In Need Of Corrupting


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Scene Title In Need Of Corrupting
Synopsis It all started with a nut.
Date June 15, 2010

The Corinthian

Having just ended his shift with Damaris, Nash is on his own tonight. Seriously, he's on his own every night, but typically Damaris tags along until he can score a chick and she gets tossed to the side for his libido. He's heard about the Corinthian, but hasn't been there, so thought he might check this place out. Fresh meat and all that. Plus, he could nurse the bruise forming on his chin from taking one earlier at the gym. He walks in and finds himself a seat, orders a brew and glances around at the occupants. Well, potential candidates, really. He holds the cold glass against his chin for a moment before he takes a swallow. He's still dressed nicely in his suit and tie, though the tie is at the relaxed position now, leaving a good inch or so clear of his neck.

Facing otherwise than towards the two young women, Nash unfortunately makes a perfect target. And at this distance, Laura has pretty good aim. Not that he has the slightest inkling of this little fact —

— until an almond hits the side of his head, just back of his ear.

Should he look (everybody does), it'll be to see an artfully innocent expression on Laura's face, and her compatriot doing everything she can to look anywhere else. Also not to laugh. Because even if there's no one else over here to shuffle blame onto, the proper it wasn't me attitude is a must.

He feels it and it actually startles him, but Nash turns his head just in time to see the almond fall to the floor and tumble to a stop near the leg of his table. He narrows his eyes, considering whether or not to ignore it or to rush over and charge someone with assault the cop with a nut.

He's a tad sore still, so he decides to just ignore it for now. He picks up his glass and takes another swallow of beer, though he decides to shift his seat just a little around to at least see a few of the folks behind him. Including the two females who seem to be having quite the innocent conversation.

Well, well, well. Hello there. Issue one charming smile towards them as he lifts his beer in a gesture of greeting.

Laura smiles genially back at Nash, lifting her glass — it could contain almost anything, at a glance, and it might be carbonated; it is definitely iced — in return. She ducks her head to say something to her companion, whose shoulders shake with something that's probably laughter… and the dark-haired woman still doesn't look over towards him. Laura leans back against her seat, expression thoughtful — in a wheels-turning kind of way that probably bodes ill for someone. Or at least mischief.

If Nash is still looking by then, he might glimpse a sly smile not quite masked quickly enough by a drink from Laura's glass.

Nash is no dummy. Just ask him, he'll tell you. He arches a brow as if suddenly realizing where that particular nut came from. He reaches down and plucks it from the floor and drops it onto the table. His eyes drift back towards the ladies and he just gives a shake of his head.

They are hot enough, so mischief can be forgiven rather quickly.

There's a good natured grin on his face as if to say, "Ha ha. You got me." He stops a waitress passing by and whispers something, pointing to Laura's table. The waitress nods and moves to the back, as it seems Nash is buy the next round of whatever it is they're drinking. And of course, another beer for himself.

While Nash is convincing the waitress to deliver someone else's drinks on his dime (it's not exactly hard), the playing field changes: when he looks back over at that other table, only the dark-haired young woman remains, her face buried against crossed arms in a manner which suggests she's torn between hilarity and mortification.

Why remains a mystery — one of those bizarre female things, no doubt — until Nash's beer is delivered, set on the table with just enough of a chiming tik to make a point. The point that the 'waitress' bringing it isn't the same woman who took the order — and Laura proceeds to slide into a seat at his table. "Hi!" she greets with irrepressible good humor. "I'm Laura," she adds, extending a hand over the tabletop.

And of course, he looks over. The woman remaining at the table gets a curious glance until Nash hears the chiming at his table. He turns his head back and is face to face, or nearly so, with Laura. Her offer of an introduction is accepted as Nash's hand slides its way easily, taking her hand within his grip. Her enthusiastic approach earns her a boyish grin as he gives her hand a firm squeeze, then announces that he's "Chris." He retrieves his hand back, "Hello there." Reaching for the beer, he lifts it towards her and takes a swallow. "I suppose this belongs to you." He pushes the almond across the table towards her.

"Me?" Laura echoes, pale brows arching. She looks at the almond for a moment, then back up at 'Chris'. "Now whyever would that be? It's at your table, isn't it?" And she hasn't the faintest clue how it got there, really. Honest. The woman leans her elbows on the table, lacing her fingers together and comfortably resting her chin atop them. Lifts her head again a beat later, as if reminded of something. "Oh! Speaking of which, I hope you don't mind the intrusion — I suppose it's not strictly polite to come barging in on someone else's table like this." She doesn't actually look all that concerned, despite the seemingly apologetic words.

Placing his finger on the nut just so and pushing, it flips up and around, landing back on the table as he looks across the table at the blond. "I suppose it must be my nut then." He gives her considerable inspection as there's a slight tingle that rushes his spine. He waves her off and shakes his head. "Trust me, I'm not expecting anyone and you're than suitable for the chair. By all means, stay." He leans forward now, the nut having lost his interest as he places his elbows on the table and interlaces his fingers together, "So, tell me Laura. What is it you do when you're not doing this?"

"What, intruding on people? Oh, I do that all the time," Laura replies, dismissively but with a cheerfully broad grin. "I swear, it's in a good cause! …Usually," she qualifies, with an evasive sideways glance that's more show than substance. Blue eyes flick back to 'Chris', and the grin returns. "Now, I have this friend. Little taller than me, total opposite hair color, cutest nose you ever did see." Her smile stretches into something more resembling a smirk as she sits back in her chair. "She's hopelessly polite. Couldn't walk up to a stranger and introduce herself if her life depended on it, I'm quite certain! Never mind one she thought was cute." Laura shakes her head slowly, tsking once. "And that's just a sad way to be."

Naturally, Nash's head would turn towards her friend, the one previously mortified and he lifts his drink towards her again, playing along with 'Laura' who seems to love teasing her friend. "She's rather cute. Pity that she so bashful." Laura once again has his attention, "I couldn't imagine living life that way. It's far too short a life to keep to ones self, wouldn't you agree?" The beer is lifted to his lips again as he takes another swallow. "What's your friend's name?"

She looks pretty well still mortified, or mortified anew, blushing and ducking her head a bit as Nash looks over. Hiding behind a glass in-hand doesn't actually work very well. Especially when her next expression invalidates its cover, the young woman offering Nash an unsure-but-game smile over its rim. "Hmm," Laura agrees. "Her name's Katie." She looks over at said friend, then leans forward over the table. "I've been working on corrupting her," Laura admits, speaking in almost conspiratorial tones, "but it's pretty slow going. I have a feeling I'm not right person for the job."

At the mention of 'corrupting' Chris' interest is renew. "Really now? Somehow I doubt that you're not the right person for the job, but maybe she just need someone with a different touch." Katie gets another glance and a grin, which is followed up with a wink. He continues to look her way, while still talking to Laura, "Lucky for you, I am very adept at corruption." He finally turns back to Laura and grins even wider. "Depending what what type of corruption we're talking about, obviously." He finishes his beer and asks for another before requesting, "Tell me about her."

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