In the Library Cafe


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Scene Title In The Library Cafe
Synopsis Anna and Gavyn talk about things important to Anna
Date November 19, 2010

Brooklyn Public Library

The central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was designed to resemble an open book, two wings stretching out along the bordering streets, with the main entrance located at their hinge. Inside is the heart of one of the nation's largest public library systems; the Central Library alone contains over 1.5 million books, magazines, and other materials. It also contains the Brooklyn Collection, an assortment of references and ephemera that chronicle the history of the borough, and a Multilingual Center for non-English speakers and linguistic scholars. A cafe on the first floor sells coffee and snacks, while a restaurant on the third floor (open weekdays only) sells cafeteria-style meals. Internet access is freely available throughout the building.

An early lunch affords a chance to beat the crowds, and lunch time seemed like the perfect block to meet up with Anna again. Things are busy at work, and when the girl called that was the only free block of time Gavyn had for a while. So, the cafe at the Brooklyn Library was suggested, it's public but quiet enough most of the time.

Gavyn, dressed once again in cargo style pants, black combat boots and fleece jacket, has already arrived. She's passed through the line, selecting a turkey sandwich, fruit cup, some kind of pasta salad, and chocolate milk. After paying for her meal, the Frontline officer finds a seat at a table against a wall. As she unwraps her sandwich, eyes still covered in sunglasses glance about, checking over the patrons to watch for Anna's arrival.

Unlike last time, Anna is dressed as pretty recognisably her. Her shoulders are hanging a bit, and she doesn't look in too great a mood… but she's here. And when she notices Gavyn, she noticably cheers up, smiling genuinely at her fellow Evolved.

"Hey Gavyn." The girl says as she joins the older and more experienced woman… "Sorry for drawing attention to us last time we met…" The girl sighs, "Anyway… uh… would you mind paying for my drink..? I don't have have any spare cash at the moment…." She doesn't seem like she wants to talk about the why of not having any spare cash.

Once the teen has been spotted coming near, Gavyn waves to her. And hey, the kid actually smiles! That's a good sight and is rewarded with one in kind. "Hey, Anna," she replies. "I'll forget about it, but you have to be more careful." She watches the girl just long enough to make sure she's understood before digging into her hip pocket.

The hand withdraws again and Gavyn counts out a small sum. It's passed over to Anna without any questions, enough for the girl to get herself a sandwich as well as a drink, the remainder returned to her pocket. Without waiting for a response, Gav digs into her sandwich finally, looking thoughtful as she chews on the bread and deli style meats.

Anna nods as she gets up with the money, "I'll be back soon, getting a sandwich and a drink." And the girl turns to do so. It's still relatively early, so the line isn't long, and soon enough Anna is back with a ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of diet coke.

"Thanks." Anna says as she pushes the spare cash towards Gavyn, and she takes a nibble out of her sandwich. "I was at the Suresh center today, helping out.." Okay, now that one might just be a little unusual for Anna, even considering how little Gavyn knows about the teenage Evolved. "Do you ever come there?"

Half the sandwich is gone by the time Anna returns, and Gavyn has started in on the pasta salad. The change is accepted with a nod and pushed into her pocket with one hand, the other lowering her fork onto the tray.

The carton of chocolate milk is picked up and opened, and Gavyn takes a drink before replying. "Never officially gone there," she says with a shrug, reclaiming her fork. "But I know where it is. —What made you decide to help out there?" She remains casual, she could be talking about how awful the salad really is, yet she continues to eat it.

Anna is silent for a while, she should have expected that question, but she doesn't seem like she really wants to answer. And with a small voice she says, "I didn't… I have to do some community service there…" And of course, that'll invite more questions.

But, Anna tries to change the subject before those questions can be asked, "I.. I've been thinking lately.." Anna starts the changed subject, "What if my ability makes me kill someone on accident..?" Anna looks down, "I don't think I could live with that if it happened…"

Gavyn takes the subject change in stride, merely nodding as though it's something she's heard every day. But the topic that comes up next makes her uncomfortable. Taking lives…

Gavyn picks at her salad, quiet for several minutes. Intentionally or not, through ability or other means, taking a life isn't easily dealt with. It's something she herself is still learning to cope with. "…I don't have that answer, Anna," she replies finally, her quiet tone becoming distant. "That's… it's different for everyone, how you deal with it."

Anna nods at the answer, "I guess…" The girl sighs again, and starts to dig into her sandwich and cola. She doesn't speak up again for a while. Eventually, though, the girl thinks up another question, "Have you watched the advocate recently?"

"I might've said some things I'm starting to regret a little there." Like how she advocated all Evolved to be put on Refrain, "But you know…" The girl sighs, "I can hardly take those words back…"

"I haven't had time to watch television since the beginning of the month," Gavyn answers with a shrug. The rest of the salad is scraped up and swallowed, little at all chewing allowed to it. "But you're a kid, I wouldn't worry too much about having made a huge impression on anyone. Just learn from it, right?"

The second half of sandwich is attacked, after a quick drink of chocolate milk. Gavyn, while still seeming distant, has relaxed marginally as the topic shifted again. "It's hard to like it sometimes. Even for me. Even for those who've been Evolved most of their lives, since it became public. But you learn to move on and accept it, eventually."

Anna sighs a little, and continues to eat her sandwich, eventually finishing it. She's a fast eater… especially when she isn't talking. A smile as she looks back up, "So anyway… you work for Frontline, right?" The girl pauses, then… "A pair of Frontline officers rescued me when I was stuck beneath rubble during the riots."

The girl pauses before explaining further, "When a tank started to run over folks, some evo." She says it like a slur… old habits die hard, apparently. "It was scary as hell…" And the girl takes another sip from her drink.

Is it that obvious that Gavyn works for Frontline? Well, probably, judging by how she's been dressed the last two times she's met with Anna. "Yeah I— That was you?" She looks up at the girl, surprise written across her face.

"I was there," Gavyn continues, shaking her head. "Small world."

"Oh.." Anna chuckles softly, "Yeah, that was me…" The girl smiles genuinely, "Where you the one who jumped on top of the tank, or the one who punched the tank so hard it stopped?" Anna didn't have a perfect vantage point, but she could see some things before the rubble came down.

"Maybe I'll join Frontline when I'm older… assuming they'll even want me." Anna sighs, "I've been a little stupid, and am now saddled with a bit of a criminal record." As if it wasn't obvious when Anna spoke about doing community service.

"The one who jumped on the tank," Gavyn admits a little sheepish. She takes a moment to polish off the rest of her sandwich. The bowl of fruit is considered, a selection of grapes and apples and melon, then offered to Anna.

"I'm not the one who decides who joins Frontline," Gavyn says with a grin. She picks up the carton of milk, looking up to the girl. "But there's a chance you could be asked if you joined the military. Be a good way to turn around from whatever trouble you're in."

The girl nods, smiling again. "I guess so." Not that Anna knows anything about combat, but at least she's in shape… "I don't know if I would though, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet." The girl sighs, then, "If I wasn't … you know… I'd probably apply to work with the Institute, or something."

Another smile as Anna finishes up her soda, "How … how long have you known?" She asks eventually, "About.. you know…?" It's a question she's been wanting to ask for a while now.

"Around four years." Gavyn drains the rest of her chocolate milk and piles the empty container on her tray. "I had my suspicions, registered and came back positive." Hands fold against the edge of the table while she watches Anna. "And don't worry, you'll figure out where you want to go soon enough."

Anna ahs a little, "I've technically known it for about two years." The girl says, looking down, "I just didn't, well… didn't want it to be true, I guess…" The girl looks back up, "I didn't want to register, but the foster program…" She lets the remainder go unsaid.

"So, anyway… I do hope I'll figure it out." She pauses, then with a wry smile, "Guess I made it a little easier, though, with the whole criminal record thing. No teaching, for example…" She sounds like it might've been something she had actually considered in the past.

"You got time," Gavyn says with a grin. "Enjoy being a kid while you can." She glances over her shoulder, looking toward the slowly growing crowd. Getting near to when she needs to be back at work, if those stopping in for a lunch are any sign. "Just keep your ears and eyes open, never know what'll come your way."

"I … I don't enjoy it, really…" Anna responds to that comment, "I hate being treated like a kid, I want to be someone, not just that evo kid next door…" She sighs, "Does that make any sense to you, or am I spouting nonsense again?"

Gavyn's grin falters slightly. How do you respond to a statement like that? "Well, I'll try not to treat you like a kid unless you start in with the whiny, 'poor me' shit again." May not be the best thing ever said, but it's all she could come up with. "As for being someone. Be yourself." Yes, she said it again.

Gavyn looks at her watch and lets out a breath. "I need to get back to work, Anna." The change from earlier is pulled out again and given to the girl. "Take care of yourself, alright? And don't hesitate to call."

"I will." Anna responds, smiling faintly as she accepts the change and gets up herself. "Thanks for everything.." A faint pause before the girl turns around, "See you again…" She says, and she starts to walk away, on to another encounter, no doubt. Or perhaps something else…

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