In Conversation


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Scene Title In Conversation
Synopsis Two friends, seperated by snow and circumstance, come back together and spend part of an afternoon playing music together
Date June 8, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Adelaide's Apartment

Impressing Quinn isn’t usually the hardest thing to do, but eventually, some things start to lose their splendour. There was one thing that never managed to, though – she was always amazed, taken aback even, any time she made her way to Dorchester Towers, it was a pretty impressive place. But it was her destination that always kept her in awe, so much nicer than her simple studio flat in Brooklyn.

The final exit of the snowstorm had left Quinn busy with new friends and acquaintances, work, and partying for the first time in over a month, and in all that she hadn’t really made much time to visit others. Now felt like a good time as any to fix that. She practically skips as she walks up to a door and knocks, guitar case in one hand and a large messenger bag slung over the other.

“Adelaide~” she calls out in a singsony voice after she knocks, waiting somewhat impatiently.

Adelaide sat on the couch. She clutched her violin, strains singing. "How I've missed this sound." she plays furiously as if romantic passion were trying to flow out of each string, she plays each string with a fascination. She turned each page with a finger flick, as she played. Tears in her bright eyes. She pauses as she turns when her voice is called. She sets the violin on its stand and goes to unlock the door. "Quinn!"

Hearing the door unlock is a good enough sign for Quinn, who takes initiative in opening it, a smile on her face. “Long time, no see,” she comments as the door slides open, Quinn slipping into the main room – and there it was, that sense of astonishment that always swept over her when she stepped into Adelaide’s fabulous apartment. “Could hear the strings outside. Wonderful as ever.” There’s a motion of her hand before it returns to her pocket, Quinn setting down the guitar and turning to her friend. “Glad to see it stayed all well an’ good through the storm.”

Adelaide smiles. "Thanks Quinn." She says. "Want something to drink? Tea, Coffee, liquor?" she asks warmly. "Sorry about the mess, when the blizzard hit I just took what I could.." The apartment is pretty clean hardwood floors, and beautiful. She touches the violin after relocking the door. "I am glad I got a nice place top too… skylight… so much natural light."

“Some tea’d be lovely.” Quinn strolls across the room, looking around before taking a seat on the edge of the couch. “How ‘ya been? Been a while since we talked an’ all that.” She props her guitar case next to her, flipping off the latches that hold it shut. “Damn blizzard was right big mess. Left me stuck in a feckin’ hospital for nearly a month. Crazyness abound and all that, though some good came out of it.”

Adelaide nods. "Ick…" she wrinkles her nose. "That sucks a lot. I actually was going to make tea, any particular flavor?" she heads to the cabinets in the kitchen and begins to rifle through the cupboard. "I have to go food shopping… need to get my car checked out…. need to find an SO.. need to finish college. "She intones.

“I feel you on the whole ‘gettin’ the car checked up’ thing. M’ poor scooter’s been all jerky and just plain off since the storm.” The guitar has now find its way to its usual place draped across her knee, and a chord or two rings out. “And on the SO. That’s a story in and of itself, I guess.” She turns from the seat she’s taken angled so she’s looking back towards Adel. “I’m not picky when it comes to tea, dear. Fix whatever y’ want, and I’ll have some.” She smiles, standing back up with hands in her pockets.

Adelaide nods. "No, it’s not… really never had one.”

Quinn quirks an eyebrow, even as she makes her way after Adelaide – she wasn’t going to make the girl make her tea and bring it to her. “That’s a shame!” A genuine exclamation of surprise. “I’d think that wouldn’t be an issue at all for someone like you.” She flashes a grin towards Adelaide, chuckling.

Adelaide laughs. "What are you talking about?" she asks. She moves to bring the cup of teas and sets them down on the small coffee table. "I am intelligent, african american, female, and I have money. Men are afraid, and women, well… they're probably worried too."

Quinn snickers, following Adelaide back to the coffee table, dipping down to take her cup of tea. “Ah, wonderful. Thank y’ kindly, Adel.” It’s just the thing she needs, still a bit tired for some reason. “Fair ‘nough, I suppose. Still, I don’t think you’re intimidating, and I’m sure there’s a fine gent out there waitin’. Or lady, since you mention it.” She could slip in a joke at her own expense, but she’s not feeling up to it for once. Instead, she retakes her seat, pulling her guitar back over.

Adelaide laughs. "Yeah, somewhere. I thought I'd be happier, but when my parents died, and I got all this stuff of my own because I was an adult… I realized I knew nothing." She sips her tea. Placing the cup down, she finishes packing up the violin and pulls out her acoustic guitar.

Quinn exhales sharply, slouching in her seat. “Ugh, that feelin’. A right nasty feelin’, that.” She’d been there, back when her parents split and she moved to the States. She looks a bit half-hearted as she takes a sip of her tea, but it only lasts a moment before she springs forward and places the cup back in its spot on the table. “No need to get so wrapped up in the blues, though.” She flexes her fingers and resituates her guitar, again playing a few chords. “Learned anythin’ nice lately?” Her grin has a certain cocky quality for it.

Adelaide begins to pluck lightly. "Not really, been making sure devices are in working order before trying to scour the 'net for new things. "

Quinn gives a nod in response, silencing her guitar so that she can listen to Adelaide play. “Smart thinking. Smarter than my jumpin’ into things, at least.” She grins, and begins to play a bit herself. “Haven’t learned much myself lately. Did meet someone, though. Started writin’ something with them the other day.”

Adelaide smiles. "Oh who?" she asks with a small smile. "I mean, anyone of serious note? Or just another performer like ourselves?"

She leans back, running a hand through her hair, a smile on her face. “A little a’ both, I guess. No one dreadfully important, someone I met after a DJin’ gig. Can’t lie, I kinda like ‘er, but there’s this whole…” A pause, and a somewhat dismissive hand gesture. “Thing. I dunno. But she invited me in ‘ta a band with her and a friend, and she and I started writin’ something.” She leans forward, and begins playing on her guitar, something with the a hint of a blues sound to it.

Adelaide pauses. "What thing?" she asks. "I mean, you don't have to share, but if you feel like you need to vent, do so." she says, setting her guitar down and stretching out on the couch.

Quinn plays for a few more moments, considering exactly what or how much she wants to say at the moment. Maybe it would be best to vent a little though, and so she ceases playing, laying the guitar flat in her lap. “Well, see… I met ‘er after DJin’, right?” Had she already said that part? “We had a good night ‘n all. Real good night, really connected.” She shifts her weight so that she’s facing Adelaide, her expression genuinely dipping a bit for the first time in the conversation. “Musician ‘n all that. Kinda abrasive girl, but right fun. Kinda girl, though, who won’t… you know, be with bandmates.” There’s a distinct frown, and a sigh. “An’ as luck would have it, that’s just what I became.” She shrugs, picking back up her guitar. “Kinda sucks, is all.”

Adelaide leans forward, extending her arms for a hug. "Love you still." she murmurs. She sits back leaning against the couch.

Quinn can’t help but smile as she leans over her guitar and into the hug. She lets out a sigh, but doesn’t let her smile fade as she lingers. “Thanks, Adel. Needed somethin’ like that.”

"Most people do. Most people don't give out or get enough hugs." she plays a few chords. "I think I'll stretch my voice… I haven't done that in a while…." Adelaide responds. She hums a few bars in correspondence with her guitar.

Quinn grins as she leans back, offering a nod. “Go right for it. Always a joy t’ hear people sing. You know, if they actually can.” She sits forward a bit in her seat, watching Adelaide. She plays a few bars herself, quietly as she can manage as to not mess with Adel’s rhythm.

Adelaide plays a few more chords before beginning to sing sweetly and gently, it’s a ballad- well it tells a story though acoustic guitar follows her voice.

She leans back and closes her eyes, letting herself get swept up in Adelaide’s singing, her playing. She taps a foot quietly, matching the time and beat of the song as best as she can, smiling the entire time.

Adelaide continues to play. She pauses as she exhales, tears welling in her eyes. "Sorry." She breaks, setting the guitar aside.

Quinn laughs, playfully punching Adelaide in the arm. “No apologies, it’s a pleasure to hear ‘ya sing, you know that. You’re a right bit better than me.” Quinn leans forward and cracks her knuckles, beginning to play an uptempo song on her own guitar. “M’ turn now, though.”

Adelaide nods. She settles back and closes her eyes, setting the guitar aside to focus on the music.

Quinn’s song is a bit different from Adelaide’s, fast paced but with lyrics speaking anger and remorse as she sings wither eyes closed. Her foot taps, keeping the beat as best as she can coordinate with her guitar playing.

Adelaide listens. She sinks back and drifts.

Minutes pass, and finally, Quinn takes one last strum of her guitar, letting the sound drift off and dissipate naturally before exhaling and leaning back. “My turn to be sorry, I guess. Got a bit more into it than I thought I would.” She sits back up and sets the guitar aside, scooting over a bit on the couch.

Adelaide nods. "Sorry. I was falling asleep."

Quinn gives a mock grimace, standing up from the couch and stretching. “Haha, quite sorry about that, then.” She offers a hand to Adelaide, in the event she wishes to get up and stretch too.

Adelaide takes it and stretches. “I’ll let you out,” she says.

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