks." Hey, she's from the poor side of the world. For all she knows, Starbucks sells in glasses.

Taking the wallet, he stuffs it back into his pocket, then writes something down on another piece of paper. This time it's an address he offers. "That's a pizza place I work at, in Brooklyn. If you're ever around, drop by, it's on me." Then, Magnes just rolls away, since there's work to be done, for justice!

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