Impromptu Decision


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Scene Title Impromptu Decision
Synopsis A local music legend and a local music upstart meet.
Date December 27, 2010

The Orchid Lounge

The Lounge has seen an up in patrons recently, it may or may not have to do with the fact that a certain singer who has finally returned home. It's tonight even, that she's returning for the second time. It's only her second night to perform and the crowd is thick with anticipation. Some reporters can be seen here and around there.

As the lights in the room begin to dim and a lone light illuminates the stage. The people in the crowd begin to clap, politely. This isn't the Surly Wrench after all. As the applause stops, the curtains ruffle a bit and begin to slide back, a start of a piano can be seen.

Black of course.

Robyn Quinn is one of those at the Orchid Lounge tonight in hopes of hearing the recently resurfaced singer. It wouldn't be the first time she's been to hear her sing, but it certainly would be the first time in quite a while. Really, it's been some time since she's been out to catch any sort of music, and what better way to do that than with a drink in hand at a rather nice venue? Smiling, she joins the clapping as the lights dim and the piano comes into view. To say this is what she'd been waiting for all night might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was definitely something she'd been looking forward to ever since she heard of her return. She's eager to hear what'll be played tonight!

The sound dark piano chords can be heard, some in minor a few in flat, all in a rapid progression. The curtains slide away completely and there seating on the piano bench is Eve Mas, the pale woman in a black dress that falls to just over her knees. Boots can be seen tapping on the sustain pedal, the dark progression of chords in a light mood as she taps the highest note on the piano a few times. Then the piano turns to a light but equally dark mood, if such a thing is possible. Her fingers gliding over the keys, she opens her mouth,

I've been lost.. so many times..

I've been shot down.. screamed at.. and told lies..

Her voice flows into the room, a mid alto as her eyes are closed and head tilted back. The piano playing becomes slightly more aggressive.

Been pushed down.. for the last time.

Oh oh oh, you can't.. can't hide.

Eve gives a dark smile to the audience briefly before hammering harder on the keys, hair flying as her voice soars up to the ceiling.

Cause this is the last time.. I'll ever let you.. let you tell me a lie.

I don't wanna see your face, no more. Please just.. walk out.. that door.

The singer's facial expression is one of pain and contempt for whoever she's singing too. Foot stomps on the ground as she sings the chorus over again. Obviously lost in the music. It's what she truly lives for.. this is her true calling in life.

Or so she thinks.

A wide smile creeps on Quinn’s face as she listens, the Irish musician relaxing in her seat as she takes in the music. She lost in it in an entirely different way than Eve is, captivated by the other woman's performance. Her feet tap quietly, head bobbing slowly as she leans back with a drink in hand. Eyes close, and she is more than ready to get entirely lost in the rest of Eve's performance. This is something she's missed so much - as much fun as performance and DJing, she's been away from //viewing performances for just too long now.

The performance continues, a soulful one with a touch of dark pop. Eve ends the song in a breathy whisper.

I hate the way.. you make me feel.. just.. leave.

As she plays the last chord in the song, the house erupts into applause and even a little cheering can be heard as Eve smiles and says softly into the mic. "Thank you." Before standing from the piano and walking into the back, soon coming out from a side door. Touching hands and nodding her head, answering a few questions by patrons but then saying she must get to her booth. Every lounge singer has a booth.

As the singer walks by Quinn, she gives the woman a light smile and nod. What's that? Her eerie light grey eyes studying the young woman before she comes to her booth and settles in, her favorite drink in hand. Delivered by a waitress there. God, it's good to be home.

She taps her feet at the light music now being played in the background. Eyes close temporarily before she opens them again to take a sip of her drink.

Quinn is on her feet and applauding as soon as the last cord is struck, a wide smile on her face, and she does stop until Eve passes by her. She catches the smile and nod, blinking a bit as her eyes follow Eve back to her booth, a curious look on her face. Something about that has grabbed Quinn's attention, and while she'd been intending to head out after the show and some food, now she's having some second thoughts. In fact…

Her drink - scotch on the rocks, just the one glass since she's on her own getting home tonight - is taken in hand and she slips out of her seat, looking around the establishment for… there it is! A flyer announcing Eve's return. It's form her first performance, still sitting up on the wall for whatever reason. Or at least it was, Quinn quickly snatching it down and taking it hand. A pen is produced from her pocket and she starts over towards Eve, a smile on her face. "Excuse me," she inquires as she reaches the woman's booth. "Fancy giving a fan an autograph? If it's not a bother, that is."

She hasn't signed an autograph in ages.

The lounge singer nods her head at Quinn and smiles gently towards her. And gestures for the pen and flyer to be given to her. "Of course, thank you for coming out to see me perform." She says softly and then she's tilting her head towards Quinn. "Have a seat.. your name?" she grins as she waves her hand to the seat around the booth. There's plenty room.

Eve's eyes are a light with excitement as she looks at Quinn. "I love to talk to fellow musicians." She muses absently and ruffles a bit of her hair. Do they know each other? The people in the ground are now mingling, drinking. Things settle back to normal after Eve's performance.

Her finger trails in a symbol or pattern absently on the tabletop. The dim light and the dark makeup that Eve is wearing gives her a mysterious and ethereal look.

The willingness to sign the autograph has Quinn beaming, the Irishwoman handing over the pen and flyer as nonverbally requested. "It's not the first time," Quinn admits with a smile. "I've come around t' see you a few times; I love coming t' see local music." With that, she takes a seat, tilting a head at Eve. "Robyn Quinn. It's a pleasure t' speak t' you, Eve." The fact that Quinn knows Eve's name shouldn't at all be a surprise to anyone, but the fact that Even knows Quinn is a musician doesn't escape her notice - but really, she's been making some waves lately. Maybe it's not that unusual?

"Oh! So… yeah. It is always nice t' talk t' other musicians. Particularly someone with more experiance than I have." Her smile is still wide, Quinn trying to lean back and relax in her seat, but she's not entirely succeeding - the last time she felt this way was when she met Else Kjelstrom, and then the nature of the work that afternoon had forced her to be subdued about it.

Here? She's about to burst with happiness.

Finishing the autograph she slides it toward the other musician and she grins widely. "I don't get to talk to many musicians." That would have to be because.. Eve doesn't have many friends. The other musician dips her head towards the Irishwoman.

"And how long have you been playing?" she asks with a tilt of her head, hair falling into her face. Eve briefly stretches her arms out and gives a little wave to a little crowd that is not to far away ogling Quinn and she. Eve's current booth mate is given the death glare of evil. Who is she to be able to sit next to Eve? Who usually sits alone.

The flyer has a hand nearly slapped down on it to prevent it from sliding off the table or up into the air. "Thank you!" Quinn enthuses happily, holding it under her arms - she's not about to fold it up or anything like that. No, this is going up on teh wall somewhere in ehr apartment, undamaged. "I only get t' talk t' musicians lately because I work with them," Quinn remarks with a bit of a laugh. She doesn't fail to notice the other people looking at them from across the lounge, and that just has her grinning happily. "Uh… a long time. Mum got me started on piano an' violin when I was still just a wee thing, an' I've been playing since." The question gets a look of curiosity, for whatever reason. "Been a passion a' mine ever since."

"Ahh, lucky lucky." Eve grins and leans forward as she continues to speak to the fellow musician. "My father was a mechanic and my mother was a stripper," she says but in obvious humor. She's not ashamed of her background, never has been. "So they didn't really want a starving artist.." she shrugs lightly and chuckles. "If only they were around to see me now.."

A sad thought really but she doesn't dwell on it.

"Mum's an artist," Quinn comments, finally relaxing a bit, "so my fate was pretty much sealed from the get go. Dad… he's a glass maker back home. He was never thrileld with the idea a' his daughter bein' a musician. He still tries t' get e t' come work in Waterford in teh offices or somethin', I have no idea." Quinn waves a hand dismissively, before folding both of them in her lap. "So, um…" Suddenly, she seems a bit more nervous again. "I know you've been doin' this whole performance thing for while, an' I hadn't really come over here t' badger you with questions, but I haven't done anythin' serious performance like in a while, but I'm about t' start. It occured t' me that maybe I should ask for advice…"

Someone is asking Eve for advice? The concept clearly amuses Eve because she chuckles and nods her head at Quinn. Taking another sip of her drink, she regards the woman closely.

"There's only one thing that I can really tell you.." she leans forward to say softly to the other musician. "Leave it all out on the floor. Bare your soul each and every time. And the crowd will feel it and see it. You have to know that in that moment. All everybody will be watching is you and that you're gonna inspire.. or change or help someone in a way that you've never helped anyone before."

The older musician grins widely and nods her head, "That's the best advice I can give. And.. don't be nervous. You can't be nervous on stage." Nodding her head, she takes something from a dish on the table and nibbles on it.



"A peanut.. lovely."

Even though it may be a small bit of advice, it is important none the less, Quinn's smile widening afterwards, ignoring the curiosity of the peanut. She nods enthusiastically, fingers drumming on the table in front of her. "Leave it all out on the floor," she repeats, leaning back in her seat. "That's pretty damn good advice, that for true," she adds after a moment, folding her arms across her chest. "Thanks, Ms. Mas. I maen… I've been up on stage before. Like… with a band, an' done some smaller type shows befoer. But… I think I'm going t' be hittin' bigger soon, an'… any advice is good advice. So… thanks." Well, it seems her impromptyu question ahs turned out better than she expected!

"Ah ah, just Eve." She waves a hand, the added suffix makes her feel like an old bag. She isn't one yet. Nodding her head, she does seem preoccupied by those peanuts now. "And you must send me texts and call about your performances. I'll be there." Grinning, the seer takes a pen and napkin and scribbles her name and number on it. "Don't lose that." She winks and downs the rest of her drink.

"Now.. I have.." she says as she gets up. "A few things to do before I head home. So, shall we meet again?" she tilts her head with a raised eyebrow.

Being handed Eve's phone number makes Quinn's eyes widen with surprise. An autograph and a phone number? Talk about a damn good night!

"Oh, ah… I'm sorry. I don't mean t' keep you," she replies with a bit of a nervous laugh, immediately pulling out her iPhone and punching in the number she's been given, before tucking both in her coat pocket. "Oh! Um, totally. That'd be awesome. I'd love t' meet up again!" She's grinning wide now, even as she hops up from her seat next to Eve - best to leave the woman to her own devices. Waving, she turns to walk away, and once she thinks she's out of sight, she gives a bit of a fist pump. Getting an autograph had been an impromptu decision. Much of this had been. With how it had turned out?

Oh yes. Tonight was a good night.

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