In The Dark With A Girl


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Scene Title In The Dark With A Girl
Synopsis Magnes is in the dark with Claire…. and yet he still doesn't score. Poor poor Magnes.
Date October 02, 2009

Magnes' Room

Usually Magnes calls some time in the afternoon, like clockwork, but he hasn't called, and he hasn't answered any calls at all, not even on his business number. It's early in the evening and he still hasn't called, but if she comes to his place, he's laying in his bed on his stomach, the light off, just wearing a pair of blue jeans after taking a shower earlier. He's awake, just… not really doing anything, TV off and all.

One never realizes that they look forward to something until it doesn't happen, and that's what happened to Claire. When she realized Magnes wasn't calling her, she got a bit nervous. What if…. was going through her mind, since it seemed recently her boyfriend was getting hurt often. So what if, this time it was really bad.

There is the soft sound of a key in the door, before it opens to let in Claire. "Magnes?" She calls softly, closing the door behind her and locking it. Squinting, she searches the wall for the light switch, to flick on. "You in here?"

"Flint Deckard healed me." Magnes says in his defeated tone, his body laying on the bed with his bare back and the soles of his feet facing up clearly visible. The smell of soap and shampoo are still quite thick in the air, but he's not his usually cheerful self who's rushing over to hug and likely slip in a grope or two. "I quit. Everything. I'm gonna stay here."

Her hand pauses in it's search for the light switch as she listens. "Quit?" Claire asks, moving deeper into the dark room, until her shins bump into the edge of the bed. She then rests a hand on the bed, and reaches back with the other to pull her shoes, off letting them thump on the floor. Then the cheerleader climbs onto the bed, where she can sit, with her back against the wall. She looks down at him from where she is. "Okay.. talk to me, Magnes."

"The guy who kidnapped me and Abby, John Logan, I shot him in the leg twice, with a sniper rifle, in the spot he shot Abby. Abby slapped me when I told her, said revenge wasn't the answer, so I guess I messed up again. Then I went to interrogate Deckard, and I screwed up, I tried to ask him questions at gunpoint, I shouldn't have used my gun, I wasn't thinking, so he went to grab his gun and I panicked and shot him in the arm. So I started trying to talk to him, I thought he could heal himself, and then this other woman comes and I hold a gun to her too, and Eileen comes and holds a gun at me. So the other woman shot the gun out of my hand, and Eileen shot her, so I threw Eileen into a wall and her head was bleeding. I panicked so much, I messed up so badly, I hurt my friends, the people I'm fighting for, my friends…" Magnes is silent after that, sounding genuinely pained by his screw up, turning his head around to lay in the other direction so she can't see his face. "I'm gonna get you hurt, Claire, I'm gonna get so many people hurt, those cards were right. I quit."

"You can't get me hurt, Magnes," she reminds him. Claire reaches out to gently comb fingers through his hair, watching the back of his head. "But I know what your saying." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "You've got to realize this could happen. Mistakes happen." Claire crosses her ankles and looks out into the dark room. "I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. I've done my share of stupid stuff, but unlike you, I can heal from my mistakes."

"I can get you hurt, Claire. I just can't get you killed." Magnes doesn't turn aroud, but he reaches a hand back, feeling around to find her arm to rest his hand on. "I never meant to hurt my friends, Eileen's one of the first people who were really honest with me, and, she bled, I made her bleed… How can you date a guy who'd mess up to the point of hurting people who have tried to help him?"

"Risks come with what your doing. People may or may not get hurt." Claire's hand moves to grasp his, her fingers lace with his. Scooting down she rests on her side, arm propping her up. She talks softly, leaning close to his ear. "My dad… He unintentionally hurt my family often doing what he did. And he was doing what he thought would protect us. My mom ended up in the hospital once cause of it, but it was cause my dad was trying to protect her from all the bad in the world. He had her mind wiped, too many times and it caused her to get sick." He can feel the movement when she shrugs. "Not to mention I've accidentally gotten people hurt, I've been hurt, and yet I'm still here trying to do what I can. You learn from these things, you move on.. You apologize to those you care about and you forgive the ones don't mean to hurt you when they make mistakes."

Magnes carefully rolls over to face her, wrapping an arm around her waist. He's just listening, occasionally frowning. "Claire, from now on, I think I'm gonna talk to you before I get the bright idea to pull guns on people for interrogation… Unless they deserve it." He leans in to press his forehead against her's, whispering, "You're really the best girlfriend…"

Claire gives him a somewhat lazy smile. "Not sure about that, but I have been where you are." A hand reaches up to brush his cheek and into the hair at his temple. "Probably a good idea to get a second opinion when you can.. at least till you get the hang of things." Her eyes move across what little of his face she can see in the dark. "Look at this as a learning experience and try not to make the same mistakes."

"I'll try, it's just not the easiest thing ever. I never knew I could mess up so badly. I really really need to think more after tonight. And you are the best." Magnes' hand gently rubs her back, trying his best to see her in the dark as well. "Thanks for not slapping me tongiht."

"Your welcome," She responds softly and then sighs."Nothing in life is ever easy. If it was easy everyone would be happy and we wouldn't be here right now." Claire lets her arm slide over his side, fingers trailing lightly. "If the situation is not life and death, think twice.. or even three times. Life or death you have to go on instinct. Don't second guess yourself there.. you'll end up getting yourself or others killed. So what you did to Eileen.. that was unavoidable.. You acted on instinct and probably saved her and others… Yes she got hurt and bled.. but.. she's not dead… nor anyone else." She's quiet for a moment.. "That make sense?"

"It does. I guess this is that whole experience thing I've been going on about wanting…" Magnes' hand slowly slides up from her waist to rest on her ribs, allowing for a long pause before speaking again, "It's kind've nice, like this. It's kind've sad that the first time I was alone in the dark with a girl was during a kidnapping. I'll take you out tomorrow, alright? I know it's been a while, I've just been busy."

"Yeah it is.. isn't it?" Claire murmurs, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "Two people in the dark, talking." Her fingers play along his side. "No arguing.. no fighting… In the dark we can pretend none of it is out there, everything is perfect." Sighing softly, she closes her eyes. "I guess that's one good thing about the dark, you can shut out everything else." She's quiet for a long moment and then he can feel her nod. "Yeah… I think I'd like to go out. Maybe somewhere to dance? Bowling.. Movie or maybe even skating? Been practicing."

"I've…" Magnes is lucky she can't see his cheeks going red, but it's completely obvious from his tone. "I've never really danced with a girl, at least not that I remember. I, uh, well, could we go out and you could teach me, maybe?"

"That one maybe we should take slowly. Start with home lessons and work from there," Claire comments after a moment of thought, with a smile in her voice. "Skating maybe?" Offered as an alternative, as her hand drifts to his hip, thumb hooking in a belt loop and resting there. "I can show you how well I'm doing? Cause I really am practicing. I broke my wrists a few times.. I think my ankle once and I'm just my tail bone many many times. But I'm doing much better."

"I don't think I'll ever get used to my girlfriend just… breaking things." Magnes has a hint of amusement in his tone, though the fact that his hand almost instantly goes to feel her wrist says he's actually a bit worried. It's clear the regenerator thing just hasn't clicked in his head yet. "Wait, I've got a great combination of the ideas. Let's go to a skating rink!"

"I imagine there are plenty of skaters that wish they had my ability." Claire sounds just as amused, letting him feel her wrist. "A skating rink? That could be fun." She admits with a grin, her arms slides over his side as she shifts in closer, resting her cheek against his bare chest. "I approve of the idea, never been to one."

"I'm sure you'll like it. Just, try not to hurt yourself so much, alright? I really hate thinking that you get hurt so often, even if you can heal…" Magnes' chest starts thumping quickly, the second she rests her cheek against it. "So, uh, you have to leave any time soon?"

"No promises.. just know, it doesn't hurt as bad as you might think." The warmth of her cheek against his chest, she smiles a bit as she hears his heart speed up. Her finger nails scratch lazily at a small section of his back. His question is answered with a soft, "No.. but I can leave if you want me too." Her eyes open, even though he can see it, as she waits for his responce.

"Stay as long as you want, just don't turn the light on for a while, I'm liking this dark thing…" Magnes' hand moves down to her thigh, though as soon as he touches her, he quickly moves it back up to her waist, as if suddenly changing his mind about something. "You know, there's a billion guys out there, probably saving the world much better than I am, not messing up so much, and probably can't get their noses broken by you. Sometimes I don't know what you see in me." he idly notes, though he doesn't sound at all bad, he's just… thinking.

"Your not like the other guys out there trying to save the world." Claire answers him whether he asked for it or not. "Most of them are just.. so… I dunno. Disillusioned?" She doesn't sound certain about her choice of word. "Bitter.. " She trials off, becoming lost in thought. Her eyes drift shut and there is a deep breath and a long soft sigh. "Leave the lights off and I'm going to end up falling asleep."

"You can sleep with me." Magnes pauses, there, realizing the wording he just used as his cheeks practically set on fire. "I, uh, crap, not like that, I mean, uh, so, disillusioned? I like to think that I can save the world, or at least make the world good enough for the next generation to finish saving it…"

Claire sounds rather amused as she gives him back a light pat, "I knew what you meant, Magnes. Don't give yourself a stroke." She yawns suddenly, before giving a little nod. "If you don't give up, you might yet still succeed, but you have to believe you can do it. If everyone in history gave up… who knows what the world about be like."

"I won't give up, and I have you there. We've got eachother's backs." Magnes gently rubs her head, trying to motion for her to move back up. "Do normal couples really, uh, say the things we do in private? I mean, we sound more like one of those couples on TV everyone gets sick of listening to."

"Not sure.. I can only assumed." Claire admits with a little grin, even if he can see it. Shifting as he asks, she shrugs. "We're hardly normal.. and the guys I've been with have hardly been normal either. And hey, at least we don't have to worry about thousands of viewers watching what we're doing." The amusement in her voice is evident.

"I'm pretty sure I'd die if 9th Wonders was still in print, but hey, at least I'd know what to say." Magnes sighs, his heart starting to slow down as he closes his eyes, the mostly quiet dark room taking a bit of a toll. "Now I think I'm gonna fall asleep. You can too, we can do something when we wake up, like a movie or just talk…"

There is movement as Claire turns over, putting her back to him. A hand reaches back, to pull his arm around her, it makes him pull close and then holding it to her stomach and sighs. "Maybe you can take me to breakfast… Isn't that what people are suppose to do when they sleep together?" It's obvious she's using that wording on purpose. There is soft chuckle as she adds and amused, "You'll be able to tell people you slept with me."

Magnes smiles, though his racing heart greatly betrays his calm. His hand goes flat against her stomach, and he rests his chin on top of her head. "I'd never brag, except maybe to my therapist, if I had your permission first…"

"I'll… think about it." She manages to sound amused, but just make the words sound flat. Letting go of his arm, she frees him to do as he wishes, as she tucks her hand under her head as she gets more comfortable in preparation for sleeping. "I could get use to this."

"Hey, don't worry, my therapist doesn't need to know everything, though I think she'd love to meet you." Magnes has no idea what to safely do with his arm, so he more or less just keeps his hand planted on her stomach, quickly moving it right back over her belly button whenever he finds himself idly straying. "I could get used to this too, I mean, it's better than sleeping alone. Hey, wait, you're staying all night?"

"Have to wait and see.." Claire says with a chuckle, pressing back against him as she turns her head towards him, even if she can't see him all that well in the dark. "I feel tired enough to sleep all night. Though if you don't want me too…" The ex-cheerleader starts moving like she's going to get up.

Magnes quickly reaches out to pull her against him again, that generally being a no. "No, you can stay. God, you can live here for all I care, I just wanna go back to that part where you were pressing against me." he teasingly says, though once again the speed of his chest's constant thumping betrays any facade he attempts. "I'm being really bad at the sleeping part of sleeping."

Good thing he can't see the smug smile on her lips as Claire settles in again. "Good to know, though I doubt you need to worry about your room being invaded, yet." There is another yawn and she soft chuckles. "Well.. I'm not bad at it, in fact, you won't take long for me to crash I'm sure."

"I've had a long week, if there's a good time to sleep, it's now." Magnes' eyes are already closed, finally just giving into it and lets his head rest on his arm. "Thanks for coming, Claire. Sorry I didn't call today."

"Mmm.. S'okay.." The words are soft and sorta slurred as if said half awake. Claire is silent after that, as she slips off to sleep.

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