Important Pieces


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Scene Title Important Pieces
Synopsis While still upset over the events of the days before, Gillian makes her way to Eve's new hangout and checks in. And self-centeredly complains for a bit. What are friends for, right?
Date July 26, 2009

Abandoned Warehouse - Ruins of Midtown

Mas Mechanics reads the sign hanging outside the warehouse that has been abandoned since the bomb happened, within good reason since it's close to the Ruins of Midtown. The normally locked gate is mysteriously unlocked and the padlock is hanging on the fence. The wind blows softly through the surrounding area, but it's otherwise silent.

There's the sound of a drill being used and then another tool and then another. Ah the sound of working on cars. What a relaxing thing for Eve to do right now. Except you couldn't tell it was Eve underneath the Mustang she has. Just a pair of long legs can be seen.

"Pass me that there." She points without coming from under the car.

"You must dream a fuck lot more than I ever did," Gillian says softly as she looks down at the legs under the car, the pointing hand. Following the line of sight, she walks across to the tool, picking it up, and walking back. Kneeling down she looks under it, holding it out to a hand. "I wasn't even walking very loud."

There'd been no kicking over of tools, no obvious signs of someone coming inside. Just the psychic woman who always seems to be one step ahead of things. "Remind me never to play you at chess," she adds on, staying knelt down against the car. The knot in the back of her head carefully tied, to keep energy from leaking out now that that power is back and active. "I guess you know exactly why I'm here."

"I would try not to dream about chess so I wouldn't be cheating." Eve teases because it's impossible for Eve to control what she dreams about. The tool is taken with a soft thank you uttered, after a few more moments the psychic pulls herself from under the car and she looks up at Gillian.

A light smile is thrown the woman's way. "If you're asking if I know that you succeeded in killing Arthur, then yes I know that. And you aren't obviously aren't dead." Eve winks up at the younger woman and pushes herself to her feet. Covered in grease but she doesn't mind. The seer walks as she dries her hands with a towel looped through her belt loop.

"How'd it go though?" a question as she leads Gillian away from the mechanic shop part and the part of the warehouse that Eve is in the process of making her new home.

The room they enter is a huge room with couches and seats everywhere, a few rugs here and there. Also curtains cover the big windows of the place. "Amazing what you can find in all the abandoned places in the city." Eve says softly as she sinks into one of the more dirty couches.

"Wouldn't happen to know how to fix up a motorcycle, would ya? Ever since my last one got trashed, I haven't gotten a new one," Gillian says softly, moving to stand as she avoids the topic for a moment. Even if the topic she jumps on isn't much nicer. Her trashed motorcycle was lost when Peter, Sylar and Peter all clashed with each other. The first time she lost them both. Before she ever had any idea how much Peter would come to mean to her, even.

"Arthur Petrelli is dead, though. You're right." If he wasn't, she'd probably look a lot worse off than she is. A hand reaches up to rub along her arm. Alive as she may be, and as relatively unscathed, it would seem her tattoos didn't come out quite as nicely. Almost as if skin healed in places, but without the tattoos. What happens when skin is burnt almost completely off. Even with regeneration. Which she no longer has.

"I lost Peter's power. Helena almost died— a rebar through her abdomen…" She hesitates a moment. "I think they managed to get Gabriel out. I hope they did. And… Peter got shot… and kicked off the roof. I don't— I don't know if he's okay, but we couldn't find his body…"

"I could see what I can do." Eve promises and tilts her head at Gillian. She has noticed the disappearance of her tattoos. Ouch. "I dreamed that.. a long time ago." Eve says absently. But she shrugs her shoulders, news of the leader of Phoenix dying or almost dying doesn't affect her much.

She trails her hand along the arm of the couch and sits on her feet after kicking off her shoes. "So Peter's ability.. is lost." Something even Eve didn't manage to see.

A light smile crosses her lips as the mention of Peter being missing or dead. "He isn't done, yet. So I'm sure he's around." Of that much Eve is sure. "I'll find him soon." She says softly and looks over to Gillian. "How are you holding up? It's over.. at least this part of the nightmare."

"Yeah, it never really ends, does it," Gillian says softly, quiet, as she looks down at the floor for a bit. It's a rather dirty floor, too, but she scuffs her shoe along to draw out a line in the dust, and then moves to find a place to lean. She'd sit, but there's no where clean. Even leaning leaves a residue on her clothes. "He wasn't brainwashed," she says quietly, almost absently.

"He recognized everyone… Brian, Helena… he remembered everything." And she was too busy flying off after Arthur Petrelli to try and save his precious girlfriend that she never even got a chance to pull off the mask and look him in the eyes. She never got to see him looking at her when the fight was done. All she saw was the gunshot and him falling. And then the space he left behind.

"It was all my fault. Everything. I touched someone who had an ability like yours, to see probabilities— and he… he saw every possible future and he made this happen. All because of me. Because of this… fucking piece of shit power." Just when she started to like her power, she lost it, just when she got it back, she hated it again. Even more than she did before.

"Don't blame yourself for what you didn't know would happen. It's entirely different if you knew what your actions would bring." Eve offers in comfort and she smiles weakly at Gillian.

"Everything happens for a reason, this happened for a reason. So even if you hadn't touched him.. the outcome would have been the same. Just through different actions."

A hand is run through her hair. "It hurts you.. that he's been ripped away agan?" Eve is starting to think nobody can be with Peter, he's always away!

"But I knew it could happen. I mean, fuck, look at what happened with you. I touched your hand one day and you saw his brother get attacked and that led us to break into HomeSec to see him— and… I knew terrible things could happen. I knew that augmenting people can lead to bad things." And Gillian still did it. She doesn't even remember for sure whose idea it was, his or hers. "And the fucker is dead so I can't even ask him why the hell he did all that and shot Peter." He's not dead. Just shot. If Eve says things aren't done with him yet, she'll believe her, but…

"Yeah it fucking hurts. I don't even know if he was telling the truth or— or fuck anything. One of my clones sent a message that he wanted me to protect Helena for him. Of course that's what I was already fucking trying to do. The little bitch had to take off her mask and reveal her face and make herself a fucking target and…" Now she's just ranting, but…

"He told me he loved me. When I thought he was brainwashed. He pretended not to know who Helena even was. I don't know if he was lying or— or what."

A hand is waved to dismiss Gillian along with something along the lines of a clucking noise. "Mistakes are made. It's what shapes who we are." Eve shakes her head at Gillian. "So augmenting has only ever hurt.. never helped hmm?"

"I may hate my ability at times because of what it's done to me.. but I'm grateful for it because of the help I can give and the good I can do." Think on that, is the look she is giving the augmentor.

"Well.. when and if I find him.. I'll let you know and you can ask him. Quickest way for you to not have to worry and stress over this. Ask him upfront."

"People shouldn't keep making the same fucking mistakes," Gillian mutters softly from where she leans, obviously in a mood where she's blaming herself. Little does she know one half of herself out there has much better coping mechanisms, if a little destructive as well. "I guess my ability's helped, but… it's not even supposed to be mine. I was able to do so much more when I had Peter's ability. I saved the kids in the Lighthouse. I fought Arthur into distraction so that someone else could kill him. I probably saved Helena's life."

And then… she was suddenly just her again. All the power of the world at her fingertips for a short time… and it slipped away. She could've been a Queen. She could've been better than a queen.

Be up front about it. "If I ask him at least I'll know." Knowing is important. Knowledge can set people free, and so can the truth. Truth can also tear someone's heart apart, just as much as lies. "Then I can fucking move on." Cause she's already decided what the answer would be.

Another place, another time.

"Then don't make the mistake again. No more." Eve smiles softly and places a hand on her lap. "I have made so many mistakes in the past months.." Everything from how things were dealt with PARIAH and Phoenix.. and tons of other things. "I had to forgive myself first before anyone else could." She says and looks up towards the ceiling. She hums softly. "Gillian, you are one of the most important people in this whole game. Always have been, your ability. While not given to you by your genetics.. can be the single turning point in any situation involving abilities.

"You don't know how many times I wished I had an ability with any kind of firepower behind it.." Maybe it's because she never had the brief experience with an active ability like Gillian has. "I thought if I had a 'real' ability I would be of more help, but I was wrong.. Cameron.. he use to say that the ability I was given, was my special talent. And I helped in my own way. Not to mention I had other ways of helping people than just with my ability."

Eve understands Gillian's pain. "Move on? Assuming his answer already?" Eve chuckles and shakes her head. "The hardest part about me moving on.. from Cameron's death is that I always wondered what would have happened, if we had more time together and could have explored what we had.." The seer looks down. "But you have the choice to actually see what happens with this."

There's a nod. No more mistakes. But forgiving herself? Gillian's not entirely sure she can, even if the world didn't end, even if a lot of people are still walking. A lot of people still died. But something Eve said… "Peter said I was important too," she murmurs softly. Important to him. Important to the— "It's not a game, Eve. That's what the guy who shot Peter called it. A game. One that he almost won. Would have won if his present self hadn't walked in afterwards and given him a big middle finger." Not a game…

Yet she compared it to chess many times, didn't she? "Games don't hurt this much. Games don't kill people as many times as this one did. Or they fucking shouldn't at least." One death, two deaths, fifty deaths, a thousand deaths… sometimes any unnecessary death is too many.

Is anything going to get better? "What else can I assume, Eve? Sure, maybe we got together in a future— but fuck. It sounds like that's what his dad planned for me from the beginning. I'm not even sure how much of that was real." Choice… "I don't really get a choice. Other than to run away, or not. And considering how much I fucking yelled at him for running away…" That's not really an option.

"Ah, but there is always someone pulling the strings, or moving the pieces. Such has been the case for the past few months." She says with a light shrug. "Dom't assume, just try to go forward with a open mind.. don't have expectations going into it. Don't expect much, because you know the sort of situation Peter is in."

Eve reaches over to place a hand on Gillian's knee. "You are important. Always have been."

"Running is the last thing you want to do my friend."

Someone's always pulling the strings. "I'm sick of being fucking played," Gillian admits quitely, perhaps giving up to the analogy. After all it does describe the last few months, her entire life, really. So many lies, so many manuevers to try and get her to do things— yet she never does as people seem to expect, and that makes things worse. Even when it might have turned out better if she did.

"I wish it were my turn to be the player instead of the game piece." But perhaps she lost her chance at that. She's never really been a very good follower. In anything. At all.

"I won't run away, but I don't expect much of anything." Almost nothing at all, even.

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