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Scene Title If You Happen To See A Spare Body Lying Around…
Synopsis How dare Abby give all that money back.. well, she's pretty hot, so Robin Hood tends to be forgiving.
Date April 19, 2009

Apartment of Abigail Beauchamp

Alistair for the last little bit has been helping the redhead learn how to use a computer. This included, helping her buy an inexpensive laptop for her, and eventually Al, to use. She's in school, she has papers now, and with it comes the need to actually touch a computer. At some point over the week, they'd procured a gateway laptop that would meet her needs, set up a wireless router in her apartment and got Abigail set up with what she'd need.

This included at one point, getting set up with her online banking. To see if the excess money had been taken out of her account yet. It's been five minutes since, the Healer sitting at her kitchen table, the modern machinery at odds with the 70's formica. Two finger typing and everything.

It's been a week since he dropped cash from the rich to the poor and so far he's been very pleased by it. Most, as he expected, pocketed the money when they figured out it wasn't going to be traced back to them. However, there is one who has somehow found a way to give the money back. He's not sure it'll get to who it originally belonged to, but it baffled his mind that it would be given up so easily. It was a lot of money — an amount that most would not give up, but given back it was and Reed must find out why.

When she accesses her account, he immediately follows the trail back to her computer, mingling with the other 1s and 0s that travel down the pike until he bypasses her anti-virus software and her firewall and settles himself inside the system. He takes a quick inventory of her system, finding it to be a laptop with a camera and speakers, which is really all he needs to communicate. He reaches out on the net to download enough samples to communicate, picking the voice of Jerry Mathers as the Beaver from Leave it to Beaver for his voice. //Hey! What's the big idea about giving back the money I gave you?" the speakers begin to talk as the light of the webcam lights up.

Abigails hands hover over the keyboard at the sudden unfamiliar voice that comes out over her speakers, hesitation on her face. Alistair hadn't set her up for camera conversations yet. Abigail leans back in the matching seat looking left and right through the open area of the apartment before her blue eyes settle back on the computer. "Hello…?" Maybe they can hear her?

She can be heard. He also turned on her microphone as well, so when she speaks he hears every word. He has been checking her out, and would be snickering a little at her cluelessness. No idea that there were people who didn't know how to use a computer. "Right here. Yeah, right here." as she looks back at the computer. "You're kinda cute, but I still want to know why you gave back the money. After I went to all that trouble to get it for you, you just give it back? Don't tell me you couldn't have used it." comes the voice in the speakers.

Shouldn't be gone more than 30 mins, but needs to be done.
"Because it's not mine. I could use it yes, but it's not mine and that's not polite. I make enough for what I need. But thank you, for generosity" Abigail's confused as she searches the laptop visually. "Alistair didn't teach me how to do whatever it is that your doing. I'm sorry, I haven't owned a computer before this. How are you doing this?"

"What's not polite is people making all that money and not sharing it with those in need. No one should be that rich, and this country still have people who are without. I don't know why you felt guilty for taking the money, they weren't guilty at all for hording it. Don't tell me that it couldn't have given you a better life."

"It's not fair, and if others choose to keep their money that you gave them, then, they did that. I'm sorry if I upset you, by turning the money over to the authorities, it's just.. it's the way I was raised" She's given up looking, focusing instead on the little camera built into the center of the top of her computer. "Can I ask you a question Mr. hood?" Since that's how he's been going by the name of.

There is a brief moment of silence as he is peeking around her computer. But it's far too new to have anything personal on it just yet, he'd imagine. Sure, why not? Whatcha wanna know?" Instead he just focuses on the camera. He is just 17 years old, and isn't immune to looking at a hot chick when he sees one.

Other than it's registered to one Abigail Beauchamp. "Who all did you take the money from?" It's a simple and honest enough question to ask. While talking with him, she's moving the mouse, open up Microsoft office. "I mean, did you pick it from certain people and then give it to certain people. Or did you look at who you were taking it from, to see if they could afford to loose it, and look at who you were giving it to?" Curiosity tainting her voice.

Of course, everything she does on the computer is seen by the technopath. He watches with interest to see what she will do. "Well, I hate to disappoint you, because it looks like you were going to write down everything I told you. Were you going to tattle on me, Abigail Beauchamp?" he asks with that annoying Beaver-voice. Reed closes the Word program and she would find her keyboard disabled now. "Here I was trying to help out the poor and you want to get me into trouble. You should know some of the folks you received this money really needed it. Hospital bills were paid. Mortgages were paid and therefore saved their homes from foreclosure. Food was put on the table. So don't be mean to me because I was trying to help people."

"Actually.. I was going to start to write my english paper…" There's pages of scribbled words beside the laptop just in view of the camera. All the things he would need to peck her way through it. Even a printer hooked up behind it. "I can't speak for everyone else, and I'm the last person to berate you for doing something that you think it right and good. It's a very grey world out there morally Mr. Hood. You can only do what you can do to help. You helped by allocating funds from those who could afford to spare it to those who could use it" There's a small smile. "My mother raised me that if I got an extra five dollars out of the bank machines, that I should turn around and take it back into the bank. In case it might belong to someone else." her head cants to the side as he seems to control the laptop. "I guess this is just gods way of saying Abigail, don't do your homework right now"

So instead of trying to hit the keyboard, she folds her hands leaning forward and up into the camera. Technopath, or hacker? "Thank you, for the money. It would have been saved for important things. But I have someone who already helps me out. She paid for my tuition and she's kept the place where I work running so that I have a job. Is there anything that I can do for you though? You must be mighty bored if your switching money around"

Huh. She's kinda nice and sweet. If he didn't already have a crush, he could easily be taken by her. But alas, he's stuck inside the mighty Ether for the moment and not able to escape any time soon. He's got big plans coming up in the next day or two, so he's getting all the interaction he can as it could be his last. "Me? I'm just bits and bytes so I don't really have a need for anything except the occasional conversation now and then. Too take a peek at a cute girl every once in a while and to do what I can to help out." Aside from the fact that he's an escaped fugative. "If you decide you do need some money, you just ask around for me and I'll make sure to help you out." If Reed's still around.

"Bits and bytes" Abby grins. "Technopath. That explains a lot. Your the third one I've met before, but your the first who's done what you did, what you do. Do you think that you could unlock my keyboard again? Or whatever it is that you did? Because I'm not very good with a computer and I don't know the first thing in how to fix what you did and I think Alistair, though he has a goodly amount of patience that god gave him, will pull his hair out if I call him up to ask him how to fix it. I promise I wasn't trying to tattle on you. I don't even know how to send Email yet"

Oh. So she knows the other technopath. This.. might be worth pursuing. "Other technopaths you say? I have actually been looking around for some others who might be able to get me out of this system. You would happen to be able to point me in their direction, would you?" he asks. Her keyboard has already been returned to her.

"I can't tell you their names. I haven't even seen them in the longest time, either of them… Get you out" Abigail opens up the word program again, grabbing her papers to move them closer to her, get prepared to start transposing her words. "You mean, you don't have a body, you're really just bits and Bytes?"

He would shake his head, /if/ he had a body. But since he doesn't he responds. "I don't. I really am stuck in here. I was hoping they could help me find a way out of here." The speakers can be heard letting out a long sigh. "Well, I guess I'll keep looking around." he says digitally.

"If I can get ahold of the technopath that I know, how does she get ahold of you?" What can we say, Abby's a bleeding heart. It's not like he's killed people. She watches the camera above. "How did you turn like that? Are you evolved? Ar eyou.. would they still consider you human anymore? Is your body somewhere?"

Hmm. How much to say. If she contacts them, she could tell them something he may not be ready for them to know just yet. "That seems to be the problem. I have no idea what happened to my body." It's not the whole truth — or really even a shade of the truth. "It's what I need to find." Though this lie could work out to his benefit. "So that being said, I guess you could say I am not human, though I still tend to keep my human emotions and such, though that could probably be interpreted as artificial intelligence, I'm not entirely sure."

"But you had a body" Abby murmurs. "Did you get hurt and then… " And then he's suddenly in the world of technology. He's looking for his body. Maybe. Even Abigail to a degree has a bit of common sense that god gave her. "So your evolved" has to be. It explains nearly everything these days. Don't worry. I am too. Well, gifted by god. I know some people I can look into it. There's no promises but maybe they might know where. Do you have a name other than Mr. Robin Hood"

"I'm not ready to say anything about that." Really, in this time period, he's only seven years old. It would not be good for his name to get out right now. Jerry Mathers' voice comes back. "To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what happened. I can't tell you more than I already have, but I don't really have the answers."

'We both have to protect the ones we know" Abigail murmurs. She understands. It's the same reason she won't say the names of the technopaths. "If your body's hurt, I can heal it. If that's any consolation. Don't.. share that with strangers, if you would. Some people find the temptation to kidnap me too much. But. If you find your body and it's hurt, you know where to find me. Don't worry about money. I have a private benefactor who makes sure my schooling is paid. But thank you again, for the offer. God will provide ways for me to earn the money I need."

Pity she can't raise the dead. That's what it would take to get his real body back. Well, that and a ten year jump into the future. "I'll keep you in mind Abigail Beauchamp. I would appreciate it if you didn't mention me to too many people. There are a few who would like to have my head." Like said technopaths who are on the rampage for him. "With that, I'll just scram and leave you to your homework. Have a good day." With that, he relinquishes his hold on the computer, slipping back into the Internet where he continues to look into a few things before his upcoming mission.

"Goodbye, Mr. Hood" THough whether he hears it or not as it's spoken at the same time the light that denotes the turned on camera stops. Abigail stares at the computer for a few moments, much like she had at the spot that Hiro Nakamura had disappeared from. Curiosity, wonderance. Awe. Other peoples abilities always fascinate her. What is it like.. to have no body?

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