In All Truthfulness


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Scene Title In All Truthfulness
Synopsis Once Remi is safe on Staten Island, Cooper and Audrey pay her a little visit to talk. No one could have predicted what would come of it.
Date March 24, 2011

Eltingville Hospital

This hospital room is a bit more drab. Remi arranged, before they transferred her, for a new television and menu to be catered to her tastes, not one to settle for plain old ordinary hospital rooms and substandard food. No, she gets her food delivered. It wouldn't be a breakfast without bread and strawberry preserves and croissants and good coffee, and nothing is wrong with her stomach. She would just snub regular hospital-grade food, in any case.

Currently, she's lounging in her bed, watching some television show in French, with a bowl full of strawberry Jello sitting on her rollaway table. Okay, jello is the only hospital food she'll eat. It tastes good. Even if it is made from horse hooves or something of that sort. She looks rather on the dissatisfied side, despite the painkillers that the medical staff are currently weaning her off of. Still negated, too.

What do Ballerina's eat? Rabbit food? Burgers? milkshakes? Audrey is betting Milkshakes. Or well, smoothies. She finds it's a nice compromise between the two. Which is what she and Cooper come bearing, a tray with four of them from Juice It up in a variety of flavors after a brisk knock on the door to bring a break to the monotony that is being in a hospital room.

Been there, done that, god it sucks.

"Ms> Davingnon. I hear they're going to spring you soon from the hospital and we'll have to figure out where to put you, can I introduce you to my partner, this is Thomas Cooper" Cue the goofy partner who makes Audrey look even more the stick up the ass than she already is.

"You know these smoothies are surprisingly good. I mean… if your into girly fruity health…" Thomas Cooper trails off as soon as he steps into the room, straw kinda tucked into the corner of his mouth as he stares at the woman in the bed. "…drinks.

"We've sorta met." The straw is pulled out of his mouth, after another brief sip. He stands behind his partner, in his dark gray suit, it's blue dress shirt and dark red tie. While his one hand is occupied with a smoothie, his other is tucked casually in a pant pocket. "She was checking out my ass Super bowl Sunday." It's blunt, but he thinks it's true at least.

He flashes Remi a lop sided smirk and salutes her with his smoothie. "Hi. Nice to meet you again… well… and know your name." The smoothie is sipped again.

Blue eyes turn to peer at the two entering the room, brows raising slightly at the implication that they are planning on putting her somewhere other than her home. She doesn't pounce on that, irritable as she may be. She'll be civilized until they give her a clear reason not to. She is a representative of her family's name, after all.

As Cooper steps in, however, Remi's brows raise, and a charming smile forms on her face, even as he points out that they've met before. She doesn't even bat an eyelash when he points out that she was checking out his ass. Because really, she was. "Oui, I 'ave met Monsieur Cooper." She laughs softly. "And I was checking out 'is ass. A very nice ass, I might point out. It 'as a wonderful…squeezability factor, oui?"

Maybe this will be easier with Cooper in the room.

"Can I make a request that while we are interviewing you Ms. Davingnon, Cooper, that any and all conversation relating to posteriors be left until I'm not in the room and he's not on duty?" Flirt with her, on your own time Cooper, Audrey's not so subtley saying.

On that note" She hefts the smoothies towards Remi. "Having spent more than my fair share of time in hospitals, I brought something to break up the meals. Id' have brought burgers but… I don't know that ballerina's eat such" Is Remi Bulemic? damned if she knows.

"I am hoping that you will be up for telling us some more now, since we've interviewed most of your friends and those who were around you and need to get a better picture of the situation. Your sincere honesty, with us, is paramount, because without it Ms. Davingnon, I can't catch the man who did this to you and return you back to your life with the ballet company."

"Who said I was flirting." His nose scrunches up a bit and he goes back to sipping his smoothie. Sounding a bit like a pouting boy, "Just pointing out where I met her." Is said more under his breath, looking like a dejected puppy. Though he tries not to look uneasy as Remi goes into the details of his backside.

That butt is uses as cushioning as he leans against the wall, his pale eyes watching the two women, but Cooper is alert to what is being said.

As Audrey is making her chiding request, Remi is quietly offering Cooper a little wink, as if to say 'stop by later'. If she wasn't being negated, she'd probably be mumbling something about his ass directly into his mind. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is uncertain, but it's a moot point so long as the negation drugs are coursing through her system. Oh well, she'll flirt with him another day.

Then, blue eyes turn back toward Audrey, a more serious expression forming on her face. She can get her mind off of her love of flirting long enough to answer any questions they have. "What exactly do you need to know, Madamoiselle 'Anson?" She tips her head thoughtfully, sipping at the smoothie once Audrey hands it over. She really isn't bulemic or anything, she's just got a lot of lean muscle.

Audrey pulls up a seat, up near the bed, thereby forcing Remi's attention off of said ass and towards the female pair of the agent. "From what we've managed to get from your friends, you've been a generic telepath for a while now. Just dumbed it down for registration likely, which is none of my business. UNless the DoEA asks me, I won't be really saying a thing. But this means, that there is, again, from what I've gleaned from your friends, a conversation that likely occured between you and this woman who spoke french, who when the illusion dropped, turned into a woman with a bird in her hair"

Audrey dips her hand into her soft sided briefcase, grabbing a file so she can hold out Eileen's picture. "I need to know, how she knew that this person was going to make a run at you, and what was said. You can lie, you can evade, but doing so is not going to get you out of here sooner and back to your dancing." Audrey looks over to Cooper then back to Remi.

"I'm an agent with Homeland, so is Cooper. I realize that the alphabet that we have attached to our names, makes us less than desireable but I'm here, with good intentions, and to keep this man" another picture produced of Sylar. "From trying to finish what he started"

A frown forms on the woman's face as Audrey points out that she's been a generic telepath and dumbed it down for registration. In fact, she doesn't react to the slight accusation much at all, really. Instead, she's turning her thoughts toward the pictures produced, and the questions asked, quietly listening to Audrey with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Oui. She approached me as an older woman, and asked, in French, to speak to me privately for a moment. So, I went with her to a quiet part of ze dance floor." She takes a long sip of the smoothie. Pretty good, really. "When we got to privacy, she informed me zat what she would 'ave to say might frighten me, but I 'ad more friends zere zan I knew."

Another slurp of the smoothie. A delicious change of pace as far as beverages go.

"She told me zat zere would be an attempt on my life. Zat I needed to leave immediately with Jaiden Mortlock and Ygraine Fitzroy." Slurp, slurp, mmm smoothie. "She told me zat zey could protect me, and hide me." She tilts her head to one side, watching Audrey's face. "And zen, she changed into ze woman with ze bird in 'er 'air." It's all the truth.

"What name did she give you, when she introduced herself, any name?" Audrey is shifting in her seat, trying to get comfortable before standing up, pushing the seat away with her arm towards Cooper, so that she can trade him for the tall backed one. So she can lean back comfortably. Might almost be her own telepathic conversation if one didn't know better. But there is a pointed look.

Noticing the arm, Cooper runs his tongue over a couple of molars to dislodge the seeds from the strawberries in his smooth. He could make a comment, but he doesn't. That would only get him another Daisy visit.

He wasn't married to or dating Audrey, but damn if she didn't know how to manipulate him. Thomas pushes himself away from where he's being a wall flower and pulls the tall backed chair — those ones that turn into beds — over to his partner. Then settling himself into the won she was just sitting. "Protect her?" That's a bit skeptical… considering who did the attacking.

Cooper flashes Remi a smile and adds, "It's probably good that you didn't take them up on the offer. Probably better off around us anyhow."

"When she first spoke to me, she told me zat Bolshoi 'ad lost its brightest star. Told me zat she 'ad never seen a more beautiful Nikiya in La Bayadere in Moscow…" She pauses for a moment. "…I only ever performed zat once, but it was my best performance." She throws that in, as well. Food for thought. Her thoughts are certainly rolling around over that tidbit she recalled.

"She didn't offer a name, 'owever." Remi looks up toward the ceiling, truly wracking her brain to see if she can remember anything that might be helpful to Audrey's case.

That's something to look up, scribbling that down. Likely would lead to nothing except more for the agents on Eileen's case. "Had you seen her before, in that guise, do you know if the others had seen her before? Frankly, Ms. Davingnon, we find that it's highly suspicious that she shows up at a function, illusioned, wherein a pair of shapeshifters. We have connected this woman with the copy cat killer who's been masquerading around as the midtown man. Have you come across this woman, without the illusion, before, remember seeing her lurking around your ballet company?" She looks to Cooper to see if he has any questions.

Just one look at Cooper, he's got a slightly confused look on his face. The who's a whats it? As she goes on about bay doors in Moscow, he looking like she's speaking Greek to him and his partner. Even with that confused look, he manages to remember to sip his smoothie.

The sound of an empty drink fills a moment of silence and he looks at his cup in disappointment. Aww. He also catches the glance from his partner and he gives his head a bit of a shake. No questions. Well at least none relevant to the case. Cooper has a confidence in his partner's questioning.

Remi's brow furrows with concern. "Non, madamoiselle 'Anson. I 'ad never seen 'er before. If she 'ad been in ze audience at Bolshoi as she said, zen I wouldn't 'ave seen 'er in any case. It is nearly impossible to pick out a face in ze audiences at Bolshoi, unless zey are in ze front row." She frowns. "I do not recall ever seeing 'er, in fact." A helpless frown. "If I 'ave, I can not recall it. She did not look familiar at all." After a moment more of pondering if there's any way that Eileen's face looked familiar and coming up blank, the wounded ballerina offers an apologetic look.

"It's okay. It was a long shit. But now I'm going to need you to think back to these past few weeks. Have you had anything strange happen? Have you lost a cellphone, met any strangers. For that matter, your ability. How many people know that what you can do, is more than the consentual directed Telepathy?" Audrey shifts in her seat, thank you cooper, sliding the pictures back.

Remi nods slowly, frowning. "I 'aven't lost a cell phone…I 'ave met a man named Aric Gibbs, and I went to visit monsieur Richard Cardinal, for security for my 'ome to protect my valuables." She tilts her head toward Audrey. "I recently 'ired Madamoiselle Fitzroy as my personal assistant, only a few days before ze ball." Her head tilts to one side. "Felix Ivanov, I met 'im. Nice fellow, very sweet." She rubs her chin. "I can not think of anything else on zat affair."

At mention of her ability, she blinks a few times. "As I said once before, I was unaware of what I could do until recently." She taps her temple. "I've only been able to 'ear thoughts for a short while…I didn't know zat I could do zat scream." She tilts her head to one side.

"Officer Harrison says otherwise, but that you have been mostly using it to actively block out others. Which is understandable. I worked with a telepath once, when he was just discovering his ability. Do you know how many time she accidentally heard me? Too many times. But he learned, and it helped him, and us, on a case involving a little girl who was much in the same circumstance that you were in right now. I'm not DoEA Ms. Davingnon. Someone else will be coming to talk to you about that, but I suggest, that you be forthright and honest with them. They tend to be more lenient on that regards. Hand slaps instead of jail time and fines."

More notes are taken, written down, Aric Gibbs, something for Jane to be tossed a bone about. "How did you meet ms. Fitzroy and what prompted you to take her on as your assistant?"

"She's right." Cooper assures Remi with a bit of a smile, looking up from where's he is watching Audrey write, checking out what she's putting down there. "You are better off being honest with them. I mean, no matter how you look at it. You are in a bit of a pickle. Honesty can only help you here."

Remi bites her lip, mumbling something to herself in French. She feels like she's at a disadvantage right now, negated as she is. She wants to reach out with a muscle that's currently paralyzed by the negation that allows her to be in the hospital. "…I don't want to be deported." This is all that she offers on the subject of her ability.

Brows raise as the subject is once more changed. "I met Madamoiselle several years ago, before ze bomb. We kept very light contact through ze years, until I realized zat she was 'ere in New York." The woman slurps at her smoothie. "When I met up with 'er, she was 'aving a bit of financial trouble. So I agreed to employ 'er as my assistant, to 'andle things zat I 'ave no time to take care of since I took on ze extra responsibilities of choreography for Swan Lake."

After a moment, she inclines her head toward the woman. "I am to be released from ze 'ospital tomorrow, according to ze doctors. What was it zat you were saying earlier about 'where to put me'?"

"We will likely move you to a hotel in all truthfulness. I still have to talk to some others and then we'll do a risk assessment, likely post some agents on you when you are released out of protective custody and provide you with everything you'll need that in case, should he try, we'll be there to stop him far better that he was at the Gala. We don't know why he went after you, why Ms. Spurling warned you. My only guess is that she was working in concert with your attacker, they've been known to work in concert before."

Audrey tilts her head, running her tongue across the front of her teeth.

"This is again, barring the DoEA choosing to do otherwise after speaking with you. It's good that you had a assistant there, expecially Ms. Fitzroy. Her ability came in hand" She gestures with her thumb to Cooper. 'Better than him" Trying to put Remi further at ease even going so far as to finally crack a smile.

Cooper is nodding in agreement with what's Audrey's assessment, until she jerks that thumb at him. Both of his brows lift, pale eyes widening just a little. "Hey…" sounding incensed, even if she probably is right. "I'm not the only non-evolved in this room." Right back at you, Hanson.

"Don't worry none, miss." A mildly dirty look goes to Audrey, before giving Remi that smiles of his again. "You'll be in good hands."

A look of confusion passes over Remi's features at Audrey's words. "Why would she attempt to 'elp me escape if she was working with zat monster?" She frowns. Suddenly, she's decided to stop dodging questions. "I didn't 'ear 'er thoughts, but she was trying to save me. If it 'ad not been for 'er, I would not 'ave alerted Jaiden, Ygraine and Graeme to 'elp me leave." She frowns. "I owe zat woman my life."

She continues. "Zere were two of zem. Two Sylars. Not just one. Ze first one, 'e turned into smoke with ze bird woman. 'E was not bad. 'E 'ad normal thoughts. Ze glowing was not 'is doing. It was ze ozer Sylar's doing. Ze one 'o attacked me…" She frowns. "'Is mind was like an animal's. 'Ungry, angry." The woman closes her eyes, focusing for a moment.

"Want to know what I 'eard, madamoiselle 'Anson? You are very attached to zis case, I can tell." Blue eyes open, focusing on Audrey with sharp clarity. Even when she's negated, she can still be Creepy Telepath Woman.

In a darker tone, as ominous as she can make her voice sound, she speaks again. "In ze snare, twice over. Mine. Bucket of blood in ze ocean and it's such a nice buffet. Can't see. See. Breathing." Her face twists a bit. "Split 'er open, bones go crack. Gonna get what I came for. Can you 'ear me, little dancer?"

And then, the negated telepath falls quiet, frowning.

"Fucking kill 'im when you get ze chance, madamoiselle."

'Thank you. You're finally giving me something that I need to know." Audrey's scribbling this down, the thoughts that the telepath had gleaned from Sylars mind. Gabriel's mind. Eileen's mind. She doesn't confirm that she's attached to this case, but she seems to be handling everything personally.

The last sentence though, really paints the picture for her. She'll have to go to the ballet company, see if there's anyone sick or missing. "I can't kill him Ms. Davignon, but I promise that the moment we catch him, he will stand trial to the full extent of the law for his crimes and justice will be served. Is there anything else at all, anything that you think might be relevant? You never know what might be useful or not"

Remi watches Audrey thoughtfully, slurping down more of that smoothie. "Ze Sylar with ze gray 'air…'e seemed to want to 'elp me, until 'e was…distracted. 'E seemed to want me to run just as much as ze bird woman did." She tilts her head toward Audrey. "All I can tell you otherwise, madamoiselle, is zat ze bad one, 'is mind was dark." She shakes her head. "I can only 'ear, but it sounded dark."

A frown on her face, she turns to glance briefly at Cooper, then back to Audrey. "If I can 'elp you in any way, once I 'ave recovered enough to not need negation, I would be more zan 'appy to 'elp catch ze bad Sylar." She says this as if she doesn't want any harm to befall the gray-haired one that she seems to prefer.

"In as much as I applaud your zealousness to aid me with your ability, maybe you need to focus on playing nice with the DoEA and get your registration in order before I consider hiring you on as a civilian consultant" Audrey points out, leaving the last undrunk smoothie on the rolling table for Remi.

"I'll try and be back real soon, see what I can do to help smooth your registration issues and get you off easy. Hang in there Ms. Davingnon and if you remember anything at all from the last few weeks, please call me and let me know?" She looks over to Cooper, getting up out of her seat. Getting time to go.

Cooper says, "What she said." Cooper comments brightly, getting to his own feet shortly after Audrey. Fingers of the hand not clutched to the smoothie tugs his jacket straight. "Good to see you again." He offers Remi, with a short nod of his head to Remi. "I imagine we'll be seeing each other again."


He moves to follow Audrey, not even attempting to open the door for her… Cooper just takes a moment to throw a sloppy salute at the woman in the bed. "Try to get some rest."

A slow nod is offered to Audrey, the woman quite enjoying the one smoothie. She'll probably enjoy the other one just as much. "I will, Madamoiselle 'Anson. Thank you for your time." She tilts her head toward Cooper then, and a bit of an impish smile forms on her face, once Audrey's back is turned, and she promptly blows a kiss toward him, fluttering her eyelashes a bit.

Then, it's back to French television and boredom.

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