Imagine your face on TV!


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Scene Title Imagine, your face on TV!
Synopsis Tracy is still making the rounds for her FRONTLINE commercial.
Date May 21, 2009


It's all the same, isn't it?.

Wednesday afternoon is an odd time for a meeting, particularly with someone who claims to be busy at the police station, but then, police officers work odd hours. Detectives, even more so. However, the Starbucks that Terry has chosen to meet at is quiet, serving only a few men and women dressed in business attire, sipping from steaming cups, and typing away on their laptops.

In an atmosphere like this, Terry stands out a little. He's dressed almost like he is planning on heading to the beach, with a green, button down shirt that looks to be made out of an incredibly light material, khaki shorts, and sandals. Over the shirt is a light, black windbreaker, that hangs over his shoulders. He has a styrafoam cup in front of him that appears to have had a little time to cool, and contrary to the stereotype, it smells like chai tea.

As for Tracy Strauss? Well, when she walks in maybe a few heads turn. But it's not because she doens't fit the mood - she does, to a T. She's dressed in a white dress with blue piping, the high necked, sleeveless pencil kind, with a balzer over it Entering the Starbucks and pulling down her designer sunglasses, it isn't hard for the blonde to spot her target. "Detective Collins? I'm Tracy Strauss, we spoke on the phone?" She asks, offering her hadn to the man for a polite shake.

As Tracy approaches his table, Terry pushes his chair back, and stands up. He gives Tracy a professional looking smile, and shakes her hand. "That's me," he says, before gesturing to the other chair at his table. "Nice to meet you in person, Miss Strauss." He gives her a second glance, sizing her up, before he sits down at the table again, and pulls his chair in underneath it. He looks thoughtful for a moment, and then says, "I confess, you've got me pretty curious, so let's get down to it, hmm? What did you want to see me about?"

Tracy settles down easily into the chair, folding her hands over it. She apparently has no desire for a cup of coffee - but then agian, the woman most likely lives off caffine anyway. "I know it might be out of the blue, Detective, and I apologize if I have caught you off-guard. It was not my intent, but your name only recently came to my attention." She takes out her business card and slips it across the table, labeling her as the Special Director for Communications to the President of the United States. "I want to talk to you about FRONTLINE. Are you familiar with it?"

Terry leans forward, and picks the business card up off of the table, before leaning back in his chair again. He scans the front of it, flips it over to check the back, and then reads the front again. He gives a quiet whistle at the title, and then chuckles. "Not terribly, no," he says, and then tucks the business card into his pocket. "Should I be?" he asks, and then picks up his cup. He takes a careful sip, and then puts it back down on the table again.
It really is phenomanal how many registered Evolved don't pay attention to politics. Tracy is almost embaressed - she must not be doing a very good job. But that's alright - she intends to fix that.

"It's an Act that Congress will be voting on in the end of the month to train Evolved in their abilities for military and counterterrorism efforts." She explains, knowing quite well that she'll have to get a copy of the packet she made for Abby for this guy. "Similar to SCOUT."

Terry nods his head slowly, and says, "ah," before falling silent for a moment. "Well, I guess I lied then. I have heard about it, but I didn't know it had a name." He grins, and then falls silent again. He considers her for a moment, and then says, "what would the uh, Director of Communications want to talk to me about, concerning a military and counterterrorism act?" he asks.

Tracy is very easy in her mannerisms, as if she'd done this before. In truth? She has done this before. Just a few days ago, actually. "We're going to be putting together an informercial, as New York is one of the five initiative states - one of the five states the FRONTLINE program will immediately take effect. Currently we're looking for a few faces, New Yorkers to act as spokespersons for the infomercial." Another soft nod is offered as she slips out of her blazer. Gosh, it gets hotter and hotter each day. "Your name came up as a potential candidate."

Terry frowns, and presses his lips together for a moment, considering the woman across the table from him. "I see," he says, after a short pause. He chuckles, and then looks down at his outfit before saying, "You uh, may have noticed, but I don't clean up too well. I'm not really the television type."

Tracy offers the man a polite smile, not the political sort that hints that she's got something to hide. Just a regular old smile. "We want to portray you as you. It wouldn't even b e live television, we'd record as many takes as needed if you're nervous about being in front of a screen."

Terry shrugs, and leans back in his chair again. "Yeah, but I take it you're going to want me to try to sell your program, there." He doesn't sound offended by this, however he certainly sounds reluctant. "Anyway, live or not, I'm not positive TV is my thing. I'm still pretty undecided on the act itself, so, heading on the news to try to get others on board seems like the wrong choice."

Tracy nods in understanding, opening her hands in a…well….open gesture. "I understand. Would it be alright if I sent over some information for you to read through, at your office, in case you change your mind?" Clearly Tracy isn't going to try to coerce him into this or anything - no, quite the opposite, she wants him to make his own choices on the matter.

Terry nods, and then leans forward again, resting his elbows on the table, and adjusting himself in his seat. "Yeah, sure," he says, sounding a little more enthusiastic. "You can send me any information you want, really. Send it to the station at Crown Heights, and it'll get to me." He grins, and then says, "I've got enough paperwork on my desk, really, but I'll make time to read through it."

Tracy nods, sliding to the edge of her seat - she is a busy woman, after all, and doesn't have much time in the way of idle chit-chat. "I'll have a courier bring it over later today, if that's suitable. I'd apprecaite it if you could get back to me on it by Friday - the vote is as the end of the month, which is fast approaching." Too fast. Tracy has so much to do!

Terry smirks, and then nods. "Sure," he says, and then wraps a hand around his drink, before standing, holding the tea in his left hand. "I've got your card, so I'll give you a call or something." He holds out a hand towards her again, and then says, "I take it that's it, Miss Strauss?"

Tracy nods, rising and reaching out to his hand simultaniously to give his a firm shake. "I certianly don't wish to keep New York's finest any more preoccupied than I have to. I really do appreciate your taking this into concideration. It's a huge help to me."

Terry nods, and smiles. "Well, it's my day off. First one in a few weeks, so, you're not really keeping me. It was nice to meet you, Miss Strauss," he says, still staying professional. "And good luck finding the rest of your representatives." He adjusts his jacket a little, and takes another sip out of his drink, waiting to let her leave first.

Tracy lowers her hand, her touch slightly cold. "Even more important than keeping you from work, don't let me keep you from your day off." With those words, she bows her head and steps to the side, slipping on her blazer as she turns to make her way out the way she came in.

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