In God's House


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Scene Title In God's House
Synopsis Miriam's in her church and Abby's in search of a new one.
Date January 3, 2008

Church of the Living Hope

The Church of the Living Hope is built in among it's neighbors in the East Village. With buildings on either side, it could be mistaken for any of the residences and shops in the area, if not for the stain glassed windows set into the grey stone of the front. Inside, a small foyer takes you into the sanctuary. It's traditional in design with rows of wooden pews leading up to an alter.

Miriam is alone in the church for the moment, at least in the main rooms. She's sitting crosswise on one of the pews with a laptop computer open in front of her. She's giving it her attention occasionally reaching down to type something in.

Cathedral's not that safe to go for worship anymore. Despite the ferryman contingent that helps there. Miriam's church, the revelation on new years eve gave her another option. So it is, after assuring Teo of where she was going and keeping a phone on her, the sling armed healer made her way to the east village. She'd check into work later, but for now, her hand is on the door that leads into the sanctuary, blue eyes taking in the pews, the walls, windows, everything. Not a judging look, more, an appreciating one.

Miriam straightens up to stretch her back and catches sight of Abby at the door. She unfolds her legs to stand and wave Abby on in to the sanctuary with a smile. So far, this church and the little hidehole in the basement have stayed in the safe zone.

"It's beautiful here. Smaller, quieter. Simpler" Abby offers up as she makes her way to Miriam. "You have a beautiful church Miriam" She offers her right hand to the woman, the other held close. "Abigail Beauchamp. We met at the party" In case the woman had forgotten.

Miriam's sleek, black hair falls loose down around her shoulders. Her skin is a dark carmel color highlighting high cheekbones in a rather angular face with dark brown eyes. Miriam is a bit on the short side, standing about five foot three or five foot four. Her build is slender but athletic. She may be small, but it would be hard to describe her as frail. Miriam looks like she's somewhere around thirty.

Miriam is dressed in casual business attire. A pair of chocolate brown pants are paired with a white button down shirt with pale blue stripes. Her brown shoes are flats, cut in a ballet slipper style. A lighter brown leather jacket is often added against the winter chill.

Miriam takes Abby's hand with a smile in return. "Miriam Eaton. I remember meeting you." She says before she looks around the room. "Thank you. I'm quite fond of it. I know that we could meet anywhere and be a church, but I find peace in this place."

"A dedicated place though, brings one just a little closer to Him. Knowing that the purpose of the place is, to be with Him." Abby's hand is warm, like she lingered in the lobby a little before entering the sanctuary proper. "When do you have service here?"The handshake relaxes and Abby releases Miriam's hand before she takes a spot on the pew, away from the laptop out of politeness.

Once Abby is sitting down, Miriam moves to do the same, reaching over to hit save on her laptop before she shuts it. "That is true. Though the same can also be said for many places out in nature. We don't get as much of that living in the city, but the greatest sanctuaries can be found out in God's creation." Miriam smiles before she says. "We hold services at 9 and 11 on Sunday. We've considered a Saturday evening service, or Sunday evening, but so far we've just the two on Sunday morning."

"I don't really care for the city. I'd take being back in Louisianna if it was where I was supposed to be, but here, seems to be where I'm supposed to be right now. So many in need" Sunday services. no other day of the week. Wouldn't matter. "Safe to talk here?" The blonde looks around, left, right, behind her.

Miriam looks around the sanctuary. "It should be safe, yes. Though if you would like more security we could go downstairs. I have an apartment there, and it's quite safe." Because what could be better than living where you work? "I grew up in Nebraska, so this is quite a change, but I do feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be, working with the people I need to be working with."

"How'd you get from Nebraska to… where you were the other day?" Curiosity etched on the blondes face. The affirmation that it should be safe enough to talk is fine enough with her.

Miriam gives a quick glance around the room again before she says. "The short story of preaching here is moving from Omaha to Chicago for Seminary, and then finding a job here in New York. The other part, well, my sister." Miriam pauses for a moment before she adds. "She's currently the resident of one of Homeland Security's little facilities. Someday I'm going to find her." In the meantime, she'll settle for helping others.

There's the key. It's not her, it's someone close. "They'll find her, and get her out. They've gotten others out before" Abby offers that small modicum of comfort. "But why.. new york. Is she here in New York or somewhere else? Did god draw you here?"

Miriam shakes her head. "I know she's somewhere on the East Coast, but I was here even before that. I met the former pastor of this church when I was in seminary, and it was just a great fit. I guess I can just chalk it up to being a God thing."

"But from here, to the ferryman?" call it curiosity still. she's not one of them, not one of anyone, and she knows how most of the phoenix people came into being, association. Abby shifts, getting comfortable.

Miriam looks over to Abby. "I tend to be a little bit more outspoken on the cause of all kinds of human rights than maybe is wise. The priest from St. John's got me connected to the right people to put that into good use."

"They're good people. I stayed at the garden for a couple weeks when my apartment was compromised and my job. They call me in when someone needs my help. The least I can do for what they've done for me, and for others that they help, that you help" since Miriam's a ferryman. Her gaze drifts from the dark haired woman to the rest of the church, little things catching her attention. "What does your sister do, that they locked her up?"

Miriam looks over to Abby for a second before she answers. "I'm not sure how much I want to say about my sister. After all, it's her story. I'm still hopeful that someday she'll be here, and she'll be able to decide for herself who she wants to tell what." It's all said with a kind tone of voice.

'I'm sorry. I usually don't ask what it is a person can do. It's akin.. to asking a woman her age I think" The blonde dips her head a few times, it seems she perfectly fine with not knowing. "I should go probably. I just came, to see what it was like here. I can't go to the Cathedral, too many people know that I go there. You'll see me on Sunday Miriam" She offers her good hand again to the darker skinned woman with a soft smile on her face.

Miriam smiles over. "I will look forward to seeing you then. I hope you find here what you seek." Miriam adds. After all, this church for all it's traditional trappings is on the more liberal side theologically.

"I could find it anywhere Miriam, but it's nicer, and better, to find it with those you know, and appreciate it with you. You should go back, to your laptop stuff. I'll be back" Abby heaves herself up from the pew, a pause at the end to genuflect to the front, touch the cross at her neck before she turns, heading for the door out.

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