Immersion Therapy


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Scene Title Immersion Therapy
Synopsis Aric has something he needs to get over.
Date Nov 21, 2010

Redbird Security Solutions, Basement

As he sets down looking over at the firing range, Aric looks tired. He has a newspaper reviewing the recent news in front of him. He is currently dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans with a pair of black simple sneakers. He decides to take a moment to close his eyes and clear his head with the over load of information of the results of recent events.

The sound of feet on the stairs alerts him to the presence of someone else behind him. If her own state of mind weren't chaotic enough on the matter to do it well ahead of the sound. Elisabeth is carrying her mug of tea with her, heading for the desk down here. She's carrying a folder, but she pauses at the sight of Aric. "Well hello stranger," she greets him in a voice rough with a major head cold.

"Someone has a nasty cold." As he opens his eyes slowly, Aric nods to Liz and says softly, "Hey Liz. How goes?" He runs a hand through his hair tucking the loose strands of hair behind his ears. He looks at the folder curiously before turning his eyes back at Liz.

She sets the folder on the desk and walks toward him. As Liz steps nearer, she looks like hell. Exhaustion has etched lines on her face that weren't there a week ago and the cold is likely not helping matters. "'Bout as well as could be expected," she admits.

As he gets a better view of her, he cocks his head to the side and says, "Holy…" Aric blinks and says, "Liz you look like hell. Nothing personal…when was the last time you had a good meal or even some sleep?"

"Uhm…. " Elisabeth closes one eye and thinks hard. "Well, I ate at lunch today. And I've actually gotten a full six hours most nights this week. Got ten last night." She grimaces a little. "I sort of… overextended myself. Sorry." She shoves a hand through her hair and moves to sit wearily next to him. "How're you holding up?"

"It seems Molly fell under Matt's hold…or so I suspect. I havent spoken to Peyton since we found Molly. If I had not checked on the girl she might have been dead. She is fine now, yet not sure whats going on with Matt. Peyton checked on him yet thinks he is in a hospital. I was hanging out here in hopes I would see her. If it is Matt…I owe him a slap in the head for the nasty headache he gave me when I went in to try and help Molly." Aric shrugs, "Other then that…oh ya know. Nightmares…repairing my shop…and worrying about you guys."

THere's a blink. "What the hell's going on with Molly?" Elisabeth asks, startled. "Last I heard, she was staying here and was fine." Goes to show what she knows. "Parkman… got consumed by the broadcast." She grimaces. "It's a fuckin' train wreck," she admits hoarsely.

Aric nods, "I knew the girl was here. Cardinal told me. I wanted to check on her because lets face it…alot of us were in different shit. So I baked some treats for her and went to her room to find her on the floor. I suspect she had been in a coma like state for at least two days. I tried to contact Cardinal yet got nothing. I got a glimpse of her lost in a maze like…creation. So I suspected more was going on then we could see. I called Peyton. She stayed with me so I could into Molly's mind when I was forced out…well more like hit with a stun gun the size of Texas forced out. I sensed it might be Matt. So Peyton looked in on Matt. She 'heard' he was in a hospital."

Aric shrugs, "I couldn't go back in. I had to know if it was Matt first and then go directly to the source. I checked in on Molly again and found her awake and fine. So I did not bother her. Seems Peyton got her out or she got out on her own some how."

Elisabeth frowns. She sips from the mug and says finally, "Richard's going to be out of touch for a while. I'd like you to, if you can, make it your job to keep tabs on Molly, Elle, and the new girl Sydney. With Peyton, of course." She looks around the basement, hiding her expression from him. "If anything comes up, both of you are welcome to contact me directly. I'll be available."

As he cocks an eyebrow, "Elle? I am not going to lie. After I heard about the fuck up of her powers going off. Is she a safe person to have around?" Aric pulls his legs into an Indian Style position sitting in his chair and asks, "And Who is Sydney?"

"She got shot," Elisabeth says quietly. "Most of us have power control problems with certain triggers. Hers is pain. She'll be fine, just don't shoot her," she adds drily. "Let me do it if it becomes necessary. And Sydney's been part-time receptionist when Jo's in class, but I'm bringing her all-in. She's going to be working the books for Redbird. She's adept at cooking them." She's not kidding.

Aric cocks an eyebrow, "Liz if there is issues with the books. I am the one with the Business degree from NYU. I can help in that area. I am not all hippy and love." He motions down to his body with a smirk, "And the shooting bit…not funny." Aric's mind goes back to him shooting…no destroying poor Rupert. He looks down into his lap and sighs softly.

Tilting her head, Elisabeth says quietly, "I honestly didn't think you'd want to be involved in Redbird's books, Aric — you have a business of your own to run. And while you have a business degree, are you adept at handling the fact that half of what Redbird does is paying people we've never even seen?" she asks mildly. She reaches out and touches his shoulder, the comment about shooting making her flinch a little. "I'm sorry. I haven't been around as much to help with your nightmares." She's been having her own, quite frankly. "Talk to me."

Aric looks over at Liz and says, "I am learning that alot of things in this world are changing for me. It's ok…let her handle the books but if you need me to check her work. I can…I will let you know if she is handling it right or if there is a better way. I am not naive Liz…not as much as I use to be. I know some of things we do here are not perfectly legal. I have come to accept that it is needed for the greater good." As he flinches himself slightly at the touch and mention of Rupert he looks down at his feet again and says in a near whisper, "You remember what you told me…if I was going to learn how to use a gun I had better be prepared to use it." Aric's hair falls into his face as he continues, "I knew I had to stop D.L. I open fired on him and I just kept firing. I could not let him take Rupert…I was aiming for their knees and instead I tore…" His voice cracks slightly, "It all happened so fast…I didn't even realize I emptied the whole clip."

The books stuff is met with a simple nod. Elisabeth is more concerned about the telepath's state of mind right now. She sits forward and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Aric, look at me," she says quietly. She waits until she has his eyes caught with her own crystal blue ones, sympathy clear in them. Her voice, rough and patchy as it is with the head cold, is gentle. "It is the hardest thing you will ever do. I am so far beyond sorry that you had to. I had hoped it would somehow pass you by. But you did the right thing," she asserts softly. "In spite of the fact that it didn't stop the broadcast itself, it stopped him from trying it again. And D.L. can take care of himself. What can I do to help you with this?"

Aric nods slowly, "It will take time…there isn't much you can do. I scanned his mind and felt his pain. I literally saw his life flash before my eyes in hopes I could learn something more. What can you do for me? Protect me from Niki when she finds out I opened fire on her husband. She hates me as it is and when she finds out…I am sure she will find out somehow in time. Jessica is going to come for me."

"Niki already knows that D.L. was there — he'll be goddamn lucky if she doesn't open fire at his ass," Elisabeth retorts in a growl. She smiles for him. "Don't worry about Niki and Jessica," she adds. "You're square with them." At least on this one. She feels competent to make that call. She rubs his shoulder gently. "I'm sorry I can't do more than listen, Aric. But I'll listen as long as you want me to."

Aric nods slowly, "If you say so…What did you do when you killed someone? The first time? Have you ever had to kill someone?" Aric tilts his head curiously.

Wow… that he has to ask tells Liz that he doesn't yet know her at all. "I've killed people," she admits quietly. Not with pride, but there's no shame either. "I can't remember what happened the first time. Humanis First took the first years of my street experience with a bullet. But I've shot people in the line of duty with the NYPD. I've shot people as a part of Phoenix, and as part of FRONTLINE. I'm not…. immune to the horror of it. But somewhere in there, you have to learn to compartmentalize it. To understand that … it's you or them." It's how she blew out her ability too.

Aric nods slowly as he sighs, "I have been scared to touch another gun. Will I get over that…I know I am gonna need to carry one again soon. I am just scared to touch it…I need to gain control over it again. I know…."

Elisabeth mentally kicks herself. She should have realized that. "C'mon," she says quietly but firmly. "Let's go." She urges him to his feet, her tone brooking no argument from him. The firing range is right there. "I hate that it is even necessary but putting it off won't help, Aric." She takes her mug with her, and as she walks him into the range, she picks up two pairs of headgear — the first time he's ever seen her voluntarily do so — and offers one to him. "Put 'em on," she tells him, her eyes never leaving his face.

Aric follows slowly, yet he is trembling. He nods slowly and says, "Well if anyone can get me through this part it is you." Aric sets the head gear on, as he takes a few deep breaths and begins to listen to Liz for further instruction on how to fire a gun better and help him get over his fear of firing a gun. Aric begins to sweat as a few beads fall down his cheeks…or was that tears?

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