Important Information


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Scene Title Important Information
Synopsis Raquelle is given important information about the Lighthouse Kids
Date April 3, 2018

Caspian's House

With Brynn, Joe, and Lance safely ensconced in his house, Caspian plucks his cell phone from it's charger and rummages around in his wallet for the card Raquelle gave him a few weeks ago in the middle of painting his business. The number is dialed and Caspian moves into his bedroom, sitting on the bed with a squeak to see if Raquelle is available to chat.

It is very rare that Raquelle's phone works and that it actually gets a call…so when it does go off with a poppy ring tone, he is answering. His voice is a bit raspy from sleep as he answers softly. "Hello?" As he is currently laying in his bed, on his side, shirtless and the rest hidden under the covers.

"Raquelle? It's Caspian. Sorry to call you so late." Caspian glances at his watch. "I hope I didn't wake you up, but I figured you'd want to know what's going on." He takes a breath before continuing, letting the other man's brain spool up. "You know Brynn, Joe, and Lance, right? Well, they got into a little trouble. They're fine now - they're with me, but they're fine."

There's a rustling and some foul…foul Spanish explicatives before Raquelle speaks up. "Pretty Eyes?" Then he sighs when he hears names and shakes his head, sitting up fully. "What happened baby?"

Anyone else calling Caspian 'baby' would end up with a stern talking to, but with Raquelle, it's okay. "I haven't gotten much of the story out of them, but the long and the short of it is that they were scavenging outside the walls, with Eimi, and ran into something. I'm trying to find out what, but the long and the short of it was Eimi teleported them all and ended up scattering them across the city. They got hurt." Caspian looks into the living room, the three LHK's curled into a pile on the couch, the TV playing an old DVD of Andy Griffith in low tones. "They got hurt pretty bad. Dislocations, internal injuries, the works. The hospital just let them out, so I brought them here to my place."

The hairdresser lets out a stream of Japanese that is a mixture of a prayer, a curse, and an expression of relief as he listens. Raquelle is quiet for a moment, just breathing softly over the phone and he clears his throat a couple of times. There is a pause before he just offers after a moment. "You need any help?"

"I don't know." is the man's first response to the question. "I've dealt with stuff like this during the war, so I think I can keep them from getting infected and on the mend. Food's okay, as long as Joe doesn't discover where I keep the peanut butter." He chuckles softly. "The worry I have is Eimi. They don't know where she is, and none of the hospitals have any clue. If she pushed herself, she could have ended up anywhere. I'm worried about her and there isn't anything I can do about it."

"Mm, if you need any help or a break, let me know. I'll bring by some stuff tomorrow if they are still there. Maybe some extra peanut butter." Raquelle offers over the phone with a rough chuckle, sobering up as he sighs softly. "Well…keep an eye out for her, I'll also see if anybody knows anything. Do you know who she was staying with?"

"Thanks, Raquelle. I'll be sure to. Most of the problem will be keeping them from running off again to the same place they ran into trouble to try and find Eimi once they start feeling better. Hell, I just gave up on trying to get their pistols away from them." There's a creak of the bed as Caspian peers at the kids on the couch, leaning back again wtih a sigh. "They're beat up and can't stand up to anything in the condition they're in. Joe can take a punch, Brynn can make colors, and Lance walks quietly - not the suite of skills I'd want in my corner for a fight. They're not in any condition to go exploring again for a while." Caspian shakes his head, realizes Raquelle can't see it, and then says "no, I don't. Eimi came by here every once in a while for food, bathing, and laundry. She lived outside the walls. Better'n Squeaks, who lives underground."

"Well you tell them that you'll tell me if they run off and whenever they come back, if they get hurt again they are going to wake up with no eyebrows. Its hard to make a determined face with no eyebrows, and then you just look dumb as shit when you are plotting to do something dumb." Raquelle runs his finger sthrough his hair and shrugs a shoulder. "That's exactly the suite of skills I'dwant in my corner..even without pistols. But yeah, keep them safe as you can." Blink blink. "Did you say /Pistols/?"

Lack of eyebrows is a deterrent Caspian hadn't thought of, so he adds it to his suite of stuff to threaten them with to keep them from leaving. Food is helping them stay put, as well as a collection of old TV shows from before the war - something left in the house when he moved in - but that'll only last so long. "Yeah, pistols. Two of those black, square ones. They've probably had them since before the war. They're on safe at least, but I couldn't convince them to leave them on the bar, locked in a safe box, or even without a round in the chamber. Whatever they saw scared the hell out of them and I think triggered something. They're having nightmares."

"Caspian." Its serious now, Raquelle has used a whole name. "Did you ask them where they got those pistols from?" Something there isn't sitting right with him and there's another rustle and a shift as he adjusts the blankets and turns to swing his legs around to the side of the bed, leaning forward as he sighs. "You want me to come over, I can…help a bit. With the soothing. If they need it."

"No I didn't. I just got them out of the hospital and here. They pretty much collapsed after we arrived. I don't really blame them." Caspian still sounds concerned. "Don't worry about it, Raquelle. They're asleep now. I'll talk to them in the morning about it and see if they might open up. I'm planning breakfast tomorrow, so I might suggest, if you can, swinging by. Don't know if you're kosher, but I've got real bacon on the menu for breakfast tomorrow." If he needed incentive.

"See if you have replaced bacon with mimosas I would've already been to your house." Raquelle drawls softly. "Well give them my love when they wake up, I think I'm about to lose connection. I'll be by in the morning, don't let anybody get shot."

Blood is impossible to get out of blankets properly, so them or Caspian getting shot is the last thing Caspian or anyone wants to go through. "Wish I could help. The sparkling white wine, yes, but the orange juice is a little tougher. Might have a can or two somewhere in my stores. I'll see if I can dig it out. You stay in bed and I'll see you in the morning. Thanks, Raquelle."

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