In The Box


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Scene Title In The Box
Synopsis A delivery is dropped off at the Eagle Electric building for Ethan, and a suspicion is dropped in his lap.
Date November 3, 2008

Eagle Electric

The most notable business collapse in Queens was that of Eagle Electric, a major manufacturer based out of Long Island City for decades, comprised of acres of warehouses and manufacturing plants designed to produce electronic components to suit all sorts of needs. The western warehouse of the Eagle Electric lot is an enormous and foreboding red-painted building made entirely from sheets of ridged steel. Amidst the grass growing up through the cracks in the pavement and the burned out cars in the parking lot, it seems just as uninhabited as the rest of the area. A large and ruined sign at the top of the office and manufacturing building prominently reads, "Eagle Electric—Perfection Is Not An Accident."

The skies is shrouded by a blanket of heavy gray clouds, enough to block out what meager warmth the sun could afford on a blustery day like today. The interior of the Eagle Electric warehouse in the crumbling industrial complexes of Long Island City does little to alleviate this bone-chilling cold. Where once the crisp scent of autumn in the air was a welcome respite, it has been unfortunately replaced by the numbing chill of winter's approach. Wind blows through the open warehouse, frost glistening on the canvas tarps thrown over cargo crates and across the concrete floor. It is an unwelcome cold, as if to ward away those who would seek shelter amidst the secure walls of this compound.

Unlike usual, Kazimir does not await his operative within the warehouse's confines upon his chair, instead he stands like a statue at the open freight doors, where a large white box truck idles, steam issuing from its exhaust pipe. Two men in brown uniforms climb out of the truck, carrying a long reinforced plastic crate with molded handles out of the back, passing by where Kazimir stands. Neither man, with their dusky tans and the way they seem to shrink back from the cold, seem to be from these parts of the country.

But it isn't necessarially this cargo shipment that Kazimir awaits, but rather the man this shipment has been called for.

The Wolf.

Rumbling through abandoned roads and meandering through the rusted over abandoned cars, the black vehicle's engine chimes in with the chorus of the white truck as it slides into Eagle Electric's vicinity. Soon the car comes to a stop close to the white truck. The door swings open with a click and soon the engine is killed. Unfastening his safety belt, two black shoes clap on the semi-damp ground below. An equally black glove grips the top of the door frame as said carnivorous animal makes his exit from the vehicle.

Dressed in a long cotton black coat, the all black clad man takes a step away from the vehicle to slam the door closed. Slipping his hand into his coat pocket, there soon comes a bleep blip and the doors are locked. What point there is to lock a car here, remains unknown. Perhaps more of an act of habit. Walking away from the car, Ethan eyes the two men quietly before moving his gaze to Kazimir. A questioning look that Kazimir would recognize. That little glance from the Wolf is how he asks if people are needed to be eliminated. He has not seen these men and they know the hideout.. A silencer and a pistol are always readily accessible on his person..

"Ethan." Kazimir rumbles as he begins walking from the cargo door entrance as the delivery men make their way into the warehouse, "Excellent timing." The click of his steel-tipped cane on the pavement meters out the measured rythm of his footsteps on his approach. "I've been meaning to take some time to bring you up to speed on two very important matters," his eyes wander to the truck, then back to Ethan. "But first I'd like a status report on our newest member's activities." Blue eyes wander up and down Ethan as Kazimir stops to meet him half way to the warehouse, partially turning around to regard the idiling truck as he makes a motion for Ethan to continue walking on inside. "Tell me how our monster is doing."

Ethan gives a subtle nod as he follows Kazimir. No need to kill or destroy just yet. The man takes his place at Kazimir's right. His footsteps match those of his master as he shadows the far older man. His eyes remaining straight ahead as the man speaks. He asks no questions nor does he speak of anything that Kazimir doesn't ask of himself. He waits until Kazimir finishes speaking as he continues to walk inside with deliberate steps. "He is skilled. He hasn't gotten to where he is by luck. He knows what 'e's doin'. He's worked on 'is abilities, not like a bunch of these fools 'oo are just born wit' it. 'E is driven. That could be dangerous. But for now, we 'ave somethin' to offer 'im. So we 'ave his loyalties. We run out of grass, the 'orse will find new pastures."

"That won't happen." Kazimir assures with a confident tone of voice, but with absolutely no backing. "As long as he continues to behave in a manner acceptable to our goals he will be allowed to live." Their approach stops short of the warehouse, at the back of the box truck. Kazimir turns slowly, looking over his shoulder to Ethan, then motions to the vehicle. "I have procured a shipment from our erstwhile compatriots south of the border, a special shipment that I have been waiting for." Turning back to Ethan, he watches his expression, as if searching for something unsaid, and then continues on inside as the two delivery men arrive at the same time.

«Gentlemen,» Kazimir's spanish is immaculate. «Take the truck out to Staten Island and burn it. You will find the other half of your payment in the laundry room of the house on 232 Falcone circle along with replacement identification and passports.» He dismisses the pair with a wave, and they both dip their heads down in silent nods before taking their leave, returning to the truck.

"This shipment is preparation for certain upcoming events, and you are to keep the particulars of this cases' contents to yourself." He continues on into the warehouse as the cargo door of the truck slides closed with a slam, followed by the driver's and passenger's doors opening and closing. By the time they're fully inside, the vehicle is already preparing to leave. "No one outside of you and I are to be made aware of the case's contents until such a time as I inform you otherwise." The clack of his shoes and the click of his cane create an even rythm amidst the low and rough tone of his voice as he walks towards where the case has been carefully laid out on its own palette, sinx six feet long and four feet wide, and almost as deep. No markings of any kind, save for a polished metal lock on the front.

Ethan eyes the two men as Kazimir adresses them. He says nothing, simply sliding his gloved hands into his coat pockets he moves silently and steadily at Kazimir's side. He looks at the case intently, akin to a child eyeing a box on Christmas morning. Trying to guess its contents without actually appearing excited. He must appear indifferent. That's how professionals operate. So in an indifferent tone he mutters, "What do you 'ave 'ere then? A fuckin' nuke?"

Walking over to the case, Kazimir removes a square key on a beaded chain with a circular pattern that matches the round lock on the front. He pauses, at Ethan's comment, and looks over his shoulder with a level and silent stare. Then, quietly, holds out the key on the chain towards Ethan. "Find out for yourself," his tone is rough and leveled, though there is a faint hint of amusement lingering behind his pale blue eyes, something rarely seen in any level of honesty. "It is a biometric key, there's a thumb pad on one side that will only respond to your right thumb." Kazimir's head cants to the side, "I recommend you keep it safe." Whether he implies the key or the thumb, isn't certain.

Stepping forward, the man pauses for a moment as he looks over Kazimir and then the box. "What could you 'ave possibly gotten?" The man wonders out loud with a certain level of amusement in his voice. Taking the key the tall man gives a bit of a nod. "Very well, let me see this present." He murmurs as he goes to crouch. Placing the key on the pad, he then places this thumb over it. "Just my thumb?" He asks, "Not even yours?"

"Espescially not mine." There's a hiss as the case clicks and the key lets out a soft chirp, followed by a green light flashing on the case. A hydraulic hiss accompanies the lid's movement as it slides back, lifting up and then folding outwards as stacked trays begin to rise up from within and tier backwards. Kazimir tucks his cane under one arm, standing just behind Ethan, then folds his arms, watching as the light from the interior of the case flickers on, casting the men in pale yellow glow.

Once the case fully lifts open, Kazimir's eyes narrow as the contents of the case come into view to Ethan, light spilling out from around either side of the man where he leans over the box. "Those belong to you to use as you desire." There's a certain graveness to his tone of voice, "They will become necessary in the coming months…" Behind Ethan's back, a faint smile creeps up on Kazimir's lips.

As the lid slides back, the man peers down at the glowing contents of the case. Bringing his hand up as he peers down into the contents. He then quickly replaces the lid and allows the box to lock. "I won't pretend to know why they will be necessary. I assume you will be tellin' me that now." The Brit says as he looks over his shoulder to Kazimir. Standing up slowly he watches Kazimir, his expression is still blank. "Any particular reason on that particular number as well?"

Kazimir shakes his head slowly, "There will come a time when they will be necessary. That's all you'll need to know for now, compartmentalization of knowledge. If your mind was ever comprimised, it would be unfortunate." His arms unfold, cane coming back down to the concrete floor with a loud click of steel on stone. "No prophecy in the number, Ethan," He motions to the case with his free hand, "Only limited availability."

Kazimir turns away from the case, looking deeper into the warehouse towards where the weapons and ammunition are stored. "The election is tomorrow," eyes shift to the side, surverying the warehouse. "I expect there will be a modicum of chaos in that time between now and the remembrance day for the bombing." Turning back around, Kazimir's eyes settle once more on Ethan. "After the anniversary, I expect phase two to move into full operations. Have you finished laying the groundwork, yet?" One gray brow raises slowly.

Ethan listens with no emotion touching his voice. Watching Kazimir his lips tug a bit in a frown. "You know I would destroy my mind before I allowed it to be compromised sir." Ethan reminds the man of his loyalties and convictions for the cause. Though he allows the topic to be dropped. He turns to follow Kazimir's gaze. He nods in agreement before finally shaking his head. "There are a few complications. I will be making direct contact with the terrorist group. Operate as a mole for a small time. But, with the help of Sylar, I should be soon finished and ready to start the fun part." The Brit says with a bit of a smile.

"I expected he would be useful in that endeavor." Kazimir's eyes wander the warehouse, focusing on the distant silhouette of his chair, and then Ethan again. "I have one other matter I wanted to talk to you about," all of the lightness fades from his voice, brow furrowing. "I played a bluff on Amato the last time he and I spoke." The old man's head very slightly tilts to the side, "I have had concerns for some time now that Munin's heart may not be entirely in our affairs, given her expression during Adam Monroe's inaugrial meeting and my speech." His eyes narrow slightly, "I told Amato that you had confided in me that she was feeling ill of our work, and that her heart may not be in these matter entirely any longer." A breath is taken, thoughtful and slow, as if to let Ethan stew in this conversation, "He agreed, but as expected chimed in on her defense." Thise blue eyes do not leave Ethan's for a moment. "Is there anything you would like to tell me, Ethan?"

The Wolf has been trained and is a professional. He knows how to control himself. He knows how to handle himself. He knows how to lie. Even to the person he respects most in this world. Though you have to be careful in these situations, if Kazimir was willing to deceive Amato, he could be willing to deceive Ethan as well.

Ethan doesn't answer immediately, for a moment he retreats inside his head. Breathing, controlled. Heartrate, checked. You have to control your body or it will control you. No outward signs of deception, the man matches Kazimir's gaze just as he normally would. He then raises his brows as if thinking. "She's a girl." The Brit says steadily. "Teenagers doubt everything. Hardly noteworthy sir."

"Doubt, regardless of gender, can be fatal in this line of occupation Ethan. I do not feel I need to remind you of that." There's a rap of Kazimir's cane on the concrete floor as he paces in a half-circle around the man he speaks to. "If for whatever reason, she were to lose enough faith in what we're doing to have a momentary lapse in judgement and report what precious little sensative information she knows to the wrong individuals, it could mean a crippling end to all of our best laid plans. If that were to happen, it would be highly unfortunate for all parties involved."

Taking a moment to consider his words, or perhaps to let Ethan stew just a bit more, "I expect that if you felt she were endangering us and our operations you would have the confidence and wherewithal to tell me." He takes a half step closer to Ethan, "I would have to have misplaced years of trust in someone, and be forced to start over." The threat isn't an idle one, Ethan himself has been responsible for replacements in the chain of command before. At merely the cost of a bullet. In the end, that is all most anyone's life ends up being worth. "Do I make myself clear?"

"If I felt she were endangering us, sir, I would make my report to you whilst she was in a body bag." The man says firmly, without fear or doubt in his voice. He loves Munin, he truly does. But were she to threaten the work which he has spent so much time on.. Her life would have the worth of an eighty cent bullet. "Crystal clear, sir." The man says in response to Kazimir. The Wolf is ever diligent.

There's a long, silent stare that Kazimir keeps leveled on Ethan for a time, his thumb tracing over the deep notch in the steel wolf's head of his cane, a reminder of past failures. He nods, slowly, a motion that alleviates the tension between the two men. Only once his gaze has returned to Ethan, though, is that reassurance vocalized. "Good. I would hate to lose Munin, she is a valuable asset who has great potential to grow." He hesitates for a moment, then looks back to Ethan. "See to it that she is made comfortable," it's an unexpected request. "Comfortable enough that she feels safe here in the city, and is given what she needs. I have known her long enough to know that she will not ask when wanting or in need, and I trust that you would have the proper judgement to know what those are." His own ignorance of what a girl her age may want or need is left unspoken, but it's a weakness he has quietly voiced to Ethan and Amato in times past.

Ethan stands like a pillar under the scrutiny of his master, he does not buckle or bend. His eyes follow the tracing of the thumb on the wolf's cane. "I would also." Ethan agrees in a low tone. While he matches Kazimir's gaze his thoughts wander to Munin. Would he really kill her? Would he have killed his own daughter? His son? Should such a cause demand it? "Comfortable." The man repeats. In his experience when someone is made comfortable it is to prepare them for their iminent death. He hopes this is not the case. "As you say, sir."

There's another scrutinizing look as Kazimir nods his head, "You'll find additional funds have been wired to your secondary account. Use them for her and yourself as you see fit. I ask much of the people I work for, Ethan…" Kazimir's words hang in the air as he turns, moving back towards his chair with a slow and ponderous pace, "…and I understand the toll it can take on them." A brief, thoughtful pause, "I am not entirely heartless." One more, this time longer, and it shows in the pause of his footsteps as well. "But sometimes I must make others believe so."

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