If You Turn Into A Fly Monster...


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Scene Title If You Turn Into A Fly Monster…
Synopsis Mel comes to babysit Abby in case she ends up sprouting wings, multiple eyes and starts looking like that company shrink.
Date April 8, 2010

Le Rivage - Abigail & Alexander's Apartment

// The place looks like it's only made for temporary living. Couch and coffee table from goodwill, small TV and DVD player as well as an large bird cage and Cat that looks unhappy to be here. Mattresses in the three bedrooms with bedding on them along with laundry baskets turned on their sides to perform as storage for clothing. Safe houses frankly look better than here. The kitchen with the signs of takeout as opposed to home cooking. All in all though, the place looks like an okay play to stay short term.//

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <Abby XXX-XXXX>
Took it. Now, I wait

To: <Abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
If you turn into a fly monster it's not my fault!! ;) jk jk

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Peter, what on earth are you talking about? Fly monster?

To: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
jeff goldblum movie? the fly? come on

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
<—- Baptist.

To: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
I forgot that means cant have fun. we need to have a movie night. hopeless.

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Means v. sheltered Peter. I saw ben hur a lot. Mel is over. Watching Blazing saddles. Black Sherrif!

To: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
mel? pierce?? oh god small world awkward

Right now, this is lunch for Abigail. Up late, hours when everyone sleeps, she's usually riding around in an ambulance on night shifts of late. Thanks to on call emergency's the weather. Voicemails, text messages sent out once she wakes and finds that Tamara is gone and some time passes, the blonde is parked on her couch and just generally 'bleh'. She knows why and she's hoping it won't last too long but that's how it is. Mel has been let in and blazing saddles once again on the TV.

"I keep expecting to like… spontaneously combust" She murmurs to no one in particular, but does glance to her phone which has been vibrating and sending messages back and forth to her ambulance co-worker.

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Mel Pierce. Small world. She's always asking me about you. Okay wrong, I feel like crud. but she's babysitting me.

To: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
we should talk sometime about that. have a tangle with her. complicated :(

"You better not spontaneously combust, or I'm gonna find someone who can resurrect the dead so I can kick your ass," Melissa mutters, shaking her head. The movie is one she loves, but she's paying very little attention to it. Instead, Abby has her full attention. "And who keeps trying to blow up your phone anyway?"

"Peter" Short. Simple. Sweet. "He told me I better not turn into a fly. I don't get it, I told him so. I had a talk with him, in the ambulance and promised I'd let him know. In case anything went wrong. But Tamara said nothing would, or well, she said that death wasn't here, not right now" Which coming from Tamara… The phone is plucked up, words tossed back to the man and tossed back down into her lap this time. "The Fly?"

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
I know. I know all about it. You have a short memory. Glad we're not working tonight. Mel says I won't combust.

To: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Frm: <peter XXX-XXX>
i forget who i embarrass myself in front of it happens so much. don't know what to do with myself 2 night. kaylees sick. no work. magnes is at my apartment so dont want to go there. power just went out again. awesome.

"Tamara?" Melissa asks curiously. "And there's a movie about a guy turning into a Fly monster thingy. And tell that jerk of a partner of yours that he better call me soon or I'm gonna shadow you next time you guys are working and harass him in the ambulance." And knowing Melissa, she'd totally try to. "And yeah, is Tamara a precog or something? Like Else? If she says you won't die from this, then I guess you could relax."

"Tamara?" Melissa asks curiously. "And there's a movie about a guy turning into a Fly monster thingy. And tell that jerk of a partner of yours that he better call me soon or I'm gonna shadow you next time you guys are working and harass him in the ambulance." And knowing Melissa, she'd totally try to. "And yeah, is Tamara a precog or something? Like Else? If she says you won't die from this, then I guess you could relax."

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
You have magnes power. Dress warm, go fly. Take Kaylee up above the clouds to see the stars. Magnes did it once for me

"Else makes sense half the time. Tamara, hard to make sense. She just shows up and kinda points you in the direction you need to go. Hands you plane tickets to Russia and then leaves. Tells you that you'll like the apartment and then just wanders off. She's an odd duck, but she's good. Every time she shows up, it's with purpose. Not always good but, with purpose" There goes her phone again, a roll of blue eyes and she's thumbing her phone and sending something back. "God, I could more tea Mel"

"I'll get it," Melissa says, rising to her feet and snagging Abby's cup before heading into the kitchen for tea goodness. "And purpose isn't a bad thing. I'm highly in favor of purpose, so long as it doesn't involve hurting me or mine. Did whoever gave you this voodoo drink say anything about side-effects though? I'm not gonna have to hold your hair back or anything like that, am I?"

"Not a thing" Abby murmurs, wrapping her bathrobe tighter around her and getting up from the couch to follow Mel towards the open kitchen, socked feet shuffling. "I'd imagine, re-writing genes, it'd be worse than this. But I'm just.. I'm just uncomfortable is all. It's like… you know something's coming, your getting sick" She drags a fresh mug out of the cupboard and sets it down to be used instead of the one she just took back with her. Abby's strange that way. Needing a new cup for a new cup of tea. "I wish Teo was here to make me baloney cake"

Melissa arches a brow. "Baloney cake? That…doesn't sound exactly tasty," she says with a slight wrinkle of her nose. "And I'd offer to make you something, but I make toast inedible. I can barely boil water. But uncomfortable…mentally? If it's physical I might be able to help. I mean, physical discomfort if sorta pain, just a very mild version. I think."

"Baloney cake doesn't require cooking. Requires a knife, baloney and cream cheese and a freezer and Teo staring at it in horror and muttering about his waist" She smiles at bit at that and with no small amount of perverse glee. "It's not pain. That was when she gave it to me" Behind there, Gene wilder is mourning about being unable to shoot, oh the horror, while Abigail pulls up her sleeve to show Melissa the puncture mark.

"If it would make you feel better, I could stare in horror and mutter about my waist?" Melissa offers with a smile. She looks at the mark and makes a soft, sympathetic noise. "I hate shots. I really do. They're evil things, even though they don't hurt for long. Usually."

"You'd just stare in horror" She'd be happy to make it, just eating it might not be what she'd do. "Hows the people in your house? Anything happening there? I don't get out to them too much. I need to visit Joseph still, lord, I'm just all mixed up from the snow. At least it's stopped snowing, but I think it'll be back" Mysterious words from Pre-Cogs and all.

"Isn't that what Teo does?" Melissa asks with a grin. "And it's not my house we're in. The kids are still sick, but I think they're doing better. Kendall is doing better, which is awesome. Except now I'm afraid to take him home once he has a clean bill of health," she says with a grimace.

'Why are you afraid to take him home. He's what, sixteen? Schools are closed Mel, likely, I think. So it's not like he can go to school. You just shove him in front of a TV with your movies and .." And what? She doesn't know much about caring for 16 year olds in all actuality and it makes her frown, pull her blonde brows down and look back at the pain augmentor. "Okay, I sorta see what you mean"

Melissa shakes her head. "I live on Roosevelt Island, Abby," she says with a sigh. "And I don't know jack about sixteen year old boys. Or being a mother type figure. I mean, he's only ten years younger than I am, for cryin' out loud."

"Ahh, Roosevelt Island. Give him back to Magnes then. Or,or, frankly, the lighthouse Mel. They're the place where displaced underaged kids can go who are evolved. There's other kids there, they'll make sure he gets educated, he'll learn responsibility" She points out. "not there isn't others his age there"

Melissa shakes her head. "I won't give him back to Magnes, and I can't just shuffle him off on someone else." She leans against the counter and shoves hands into her pockets. "Have you heard anything about him yet? From Magnes or whoever?"

"Magnes was at the shelter that collapsed yesterday. He's staying at Peter's, Peter's at his mothers. Magnet sorta strained his ability so I had to tie a rope to his foot and carry him like a helium balloon to the ambulance so we could drive him over there. But he's fine. He didn't get hurt even"

"Huh? No, not Magnes. Kendall," Melissa says, shaking her head. "And Peter's at his mom's still? Damn. There goes the idea of banging on his door," she says with a grimace.

"He's staying there cause of the snow and the security. He offered his place to me instead of living here for now until Teo says we can move back above the bar. I told him no, I was fine but thank you for the offer. You don't want him Mel. He won't keep you warm at night. He's not a heat generator. Guy freezes just as fast as I do in the cold"

"Okay, now you're sounding like a precog. Meaning you're making like, no sense," Melissa says with a little frown. "And I've yet to meet a biological heat generator. And how did we get from me asking you if you knew Kendall's story to you warning me away from Peter because he's human?" she asks, sounding confused.

"Robert, Robert is a heat generator and no, I don't know Kendall's story, and we got on it because… you were talking about banging on his door but that Magnes is there. And seriously, Peter is not a heat generator. He was going to tough it out in the back of the ambulance and give me the survival blanket. Till we gave up and dug out the tailpipe and got the ambulance going again. I hate the snow. Great for the kids and out of school, but lord, I am with you on the snow"

Melissa stares at Abby for a minute. "Um…Abby? Are you feeling okay hon? You're sorta…acting a little weird. I'd almost say you were acting sorta drunk."

"Drunk would be good, I'm sorry Melissa, guess i'm not making much sense am I" Babbling Abby. Mel's never been subjected to it before. Words just flow from the blonde's mouth.

Melissa studies Abby for a moment, before she smiles. "It's cool. And no, I don't expect that Peter is a heat generator. But I'd still like to see how well he could warm me at night. Along with a few other things. And I don't just mean sex. Though I really do miss that. And Kendall…His parents kicked him out after they found out he was evolved. He feels abandoned and betrayed. And how much worse would I make that if I left him with someone else now?"

"I miss it too. The.. you know" Tea, is it done? Abigail looks over with a hopeful look. "As for Kendall, I don't know Mel. I only ever looked after little kids. I guess, you just end up doing what every other person does and you just do the best you can? Find another safe house to stay at with him? Take him to the Garden whe.. nope, that wouldn't work. Cat's got places. She's got two floors of places. And electricity and for free" She points out.

Melissa shakes her head. "I don't trust Cat. And I need a place for me too. And Jerry. I'm thinking of getting rid of my place on Roosevelt and finding a small house somewhere else. Just not sure where right now." A pause, then a grin. "You miss the sex, huh? It's nice when you're getting it, huh?"

"I didn't get it often but… I did" Confesses the blonde. "I'm sure there's cheap places. Queens" She points out. "Cliffside. We can go check it out if you like. Pretty high crime rate, but…" But then again, look where she normally lives. Greenwich isn't the safest place either. She just has massively good security.

"Well I do need a small house remember. Jerry is gonna be a damn big dog, and I don't wanna shove me, a teenager and a German Shepherd in an apartment. Or is Cliffside houses?" Melissa asks.

"Cliffsides apartments, but they have big places in there. was why I looked there when I was looking for a new place for myself and Teo and Al when I first moved. There's the Confucius plaza as well" Tea is taken from Mel, sugar and milk added to her tastes and then the cup moved under her nose. "Feeling better. Not so crummy" She confesses. "Here" Abigail grabs one of the magazines off her table and pushes it towards Mel. "The guy I'm seeing, he's in there""

Melissa nods, then she smiles. "Better is good!" Then she perks and snatches the magazine. "Where? I've gotta know something about him. You've been so closed-mouthed on the whole thing!"

"Robert Caliban" Abigail rattles off the page number while she pulls away from the kitchen table so she can shuffle back to the living room and to her phone. press more buttons and send something back to Peter. "I'm closed mouth because I'm a baptist and we just don't talk about those things normally" The younger blonde points out. "Because most of my friends don't like him either or what he does"

"Hey, I don't know him so I don't not like him. And I like gossiping with my buddies," Melissa says, grinning and flipping through the magazine. She glances up to the phone. "You give Peter my message, by the way?" Back to the magazine. "And I was sorta raised Baptist. I'm just not like, devout or anything. So see, it's totally alright to talk about those things with me!"

To: <peter XXX-XXX>
Frm: <abby XXX-XXXX>
Mel says you better call her soon or she's going to ride in the ambulance with us and harass us.

"what's in there, that's public. Linderman Group is.. well they're the Linderman Group. They got a shady half and sometimes, Robert deals in the shady stuff" She's accepted it, and he hasn't killed any of her friends. That either of them know of. yet. Feet are pulled up, tucked under her and a blanket thrown back over her lap. "Hey, do you think Al has The Fly?"

Melissa shrugs as she moves back to a spot to sit. "I have no idea. Most people don't anymore, I don't think. And hell, I'm hardly one to yell about shady things. I mean, c'mon. I'm a prison escapee who runs an illegal underground group that routinely pulls one over on the government. We're all about shady."

"And I've killed someone. SO I think we're somewhat neutral on the morality scale with him. He's wealthy, and he looks after me but not in a fashion that makes me chafe and want to escape. He wants to know my friends, he goes around the world at a drop of a hat and doesn't tell me I told you so, just advises me to not walk into a strip club and slug the owner ever again. I like him" She doesn't love him. But love comes later. "Peter thinks that he's.. looking to settle down and so isn't looking for the 'caviar lifestyle' kinda girl"

Melissa doesn't love anyone, even the guy she's trying to snare, not yet anyway, so she's hardly one to yell there. Instead she smiles. "Sounds like a decent guy for you. You don't seem like a caviar lifestyle kinda girl to me. But do you wanna settle down?"

"I've done.. three dates with him Mel. I'm not gonna think about settling down anytime soon. I'm clinging to my new anti-depressants and waiting for them to work and I have so much other stuff. I want to date first and then, go from there. Someone who will go to the movies publicly and have dinner or walk through the park, that my parents will like. Lord they did not like Flint. Before I started.. you know, that thing you miss" Abigail murmurs into her tea. "But things happened and we're not together and we weren't together in that sense just in the more.. carnal sense"

Melissa nods. "I can get that. I don't know I'm ready to settle down with anyone either. Hell, I've never been in love. Not even puppy love. It's sorta sad. But I do know I want someone. Someone I can eat take out with, or curl up on the couch together and watch a movie. Or just someone to curl up against while I sleep. Jerry's a great foot warmer, but he's not really my type, being furry and all."

'Peter" She can imagine that Peter would be like that. Minus the being warm and keeping you warm." A glance to the phone shows no text message from Peter in response. A smile on her face. "I think peter went out for a flight. He borrowed Magnes's power. Was saying that he was bored. I told him to dress warm and go sit on some clouds, take a flight and see the stars."

Melissa's brows lift. "A flight?" She thinks about that for a moment before she smiles. "Wonder if I can convince him to take me for a ride before he gives it up for something else. He may very well borrow my power. He mentioned it before, when he suggested that I might be able to take pain as well as cause it. Though kinda wish he still had the power that let him sense abilities. Seemed to make him touch hungry," she says with a bit of a smug smile.

"It's gone. Lost when Darren cured him. He's pretty hung up about it. I think.. I think he really liked the woman he got it from. Wendy Hunter. He said loosing it was like… Like she died all over again." This brings a frown. "Let see if Al's got the Fly so I can bug Peter about it in the Ambulance tomorrow. Al's got tons of movies, only brought some of them over. He likes his horror. Maybe by the time it's over I'll be feeling like a brand new girl"

"Yeah, I figured when you said he took Magnes's power," Melissa says, nodding. "And I can see how it would be like she died again. But still, it was nice. Even if I don't quite get how me feeling like pins and needles was a good thing." She hops up though, moving to the movies to start rummaging through them. "And you sure you wanna feel like a brand new girl after watching the Fly?" she asks with a grin.

"Long as I don't grow wings. I want to see what the heck he's talking about" Abigail points out. "They're in that box" A gesture to a couple boxes filled to the brim with DVD's. "I'll feed you breakfast in the morning. Peter's on speed dial if I have an issue, call him if I like, start seizing or something. Or 911" Because, you know, one or the other might get here faster.

Melissa moves to the box and looks through it. "I'll call Peter. Medical training and the ability to fly over the snow? Much more handy than any ambulance." She glances back and grins. "Sorry hon, but it's true."

"Yeah. Less chance of spin out too." There's a pause and then, something not heard from Abigail in a bit that would make Teo and Francois and most of the folks she knows smile to see her do. Abigail starts falling apart - not literally - with laughter. "Think happy thoughts Peter! You can flyyyyyy!"

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