In Shadows Created By Spotlights


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Scene Title In Shadows Created By Spotlights
Synopsis Odessa and Yana discuss the best way to handle the outbreak of the H5-N10 strain attacking the non-Evolved population. A consensus is only vaguely reached.
Date June 8, 2011

Special Surgery Hospital

Special Surgery Hospital, room 208 in the higher care unit, all the way in the corner room sits Dr. Blite. No longer in her elegant dresses and decorative jewels, but sporting a hospital gown which doesn't do much for anyone in all honesty. Though still, she has to make do with what she has, and at least she doesn't look terrible, unwashed and disheveled. Either she or someone else has done good to keep her hair looking nice, and her face washed. Her wounds are dressed freshly from the morning nurse, and she had breakfast brought to her. Two actually, one from the hospital which is sitting untouched off to the side, and a second brought by Christopher which is much better in quality than this worthless hospital food.

She's been here a week and already it feels longer, wondering when she can finally go home. She has no idea why her father insists that she sticks around. He has never worried about her this much since… well, never. But having to operate from a hospital room has been… trying. She sends Christopher out with special instructions daily, getting certain things set into place and weaving plans like always. Currently, she sits with no visitors as of yet, enjoying a good book as opposed to the TV, catching up on her light reading.

Odessa should have done this sooner, but there were… appearances to be kept up. Like the appearance that she wasn't rushing to Yana's aid, and the appearance that she wasn't there when the shooting occurred. Though both fa├žades were upheld for different reasons. Hopefully the gift she's brought, wrapped in black paper and tied with a red bow, will make up for her absence.

In contrast to the recovering patient, Doctor Price is dressed well in a sunny yellow halter dress and matching heels. Her white hair's swept up on top of her head in a messy ponytail fastened with a violet ribbon. The patch over he eye is black and adorned with silver stars. She knocks quietly before swinging open the door to allow herself entry. "Doctor Blite," she greets in a soft voice, holding up the package a little for Yana's benefit. "Good morning." She sends the door off to shut again with a nudge of her heel.

From behind a pair of thin black framed glasses(that have no function save for cosmetic purposes. One of her little eccentricities), Yana looks up at the door, half expecting it to be the nurse, or even the doctor again that pops in to check on her. Or worse, a new and clueless nurse's aid who hasn't been informed that her bed has already been turned bright and early this morning as demanded, or that they would likely be stepping into a dragon's den, ill-equipped when entering Yana's room. She is a rather difficult and demanding patient. But when your father is head of the hospital, these things are overlooked.

She has to check her IV drip for a moment as she sees the shock of white hair standing at the doorway. The drugs are still working rather well, so just to be sure she doesn't have any… mishaps. She has taken down the 'arsenal' of viral types in her body from 3 to 1. Where the 1 is the virus that is most important right now, that can't really effect her. This wound has set her back just a bit. "Ah, Doctor Price," she reaches up to pull her glasses from her face and mark her book. Blame the drugs, but Yana half smiles, "I wasn't expecting to see you this soon, but it's a pleasant surprise, none the less. I'm glad to see you're still in one piece and not… in a similar state as me." She did leave with the gun wielding maniac after all.

"There is something to be said about love between psychopaths," Odessa remarks sardonically. She approaches the bed with a smile of her own, and passes the package over to Yana. "For you. Something to look forward to when you're back on your feet. And to say that I'm sorry on Calvin's behalf. He's probably not sorry, so don't ask him if he is. I'm sorry enough for the both of us."

There is a chuckle that erupts from her. It's light, but it is there. I'm telling you, she's on some good stuff. The book is set to the side, and she makes a move, mostly forgetting that she has a week old wound through her gut, which the slight pain that the narcotics don't touch kindly reminds her of. There is a moment to where she pauses, closing her eyes and tightening her brows until it passes, before she continues to adjust, a little slower and more careful. "Oh, how sweet." she comments with a ring of sincerity in her voice, taking the package to unveil the contents. "I actually didn't think he would. He doesn't strike me as the type for apologies. Impulsive, a bit over dramatic, and comfortably settle in with antisocial personality disorder, yes." She has allowed herself to not be furious at Calvin currently, which is saying quite a bit for her. And it is at least something.

"I've learned from this experience though, baring my.. mortality. I'll probably devise a way to make the notion of further injuring me unappealing. Or.. at least result in consequences. There are animals, plants that advertise their toxicity through bright coloration. And some that are just naturally caustic and deadly when ruptured. That's my new project. An effective defense." There is a grin from her as she settles into the thought. Always looking for the next way to test her control. Ideas of a time released virus that does horrible things if not given her special touch within a specific amount of time. She isn't sure if she can do it, but she can try. Speaking of treatment. "By the way, how are you holding up? You should be due for a check-up and general cleansing soon."

The fact that Yana did get shot and is holding back on her fury is what keeps Odessa from spouting something along the lines of watch it, sister - that's my man you're talking about. That and the fact that if it got back to said man, he probably wouldn't appreciate her saying that. And… You know… He shot Yana because she pissed him off. Odessa reasons she should avoid pissing Calvin off.

"You plan to secrete a toxin if you're injured or something? Well, that's a double-edged sword. Great for making your attacker rue their decision. Not so good for the physician that attempts to tend to you after the fact." Odessa shrugs, though. It's Yana's choice/funeral. She takes a seat at the woman's bedside. "I'm… Well. I did some tests on my bloodwork, comparing with the samples you've been providing me and… You see, I didn't expect to contract the strain I did. I'll… be coming clean with Calvin about it after I've given him some more time to cool off."

Her smile is at her own expense. "My test results came back negative for the Suresh Linkage Complex, as I'm sure you've already suspected. That information does not leave this room. It is imperative that people believe I am still in possession of my ability, or at least that the possibility that I will reclaim it still exists." Odessa brings her hands together in her lap, wringing them some. "It just means that I'll… probably be needing to have you cleanse the virus and its mutations from me more often than I expected." Then, helpfully, she nods to the box. "They're Louboutins."

Which is like saying I spent a lot of money on you because I owe you big time.

"It's a little more complicated than that. And there would be enough time for me to clean up any mishaps and unlucky and uninvolved parties before any damage were done. The main thing I suppose is the instant retribution. It's something that I can occupy my time with, keep busy." She admits with a small shrug. Because she still hasn't decided one way or the other if she is going to even try to fix this pandemic on the uprise. "Work in progress, so to speak." Yana has actually decided that she isn't afraid anymore. Her short time in being injured has gotten her to reflect. Or… it could just be the drugs still.

She listens to what Odessa has to say, and by the end of it, she looks a little, surprised. Intrigued kind of surprised, but still it is shocking, "They.. completely removed— You're sure? Of course you're sure, I'm sorry. It's just… How…?" This is something that Yana one day hoped to accomplish somewhere along the line. Through viral means of course, but the fact that it is actually possible bumps it up on her bucket list a little further. She sighs, "And Brennan wonders why I didn't turn to the Institute first. Alright, I would suggest that you say that you contracted the previous strain of H5N10. The one that can remove abilities. We'll say that because of the mutation and how closely you contracted it to it's change, that there is some unknown factor that is giving your ability trouble returning. But we're researching how to fix that. It should be convincing, and lead people to think that you can get it back knowing that I'm working on it with you." It is a ruse, but it is as good as any.

"Now, as for your current state and the mutating strain. I'm working on doing the same with Christopher but, essentially what I would like to do is make you…" she searches for the right word to fit what she wants to describe, "Immune to the virus and it's mutations." Not really the right word, but it is similar. "Attenuated. I'm sure you know what that means. You'll have the virus, but it's virulent properties will be removed. It might take some time, but I can most likely make it work. With my ability, I can keep a reverse of virulence from happening." Which is a risk factor normally when dealing with attenuated vaccines. "Boosters won't need to be so frequent. We'll make it work, don't worry." Of course she seems confident, it's Yana we're talking about. "Ah, Louboutins. I was looking at a pair of these as a discharge gift. You saved me the trouble. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Odessa leans back in her chair and crosses one leg over the other, looking suddenly uncertain. "Attenuated," she repeats, suggesting she does understand the concept. "That would be… preferable. I think, however, that you and I need to make an attempt to wipe this virus out entirely." She leans in conspiratorially, a smirk on her lips.

"We could be heroes."

Yana smiles, seeming a little amused, "I thought about that, to be honest. And I do believe that I have the capability to pull it off with some help. Not to mention, that clout that would gather would be phenomenal." Yes, she had been considering it as one of her options, and in fact, she was going down that route a little, or rather testing the waters out when she tapped Devon's connection to Russo. However, she saw that the pot was a little too hot to proceed with that. After a lengthy pause, she gives a long sigh, "The problem I have with going through what that is… I don't appreciate being bullied, forced or intimidated into doing such. I despise having anyone tell me that I have to do something, or that it is my duty as if I am some ignorant child that isn't sure of where she stands in the world. I get enough of that with my father, and from my previous marriage. Dr. Brennan, Devon, the Institute, the government… No one knows how to ask nicely."

She lifts her eyes to settle on the woman, "Save for you, Odessa. You're actually the first person to simply suggest it, as opposed to insisting." Look where suggesting got Calvin. She went through with altering and releasing the virus in the first place when he simply asked her. It would seem that Dr. Blite has… issues with authority and being told what to do. She would rather let the world burn rather than follow someone's demands to use the extinguisher to put it out. "I'll actually strongly consider it, because of that. There is much more to gain from wiping away the fears of a terrified populous. I suppose it is comforting enough just to know that we have an edge over them should it be required in a future time."

"Yana, darling…" Odessa reaches out to take one of the darker woman's hands, her smile genuine. "We are so much alike, you and I. This is something we need to do not out of some obligation to the world at large, or moral responsibility… We should do this for ourselves. And maybe… Maybe we keep it quiet to save our own skins." Innocently, her gaze roams the ceiling, "After all, there are people who believe you could actually be responsible for the entire outbreak yourself. And we wouldn't want anything that could be misconstrued as proof to that effect flying around the rumour mills of New York, would we?"

Odessa lets out an exasperated, long-suffering sigh. Dramatic. "It isn't easy being selfless, but someone must do it. It may as well be us." Conflicting statements are intentionally conflicting.

Well, she is responsible for the outbreak. But to her, such a detail is just that. A detail. Nothing more. She caused it, and she had her reasons. They weren't good reasons by normal standards, but they were good enough for her which is what matters. Cleaning it up has it's own reasons, but the details of her former actions have no sway in the details of this action. "This is true." she smiles, giving Odessa's hand a squeeze. "My father demands greatness, and I intend to deliver. The suffering and loss of.. however many have dropped due to this illness," save for the people she is watching over. But the way she mentions it, people's feelings and agonies are irrelevant; just a speck of lint to be brushed off in the process of beautification. "is just a body laying in the path to be stepped over. It was necessary to get where we intend, but it's over now. Leave it behind. Onto better things."

It is enough to solidify a bit of a decision in her, "Alright. We'll fix it before it gets much larger. There's… a few ways I have been thinking about doing it." She makes plans for things even though she is unsure if she will go that route or not. "One, being the more conventional way of cranking out vaccines until the threat of the virus and its mutation becomes non-existent. And another—" she frowns a little at this one, "Considering the possibility of amplifying my ability to wipe it out en masse. I haven't completely calculated how to work that angle, but the preliminary skeleton can at least be accomplished." her eyes squint into a bit of a narrow, "I did a bit of poking around, and there is an individual that I believe could help with this. He may be hard to track down, but.. it would be good to locate and assess his ability. I'll send you the information, perhaps you can do some digging of your own."

"I personally think-" Odessa pauses for a moment and actually considers what Yana is proposing. The loss of life so far has similarly meant nothing to her, given that she lost anyone she actually knows. But the fact of the matter is that if Yana were to drop over dead tomorrow, Odessa would have no one left to protect her from the devastating effects of the latest and deadliest strain of H5-N10.

And that just won't do.

"I think that's an excellent idea. I think you should even keep all the glory for yourself. How benevolent of you to use your ability to wipe out the virus like that." It isn't, of course. But they both know what a lovely headline that makes. "Keeping my name out of the whole affair is likely for the best. No one would believe your intentions if they believe I'm involved in the slightest." Odessa smiles, head tilting in gracious acknowledgement of Yana's position, "I shan't deprive you of your chance to shine."

She shakes her head, "No. I think you should be involved." Yana mentions, "What we will actually do, and what the public knows us to do will be entirely two different things. You've lost quite a bit of your former glory, and that should be restored. Or at least be put on the path to getting there." She isn't totally thinking of herself this time. She is simply suggesting to use the easy way to fix it, but put up a front that they went about the hard way to do it, and came up with some kind of miracle. "But it isn't something we can jump into. It'll take time, and it'll take a lot of planning. Things are too touchy right now to make any mistakes."

"I never had any glory," Odessa is quick to point out. "You're right about that. If we fuck this up, we're dead. That's why I think you should keep my name out of this in any public sense." She wraps her arms around herself, shoulders hunching up a little. "It's harder for me to operate freely if there's too much spotlight on me."

She peers at the woman, looking with a contemplating and deeply considering look in her eyes, "I've been there. I still sort of am, really. I wish I could be public with my ability, but it's better if I just keep it very low in profile, and operate in the shadows while in direct light. But I do get it." Yana nods, her jaw settles a little, having to rework a few things in her head, "Alright, we'll do it that way. I just need a little help getting things in order, and maybe— Well.. I've already had Christopher take care of a 'cushion' for me if it ever comes down to me needing it. I'm treading in dangerous waters at the moment, and I won't let myself be outdone. I've worked too hard to come this far, and no one is going to take that away from me." she settles her head back into her pillow, "We'll make an actual effort in cleaning things up. But, I won't be handing anything over to Brennan or anyone else. Just so we're clear. I'll give it to you. And what you do with things from there, is your decision. If you want to give it to him, that's fine. But I'll not give anyone the satisfaction of thinking they made me do what they wanted."

Odessa smiles. It isn't a nice smile. "Of course, Yana darling. I will handle things as they should be handled." She rises from her seat then and reaches out to squeeze one of the injured woman's hands. "Now, you get some rest, and I'll go back to my lab and my microscope. You'll be back up and about in no time, and able to enjoy those new boots I've bought you." Her eyes flick up to the IV bag briefly. "And if you need to be released into my care as your attending, you just let me know."

"Alright, thank you." Perhaps she has worked herself up a little this morning, and is slowing down. It's just been a week, she still has some recovery time to do. "I think my father will have me monitored for a while, even after I get out of here. But, it might be best to be transferred to your care, so that we can begin getting you treated. The sooner the better. I think in some way, I didn't enjoy seeing you suffer the virus' ravage. Peculiar thing for me, but it was till there. I normally take no stand one way or the other. But still, be careful. You're one of the few people that I have concern for in terms of well-being." For now she will rest, and perhaps scare a nurses aide or two to get back a bit of the coldness she is known for. "Thank you again for the visit, and for the gift."

"You're welcome, Yana." Odessa releases the other woman's hand almost reluctantly. "I'll call you if my condition deteriorates again. No news is good news on that front. Rest up. I'll visit again soon." Then she turns and lets herself out into the hallway, shoulders sagging and smile fading once she's shut the door behind her.

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