In Loco Parentis


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Scene Title In Loco Parentis
Synopsis It's an awkward situation when Brian comes upon Koshka and Daryl.
Date February 4, 2011


It's freezing. No, literally, it's freezing. A balmy 32 degrees has settled down over the great city of New York. There isn't a cloud in the sky, but the wind hints at more winter weather to come. The promise of snow and ice in the forecast has done as much its part and driving people home as has the curfew. But not everyone yet has gone home.

Idling along a sidewalk, hand in hand and headed toward the apartment complex is just two of those who aren't indoors. Closer inspection reveals the pair to be Koshka and Daryl, in quiet conversation and doing what teenagers do best: making the walk even longer than necessary.

"So tomorrow we're going where again," Koshka asks, a sidestep bringing her further from a pedestrian headed the opposite way and closer to Daryl. "And… you said there was something else we were doing?"

It's moves like that one that put the extra edge on Daryl's interest in the pretty young thing - as if it needed any more help, after she turned out to share a measure of his interest in yoinking other people's stuff - and lines like that last one that tempt him to push things further than he probably should.

Before he can say anything, the chill distracts him once again, and he pauses to pull his jacket tighter around himself. It looks a lot better than that vest from the other day, but it's starting to get a little threadbare. "Well, I didn't want to say for sure until we checked with them. I was thinking, though— there's some new movies out, might be at least one that's decent." Beat. "Or there's that joke you pulled the other day, maybe they'd actually appreciate it, you know?" Not like that Debbie Downer they ran into the first time.

Though memory of the joke brings a laugh to Koshka, it also draws out a wince. "I don't know.. It's got to be the right person. Whoever that other lady was?" She gives a small shake of head. Elaine was the perfect mark for that prank, all grumbly about people being near the Dome. "Someone like her. We'll find someone. — A movie might be good though. We could… go bowling after. Or something." More likely it will be the 'or something'.

Bowling? Daryl looks dubious about the idea, but doesn't rule it out right off the bat. "As long as it's not the place over on 8th— my dad goes there. That's the last thing we need, is to run into him while we're out." Jacket settled, he eases a little closer once again, giving Koshka's fingers a squeeze for good measure as a cab zooms by just a few feet away. "It's a Saturday, we oughtta be able to find a good club for once."

Chinatown. It's his town. The safest place for him, is the place where he has the most support. And while many may not know it, including his ward, Koshka: Chinatown is the safest place they could be in this God forsaken city. And right now he's moving down the sidewalk. One of the only places in New York where he can walk openly without fear of instant capture.

And so as he moves down the sidewalk, his eyes catch on a certain small-ish girl who looks remarkably like.. Oh hey Koshka. His eyes track down to the hand linked to another hand. Hrmmm?! From the behind, Winters peers at the back of the boy holding Koshka's hand. Brows furrowing considerably, Winters pauses. "Kosh." He calls out.

"Am I going to be able to even get into a club," Koshka asks aloud. Lacking certain credentials, you never know what else is going to be made more difficult. "We can try anyway, worst is we get turned away." And then disappear to hopefully find something else.

Koshka tilts her head slightly, beginning to cast a smile up at Daryl. It becomes a little forced and an unmistakeable blush makes its home in her cheeks when Brian calls out. Slowing further, and turning slightly without losing her grasp of Daryl's hand, she looks toward the man, keeping a grin fixed on her face. "Oh, hey," she replies, trying to sound casual. "Um… We making pizza tonight?"

Daryl shakes his head. "We'll figure something out." Maybe he can sneak in and then let her in through the back? Note to self, scope out a couple of places in the morning. Then, as someone else addresses Koshka, he turns to follow her gaze. "Hi," he offers, waving with his free hand. This must be the in-loco-parentis, then.

His eyes sit on those linked hands for a long moment before skipping up to look at Koshka. Winters manages to keep a frown off his features as he gives Daryl a little bob of his chin. He's not sixty! Or balding, or fat. But he still has a dumb name. Brian's brows droop somewhat for the guy.

"That depends." Brian lets out, arching a brow. "Are you having friends over for dinner?"

Casting a sidelong look up at Daryl, Koshka gives the smallest of headshakes. "We weren't.. He was just making sure I got over here safely." It hasn't really come up, the no friends over until they're known thing. In fact, it's never come up even in passing. "I hadn't invited him, I mean."

Not that the guy with the dumb name (thanks, dad, yet another of your oh-so-wise choices) was all that anxious to set up such a meeting, either. But now it's come up— Well. Time to act innocent. "Yeah," replies Daryl, "we've just been hanging out some, you know?" Okay, a lot. And okay, they were holding hands, but it's not like they were doing anything else.


"No, I don't know, Daryl." Brian answers primly, keeping up a tight smile. Looking to Koshka, he gives a light nod. "Alright. yeah I was actually just going to make something simple tonight. But if you really want to make pizza. We can go get some stuff for it." Winters concedes with a little shrug. He watches Daryl for a long moment, taking a step forward. His hand comes out to the other man. "Brian." Note: he offers the hand out that is opposite Daryl's koshka-holding hand.

"Simple is good too," Koshka says quietly. "— I'll make supper tonight. And… clean up after." She grins, still trying for hopeful that all's good and Brian finds he's okay with Daryl. Or at least tollerant, she can live with tollerant. She seems to have more to say, then thinks better of it when Brian steps closer.

Reluctantly, Daryl disentangles his hand and returns the handshake. "Good to meet you," he says - skipping the name thing, since Brian himself just mentioned it a second ago anyway - "I've heard good things." He hasn't actually heard a lot, but what he has has actually been good. Of course, that's good by Daryl's standards; Brian might well have something else to say if he knew just what had been brought up.

"Same." Brian throws back plainly. To the comment about hearing good things, Brian just nods. Looking to Koshka he smiles gently. "Well alright. If you really want to make dinner, that's cool." He takes a step over to the side of Koshka. "So… You coming?" Winters asks, glancing over her to Daryl. "So.. what do you do, Daryl?"

Stuffing her hands into her pockets, Koshka glances between Brian and Daryl, eyes shifting from one to the other. Another grin responds to Brian's smile, one which she offers to Daryl as well. She gives a nod, and a light elbow nudge to the boy as she moves along toward the apartment.

Daryl's gaze flicks from Brian to Koshka, back to Brian once again. "Guess so." Polite is the order of the day; if Brian didn't like his face or something, he had plenty of opportunity to tell him to get lost. "Not much," he answers, "I'm still in school." Following along, he tries to think ahead to where the conversation seems headed next. When do you graduate, do you have any plans for what to do afterward, yadda yadda.

"Live with your parents?" Brian asks quietly, leading down the sidewalk towards the Confucius Plaza. He glances up at the apartment building then back to Koshka. Is he going to follow them all the way up? He looks down at Koshka for a moment then back to Daryl. Perhaps deviating from Daryl's planned conversation. "Smoke weed?"

Koshka stays quiet, shooting the occasional, unsure look toward Brian and then back to Daryl. She hadn't exactly told him where she lived, save for Chinatown in general. Nor ever invited him inside. She did ask Brian if she could, but respect for his wishes meant only going so far.

"My dad, yeah," replies Daryl, not offering the rest of the story right away. Let Brian ask for it if he wants it— and whoa, there's a hell of a curve ball. "No. Why, do you?" Not that he hasn't had an opportunity here and there, he's just stuck to the standard brands of smokes thus far. Less risk of forgetting yourself and going outside with them.

And - following the upward look - who is heading where at this point? Someone will have to bring it up out loud before long, they're about to reach the turning point.

"No, I don't." Brian answers curtly, eyeing the younger man. His lips twist down somewhat as he peers over koshka's head. "So you don't have a job or anything?" Winters asks, one hand going up to rest on Koshka's shoulder.

"How's spaghetti sound," Koshka asks abruptly, looking up at Brian. Brows tick upward and her head tilts a fraction toward Daryl. "Spaghetti and french bread. Do we still have cauliflower? Steamed cauliflower would be good." She might even tap into her stash of cookies to share for dessert. She grins, still hopeful.

Daryl shakes his head, gesturing vaguely with his hands as he answers. "Not these days, no. I spent a few days back in the summer hawking a weekly newsletter. That went nowhere fast— 'why should we pay for this when we already get the Post?'" The summer before last, actually, but it still counts. "No one ever mentioned the Times much, I guess they just hung up right away."

"Right." Brian answers Daryl primly. A little nod is given to the boy. He smiles down at Koshka. "Okay I'll pick up some." He gives a little nod. Before glancing up at Confucius plaza. "Well we should probably part company here pretty soon…" AKA: GTFO Daryl! He gives a polite smile.

With a wry grin, Koshka rolls her eyes. She sighs and turns to Daryl, a long-suffering look that plainly says 'parents'. "Yeah, guess …we'll meet up tomorrow," she asks with a small, apologetic shrug. "Catch a movie before we meet up with the others?"

Daryl is plenty familiar with the 'get lost' look - he's even been on the giving end of it sometimes. Yay for the personal politics of high school. "Sounds good. I'll call you, we'll work something out?" Brian, meanwhile, is met with a polite veneer of a smile that probably suggests 'eff you too, buddy' every bit as clearly.

Giving a light nod, Brian turns, practically pulling Koshka in tow. One arm dangling around his shoulders, he makes his way towards Confucius plaza. Glancing a few times over his shoulder at the departing Daryl. Then back down to Koshka with an arched brow that says nothing and everything all at once. Then back to the path ahead. He'll say nothing…yet

A last sort of smile, again implying apologies, is sent over Koshka's shoulder to Daryl as she's pulled along. Just once, and then she's turning 'round again. A glance up at Brian catches his look, and she rolls off another small shrug. She doesn't know what to say, anymore than she can guess what he's thinking.

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