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Scene Title IM Assignments
Synopsis A shadowy fellow has his words typed out to deliver some orders to one of his agents… who has unexpected company.
Date Mar 18, 2010

Alia's Apartment

The simple apartment is kept oddly neat, almost showroom neat. The only signs that someone really lives here usually are the morning's dishes in the dishwasher, a TV near the very average couch, and a desktop computer hooked up to the TV much like some people would have a DVD player hooked to it. There are no pictures, no 'normal' touches of a person who has a past they want to keep.

Alia has retreated with her laptop to her own bedroom, leaving Magnes with the desktop playing some classic emulated video game or another


An IM window pops up on the laptop screen.

LCRANSTON: Not disturbing, I hope?

Alia blinks a few moments. The name isn't one she recongizes right away….

D.Crypt Nope. Snowed in.

Even in text, she's short on words.

LCRANSTON: Aren't we all. The Shadow Knows. We didn't get a chance to discuss details at the meeting. I assume this line is secure?

There's a flurry of letters and numbers, and an addon to the IM turned on. It takes a moment to handshake with your end, then a lock symbol appears in the lower corner of the window.

D.Crypt Is now.

LCRANSTON: Good. I don't know if the other technopaths can crack your security, but; I doubt Rebel cares about the Zarek Project anyway, and I trust Wireless with the information. Malice appears to be laying low for the time being.

D.Crypt Zarek Project? Oh. Message in case former didn't get through. Be wary of Flu Vaccines. H1N1 Vaccine -> H5N10 virus. Near 100 corelation.

LCRANSTON: Already suspected. There's the possibility that FRONTLINE is getting the 'real' vaccine. Will be attempting to acquire a sample for analysis.

D.CryptCat already checked H5N10. Not Shanti.

LCRANSTON: That's a relief. If Shanti were released … well. It'd be very bad. Not to say this isn't necessarily any better. Almost certainly engineered somehow. The question is which faction released it; even in the government there's several.
Alia stays quiet as she has no comment to this. In fact, she still has trouble with words even in this format. She rubs at her forehead a bit before finally asking a question

D.CryptYou know Wireless?

LCRANSTON: I do. She was out of touch for awhile, but is back online.

D.Crypt Huh. Never met… her. Project?

LCRANSTON: :) I make it a point of knowing everyone that matters. Yes. Linderman. What was your plan there? I guess Monroe had you working on it?

D.Crypt Ah.

An encrypted image sends itself through the IM. What shows when it's opened is a diagram of the idea. It's pretty simple, really. Take one target from the group. Hit it for a thousand bucks or so a week, transfering it to a legit (or seemingly legit) nonprofit. A few parts had been altered… including adding as a 'end point' for the 'seemingly legit' of Kain's account to pay him back… and to a swiss-flagged bank account. Under it is a set of numbers.

D.Crypt Funds for End Game.

LCRANSTON: Excellent. Let me know when he's been paid back, so we can activate him. I need you to do some digging into the company itself - I don't know the corporate structure, and I need to. If Linderman died, or was somehow rendered incapacitated, who would take over? Does it depend on stock, or is it personally owned? Need answers to be able to properly schedule takeover.

D.Crypt Will see what I can do… Some risk already in this. Even doing this from public places… someone will notice. eventually.

LCRANSTON: It shouldn't be too difficult to discover - should be fairly public information, if buried in layers of public relations and bureaucracy. Could try asking Wireless for help if you need it. No love for Linderman there. No guarantee she'd even answer, though.

D.Crypt Do not know how to ask. I'll find.
Alia sighs, and rubs her forehead. The headache starting already. Words are, after all, not her strong point.

LCRANSTON: Alright. One other thing I need you to check for me, if you have the time. Agent names and badge numbers. Need to know if they're legit. Should be easy enough to look up.

D.Crypt Depends. Agents of?

LCRANSTON: Homeland. Allegedly. Suspect they're not; overheard them giving a kill order. Are surveilling Peyton, and I'm a little worried about that.

D.Crypt I'll see what I can do.

LCRANSTON: Badge numbers are in your email. Agents Ryan and Webb. Thanks. I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing - and thanks, again. I know I'm asking a lot, but…

D.Crypt Hot Cocoa. Crazy former Cop snowed in after flew me home. Will be day or three. Some can't be done safely from here.

LCRANSTON: Crazy former Cop flew you home?

D.Crypt Was out getting groceries before storm hit. Name of Magnes? Out in living room.

A long pause before a response, as the girl typing on behalf of Cardinal literally facepalms, Claire's hair spilling over her hand for a moment as she groans against her palm. A shadowy chuckle from the darkness lingering over her shoulder, and at his prompting she returns to typing.

LCRANSTON: Him. Right. Harmless, mostly. Hero complex. Doesn't understand complexities of life. DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING TO HIM. He'll try and 'help'. Safe there with him, though.

D.Crypt Hmm. one thing though. bugging me.

Alia sends another file, this one a quickly done digital 'portrat' of Magnes, from the side… there's a arrow pointing to a pair of marks on his neck.

D.Crypt Odd Tattoo.

LCRANSTON: Not a tattoo. Company tag. Satellite tracking.

There's a LONG pause before a response comes from Alia.

D.Crypt And Safe here with that. Funny.

LCRANSTON: They tagged a lot of people. Don't keep eyes on all of them. Not as strong as they used to be. They consider him fairly harmless.

D.CryptSmall miracles. Underestimated I think. Gravity control. Headache now. Anything else?

LCRANSTON: Very powerful, agreed. Personality is what renders him a neutral threat. Could be useful in the future. No, rest your head. Thank you.

As the connection is severed, Richard Cardinal's whispering laugh stirs in the library's confines.

"It's not funny," Claire swats at him, to no avail.

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