Illusionists Shouldn't Drink


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Scene Title Illusionists Shouldn't Drink
Synopsis Quinn goes on her Not A Date with "Daniel", and discovers he's really a familiar face.
Date August 23, 2010

The Rock Cellar

The Rock Cellar is the place of choice for the date, and "Daniel", who has actually been there before, has shown up ten minutes before the arranged time. He's not wearing the same outfit, of course, and is instead dressed in a nice pair of dark pants, a button down pale blue shirt, and loafers. It's not a suit or anything, but it's still nice. He's at a table, and there's a small bouquet of flowers. Girls like flowers, right? It's clear by the amused glances of another patron that he isn't really sure what to do.

Quite unintentionally, it’s about ten minutes after the arranged time that Quinn, perennially late as she is, finally arrives at the Rock Cellar for her Auction mandated date with Daniel. A smile on her face, she is dressed in a long, white skirt and a black, short sleeve button up shirt. Bag slung over her shoulder, it takes her a moment, looking around the restaurant to spot Daniel, sitting with a thing of flowers in a booth all by his lonesome. She snickers a bit, feeling a little bad as she meanders over, a short wave given as she approaches. “Hey! Sorry I took so long t’ get here. Bit of a ride from the Bronx, an’ traffic was just terrible.” She slides in to the booth, squirming a bit until she’s comfortable, a menu immediately drawn into hand. “So! How are you?”

"Don't worry, I haven't been waiting long." 'Daniel' replies, offering her the flowers. Well, it really depends on what your definition of 'long' is. "I've been fine, nothing very exciting has happened between now and then." which, considering what kind of 'exciting' things go on around the city, that's a good thing. "How about you?" he's already picked out what he wanted from the menu, so it remains closed on his side.

Quinn laughs, excepting the flowers with a bit of an awkward smile. “Wow, those are for me. T-Thanks Daniel.” Her expression dips a bit as she sets them in the seat next to her, head tilting. “I appreciate it. Though… I would like t’ be upfront about somethin’ before anythin’ gets your hopes up, you know?” This actually wasn’t something she wouldn’t have brought up so quickly, but the flowers, and the desire to not lead someone on, necessitate it. “I don’t exactly… dig guys, if you know what I mean.” She enunciates that very carefully last time it seemed like Linus didn’t catch on. “But, I’m fine, thanks for askin’! It’s been a pretty borin’ day, actually. You?” She’s hoping that admission isn’t going to spoil what could otherwise be a fun evening.

"I figured as much. I mean, you did buy dates with girls at the auction." yes, he noticed! "You just seemed like a fun person to talk to and drink with, since you seem to be knowledgable about such things. Irish floozy?" 'Daniel' smiles. "As for the flowers, well, I felt like something was missing when I was getting ready to go, so I just picked some up." they're not roses or anything. "As for me, well, lately it feels like I'm a different person. Must be my outlook on life." sorry, he just had to say it.

“What’s funny,” Quinn says with a point of her finger at Daniel, “was that I totally didn’t mean t’ buy either of them. I was just tryin’ t’ drive up their prices!” Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “In all fairness, I didn’t make that drink. Though it is named after me! Our bartender made it for me, it’s quite good. An’ the flowers are a nice touch. It’s certainly appreciated.” She flashes Daniel a warm smile and a nod, leaning back in her seat. With a waitress arriving ti ask for drinks, Quinn places a quick order for a Guinness, returning her attention to the menu.

'Daniel' also orders a Guinness, glancing at Quinn. "I have to say, I know practically nothing about drinks. The extent of my knowledge is beer and vodka." well actually, the vodka's more of a nod to the character he looks like rather than any personal knowledge, but…

“I can only make two drinks m’self – an Irish Floozy, an’ a redheaded slut.” A pause, eyes shifting so that she can eye a few wayward strands of her hair. “Neither of which is descriptive despite bein’ Irish an’ ginger. More of a joke with my girlfriend than anythin’ else.” She laughs, setting down her menu – she’s getting her usual eat out meal, unhealthy as a burger with bacon may be.

"I meant more I know nothing about kinds of drinks. I certainly don't know how to make any." at least 'Daniel' knows that drinks are different alcohols mixed with other stuff, rather than just pure alcohol! "I don't drink often." well gee, wonder why. His meal is more 'fish and chips' sort of thing. "Why do they call fries 'chips', anyway? Chips are something else."

“Because chips, back home, are crisps!” Quinn remarks with a grin. “Like potato crisps, as some people here call ‘em. I don’t quite know why the difference exists, but it does.” She laughs, shrugging. “Well, not everyone’s born t’ drink. Or from Ireland, if there’s a difference.” Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the waitress to return! “So, Daniel. I’ve never seen you around Tartarus before, Was that your first night there?”

"Yes it was." it's the truth, too! Kendall had never gone to Tartarus! "I didn't realize it was there, or I would've gone sooner. I take it you work there, then?"

Quinn nods emphatically, a smile on her face. “The woman who introduced us on stage – Melissa – wasn’t jokin’ about me bein’ the DJ there. I don’t work every night, but I’m one a’ the regular DJs there, yep!” She beams as she talks, clearly proud of what she does. “What about you? What do you do, if you don’t mind me askin’?”

"I kill monsters for a living." 'Daniel' deadpans. "No, seriously, I test video games." yeah, he wishes. "It's not all it's cracked up to be, though, you don't get to choose the games, and you have to play and play and play the exact same area to see if you can break it, and write detailed notes on everything."

“Wow, you’re the second person I’ve met who tests games this month!” Quinn sounds rather surprised and amused when she makes this declaration, an arm sweeping out and almost knocking over both the Guinness and water that has been set down for her without her noticing. Keeping the waitress there while she laughs nervously, her order is placed. “I don’t play many gtames t’ be honest. Never really had much like that growin’ up in Ireland. I mean, yeah, I had a Mega Drive, but not much for it, an’ I’ve never had anythin’ since. My old roommate…” there’s a whimsical smile on Quinn’s face now, “she used t’ have one of those Xbox 360s, right when they came out. But that’s about it.”

"Oh really? You know someone who does that sort of thing too?" 'Daniel' seems surprised. "I might know him." pause. "Or her, gaming isn't a male-driven activity anymore." he grabs at his own drink at her sweeping arm, holding it out of range with an amused smile. "So do you like being a DJ?"

“One a my friends is big int’ games. A different one form the tester, his name’s Linus, he was actually at the date auction. But, my friend’s at least got me playin’ Rock Band. I might get somethin’ t’ play that on when I have the money for it all.” And then her expression just lights up, her posture straightening. “I love it. I live for music, t’ be honest. Some friends an’ I are starting a band, an’ I’m about t’ record somethin’. Bein’ a DJ is jsut part a’ what I do.”

"Oh really! An actual band?" 'Daniel' lifts an eyebrow. "It wouldn't be named something like 'Sex Bob-omb, would it?" he's teasing. "Let me know when you do, so I can be a fan." he finishes his Guinness, then looks at it contemplatively. "So, since you seem to be knowledgable, what's a good drink that you'd suggest I try? Broaden my horizons, a little."

A very wide grin crosses Quinn face, pausing form her drinking of her own drink. “I just finished readin’ Scott Pilgrim. Saw the movie with friends the other day too. Fun little comic, I have t’ say. I makes me want t’ see if I can find anythin’ else like that.” She finishes her drink as well, sighing contentedly as it’s empty glass is set down. “A Margarita. Or a Mudlide, if you’d somethin’ thick an’ sweet. But yes, a real band. Finally gettin’ around t’ writin’ some stuff too!”

"What's in a Mudslide, so I know what I'm drinking?" sweet sounds good to him, although the 'thick' part makes him wonder. "Yeah, I saw the movie too. It was everything I expected it to be. You don't even have to read the comic to appreciate it. A friend of mine compared it to Napoleon Dynamite in just the 'WTF' factor, as he put it." Daniel orders a Mudslide, whether he knows what it is or not.

“Typically?” Quinn asks with a quirked eyebrow, surprised as he orders it without hearing. “Kahlua, which is a coffee liqueur, Baily’s Irish Crème, vodka, an’ crème. Some places add a bit of a chocolate drizzle to it. It’s quite tasty, even if it’s more of a dessert drink.” She wrinkles her nose at the mention of Napoleon Dynamite. “Can’t say I was much of a fan of that movie, though I guess I can see where you might compare the two.”

"Huh. It does sound like a dessert." 'Daniel' seems pleased with his choice, and tries it. "Tasty. Doesn't quite go with my dinner though." he eyes the fried food on his plate and shakes his head. "Sweet and greasy don't mix very well." therefore, he finishes his meal quickly without seeming like a starving wolf, or even losing his manners.

“Just save it for after your fish an’ chips. It’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Quinn grins. “I think I’ll just get another Guinness m’self. Glad I decided t’ take a cab out here instead ridin’ my scooter all the way out here. Would have been a bit of a bitch a’ get back otherwise.”

"Eh, I take the cab, or if I'm in a hurry, I walk." he made a joke! Hahaha! "But seriously, yeah, I don't even drive." 'Daniel' has finished his dinner and is about halfway through his second drink. It's kinda strange, though, because his outline is getting a little blurry. Maybe Quinn's seeing things?

Quinn’s burger is eaten slower than Daniel’s fish and chips, but she’s on her third drink and seemingly a little buzzed, so at first she doesn’t quite notice the bluring of Kendall’s outline. Once she does, however, her eyes narrow on the man, head tilting. “Christ, maybe I need t’ let this be my last drink.”

"Hmm?" Kendall is totally a lightweight, because he can't seem to control his illusion after just a couple drinks. Oh, he doesn't lose it completely, but the details get kinda hazy. The hair becomes shorter and browner, then return to the way it was. Eyes change from hazel to blue, and back again. Maybe he gets a little shorter, although it's difficult to tell because he's sitting down. By this point, he's finished his drink, and considering a third. "So margarita, you said?" probably…. a bad idea.

“Y-yeah. A margarita.” Quinn squints at Daniel for a moment, definitely noticeably. A hesitant bite of Quinn’s burger is taken, and it’s nearing completion, as she turns herself to her fries. “You’re welcome t’ some a’ my chips, if you fancy it,” she remarks with a grin, still eyeing Daniel. “I take it you liked the Mudslide, then?”

"I did… what's a margarita taste like? I've never had one. But maybe… maybe not this time." Kendall's illusion suddenly fails for a split second, and Quinn should easily recognize him since she's met him at least twice, and then the illusion's back up again.

Quinn’s finishing her third drink, head tipped back and glass to lips, so she catches the change out of the corner of her eye – it’s just to enough for her to recognise the boy she sees briefly, eye widening and near choking on her drink. She’s lucky enough that it doesn’t get everywhere, but she is coughing violently for several moments before she stares ahead, and still coughing, chokes out “K-Kendall?!”

Kendall blinks in surprise. "Huh?!" well, that was a very coherent response to her reaction. Maybe being startled helped make him a bit more sober, because the illusion is just a little blurry, rather than flickering in and out. "Who's Kendall?" yeah, right, like that'd work.

Quinn stares for several moments, glass clinking back down on the table, a shocked look on her face. K-Kendall. I swear I just saw…” She blinks, reaching up and rubbing her eyes. “Either someone’s playin’ a trick on me, or I’ve had way more than I thought t’ drink tonight. Christ, and I thought I just liked t’ grope girls when I drank, I didn’t realise I see things too…”

Kendall laughs nervously. "Ah, I'm sure you're just seeing things." cough. He might've gotten away with it, too, but at that moment his illusion fades out again. Yeah, the first one he might've been able to laugh off, but a second time? The illusion resets itself again, but likely too late to fool Quinn any longer.

“Kendall!” Quinn- well, she doesn’t shout, but she isn’t whispering. “Is that you?!” She stares straight ahead, eyes wide and shocked. “Christ, it is, isn’t it?”

Kendall flinches when she says his name like that. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." he stammers. Oh crap. He's busted!

Quinn’s eyes narrow, and a finger points again at Kendall, this time with an acusing expression to match. “What th’ hell’s goin’ on,” Quinn demands. She doesn’t sound angry, more confused than anythin’ else. “You’re all blurry an’ I keep seein’ Kendall. Tell me what’s goin’ on!”

Kendall seems to visibly deflate. "Well…. what would you say if I actually was Kendall?" he mutters to her. "You wouldn't tell Melissa, would you?" for some reason he's just terrified that Melissa would find out. Maybe it's because he blew about a month's paycheck on this. Not to mention drinking in public.

“I’d wonder what in the world you’re doin’ an’ where you got the money for this.” Quinn’s leaning back in her seat now, expression softening as she eyes her empty drink glass. “Jesus, your birthday – I totally forgot you could do that shit with illusions.” She seems pretty convinced it’s Kendall. “You are crazy, you know that?” No word on if she’d tell Melissa, not yet. She’s still figuring that out.

"Well I have a job now, remember?" she should, she saw him at the comic book store just a week or so ago! "You got all those Scott Pilgrim books and stuff." at her commentary on his sanity, he sighs, shrugging one shoulder. "It was nice, being treated like an adult for once." Kendall sounds pretty bitter. "No one thinks I'm a kid if I don't look like one, after all. And they certainly don't treat me like one."

Quinn looks a bit confused, but at the last part, she actually looks a bit hurt. “Kendall, I’d treat you just like I do anyone else. You’ve proven t’ be a cool guy so far! If you wanted t’ hang out, you could’ve just asked. Didn’t I give you my number?” She quirks an eyebrow, shaking her head. “I just… I’m right bit surprised is all. I mean… Jesus.” She exhales sharply, slumping in her seat a bit, and then she smirks. “You make for a good older guy, though. I had no idea you could do that for so long…”

"I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about… other people." Kendall won't say names because it's high security and stuff. "And I'm almost at my limit, I think." he admits. "I'm trying to hold it for as long as I can, to find out how long that is. I still have that other date…." that's true, he still needs to go on a date with Peyton. "I guess no alcohol for me then, huh."

Quinn seems to be regaining composure rather quickly, giving a quiet laugh and a quick shake of her head. “I’d recommend against it, yeah. This is a hell of a… thing, Kendall. How’d you come up with alla this, anyway?” She sounds genuinely curious, an eyebrow cocked at Kendall. “As for Melissa… she should probably know. But I’ll leave that t’ you t’ tell her.”

"Well, I've already done this sort of thing before. It's just that, uh… the first time, I ended up getting arrested." a little issue about underage gambling in Vegas. "So, uh… do you have any suggestions? This is literally my first date." poor Kendall, so inexperienced.

“Really?” Quinn says with a bit of a giggle. “Your first date is with a lesbian? That’s a bit of a hard start, Kendall.” She teases, but she does it lovingly. “Arrested? That’s pretty bad. But we’ll let the drinin’ slide. IN Ireland, it wouldn’t’ve been a thing at all.” Still teasing. “Just… be yourself. I mean, if you have t’ use the illusion, so be it, but still. Just be yourself. Find somethin’ t’ talk about, even if it means let her find the topic first.”

"Well I knew ahead of time that you were a lesbian, so it was less stress on my part not to expect anything, or to have something expected of me." seems logical. "I mean, uh… I've never…." aww, Kendall's blushing.

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “Just have fun, Kendall. An’ try not t’ freak the poor girl out with a fadin’ illusion. Just be yourself, an’ have fun.” Quinn nod, reaching over the table na dputting a hand on Kendall’s shoulder. “Word a’ advice, though? Wanting people t’ treat you like an adult is fine. I know, I’ve been there. But don’t try an’ grow up too fast, okay? I’m only… what, 8 years older than you? An’ I’d still kill t’ be 17 again sometimes.”

"Well give me a picture of you at 17 and I'll see what I can do?" Kendall offers with a grin towards Quinn. "I mean, at the very least you'd look it, if not feel it."

Quinn laughs, arms spread across the back of the book. “Maybe we’ll do that if I come by an’ play Guitar Hero sometime like I said I would, hmm? We can go out, an’ make girls jealous by pretendin’ I’m your girlfriend.” Quinn winks, snickering at Kendall.

"I wish it were that easy, but there just doesn't seem to be any girls my age who'd give me a second thought." Kendall sighs at that. "Supposedly it's all right to be a geek these days, but still no luck."

“Pssh. And I’m a broke music geek. Always have been. I’m sure there’s a cute geek girl out there somewhere.” Quinn smirks, and nods. “Don’t worry, kendall. It’s New York. If I can find… several potential girlfriends, than goddamn, we’ll find you one.”

"Well that may be the problem, all the nice girls are lesbians." Kendall winks at Quinn. "Present company included. And if Rent is to be believed, half the city's gay."

Quinn laughs rather loudly at that, shaking her head. “People surprise you sometimes, sure. But trust me, there’s a perfectly straight girl out there for you.” A pause, and a smirk. “Or a bisexual girl! That’s a treat for everyone.” That might be a bit much, but Quinn still laughs. “An’ Rent might be an exaggeration. Just a bit, though.”

Kendall blinks. "Bisexual?" Kendall never really considered that. "I'm not so sure…. what if I did meet one, and she decided she liked her girlfriend better?" Kendall has too many self-confidence issues.

Quinn laughs at Kendall, shaking her head. “It was a joke. You’re overthinkin’ it. Besides, if she’s dating you, hoping she’s not datin’ a girl at the same time. An’ if she is…” At that point Quinn turns red, shaking her head. “Well, I leave that to your imagination. But, uh, anyway…”

Kendall tilts his head, not really getting it, but figures it's something dirty since she's blushing. Eh, whatever. "So I guess we should probably call it a night then, huh? Or neither of us would get home since it's almost curfew."

Quinn laughs, shrugging. “Whatever. I wouldn’t mind hanging out or seein’ Melissa again, or you could come hang with me an’ Sable. Whatever you want t’ do, Kendall. Just cause the ‘date’ is a fizzle doesn’t mean we can’t hang out.”

"Yeah, that's true. And you can always come and play Guitar Hero like you mentioned." Kendall stands up, and he must've been getting steadily sober, because his illusion is a lot less blurry. "Or maybe Shadow Hearts." heheheh. Quinn might recognize the main character!

“Shadow Hearts? Sounds depressing,” Quinn notes as she flags over a waiter. And then a frown crosses her face. “Wait, no. I have job hunting in the morning. Ugh, but we’ll hang out sometime this week, okay, Kendall? It’ll be fun.”

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