In The Darkest Dark


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Scene Title In The Darkest Dark
Synopsis No one can hear you cry unless they're walking their dog and bringing back groceries, in which case, you're screwed. As Kaylee finds out when Abby is on her way to the terminal proper and comes across her.
Date March 2, 2011

Grand Central Terminal - Just outside in the tunnels

Problem with getting away from everyone in the tunnels… eventually someone is going to invade that little private spot you've tried to secure yourself. Even if you'd like a reprieve, life continues and the world keep turning. People invade.

Kaylee had cried herself out well past the fading of the glowstick to a dim light, though every once in awhile a thought would hit her and the tears would gather in her eyes again. She remembered there were still things to be done, duties to perform. She wasn't in a hurry to do anything. To let everyone see what a mess she must be.

She also about that time remembered there were robots still wandering at night, especially when the echoing sound of foots steps drift down her way. Kaylee suddenly felt very alone and very aware of her small small surroundings.

Sudden fear roots her into her spot.

Wide red rimmed eyes stare down the tunnel, even as she tries to press her back hard against the wall. To be small and hope what or whoever that is, doesn't notice. Not that it would prevent the robots from finding her… they have evo gps after all.

Of course, her only thought is… Joseph is going to kick my butt I get hurt.

Then when Abby passes within the range of the telepath's ability, the unique mind of the southern belle shines through and the Kaylee lets out a huge sigh of relief.

Down here, you can heart rats, hear bugs, hear everything but the city, so weighed down beneath the world, in the bedrock of the city and feeling the burden that the soil and slate beneath the city bears on a daily basis. The subway tunnels the blackened veins of the city that carries the people - it's very lifeblood - through it.

It brings dogs, running ahead of it's mistress who's still out of sight, a little chemical stick light on it's collar, toenails clicking on the floor, tongue lolling out and panting. The canine stops at the sight of Kaylee, scrambling to a halt, cocking it's head, an ear cocking the other way as if trying to ascertain that indeed, that's a human.

It is a Human.

It barks, running forward to stick it's cold nose in Kaylee's face even as the woman starts to sense the mind of the other woman. The mind of perpetual motion. Abigail's coming into view not much longer after that, layers of shirt, sweater, open jacket, toque, laden down backpacked and grocery bags in hand that she's been carrying. A determination that next time I am going to get a dog saddle bag and he can carry some of this stuff… do they even make that sort of thing?

But there's Kaylee, and there's Rhett, getting all up into Kaylee's business, tongue coming out to lave her face, offer another bark, and turn tail, trot back to Abby.

Oh gross! Dog slober.

"Hey! Watch where…. Ug!" A hand pressed down on the muzzle, Kaylee's nose scrunching up a little. "Oh God.. I think you got that tongue in my nose." She sends a half-assed glare Rhett's way, cause really… now can you stay made with a dog that just wants to help.

A guilty look flickers Abby's way as Kaylee moves to brush the sleeve of her arm over eyes to make sure there isn't any moisture. A sniffle gives away what she was doing just about as much as her eyes. "Hey." Sniff. "Rhett sure got big." That's right divert, even is she's rubbing the heel of one hands against an eye.

"I know right? I'm trying to figure out what on earth Robert fed him. When I left he was like, still this runt, all skinny bones and half this size and now he's like… teenager dog, and jumping all over everything, and he's just all tongue lolling" She can see the sleeve rubbing and kindly averts her eyes, heft her bag and give Kaylee a moment to dry her eyes and compose herself. "Wanna carry a bag? I swear the dog food weighs a billion pounds and the grocery store was having a really good sale on ground beef and I was like, hey, hamburgers, we could all use like a really big hamburger right? Better than pollepel"

Kaylee knows what she's up too and is ever so thankful for that moment, even is she's bound to be sniffling for a bit yet. "Yeah, I can take some of that off your hands." It's an excuse as any to keep things diverted from her moment of being all… well… human.

"And hamburgers sound excellent right now. All we need is some potato salad… or macaroni salad and it would be like home," Kaylee states as she climbs to her feet and brushes the seat of her pants. "Something to think about for summer time at least. Nothing says summer like it."

Abby is relieved of a bag and Kaylee gives the smaller woman a small weak smile. "I am sure everyone will like a change of pace."

"I like being off the island, being able to just.. stop at a mcdonalds and get a burger you know? Even though they're like the worst thing to eat" She relinquishes two of the bags, handing them over, a sharp whistle to Rhett to stop sniffing around something that's caught his attention which means he trots over and Abigail once again has a shadow.

"He didn't change the locks. I stopped by the house to get Rhett and, I thought I'd have to break in but I didn't. Wanted to take Scarlett too but… A cat's not an amenable creature to being dragged around" Whereas dogs are.

Abigail shifts her bags, tired looking around the edges, frayed and weary. "You been jabbed yet with the vaccine?"

"Yeah," Kaylee comments blandly, guilt writing itself across her features for just a moment in the dim lighting. Shifting bags weight she looks thoughtful. "You did get your's right?" Not that he doubts Abby would, but…

"I think just about everyone down here had it now." The telepath's eyes wander to the path ahead them, watching Rhett and his fascination with various things.. "You could almost feel the tension bleeding away when the shipment got here. Not that I blame them. I've lived that damn flu. I know how it feels."

After a moment, Kaylee adds softly, "And I'm glad he didn't change the locks. THat means something, hmm?"

"I'm immune, but I let megan jab me before coming. Make her feel better. I hate how the vaccine makes you feel after though" Everything where it should be, it's not too far to the terminal, but there's still a short walk, on top of all the walking she's been doing as is. Rhett's got his nose down, you can hear him huffing as he goes, some more shallow, others more deep, enjoying the difference in smells, perking up at a rat that scampers off out of the visible distance, going tense, but doesn't run off.

"Dunno whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. either way" Was nice. "The bird been okay?" It's been down here, she gave in. Had it brought down.

"Yeah, seems okay. Surly as ever, not that I blame her… it…." Kaylee trails off a bit, happy with the shift in her train of thought. She's thoughtfully quiet for a long moment. "I still want to get back in there…" Not hard to tell the temptation to do so is there still. "See if I can invoke any more memories of this child. See if we can help her find it… if anything to give her some closure. Maybe some answers to why she's in there."

Brows tip down, furrowing while her mouth tips to one side in amusement. "Of course, it's not really Ferry business… So I feel so weird still pursuing it, while there is so much else that needs doing. Part of me thinks we should drop the bird on Matt Parkman's desk and let DHS handle it." Her tone says she isn't convinced that's the best course of action really, but he is after all a better telepath then her.

"Dropping the bird on Matt's desk is not an option" Abigail's lips thin, shaking her head. "Not an option in the least Kaylee. Eileen's good with birds, and can commiserate with the woman. I don't know what's going to happen but regardless, we're going to have to let that bird out soon. Maybe Eileen will know what to do. She's better when dealing with things like that. Her or Gabriel" But Gabriel's also supposed gone off the deep end, something to ask Eileen about.

You okay? Purposefully mentally offered up on a platter. You and Joseph fight and that why you were out here?

"Yeah," Kaylee agrees softly about the bird. "I'm hoping Eileen will have better luck with it. If not… I'm willing to give it another go."

The mental questions are not answered for a long moment, the bag shifted into a better position in her arms. "No. We're still good." Kaylee looks a little guilty suddenly. "But he doesn't know I'm out in the tunnels." She admits softly.

"We finally got news of more of the deaths out on the island." Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly Kaylee continues. "When people mourn… it's not quiet. There is a keening too it in my head. I — I just needed to get away from everyone." She hesitates a glance Abby's way, giving her a small weak smile. "I figured I'd spare Joseph another damp shoulder. Being council, he's got a lot more important things to keep his mind on then his girlfriend sobbing over the death of children and other lost souls."

"Three adults, two children. Likely more to come. The vaccines at least, if they've been injected in time will keep more from coming down with it. Needless to say, those who get it…" Abby nods, Kaylee can hear the 20 percent, echoed in her mind. "But we have vaccine" Silver lining. "And we know who tried to poison us like rats in a hole and the lords fury will be brought swiftly on him even if I have to wrap my arms around him and burn him clean to the bone myself" So many people want Heller's head on a stick, Abby too. The vehemence in her voice though, is a rare thing heard.

"Like I told Megan, and I'll tell you. Hard as it is, for us down here to watch them go, at least take heart that they are seated at the Lords table and are having a feast of such epic proportions and that they are happy and not hunted or hurting or unhappy or sick"

"I know… I try to take comfort in that… And knowing Heller will burn in hell." Of course, Kaylee is still fairly new at the religious stuff, even if she had been going to church for five years in hopes of getting God to just listen to her. "But I still think those kids deserved to grow up. Any kid does really… but these kid's I've been around."

Giving a sniff as her emotions threaten again, Kaylee shakes her head. "Just made me want to hug Emily… but I didn't feel like having to hike all the way to Brian and Samara's to see her… then have people around while I did." Kaylee gives Abby a small smile. "They have Emily and Kasha staying with them for now. When it's warmer, we should totally start taking them to the park."

The smile fades a little then, saddness returning. "I do hope Heller dies a slow death… I'd love to make him shoot himself in the dead…" Kaylee's eyes widen a bit and she turns that worried look to Abby. "Don't tell Joseph I said that? That's old me talking… the one I'm trying to shut out. I'm trying not to be that type of person anymore."

"Long as you don't tell Joseph I want to give Heller a firey hug" She points back to the other woman. Abigail sinks her hands into her pockets, walking with Kaylee, listening to the words that bounce around the tunnel, keeping an eye on her canine shadow. "But, yeah. Take Emily and Kasha out. Kashsa should start walking soon, I want to go visit, I can't.. imagine not seeing that first step. I'd be surprised if Huruma hasn't made her way over there yet" A glance down, shows the dim lights of Ferry Civilization. "Come on, lets go dump the food, see what we can make of what I brought. Gorge ourselves huh?"

"Totally…" Comes the firm response about the food. "Screw weight watching. I want some comfort food. I want to feel fat and not give a crap if I add some fat to my thighs or worry Joseph might think if I did." Kaylee sounds rather determined about this, she's not in the mood for calorie counting.

She leans over towards Abby and gives her a bit more of a smile, "And my lips are sealed about the Heller Hug of Doom. If you get the chance, I'll be there with pompoms." Those words have their own viciousness to them.

Already she can feel the first soft murmurings of minds up ahead, so she braces herself for going in amongst them all again. "Oh… and please, please, please don't tell Joseph I was off crying?" Tho' her eyes are still a little red, hopefully he won't be around til the blotchiness is gone.

"Heavens no, you were coming to meet me of course, what with all my bags and the dog, i told you about this when I dropped the vaccines off Pretty sure i did. It probably just slipped your mind. Who on earth was crying in the tunnels" Plausible, believable. "Now stop talking about what never happened and lets plot dinner hmm?"

Kaylee laughs, she can't help it. She sounds very much relieved as she states, "You, Abby, are a good friend." She can relax knowing that the fire mimic has her back. "You know… I think there is probably some cheese down here." The brightness edging it's way back into her tone.

"It's cheeze burgers tonight!" Kaylee declares with a firm nod of her head.

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