Improper Use Of Buildings And Books


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Scene Title Improper Use Of Buildings And Books
Synopsis Jake scales a wall, much to Zachery's chagrin. The authorities are called in.
Date October 26, 2009

Outside of Ichihara Bookstore

Buck is going for a walk, it seems, or else he's headed somewhere on foot. He has a manila folder under one arm that's filled with papers. Buck's not the kind of guy who usually carries papers around, but there it is. He looks pretty happy though, hat pushed back on his head, eyes occasionally drifting up to regard a blue sky.

There's a bus station in the area - they're all over the place - and Jake's sitting in it, shoulders hunched, hoodie pulled up, hands buried in his pockets and attention roaming over Zach's building. It might look like he's scoping the joint out, but he hasn't done anything - no crossword puzzles, no photo-taking - but observe. And hey, when Buck shows up meandering right past, he breaks into a grin. "Hey! Buck! Dude, great timing! C'mere for a sec!"

"Oh, hey," Buck says cheerfully, attention snapping up when he hears his name called. He grins right back at Jake. "Jake, it's a great day, ain't it?" He jogs on over to catch up to Jake. "What's up with you?" he asks, glancing over at the building Zach was looking at, just in case it's something to do with that.

"Beautiful day." Jake stands, stomps his feet, and nods to the building. "You see that place? I'm gonna climb it. You wanna watch in case I fall off? Max is s'posed to be coming by but he said he might be late." He's been picking out handholds for the last half hour and he thinks he's pretty much got the course planned - and waiting just isn't Jake's style.

All is peaceful inside of Ichihara Bookstore — its door opens and closes behind a (hopefully) satisfied customer, leaving Zachery to guard over the store. In a… barely looking up, busy reading a book sort of manner.

"Holy shit," Buck says, looking concerned. "You're gonna climb that thing without a wire or nothin'? Well, what'm I s'posed to do if you /do/ fall? Could be pretty deadly." He frowns over at the building, looking up. "You said Max is coming…? Well, I'll watch. If you fall down I'll call an ambulance 'r somethin'…"

"Got it in one," Jake says cheerfully, and claps Buck on the shoulder. "Hey, it was Max's idea. It'll be fine, right? It's only what, three stories?" Give or take. "C'mon!" And with that the grinning teen abandons the bus stop, looks both ways (for once!) and crosses the street, heading purposefully for the shop and the partial alleyway formed by an indent from the sidewalk between it and the next building. He's not wearing gloves, but he has changed his shoes - they're spiked. His shirt today is gray and reads "ask me about my complete lack of interest."

And still, Zachery is obliviously busy. Until, with a sound that could make a verbally inclined encyclopedia cry, he claps the book he's reading shut and moves away from the counter to put it back in its place. This little trip takes him past the front window, where he shoots a glance outside and suddenly slows his pace. Customers? Doesn't look like it. His brow creases, his grip on the book tightening.

Buck stays standing there at the bus stop, looking up at the building and then focusing on Jake. He stuffs his free hand into his back pocket. His expression slips toward a solemn cowboy frown.

This is not going to be a good day for someone. Jake seems delighted. He stalks up to the building, vanishing out of sight, and starts climbing. This sounds like a simple thing. It's not. Each hand has to find a decent hold before he can continue, each foot a crevice. The reason for the choice of this building becomes clear, though: it's old, and the moulding between bricks is deep. It's great for beginners. And, if Jake does end up losing control, he can always lean back and set his back on the chimney-like indent in the brick. The first ten feet go by pretty quickly; he's positively a spider monkey. The going gets tough shortly after that - twenty feet up or so he glances over his shoulder and laughs, the noise breathless and carried on the wind. He slows to a steady pace, one hand after the other, giving himself no time to become afraid. Passerby in front of the shop stop to stare up.

Zachery's not yet noticed Buck— the reason for this being that there's a CRAZY PERSON scaling the building. "… What the…" For a while, he just… stares. This is not something you just see happening every day. And when the door of the store finally opens, it slams into a passerby. Zachery, still holding the book, does not apologize, instead peering upward immediately to yell, "Oi! Don't you know horizontal traveling is much less of a bother than vertical?" A bit of sarcasm never hurt anyone. Despite his words, he doesn't look especially annoyed, just… put off. "What the bloody hell are you doing up there."

Buck watches Jake very carefully, lips a straight line by now, attention sharp though he is motionless. It would be easy to miss his involvement in the situation as the usual teenage hoodlum would be cell-phone video taping this, and that hasn't occurred to Buck.

Shit, the surprise makes Jake miss a handhold. Fortunately that just means he's hanging on by three points instead of four, the freaky lizard. He twists to look down, raising one arm and peering at Zach from above. A wide grin flashes. "Yeah, but this is more fun!" Handhold, handhold… ahh, there it is. He digs in and starts up again. "Relax! I'm a professional!" He's not, but he's always wanted to say that. He's also almost to the top - it's only three or four storeys.

Buck jumps a little and steps forward when Jake misses a handhold, but he relaxes again when he finds it once more. Only then does he take his eyes off of Jake to look at Zach. He blinks, then narrows his eyes to see if he recognizes him.

Zachery is lean, even if he isn't particularly tall. He has dark brown curly hair that is slicked back more often than not, and his dark blue eyes hide behind slightly outdated looking glasses. In fact, the left lens appears to be developing a crack right through the middle, probably due to not having been replaced in ten odd years. Long nights (or rather all-nighters) at work have given him a somewhat unhealthy looking demeanor, complete with tired eyes and bad posture.

Zachery stands, shooting nervous looks between bystanders and Jake, as the climber ascends. He then takes a deep breath, squints upward and raises the book he's holding over his head. The cover reads "How to Survive a Robot Uprising", and although it's not very big, with a bit of momentum… who knows. "Alright. Well. This isn't my building— so I'm giving you a choice!" He's audibly nervous, though his next statement comes out with slightly more confidence. "Either you come down, or I start throwing things at you." Simple enough, right?

"Dude, I can't turn around till I get to the top!" Jake shoots a slightly alarmed look down at the guy waving books, then flashes his attention upwards and starts climbing faster. Okay, maybe this was a bad idea to do without his gift. "Buck!" That's shouted across the gulf between streets. "You're the damn spotter, do something!" His back has stiffened up - he's expecting a book to pelt into it any second.

"Hey, hey, hey," Buck cries, crossing the street quickly. "Now, you can't just throw things at a man! You could kill 'im. You want that on your conscience, brother?" He glances up at Jake. "Ain't nobody gonna throw anything at you," he shouts up to him.

"… 'Brother'?" The book, though slowly, is lowered again. Zachery turns to face Buck with a look of skepticism. And only slightly less so when the recognition finally kicks in. "I know you. Brad- no. Buck?" The acknowledgement is brief, and immediately followed up with, "Make him come down. I'm not going to get fired again because a pair of imbeciles." The book is given a short waggleshake at eye level. An idle threat.

Scramble, scramble. The last ten feet are taken with a slightly panicked vengeance. Despite Buck's assurance, Jake's in a hurry - either he distrusts, or he wasn't aware that there might be a problem with this. With a hard grunt and tug he heaves over the edge, scrambles up - wobbles dangerously, and then spins to look down. "WOO!" Had to, sorry. He's proud of himself. This is probably the biggest thing he's ever climbed.

"Sorry, I forgot your name," Buck admits to Zachery. "Yeah, I'm Buck," he says. "And there's not much I can do 'bout him bein' up there. But I don't think he'll hurt anything an' I don't think anybody could blame /you/. Now, if you throw a book and hit 'im, he might fall and you might go to jail. If you call the cops, there's gonna be a big circus and the cops'll rope the place off, nobody'll get in for a long time and nobody'll give you any business. Leave 'im alone an' I bet the whole thing'll be real quick an' easy." Buck looks up and grins. "Hey, there ya go," Buck says, seeing that Jake's made it up. "An' now you got people all standin' around…that's free publicity. You oughta bring out your outdoors an' adventure books."

Zachery's expression only darkens as he's told what he should and shouldn't do. To be fair, though, calling the cops on these two probably WOULD take too long to be worth it. He spins back around when Jake reaches the top, still glaring, and his shoulders sag down with a sigh. "You had better not have damaged anything!" Quieter, he adds, "Not that the building's in top shape anyway, but— you know."

Jake has to do this - it's required. He tips forward into a handstand on the corner of the little chimney. Feet wave for an instant, but he steadies quickly and then drops onto his feet again. "Not doing that again," he mutters, and then eyes the path down. Wow, all of the sudden that looks pretty tall. Hm. Uh. Shit. He leans over the ledge. "Hey Buck! You wanna go find a payphone? Tell Max to hurry his ass up?" Great, now he's going to give the actor's number out to the cowboy. That's gonna get amusing.

"Now, nobody meant to cause you any trouble," Buck tells Zachery, trying to be soothing. "We're real sorry to have put you out." And maybe he honestly is sorry. But soon his attention is on Jake again. "Yeah, sure," he calls. "But, uh…I don't have his number 'r anything…"

"We." Zachery repeats, crossing his arms while he peers upward. "I'm hearing plural, but I don't think I'm seeing it. Besides, why not bloody ask?" Ill logic makes for a bad mood Zachery.

"Hang on a sec," Jake yells, and drops down onto the edge of the building, fishing a notebook out of his pants pocket. He flips between one page and another, copying down a number, then rips out the second page, and starts folding that up. A big grin flashes over his face and he leans down to peer at Buck and Zach. "Dude, it's no big deal, it's just free-climbing. You wouldn't yell at someone climbing on the sidewalk, would you?"

Buck shakes his head a little at Zachary. "Sorry," Buck says. "Wasn't my plan. But I hope you sell a couple more books today because of it." He looks up at Jake and waits for the gift of a phone number.

Selling books. Pfft. Zachery couldn't care less. And though he's attempting to just stay calm, anxiety makes his frustration linger. "You know what? If that sidewalk was an antique, I just might." So for now, you're going to continue to get glared at.

Oh. Well then. Jake shrugs, finishes folding the paper airplane, and aims it down at Buck. "Catch! Merry Christmas!" And then he snickers for no obvious reason. "Tell him to hurry up!" And then he puts the notebook away, making sure it's snug - would not do to lose it in the climb down.

Buck has to run a bit like an idiot to catch the paper airplane, but once it's in hand, he runs off in search of a pay phone, looking pretty pleased.

Zachery's eyes follow the paper plane down until it's caught, then shoot back up to Jake. "So. Now what?" Part of him wants the notebook to fall, and a second's worth of diappointment shows on the man's face when it doesn't. It would only be good manners to return it to the climber. Through throwing or not.

"Now?" Jake flashes Zachery an almost malevolent smile. "I climb down. And you get to spot me. Here's the job: if I fall, you call 911. If anyone tries to throw a book at me, you stop them. And if anyone else looks to be calling the cops, you persuade them not to, because we don't want a scene and you're talking your suicidal friend down. Sound good?" That's right, he's going to make Zach a part of this. Sure, the guy could walk off. Jake's wagering he's too invested, though.

What, are you kidding me? Zachery's already drawing up a pie chart of possibilities in his head. "How about a compromise?" He quirks a brow. "If you fall, I throw a book at you. If someone tries to throw a book at you, I'll join them. And if anyone looks like they're about to call the police, I ask them to wait until after I've thrown a book at you."

Jake laughs aloud in disbelief at the sheer audacity. "Fine!" he calls down, and clambers to his feet, spreading his arms. "Throw a book at me. But if I catch it I'm throwing it back, and I have a better angle and a great arm." And, to the lady who looked a little panicked and had her cellphone out, "Relax, it's all an act, we're performers." She doesn't look all that reassured. He'd do something performey - a backflip would be nice - but he's expecting a book tossed at him.

"No we're not." Zachery is quick to correct, but looks over his shoulder to shoot the woman an annoyed look. "But if it makes you feel better, go ahead and pretend we are." Then, he's silent for a moment, and looks through the store's window. Why do these things have to happen when there's no one around to help him out? Hmm. When he looks back up, though, he looks suddenly thoughtful. "Should have climbed the building behind you. It's empty at the moment." The grip on his book tightens again— and then, whether Jake turns around to look or not, Zachery takes a step back and, following a vaguely awkward loking throw, the bundle of pages is propelled upwards.

Flying book! Flutter, flutter… well, unless Zach's got really good aim and a rocket arm, books are not aerodynamic. "Shit!" Jake laughs. It comes rather close - to the point where it smacks the wall just a yard or so below where Jake's standing. He drops into a rapid crouch and swipes for it. "Dammit!" Zach's ammo goes sliding - then fluttering - back down. "Try again," he yells, grinning rather cockily. The bystander with the phone stands back and stares, pressing the phone to her ear. This is going to get bad, and Jake's not even looking.

Screw looking! Zachery is too busy being offended for no good reason. He's being challenged! Can't have that! The book hits the ground somewhere in front of the onlookers, but doesn't stay there long. "You are surprisingly keen for someone who's about to be scraped off the sidewalk." This is said through gritted teeth, though by far loud enough for Jake to be able to hear. And KERFLAPFLAP there goes the book again. This time with more vigour behind it, though that still says little about the accuracy.

Jake is laughing. He has to actively move to get into the path of the book this time. He dashes along the edge of the rooftop, maintaining balance with a startling sort of grace for such a big guy. "We're juggling!" he calls through the laughter, and the book goes flying over his shoulder. At least it hit the roof. He disappears for a moment to go get it, then steps up onto the ledge again and fires Zach another of those slightly malevolent wicked grins. "Hey, you're the one not letting me climb down, dickwad. Catch!" The book is hefted and then hurled, spine first, straight for Zach. Of course, mid-throw, it spreads its wings and the toss becomes considerably less forceful and direct. Zach might have to move to actually get it. There are people standing around watching this demonstration dubiously - and one of them has a phone pressed to her ear and is murmuring into it, maintaining contact with the 911 dispatcher.

Dispatch warns the the person on the phone that officers are en route and should be there momentarily. She's not lying. The nondescript, obviously cop car pulls in at the edge of the area and a blonde woman and a dark-haired man get out. Though their plainclothes officers, it's not like it's terribly hard to guess they're cops — especially with the blue bubblegum light in the window, though it's not on. Elisabeth's eyes are up to see what the hell's going on up on the roof, and she scowls at the situation. And then she smirks faintly. Looks like her partner's about to see what she can do.

Calmly, no bullhorn and no shouting involved, Elisabeth speaks… and her voice has an authority that rings out. Every single person in the area can hear her quite perfectly, thankyouverymuch, "This is the NYPD. Everyone needs to take twenty steps backward from your present location. Now." She flashes her badge so that everyone can see it, and then she calls up there to Jay. "Young man, I'd like to talk to you." She points Nash over toward Zach — the book thrower is now his problem to deal with.

Shit. With a voice like that, the nag factor has the ability to jump tenfold into the realm of annoyance. Nash glances at his partner and facepalms. He can't even think of one kinky thing to do with an ability like that, and he usually can think of at least one. Bummer, dude. He glances up then over towards Zachary and walks over towards him. "Why are you antagonizing a potential jumper? You do realize you could hit him and knock him down that way." In other words, why so dumb?

Ghhaahbook. Zachery lfits his arms in front of his face in favor of trying to dodge the book, only to feel its pages graze his arm before it lands cover down behind him. And STILL he appears oblivious to his surroundings, growling as he turns around to pick it up. Only to straighten and freeze when Elisabeth's voice rings through the area. Oh. Oh. For a second, gaze darting between the car and the officers, he looks apologetic. He holds his hands - and the book - halfway up. But the calmth doesn't last long, and he twists to look sideways and up to where Jake is standing. "… NOW look what you've done!" Yes. All YOUR fault. All of it. Nash's questions, perhaps unwisely, go unanswered for now.

"Waaaugh!" That's Jake startling wildly, windmilling, and falling - backwards, thank god. "Shitshitshitshit—!" Thud. A blond head pops up a moment later and he creeps to the edge to look down… "Motherfucker." That's said at a conversational tone. It'll be audible. "Hey, keep the crazy guy from throwing books at me and I'll be down in a sec!" he calls, and heads quickly for the wall he came up. There's an indent there, a man-made chimney area. It'll make getting down easier.

It's good that Liz is not a telepath, she might hit her partner for that one. Ignoring Zachery, she keeps her eyes on Jay. And recognizes the voice to. Goddamn it. She whispers softly under her breath, using her power to carry the whisper to Jay's ears alone, "Motherfucker is right. This is *not* laying low, kiddo. Get your ass down here." Loud enough for the group to hear, pulls her radio off her belt and says into it, "Dispatch, this is Harrison. There is no jumper. I repeat, no jumper. Situation is contained." She looks at the crowd and waves a hand, "Disperse!" Good freakin' grief. She waits down below for Jay to join her.

Hit him? For what? As if. He reaches for the book.. the weapon in question. What's next? Papercutting someone to death? Nash is calm as he asks for it. "Let go of the book. Keep your hands where I can see them." It sounds official enough." As long as Zachary cooperations, Nash won't have to smack him upside the head. "Let's hear it." The story. It must be a good one. He motions Zachary towards the building away from where Jay should be coming down from.

"Crazy? Oh, come on! You're the one who" Zachery starts, but stops midsentence to take a deep breath and… locate his common sense? You'd think, with years of law studies behind him, he'd know better than to ignore direct orders from the NYPD. Finally, he does as he's told, handing the book over and rolling his eyes as he does. "Look, this is all unnecessary. He was making a scene, and obviously someone" The woman with the phone gets a particularly unsatisfied look, "— overreacted."

Shiiiiit. Jake tenses up visibly - and then his shoulders loosen. He straightens up, turns his back on the wall, flexes his arms once or twice - and drops. There are gasps. He catches the wall. It takes a moment to find footholds, but he catches the wall quickly enough, and spider-monkeys down a few yards. That takes some concentration - nobody had better throw a book at him. Then? Time to make it look good. He stretches one foot out, braces on the far side of the chimney, tests the stone there. Decent. …He jumps, literally bounces off that wall, swipes an arm around the corner, catches hold, and swings himself around the corner. One glance back to make sure his landing's clear, and he leaps. …This is probably insane, perhaps suicidal. Nevertheless, he twists in midair, acrobat-style, in a sideways corkscrew. "Whoo!" …And the landing, for once, is not flubbed. Much. Granted, his feet end up wide apart and skidding on the pavement, not good for deep-grooved climbing shoes, and he's mostly crouched rather than in, say, a gymnast's fine position, but hey, he didn't fall down! That has to count for something. An enormous grin spills across his face.

Watching him carefully even as she works on dispersing the small crowd that seems to want to see the kid fall on his head, Elisabeth walks over toward where Jake lands. Some applause breaks out when he does land, and Liz gives him a couple of moments to bask in his glory there, then she calls out, "Now… everyone back about your business please. There's nothing else to see today." She sounds mostly amused even with the sound-manipulation to the voice. When she turns her attention back to Jake himself, she speaks in a normal, unamplified and unenhanced voice, "You want to tell me exactly what you were doing up there? And why that guy," she jerks her thumb toward him, "is throwing shit at you, kid?"

"It could look like assault by book to me." Nash says, just a little wisecrack in him at this point. The situation itself is almost comedic, but Nash is attempting to put on a serious face. While comedic at the moment, it could have been alot worse. He eyes Zachary. "Let's see some identification," he finally interject. "And tell me what happened here."

Hmph. Zachery, deciding for a moment to completely ignore whatever is happening on Jake's more glamorous area of the sidewalk, pats down his pockets. "I work here." He nods toward the book store as he digs through his wallet, then presents a driver's license. Fortunately all in order. "And all of a sudden he starts climbing my building like a MAD man. Following that, I…" Zachery looks upward for a second, expression unamused and choosing his words carefully, "… attempted to persuade him to come down." His eyes narrow slightly. Yes. Nice save, there.

Awfully nice of Liz, letting Jake have a moment to enjoy the acclaim. He straightens up, shakes one foot, then the other, and grumbles, "Max's gonna kill me, I was supposed to roll." Right into traffic, so maybe the feet-first landing was called for, but still, it jarred him. "Free-climbing," he answers at last, and breaks into a grin. "I dunno why he started throwing books. Something about getting fired. I don't work here, though." Then comes the process of patting his pockets to make sure everything stayed in. Notebook, pen, iPod, life is good.

"Mmmm-hmmm. Did it occur to you that perhaps he does, and that he's worried the owner of the bookstore might object to you climbing the wall like fucking Spider-Man?" Elisabeth asks tartly. She's not planning on booking anyone or anything so stupid. "Go apologize. Then for cryin' out loud, do something less …. television-worthy, will you?" She shoos Jay over to apologize to Zachery, following along easily.

"I don't usually need a book to persuade someone to comply with my wishes." Ahem. Well, okay there was that one book he read, but that's not exactly relevant to this situation. "Look, there's no harm done, so go over and apologize and let's chalk this up to a misunderstanding and we'll all go our seperate ways." Meaning, Nash won't have to break in his nice new shiny handcuffs. Well, break them in again. Ahem.

HaHA! Victory! Zachery shows a happy grin of his own, now, turning his head to look proudly in Jake's direction. One apology please with a side order of embarrasseme— wait. Wait wait. What did Nash say? "You've got to be kidding me." The grin falters. Say sorry? Oh no, no, he's on a roll. "I am not apologizing."

"Aww," Jake says, crestfallen, to Liz's statement - but he flashes the woman another smile and goes ambling on over, hands shoved into his pockets. Pale brows climb at the declaration of anti-apologiness. Nevertheless, Jake was taught well, and one of those teachings included 'always cooperate with the cops - except when they're corrupt, evil, or about to shoot you.' None of those apply at the moment, so he tugs a hand out of his pocket, waves a cheerful little greeting as he ends up facing Zach from a few feet away, and stops. "Hey, dude, sorry if I got you in trouble with your boss." Pause. "Oh, and thanks for the advice." Which is worth a grin. "I'll pass it on." Meaning he and his mentor will be scaling the empty building next door next time they decide to do the TV-worthy stuff. The hand gets shoved back into his pocket and he twists to give Liz a look and a brow-arched silent question - good enough?

Well now. Nash reaches down and unclips his handcuffs from belt and spins them around his finger all movie-cop-like. "No apology? Then I have no choice but to arrest you for assault with a book. That'll look interesting in the Metro section. Unless you'd like have a change of heart, hands behind your back." Of course, all of this is direction to Zachary after Jay's apology.

Walking behind Jake to meet up with her partner and his book-thrower, Elisabeth's tone is stern at the boy's back. "There will be no more building climbing. If I have to respond to another possible jumper call, kid, I'm gonna get all pissy and PMS-y. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." She gives Jake narrow blue eyes. Then she says to Zachery, "And since I know Hokuto doesn't actually care if he climbs the wall, you should probably chill out just a bit. Now you've gone and pissed him off. That was probably a bad move." Her voice remains mild, if a hint annoyed now. Goddamn paperwork.

Zachery, despite everything said, still looks undecided. It takes a mention of Hokuto - an unexpected mention at that - to snap him out of his utterly unapologetic daze. After a wholeheartedly spiteful look toward Nash, he turns to face Jake and forces what is possibly the leaste genuine smile anyone has ever laid eyes upon. It's in the top five, at least. "I'm sorry." … that you were born without a proper brain. He fights the urge to take a step closer. A step, undoubtedly, too close. No, he stays put. For now.

See, in Jake's mind, he's getting points for this. He's the smarmy asshole who cooperated with the cops. That lasts right up until Liz puts a damper on it by saying no-freeclimbing. He frowns, shoulders slumping. Zach's "apology" doesn't do much to perk him back up. 'Round he swivels on Liz. "So if they don't care if I climb this wall, why can't I? It's my ass if I crack my head open and I need somewhere to practice." Pause, then, reluctantly, Jake invokes the name of his mentor. "Max is gonna be here in a bit, we were supposed to do this together." And he did it on his own. At least he looks guilty about it?

Zachary's ID is handed back to him and with that Nash is done. "Go invest in a BB gun," he mumbles to Zachary. Jake's query is towards Detective Bullhorn over there, so he'll just go crawl himself back into the car and get comfortable.

There is a moment in there where Elisabeth really really wants to facepalm. Instead she sighs. Right. This really looks like laying low. It does! Yep. Absolutely. And all of that unspoken sarcasm is flashed at Jake in a Look. The Look. The one that every high school teacher perfects in just a few days if they intend to survive being a high school teacher. "Oh, really?" she drawls very softly. That sort of sounds like Max is going to get his balls in a sling too. "If the two of you are going to climb buildings, I highly suggest you choose empty buildings. Since it is technically NOT an illegal action to climb a building that I know of, I cannot forbid such a stupid endeavor; however, I can warn both you *and* Max that if you stop up traffic or if we get so much as one call to dispatch about a possible jumper that requires police cruisers to respond…. there will be hell to pay." She slants a look at the two boys and then jerks her head, cutting them loose. "Now get lost." And then she walks back to the car to climb in with her partner. "Now you know what I can do. Happy?"

As Elisabeth drives off, Nash turns and looks at her and nods. "I am." The response is 100 percent smartass, and the grin he gives her tells that to be a fact. The detectives move out and towards another call.

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