In The Dim Morning Light


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Scene Title In The Dim Morning Light
Synopsis …hearts are broken and choices made.
Date August 09, 2009

Outside Confucius Plaza Apartments

It's the morning hours and Cassidy is headed to work for the day. Stepping out of her building she sorta jogs down the stairs and starts out at a somewhat hurried pace. With a Serial Killer on the loose, she doesn't feel like she can sit around. Her hair still clings to her head in places, from the shower she took that morning, she's wearing a nice button up shirt, jeans and her ever present trench coat. Hands stuffed in her pockets, her thoughts seem to be turn inward, more then likely listening to the murmuring at the corners of her mind.

Wearing a pair of blue jeans, a suit jacket, and a light blue buttoned up shirt with a pair of black boots, Mortimer walks down the street with far neater hair than normal, virtually hiding in plain sight. After all, why would a wanted killer be walking down the street out in the open, looking so… normal? Not to mention any psyche profiles probably say he can't function in society. Cassidy, being on a killer case, is probably not the best person to sneak up on, but he's feeling playful, slapping her on the ass, then standing there to watch the results.

The slap startles her, even makes Cassidy jump abit. "What the..?" She comes around a fist raised grabbing the perpetrator by his shirt and then freezes. It takes a couple of moments for her brain to work enough to realize who she's looking at. There is an alarmed look on her face, a glance around and she drags him into the alley way. "What are you doing here?" she hisses as she takes him deeper.

"I wanted to see you, I'm, well, better now." Mortimer moves to place both hands on her cheeks, looking directly into her eyes. "My ability is gone, you don't have to worry about me doing anything crazy anymore. But, I mean, I've thought about this a lot, and if you've moved on… that's alright."

Forced to look him in the eyes, Cassidy's stomach does a little flip of nervousness and she swallows. A hand lifts to touch take a hesitant touch of his cheeks. So much to say to him, but the only thing she can think of…. "I thought you died." she starts softly. "I… felt your fear.. I.. I felt your helplessness… Then it was gone. I thought you were gone.. I was scared."

Cassidy's eyes widen a bit and she glances at the end of the alley way. "We don't have a lot of time Mortimer, " she states with a touch of nervousness. "Coren's on his way."

"This man, I was having this fit and this man came along, he offered to help me control my ability. I just kept saying I wanted it gone, and he took it. After that, he turned into me and started walking off, saying how he'd go after you, but I think he was trying to scare me since you don't look hurt, and someone trustworthy says the man is dead now." Mortimer suddenly wraps his arms around her, leaning down to give her a passionate kiss, knowing he doesn't have long.

Emotions are funny things, they sometimes make a person act without thinking. So when Mortimer's arms wrap around her, Cassidy's heart skips a bit. She should just push him away and run away.. But she just can't, she didn't know how happy it would make her to see him alive. So ignoring any protests in her head, Cassidy returns the kiss with enthusiasm, arms going behind his neck.

There is suddenly a small sound from the woman, like pain… but it's nothing physical… her hands slide to Mortimer's chest and she breaks the kiss she pushes him away. There are actually tears in her eyes. "I can't do that, Mortimer… I'm sorry.. sorry." She half sounds like she half talking to someone else as she says those sorries.

"Yes." She says barely above a whisper, though there is something odd about her voice. Cassidy looks almost torn, but she closes her eyes for a moment, "This link….. It's….. I can't explain it." Her voice is laced with an British accent much like her partners. She swallows and grimaces a bit. "He's there all the time. In my head.. Like right now… He's really….." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "… let's just say it's better if you go." She reaches up to wipe at a tear as it starts to slip down her cheek.

Both hands come up to rest on each cheek, her thumbs brush at his cheeks. She's really upset and her partner can feel it, Mortimer can see it in her face. It's really hurting her to say what she has too. Her voice is still laced with his accent that's how strong he is in her head right now. "It's not that I have moved on Mortimer. I — I can not give you want you want. Not with this like. Not with this link."

"What's happening to you?" Mortimer asks, noticing the accent, seeing the pain, but not quite understanding the link other than that it's very very bad. "Come with me, you said you were getting a link with me, but it went away. What if I take you somewhere he can't find us, I promise I can take you away, and we can just… wait until the link stops." He knows she'll say no, backing up, holding his chest. "Fuck… I'm sorry, I'll go."

"I… can't." Cassidy says, just as he thought she would. "There was a vision.. There was a warning in that vision ,Mortimer. Loosing this link will utterly destroy Coren… and me" She presses her hands to her chest, it hurts to be doing this too him, "The vision said something about becoming half the person we were.. we were… merged somehow.. I.. I can't risk that. I can't do that to Coren. He's a good man and he does care abot my well-being." the detective reaches out for Mortimer as he starts to move away, but then stops herself. No matter how she feels she has to let him go. She thought she was just echoing Mortimer's emotions, but she feels for him. "I'm sorry." there is so much pain in those words.

Cassidy's head comes up suddenly and she glances as the entrance of the alley. She surges forward in an attempt to push him further down the to make him go the opposite direction then . "Go.. " she pleas with him, "You need to go right now. He'll be here any moment. Go make a life for yourself… Find someone better. Only a couple of people know your alive, you've got a chance."
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"Cassidy…" Mortimer's voice begins to waver, looking at the entrance, then to her. "I love you Cassidy!" he exclaims, then starts running in the opposite direction of the entrance, having mapped out a few escape routes before going along with actually meeting her again.

She watches Mortimer run and then closes her eyes and whispers softly.. "I know… I can feel it." Cassidy just wishes she knew if what she was feeling her own emotions or his. Taking a deep breath she turns slowly, stopping long enough to look in the direction the man ran. "I'll miss you," she whispers, before turning to head back up the alley to face her partner.

And she doesn't have to go far. The looming shadow of the below average height man is already there, blotting out what little light has crept into the alleyway at the early hour. His black long coat waves sightly in the breeze outside the alleyway as he stands waiting for Cassidy to come to him. For as much as he might be inclined to do something about Mortimer, he has a feeling the man will no longer be an issue, and so he just merely stands there in the dim morning light.

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